Glenn tells roaring crowds at FreePAC: “This is your moment!”

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You can watch Glenn’s keynote speech in the video above provided by FreedomWorks. Glenn’s speech beings at 20min 38 sec. Visit for more information on Glenn’s upcoming appearance in Florida. This speech will be used as part of an upcoming special on TheBlaze TV.

Back in July, Glenn experimented with a new form of live events during his Restoring Love event at Cowboys Stadium. For the first time in his career, Glenn hosted an event accompanied by multiple musical acts, performing a spoken word speech while accompanied by composer Clyde Bawden on the piano. On Saturday night, Glenn’s keynote speech at FreePAC featured the second use of this new, experimental style of speaking as he fired up the crowd in Phoenix, AZ.

After a jam-packed afternoon of conservative speakers and performers, Glenn took the stage alongside compose Clyde Bawden and singer-songwriter Kalai.

To kick things off, Glenn laid out the truth that many people are forgetting as the election approaches: that the real change in direction needs to come from the American people.

“Politicians on both sides of the aisle believe they can make a better decision than you. And that is going to stop. Because progress was not made by politicians,” Glenn said.

Instead, progress in America comes from out of the box thinkers who put their ideas into action. Or, as Glenn put it, “people with dreams and people who do.”

“Tonight I want to talk to you about our plan to move ahead. Past all the partisian bickering, past the anger and division. It is the change most of America meant when they say hope and change. A change from Washington power to the hope in our towns, communities and neighbors. But to get to the big picture we have to start small. With you. And me. We the people. It never is the Utopian people. It is just a collection of us and what we dream and do,” he continued.

He warned that people become the people that they choose to be. If you only want fame and fortune without regards to character, that’s what will end up happening. And if enough people decide that’s what they want, the country as a whole will move that direction.

Glenn used his own life as an example. Twelve years ago he chose to fill his life with alcohol, mainly to try and escape what he had done, and failed to do, in his own life. He says that even though he decided to move down a path of sobriety, he still struggles everyday.

“I made my choice and I still have to choose between the two everyday,” he explained. “Actually I just told my son, nothing worth doing is easy. It is the sweat and the toil that makes the victory sweet.”

“It is human nature to look away from our problems. It is called denial. But if we do we will never be able to solve the big problems of the nation. Denial leads to dependency. They go hand in hand.”

Glenn said Americans now face a choice between fear and courage. Fear is what leads to dependency, mainly because it’s the easy path where someone can just make all the choices for you.

Courage, on the other, is hard. Glenn used Ronald Reagan as an example. When he told the Soviets to tear down the Berlin Wall, there was a huge outcry from other politicians in Washington. Nowadays, people paint him as this bipartisan reformer, but when he was President people opposed him all the way. It wasn’t until later that history remembers him as being right.

“When you’re working for something true, something right, something that is real, you may have to stand alone for a while,” Glenn said. “You may have to keep showing people the facts, keep rolling out the same points, keep showing people, patiently, that there is truth.”

“You have to be persistent and you have to work for what you believe. People won’t just come around to your point of view one day. You have to fight, you have to keep pushing, you have to take action every day.”

Turning attention to faith and Biblical history, Glenn said that Abraham was another person who had to have the courage to stand up for what he believed. At the time, most people were polytheistic, but Abraham believed there was only one true God. Despite the fact that he stood out as the “other” at the time, his bringing God into human history changed things for the better.

But often when people look to bring about change, Glenn explained, they get alienated.

“They did it to Abraham. They did it to Jesus. They did it to Washington. They did to Lincoln. They did it to Martin Luther King. They did it to Reagan. And they’re doing it to us,” Glenn said.

“The world wants to go in one direction: international law, easy money, 75% tax rates, redistribution, mass denial and mass dependency. And we want to go in the other direction,” he continued.

“Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’re not going to win a popularity contest in the media. We’re not going to have the entrenched power elite take us seriously. They won’t give up their power without a fight. And a fight is what they’re going to get!”

“We just need to stick to the facts. To our principles. And we’ll go from there. We’ll affirm freedom. We’ll affirm small government. We’ll affirm the constitution. We’ll affirm that every time the government borrows a dollar, it’s stealing a dollar from your grandkids. We’ll affirm that no party and no politician is bigger or more important than our principles.”

Glenn said that America has a great legacy of inventors and thinkers who changed the world, in ways big and small.

“One of America’s greatest contributions to the world was a simple theory: if you have a great idea, if you have a vision for doing something – you can change the world around you. And you will prosper beyond your wildest dreams.”

Today, however, Glenn said that greed and jealousy is tearing down people who are trying to change things. People want everything for free, no matter how hard it was to create. America has gone from a society where dreamers and builders are celebrated and honored, to one when they’re mocked and threatened and taxed.

Glenn said that this election is a chance for Americans to say “enough”, and to turn the tide back in favor of individual opportunity – opportunity for success and for failure.

“We never backed down from a challenge, and we never led from behind. We never apologized to the world. We never abandoned freedom of speech. We never gave up our pursuit of mankind’s dreams of traveling through the heavens. We never had a President go on a talk show rather than meet with other world leaders. We never had anything but a AAA-grade rating on our debt. We never ran trillion dollar deficits,” he said.

“Until now.”

Glenn said that Americans need to go back to being pioneers and explorers, not a country where our best days of leading on a global scale. He encouraged Americans to begin a new chapter of dreaming and doing and pioneering the next big idea.

“We can afford to explore. We can dare to dream. We just have to restore our faith in ourselves! We just have to make the right choices! And encourage the free market to step in and step up. And those dreamers, engineers, scientists, and entreprenuers that take that risk – some will fail and some will not. Some will lose everything, and others will get rich beyond their wildest dreams. But celebrate, that’s America. Let the best man win. And let their failure be the seeds of the next great success. Failure is a right we must fight for as well.”

“9/11 proved to us who we are. We’re Americans, we don’t run from burning buildings – we run into them. We don’t cower and remain seated, we join arms and we do our best, whether it is on the ground of Pakistan, the polling booths surrounded by labor unions and Black Panthers or the aisle of an airplane flying over Shanksville. We’re American and we move forward.”

“A weak economy, a weak dollar, an empty cupboard, and enemies around the world. Those aren’t problems to Americans that is the kind of to-do list we take care of before lunch. And after lunch how about you say we cure cancer?”

Glenn said that if you weren’t ready to take on the problems facing America, no matter how hard it is, then you need to “get out of the way.”

“The sky is still wide open and there is no telling what waits just over the horizon for those who dare to dream and do. Let us behave like men who are determined to be free,” he said.

“We don’t need yard signs or polls or dinners with movie stars. We will do this shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand and see it through to the end. Lift up, teach, build and really live. We’ll get our hands dirty. Our faces will be covered with sweat and tears. Our hands will get scarred and we’ll have some mighty callouses,” he continued.

“But at the end of the day, we’ll hold up our arms and say: “These are the hands of free men!” “These are the hands of Americans!” And these are the hands that will rebuild the world!”

“This is your moment. This is America’s moment! This is the moment america gets off the mat and comes roaring back. It is time to deliver the knock out punch to the worlds bullies and set man free once again. God bless and long live the American Republic,” Glenn finished to a standing ovation.

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  • Anonymous

    I find it ironic that glenn boasts that his little cult rallies are non-partisan when they are surrounded by partisan pacs like freedom works, etc…
    Lastly, I find it laughable that glenn speaks of courage. I mean, this is a little bitch who never showed the courage to finish college, serve the country in the military or in public office and got his weak ass kicked by drugs and alcohol his entire life.

    • Xray 0-1 Actual

      As opposed to you, constantly attacking him from behind a computer screen?
      Where’s the courage and dignity in that?
      What about yourself? Do you have the courage and the state of mind to take on all those tasks you listed?
      It takes a lot of strength to come back from the darkness of drugs and alcohol. While he did get knocked down by them, he DIDN’T stay down. He kicked back, and he came back stronger than ever.
      Unless your own character is perfect, there is no good in unjustifiably attacking another’s. And in reality, no one is perfect.
      Unless you yourself can shape up, this will be my ONE show of mercy to you. If you have nothing reasonable to bring to the discussion, then expect just as harsh a reply in the future as those who have already challenged you.
      But frankly, are you worth the use of time and energy? I mean, why should we waste our time arguing with you when we could better use our energy opening the light of truth to those who need it?

      • Anonymous

        I am extremely frightened that you will attack me like the salad tosser or his other culties. Those little bitches don’t say anything that scares or intimidates anyone.
        Noting that you are obviously a glenn beck tea bagger, can you describe, from personal experience, what gb’s sack tastes like?

        • SoThere

          The cockroach is back again spewing his ignorance and hate.

          He constantly points out that Obama is a druggie and an alcoholic, once a druggie and a drunk, always a druggie and a drunk, right strtlk?

          The only person here with a fake service record is you strtlk. You were caught in your lies and you’re a proven liar and a Phony Soldier (sailor)!

          Strtlk is jealous of Glenn Beck and he has a sickness that really needs treatment.

        • Guest

          The only cultist here is strtlk. He’s an Obama cultist and has a man crush on Glenn Beck. He displays his hate and bigotry on a schedule here like the cockroach that he is.

          He’s threatened Glenn Beck many times.

          Take note of his vulgar posts and his disrespect for women.

          • Anonymous

            Amen you Are so Right! He Must Have A man Crush On Beck and so Jealous! He IS An ObamaZombie! A COWARDs of AMERITOPIA!

        • Guest

          Funny, it seems to me the point isn’t to scare but to point out deficiencies in your arguments – which are thin to begin with…

      • SoThere

        xray, strtlk is a leftist spammer with a sick obsession with Glenn Beck. He’s threatened Glenn Beck and other here. He also has an obsession with little children and has a vulgar attraction to women. He’s also been caught lying about his military service and has displayed his hatred for the military, especially people who have actually served and defended the United States.

        He’s a cockroach of the worst kind. He also believes that Obama is a druggie and an alcoholic. Once a druggie, always a druggie.

    • VindicatorX

      Non-partisan does not mean no parties allowed, it means open to all parties. I would have thought even one as brain damaged as you could figure that out, but then you had to have a microscopic (and incorrect) reason to fly off the handle once again and make this about your idiot obsession and vendetta, didn’t you?

      Speaking of courage, you have no room to talk, fake soldier. You have lied about serving in the military, but being a fair minded individual I will offer you the opportunity to clear that up here and now. This time don’t lie about it – Have you ever served in the United States Armed Forces, if so which branch of service, and in what capacity?

      The golden opportunity to prove once and for all you are not a fraud awaits… don’t waste everyone’s time by ignoring this and going on another of your red herring attacks on Beck. This isn’t about Beck – it’s about you now, so make it good.

    • Anonymous

      Hum… the alcohol was the catalyst that brought Beck to HIS purpose—HIS service. His calling was not for the military or public office. And college??? Apparently not part of the plan— nor was it needed. Glenn is standing and serving EXACTLY where he was destined too….

      • Anonymous

        I agree…
        glenn is currently standing waist deep in his own bullshit, patiently waiting to join hitler, stalin, coughlin and his other evil brethren!!!

        • SoThere

          You’re an expert in standing waist deep in feces. It’s what you do every day.

          More crap from the cockroach.

          Folks, if there was ever a reason to vote against a Liberal Progressive like Obama the druggie and alcoholic, strtlk is it.

        • VindicatorX

          My what an outstanding example of sheer idiocy you have become!

    • SoThere

      Folks, the cockroach is here again. Glenn had the courage to change his life and become a successful entrepreneur He doesn’t need a college degree, he’s self educated and makes 40 million dollars a year.

      You never served in the military, you shouldn’t talk. Obama’s a druggie and an alcoholic and he made it to President because of idiots like you. Once a druggie always a druggie, right strtlk?

      Strtlk is jealous of Glenn Beck to the point of a sic obsession, that’s why he spams the site daily with his hate and bigotry.
      Strtlk, stop eating those round things in the urinals, they are not mints, and the blue water is not Kool Aid. You’re sick, get help!

      • Anonymous

        What a sad “little” man (or boy) he is…I bet his mom still cuts the crust off his sandwiches for him. I was at the event and all I saw was concerned patriots who are very worried about the direction that this country is headed. The “little” man has nothing in his life worth standing up for so his only lot in life is to “attempt” to bring down anyone who is miles ahead of him but fails to see he does not have the intelligence to do so.

        • SoThere

          He’s part of the sickness that’s destroying the country. He lives in liberal fantasyland and has a man crush On Glenn Beck. His hate posts speak for themselves. A typical leftist idiot.

          • Anonymous

            Could be a paid troll…but if that’s the case someone’s not getting their money’s worth…LOL…

          • SoThere

            He does post on a schedule but I happen to know that he cleans toilets for a living and thinks that those round things in the urinals are mints.

            He’s a typical sick liberal with an unhealthy fixation on another man. I have to keep reminding him that the blue water in the toilet is not Kool Aid but he just won’t listen.

      • Euna Rugg

        So There, I think the same as you. I saw the name, strtlk, and thought, not that ” nut, ” again. He is surely an unhappy person, because of his ignorance, jealousy, and hatred. Glenn made a big change in his life, and the sickness that strtlk has, is as addictive as what Glenn had, so I wonder if he has thought about maybe he needs to change? Glenn is, right on, about every thing he presents to his listeners and viewers. He does his homework.

      • Anonymous

        strtik is a druggie on the koolaid…Glenn is our modern day prophet after all he has been thru in his tell ’em..sothere! they do say Liberalism is a mental disease! first two letters in liberal is li…they’re all Liars following lucifer the father of lies!

    • Matt Driscoll

      Another example of his lack of courage is the fact that he never, ever debates anyone. He stays in his nice safe little bubble never allowing anyone to challenge his OPINIONS. At least O’Reiley had the courage to debate John Stewart.

      • Guest

        Funny, I see that being the case with most of the liberal left as well as the people who post in forums like this, don’t you? They avoid debate and resort to the “nuhuh, you are” defense right before they launch the name-calling, don’t they?

      • Anonymous

        I agree.
        But, after watching his Massa interview, can you really blame glenn for being scared to interview or debate anyone with a hint of intelligence?
        Of course you are probably going to take some heat from the “s”alad “t”osser/guest and the other culties who are so preoccupied on lying about their fake service and cult leader to realize how stupid he really is!!!

        • SoThere

          The cockroach is back again spewing his ignorance and hate.

          He constantly points out that Obama is a druggie and an alcoholic, once a druggie and a drunk, always a druggie and a drunk, right strtlk?

          The only person here with a fake service record is you strtlk. You were caught in your lies and you’re a proven liar and a Phony Soldier (sailor)!

        • VindicatorX

          You are the only fake soldier fraud here, skidmark. Tonight when you are scrubbing the urinals please do a better job.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be great to restore our nation back to a united state. The possibilities are endless, especially now in a day when technology has advanced to a place easily giving us the edge over generations before us in creative ability.

    The tools are there for the taking. So what is it then, which slows or even grinds to a halt, the progress that would advance our people on to something greater, on to something far better in accomplishments than what we have ever witnessed before.

    The simple answer is leadership.

    We currently have politicians who’s best interests are not for the people they supposedly represent.

    Our population has become divided more today, then at any former time in our history. This growing mistrust in leadership, has lead our people to seek out their own paths – to go it alone, which further divides us.

    We have become confused and wander as blind men, turning to drugs, alcohol or other forms of addictive behavior to pass the time away. Aimless and having no goals – our desire to achieve has been downgraded to ‘whats in it for me’.

    We are a nation of millions, with a majority of our fellows sitting back and waiting for someone else to do the dirty working of getting us back on track. Our politicians are clueless or not willing to get the job done. Our clergy has utterly failed to inspire us and guide us with righteous authority in many respects, also our institutions of education and higher learning have sadly, become part of the political machine.

    Again, why are we so divided, light-years apart in our thinking, which has lead us to the brink of self annihilation, when at a time, we have the tools of advancement at our fingertips?

    The answer is government and those who are placed in positions of authority over us to direct our national path.

    We are only as strong as the weakest link. American infrastructure has been allowed to erode past the point of repair in many instances and other nations have leaped ahead, leaving us in the dust. Our military second to none, will soon be downgraded leaving us vulnerable to aggressive nations who’s leaders are not afraid to lead, even if its not in Americas best interests.

    America long ago, had leaders who understood how to govern. They understood the vulnerabilities of the human mind and its limited foresight. Men like Abraham Lincoln who were not bashful or slow to tell it like it is, or say it, when it needed to be said. Lincoln was not perfect. Some historians claim he was Americas best president, others say just the opposite, but whatever the opinion, he had an uncanny wisdom that most politicians lack today. One thing that should stand out and speak loudly to our generation is this statement he made so long ago –

    “Those nations only, are blessed who’s God is the Lord”

    Strong national leadership starts with God – without this crucial understanding leads us to where America finds herself today. “It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh” that wisdom coming from a war-man, a successful battle tested American general – Douglas MacArtjur

  • Aine

    Another wonderful educational speech. I always find Glenn’s talks inspiring and inspirational. He reminds me of my favorite history teacher. Sense and spirituality. Character and exceptionalism.

    Unfortunately, and this is a small thing, I found the piano mic so loud at times it distracted from what Glenn was saying.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Glenn, your speeches by themselves are incredibly inspiring. Even though it’s nice you have a “music bed” under your words to rally the crowd even higher you really, truly don’t need it.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Exactly this is the last minute thing.

  • Anonymous

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