Glenn: Industry, energy key to securing America’s future

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While Obama wants to keep picking losers like Solyndra as the future of American industry, Glenn said on radio that we need to start focusing on the abundance of natural resources here in America that can not only lower energy prices but also create new jobs.

“Let’s talk about principles for a second. Let’s talk about what we’re facing as a nation, how is it going ‑‑ how is this going to affect you. It’s going to affect you in many ways. How do you create jobs? Why did America create jobs after World War II? Because we are in ‑‑ something that we’re going to come out the other side and we’re going to be as transformed as we were when we get to the other side as the Great Depression or the Civil War,” Glenn said.

“When we got out of World War II, we were a different country than we were in 1929. Radically different. And we were an industrial giant on the other side. Why did that happen? Well, because in 1929 we had just really started manufacturing things on an assembly line. That made a huge difference. But then we found ways in World War II to pretty much put everything on an assembly line, manufacture everything that way because we had to. We’re going to have to do these differently if we’re going to survive. If you want to be Mexico, well, then keep going the road where you’re going. But if you want to be America, we’re going to have to redesign absolutely everything. Everything. And that’s what this election really is all about. What do we look like on the other side?”

“The other thing that we had in World War II that nobody else really had and that is abundance of cheap energy. We were exploiting our own resources, our own oil, our own coal.”

“And then you add on top of that natural gas. I mean, we have more energy than anybody else. There’s no reason. We’re sitting on a gold mine. A gold mine. That’s what we used in World War II, to win, was our resources, our ingenuity, cheap energy, and our manpower. The entrepreneurial spirit. That’s what transformed us,” Glenn explained.

“Well, now our ingenuity, we’re being told ‘you didn’t build that. And if you do build it, you can’t keep it.’ What do you think that’s going to do to the entrepreneurs? It’s going to make them go away. They are not going to do it. Why do it? Why wait up all night? Why worry all the time? Why live this life? Not going to do that. Why, if it’s not mine? You’re not going to do it. So they are turning you there.”

” They are also trying to make sure that they curb the industrial might, the real backbone of America, of labor. They think it’s the labor unions. Please read freedom’s forge. I’ve been talking about it here for the last couple of weeks but it will open your mind. The labor unions almost destroyed us in World War II. We almost lost the war because of the labor unions here. And everybody who’s ever worked for a labor union, look, there are things that labor unions are good for. With he need to be able to take care ‑‑ companies will sometimes get out of control and you need to make sure that somebody is representing the little guy because they will. Bad people do bad things, whether it’s a labor union or a company. So you need some representation on labor. But anybody who’s ever worked for a labor union, you know. You do less than you’re capable of. You’re dragging around people that should have been fired a long time ago. Come on, teachers. You know that to be true.”

“So they’re killing us in the labor and they’re killing us in energy. They’re killing us in entrepreneurial spirit. But the key here, the one that you don’t recover from quickly is energy. And they are doing it under the guise of global warming, which is the biggest scam known to mankind. I’m a guy who is willing to say, “Look, you have to look at the thermometer. If the thermometer’s going up, then the thermometer’s going up.” You have to look at facts. If that’s really happening, then we should address that. However, how do you address it? Should we all be good stewards to the Earth? Absolutely. Even if the temperature is not going up, we should be good stewards to the Earth. But that’s not what’s happening. The temperature isn’t going up and they are still saying ‑‑ they are trying to do this scare. This is why they call it climate change now. Because they knew. But now it’s just being verified.”

Over the weekend, reports emerged indicating that global warming actually ended in 1996.

“Does the average person ‑‑ when this stuff starts to come out, I mean, you are ‑‑ think of this: They are destroying the American economy ‑‑ no, no, no. Let me ‑‑ your parents, your grandparents, maybe you will not be able to afford your electricity rates in two years if we stay on this path. You will not be able to afford your electricity rates. You will have lots of extra blankets. You will have more people dying because they’ll put those space heaters up and they’ll try to get ‑‑ they will try to get warm with a space heater and it will set their house on fire. You will have many more deaths from cold or from heat not because the Earth is getting colder or warmer but because people will not be able to keep up with the electricity rates because in the words of the president, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket under his plan. And we’ve already, out of 500 power plants powered by coal, we’ve already shut down, this last year with President Obama 100 of those. 500 provide 43% of our electricity in the country. 500 coal power plants. We’ve shot down ‑‑ we’ve shut down now 1/5th of our ability to produce energy and they’re going to shut down another 200 plants in the next two years. So you’ll take 3/5ths of our electricity.”

“I believe in the future. I believe in the next generation. And when I see it ‑‑ and I did believe that the hydrogen car, and it would be. The hydrogen car is the answer if you would get people to build a nuclear power plant because unlimited hydrogen can be made while everyone is asleep. Unlimited hydrogen. It’s not hard. So I believe in the future and I believe in new technology. But it’s not here. When it’s here, great. Shut the power plants down. But until it arrives, we need energy. If we are going to lead a world. And that is ‑‑ that’s the question: Does the person leading the United States of America want America to lead the world… or to be an “also ran,” to be like everybody else. Well, I have news for you: As nice as that is, oh, we want everybody to succeed, that means your lifestyle will go down and it will become like the rest of the world. If you think that’s a good idea, why don’t you just move some place else? Seriously. I mean, I’ll pay for it. I will move you some place else. Why would you live here?”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Soros stated in an interview one time that for his plans to advance, he needed the United States to come down in a controlled manner.

    So it is with his puppet Obama and the progressives, communists and Marxists who he is allied with are having happen. Obama declared that under his plans, the cost of our electricity will skyrocket – and so the stage is set.

    It is madness in the purest of forms; in making costs outrageous, he will seek to establish more government assist programs for those in need, federalize the remaining energy generating stations, and gain complete control over them.

    Not to mention that under his plans, there will be thousands, or millions, who die and leave their blood on his hands for when judgement comes before God.

  • Sam Fisher

    We need to get away from buying overseas and tap our own oil and bring back sanity. Obama wages war on energy what do we use left unicorn farts. It time to take the fantasy of global warming out and do what is right if you want to get rid of oil than give us something cheap and gives us more than oil.

    • Anonymous

      it is hard to take anyone on the left seriously who isn’t in favor of nuclear energy. I do believe Global Warming is a potential problem (not a disaster but something to monitor and work towards improving on), but you can’t just cut out oil etc. hydroelectric is fantastic but there are only so many rivers you can dam. You have to use nuclear a lot more and work on reprocessing the waste to be reused.

      More importantly this could all be potentially mute. Several people think they’ve figured out cold fusion/low energy nuclear reactions, which would revolutionize everything.

      • sparducks

        Global warming is a joke. The only thing that is gonna heat up the earth is the sun. Can we really out do the sun? If the sun started to burn a few degrees cooler could we really heat things up? This is all bullcrap. We must take this country back this ahole in the whitehouse is gonna get us all killed.

        • Anonymous

          the causes of global warming and the long term impacts of it are a pretty imperfect science, but in general efficient energy use and reusable energy sources are good for the economy, environment and energy independence.
          There’s being in favor of stupid over the top reactions and then there’s a reasoned approach understanding the realities of the situation.
          You don’t want to kill the economy and screw over the poor and at the same time you don’t want to create a green house chemical chain that eventually (maybe over a few centuries or longer or shorter like I said inexact) turns us into venus. So exploring better options, namely nuclear, while working towards non-fossil fuel options while intelligently using fossil fuels isn’t a bad thing.

          • sparducks

            Fossil fuel huh? Do you know that enviromental groups are now concedeing that methanol is worse for the enviroment than petroleum. Mount st. helens poored more toxic agents and hydrocarbons into our atmosphere in one day than we could do world wide in 300 years. as humans we cannot outdo the earth. Now good stewardship is paramount yes. But the reaction to some data that some scientists say is man made global warming on the part of our government is beyond foolish. it’s downright dangerous. We are not gonna turn the planet into venus in 1 century or 500 centuries. Ok? Will some grown ups please take over now. sheeeesh!

  • greywolfrs

    OK, it’s no longer “global warming,” it’s now called “climate change.” Get that straight. They couldn’t cook the books and make “global warming” real, so they changed the name to keep the hoax going.  That being said….

    Glenn is correct is this assessment. Not only do we need to do this, but there is something else we can do. Audit and abolish the Federal Reserve. Put our currency back in the government’s hands, where it should have been all along. Instead of the gold standard, put our currency on a commodities based system. Just like the gold standard, use the commodities the Federal government has to back our money, from all the land the Feds own to all the natural resources on that land, along with the gold in Fort Knox. The Treasury should be doing their job and “coining” our money, with it backed up by this. Then we would have the strongest currency in the world.

  • Anonymous

     First things first, before America can ever become secure, our politicians must be re-schooled. Our leadership have forgotten the most basic and fundamental principles that make a nation strong. Certainly, becoming more domestically energy efficient is a major key, also making business and industry more attractive within our borders is a major necessity. 

    We already had that…so what went wrong?

    There was a time when America was virtually self sufficient. Not any more. We have long played the political game of wanting all the world to like us, and that somehow, by giving away our very security to other nations less fortunate, everything would work out for the good. The idea seemed, on the surface anyway, something to be admired, but in reality,  this formula has been a protruding thorn in our side and a constant depletion of American strength. 

    The naivete of our thinking, that we could gain the friendship and allegiance of often times, sworn enemies, was doomed to fail from the beginning. Time has proven this to be true. There are several nations who will never comply to American leadership. Be it religious ideology or political ideology, it goes against their historical grain to ever buy into the idea of personal freedoms offered by capitalist government. 

    The United States has foolishly thrown away her strength and now finds herself reeling with none who cares. Laughing at Americas ridicules foreign policy, even small third world nations dare mock us to our face and force our hand to their favor. We have become a joke and the world is swiftly reorganizing its alliances, allegiances that do not include America. Our best political minds have successfully sidelined this great nation and we are adrift in the sea of political confusion.

    The only thing we still have in our favor – is our military might, but its budget is slated to be reduced by billions over the coming years. The outcome of this mindless blunder, will result in other nations filling the vacuum. Nations who will shape events of the future favorable to themselves. Why would it be otherwise?

    Already, many world events have passed the point for American intervention. In an article appearing yesterday from, it addresses this issue. It clearly describes the outcome of current American weakness to confront reality head-on. We still have the strength, but constant political bickering has led us to the point where we refuse to use it.

    The UN soon, plans to send 3000 troops into Syria. Remember – America still possesses Super-Power-Strength, but we lack real leadership, we could have solved this Syrian crisis before it started. In fact, it should have been altered altogether and the current civil unrest we see daily would have never played itself out. That’s something a real superpower guided by a visionary world leader, would have foreseen and contemplated – long before ever becoming a reality. America is a “paper-tiger” and the world knows it.

    The article asks the question…”Where will the three thousand come from? The envoy, Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi, feels his options are limited. He reportedly considers African troops too ill equipped, soldiers from neighboring Arab countries too close to the rebels to be considered neutral, and Britain and America forces tainted in the eyes of the locals by their involvement in Iraq ans Afghanistan. Russian and China’s support for the Assad regime rules them out.- This leaves just one region : Europe” — from the article: “UN plans to send European troops to Syria”

    Why is this story so important?
    Why does it rate higher than even the current Libyan fiasco?
    Why is it, we won’t hear much – if anything, from tonight’s debate?

    The answer is, our politicians do not understand what power lies with-in their hands and the responsibility that goes along with it. They not-only fail to lead this nation, they almost always fail to lead the world. 

    If our politicians had the maturity and wisdom needed for strong leadership. America would not be in the mess we find ourselves in today. The Libyan crisis, resulting in the senseless murders of four of our brothers would have been avoided. And we wouldn’t be paralyzed smack down the middle of the political divide here at home.

    Debate all you want – elect who you want – it will never solve the problem of political blindness.

    The outcome of the Syrian crisis will be more than problematic for the US, it will be deadly. We have forgotten our history and those who lead us have forgotten it as well.

    Europe will be called upon to do a job that America has utterly failed to do, not because we lack the power, but because we lack the political will to standup and do what is right – not only for our people, but the entire world.

    Why have I taken the time to post something this long – well, I still feel there are good people here in America and if they had certain facts brought to the light – they might think about the seriousness of end game. A game where our political correct Democratic and Republican parties have both taken us and continue to steer us. The path is not good. The end result is more than words can describe.

    History will repeat itself – better put, the same nations that have always been hostile toward America will again raise their anger against us. Currently the relationship between Israel and the States is at an all time low. The growing crisis Israel faces is the nuclear capable Iran, and Washington has turned away from helping our Israeli ally. That poor decision will force Israel to turn to Europe for help. (and for the exact same reasons described in the Trumpet article above) Europe will come to her aid….even at Israels request, but history proves this relationship between Jews and Europeans – especially Germans – has never been a good one. I’ll leave you with one last thought, the bible has an ‘end-time’ prophecy telling of a future event that Israel and America no longer see eye to eye and this forces the Jews to seek help from Europe led by Germany. A request is made for help in securing Jewish sovereignty, and Europe is all to happy to help – but – quickly, a double-cross tokes place leaving the modern state of Israel defeated, smoldering in the ashes of war and once again, becoming slaves – this is the beginning of a third world war. A war that will use nuclear weapons – a war that would destroy every living thing on this planet – but the prophecy continues – before that is allowed to happen – Jesus Christ returns to stop the insanity.

    The most pathetic part to this whole story is, America – today – right this minute – has the power in her hands to avoid such planetary destruction – sadly – something tells me we wont.  


  • Anonymous
  • Ruel Smith

    Let me state that I belong to a construction labor uinon, and what Beck describes about unions isn’t true. You see, there are two types of unions: Shop unions and multi-employer unions. Construction unions are the latter. The difference is, basically the union is a big pool of labor, farmed out to the contractors. When the contractors get work and need to man up, they call the union on Friday and skilled workers with proper training, licenses, and industry certifications show up to work on Monday. A company can man up huge jobs this way, and cut down to nothing in one day. I’ve been on jobs as big as 2000 workers from all over the country, with 900 in my own trade alone. No interviews, no special pay or benefits packages, no holiday pay, no sick pay, no ad in the paper, no ad in online head hunter agencies, etc. There is a single price for everyone working, the rules are known and agreed to, and everyone is on the same page. One call to the union and men are ready to work. Getting 2000 of them does take a little planning, but you get the point. When the job is over, the company can cut down to it’s normal cast of characters in a single day.

    With that in mind, the union guys tend to actually work harder because it’s very easy to replace them. The contractor can call for a new hire, then lay the slug off the same day, having a replacement on Monday. Again, no ad in the paper, no interviews, no special case pay/benefits packages, etc., etc.. When a guy gets pulled into a company out of the hiring hall, he more often than not, busts his tale to put on a show, hoping to make it as a regular, or at least someone that gets a call back as soon as more work becomes available. He knows how easy it is to replace him. No, don’t get me wrong… A lot of our guys are still independent and if you try to get them to do something they don’t agree with, they’ll let you know about it. But, to me, that’s a good thing. It keeps people safe and keeps everyone on the up and up. But the point is, blanketing everyone like they belong to the UAW is just wrong. Not all unions are the same. Multi-employer unions have the contractors involved. The unions are run by a “business manager” and “business agents”, which part of their job is to secure work for our signatory contractors through project labor agreements and such. They also provide leads and inside information for contractors for bidding work. The union works for both sides of the fence.

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