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Starting today, 1791 Denim is available exclusively at Initial supply is extremely limited – order now to secure a pair of the first run of 1791 Denim.

On TheBlaze Monday night, Glenn unveiled a project he had been working on for close to a year: 1791 Denim. The new line of jeans went on sale this morning, and Glenn told their story during the opening monologue.The idea for the jeans first came to Glenn over a year ago when Levi’s ran a series of ads touting their clothing as the “uniform for progress”, and in the ads they showcases protests that mirrored uprising in Europe and the Middle East. Glenn called them out on his show, and they doubled down on their message. He decided then and there that he was done wearing Levi’s, and decided to create his own jeans that would be made entirely in America.

“I don’t believe in boycotts. I believe, make something better. So we did,” Glenn said.

“They’re not made this way anymore. We made them the original way. We made them so they will last forever. We’re not going to stonewash these and beat them all up and tear them. You’re going to have to earn those stripes yourself. They are more expensive than a regular pair of jeans because this is 100% made in America.”

Glenn also asked that you helped share the story of 1791, told in the video below:

  • Paulette Ross

    I think that your promo advertising narrator should be Tom Selleck.. his voice is familiar and rustic and neutral..He may not be a Clint Eastwood… but… he would be good. My husband and I will be purchasing a pair of 1791 jeans for our Christmas presents. I am so happy to be able to support another state side business and promote the entrepreneurial independent self sufficient spirit in the United States of America.

    • mack

      Have fun getting ripped off.

  • mack

    Weird, these are made in Texas, but somehow your Mom Jeans cost $100 more. Way to rip off your idiot fans.

    • Sam Fisher

      Hay idiot the money goes to charity.

  • Anonymous

    As a SC native I am quite familiar with “Red Selvedge” Cone Denim.  Can’t wait to see the “zippered” jeans when they are available.

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn what charity does the money go to?

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck, last night my niece sent me a message about the new 1791 jeans! She was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell me that she had discovered it completely on her own. It was a great conversation, in which I was able to explain not only the idea of the company to her, but the charity behind it as well. Perhaps maybe the best part for me was getting to share the history with her that in 1791 we signed the “bill of rights”. Made me feel important, and that I on some small scale helped to play a role in this growing effort to get America back on her feet. Can’t wait to buy a pair! Thank you so much! :)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn! Little late,little funny.Obama remarks about horses and bayonets has little
    color in it.Not log time ago,I learned,there were 7 horses on Navy budget in Arlington.
    meant to serve state funerals.So Romney could say:You,Barack,deserved Your
    horses,no I want to do the same.  

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