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Starting today, 1791 Denim is available exclusively at Initial supply is extremely limited – order now to secure a pair of the first run of 1791 Denim.

On TheBlaze Monday night, Glenn unveiled a project he had been working on for close to a year: 1791 Denim. The new line of jeans went on sale this morning, and Glenn told their story during the opening monologue.The idea for the jeans first came to Glenn over a year ago when Levi’s ran a series of ads touting their clothing as the “uniform for progress”, and in the ads they showcases protests that mirrored uprising in Europe and the Middle East. Glenn called them out on his show, and they doubled down on their message. He decided then and there that he was done wearing Levi’s, and decided to create his own jeans that would be made entirely in America.

“I don’t believe in boycotts. I believe, make something better. So we did,” Glenn said.

“They’re not made this way anymore. We made them the original way. We made them so they will last forever. We’re not going to stonewash these and beat them all up and tear them. You’re going to have to earn those stripes yourself. They are more expensive than a regular pair of jeans because this is 100% made in America.”

Glenn also asked that you helped share the story of 1791, told in the video below: