Shocker: WaPo asks horrible Presidential survey questions

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Nearly all of the polls are showing a massive surge towards Mitt Romney – so what’s up with the oddball polls that still claim everyone is totally cool with Obama? The Washington Post is one of these polls bucking the trend – so resident poll geek Stu took a look at the questions. That explained A LOT.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Our nation has transformed, after the economic attacks on our economy in 2008; and after the 2010 conservative shock wave smashing into DC, the old paradigms are gone for good.

    What matters here is how we establish the new ones, to be what we choose to be in the future. Coal, oil, gas, and so much more, can make us independent; and yet Obama has again crushed even more of our road to prosperity.

    Obama in his ideological madness demands that people conform to the state; that all is dominated and controlled by the government. Our nation is great due to the individuals who make prosperity happen, not the collective.

    This is the difference with Romney, he understands what it means to allow and to encourage people to grow to the heights and breadth of their abilities. Success brings success, when people have the opportunity to make it on their own.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Judgement has come upon the House of Obama; and with them, many who have given their loyalty and devotion to the mortal god-king Obama, shall soon join them.

    • Carol Morgan

      wondering what all the fuss about big bird is, he got his mantra from lion king as Simba was heard singing “i just can’ t wait to be king”

  • Sam Fisher

    I wonder if Iran uses them in their election.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the questions in all of the polls where the President shows a lead are incorrect. There can be no other reason for Mitt Romney to be losing.
    Yes, that was satire.
    glenn beck is such an idiot!!

    • Carol Morgan

      first of all, why do you even post to this site? second of all, the democratic party is pretty well known for dead people, ineligibles,dogs, cats, and whatever, voting. does anyone think the polls are skewed in favor of democrats? no. just those of us who actually are AWAKE!

      • Sunshine Kid

        Stickychin (strtlk) has nightmares about living in a true republic.

    • Aimee

      If all else fails…yell birth control as a hugh issue!!! Give me a break it is the economy stupid. I do not need the government in my life….I want it out of my life!!!

      • Anonymous

        I wonder what soft questions will be asked of Obummer tomorrow night by what’s her name. I bet her question about the economy will be such that Obummer will still blame Bush for the mess ad get away with it.

      • Anonymous

        yeah Obomba is a liar and never knows the truth,he is just acting President..celebrity-in-chief,these children running the country are socialist puppets..strtik you are the idiot if you fall for all the lies, you don’t do the research,glenn always says “don’t take my word do your own homework”
        glenn had predicted all that has happened four years ago. The Left are followers of Satan.Thats why we need Get All Back To God For He Will Be The Only One To Save US!

    • Anonymous

      The problem is, Obama’s word is as good as “it’s not a tax” Obamacare, or “this is the result of a video” excuse for the attack on Benghazi. Obama prides himself on his ability to tell stories. His stories aren’t based in reality.

      • Anonymous

        yeah and Hussein-Obomba believes He is God-king his word is so.the dreamer,actor, the spoiled child who has gotten Everything he has ever wanted, believing the lies for so long thinks its true..that hes god when really he is the antiGod!

    • VindicatorX

      That wasn’t satire, it was just another example of the fact YOU are an idiot. Just when I think I have read the stupidest comment from you yet, here you come with this!

      Not only are you incorrect, but you double down on it by being a moron. Congratulations on achieving a new low water mark in the category of left wing stupidity.

    • Brian Rood

      To hear words, and to not listen, is an act of one born to simply follow. Mr. Beck has been a detractor of Washington (not just Liberals) for as long as I have heard him. He does him homework son, and I think it is a safe bet that you have not. It is common, so don’t feel alone. The left shouts, no matter the content, and their followers stand at attention and hear the words. ‘Ya vol mein fuhrer’. Nooo, I am not calling you or anyone a Nazi. We don’t do that…you do. I am making a comparison, stetched though it might be. What was wrong with Bush, and Clinton, and Obama are different, and yet the same. They are big government. One side, MUCH more than the other. Founding principles can dissuade what we call republicans. They have more of a wolfsbane affect on Democrats. No matter the issues, yeah, I said it…no matter the issues, the United States of America was born and bred on conservative values and principles. Romney would not have been my choice, but he is the only candidate facing in the RIGHT direction. This we can affect, this we can influence. We the People have a chance. With the left, We The People slowly die and our great country with us. Sorry……I have a small thing in my head when I begin, just a mild answer, but it seems every time I just have so much to say. Forgive my loquaciousness.

      • new2la

        Whoever is responsible for this mistake Has an agenda to discredit GB. It seems some here are easily convinced of the fraud. With friends like this, who needs enemies? Loyalty is lacking in today’s conservative base.
        There have been really mysterious stuff going on with the inability to post on here, so isn’t it possible for the video to be skewed and placed erroneously?

      • Anonymous

        1. I am not your son.
        2. Your tone is both demeaning and belittling.

        Have a nice life living in a dream world where you are more intelligent than anyone who disagrees with you!!!

        • SoThere

          That’s right, strtlk isn’t your son.  He has no idea who his real father is but I’m pretty sure it’s not you.

          Take your demeaning and belittling Beck comments somewhere else, hypocrite.

    • Cameron Stapel

      Strtik. I think that if the polls are honest & the fraud can be kept to a minimum, Romney will win hands down and Obama and his crooked gaggle are done and it will be time to flush the toilet. If not, may God help us all. I would like to see that everyone who falsifies a ballot NEVER is allowed to vote again.
      I would like everyone to watch this video please: (
      You will know Obama much better.

      • Anonymous

        Luckily for America, you will be proven wrong.
        I would thank you for not shoving your twisted views on God’s will on others.

  • Einstein lives

    Al Gore is the rapist that attacked the masseuse in Portland, Oregon is he someone you can trust??? Where is your credibility repeating what a rapist says???

  • Anonymous

    I expected to see something concerning “Shocker: WaPo asks horrible Presidential survey questions”. What happened to that article ?

    • Sunshine Kid

      Glenn Beck is trying to boost his stats with good headlines, but then destroys his credibility with long debates about subject matter totally unrelated to the subject of the announced article.

      What next, an announced article about retaliation in Libya, but when you get to see what is going on, the discussion is on cleanliness of your toilet?

      • Brian Rood

        This is the first time I’ve seen this. But you’re actually saying that it’s being done on purpose? Really? To what possible end? To imagine the Mr. Beck has anything to do directly with the publishing of this site is absurd. It was a mistake…oops. I think you should do the page, so that mistakes could never ever happen…ever.

        • Sunshine Kid

          *I’ve seen it a couple of times. No thanks, don’t want the job.

  • monkeyboy fakir

    Am I missing something here? The headline is about presidential polls, but the video is about global warming? What?

  • Fior Gael

    I have been watching the new series “Revolution”. Interesting that we become electricity “dependent” and someone rallys around the notion that the environment is more important that our communications infrastructure that provides us with our employment in more ways than I can count. Electricity rules our lives. What a better way to get the control of a people that to control it’s energy sources or more properly REGULATE our resources.  Maybe the Amish and the Mennonites have the right idea.

  • Shane

    Obama promised to “transform America,” and he is succeeding. Why do so many Americans think that our great nation needs to be transformed? I don’t. WE need to fire the gutless Obama administration and  balance the budget. Obama has no plans to balance the budget in the next 4 years!

  • Mizflame98

    The video doesn’t match the headline.  It looks like someone made a boo-boo.

  • crazy betty

    i love that imitation of al goreleoni. hahaha  makes me laugh my head off every time.

  • Anonymous

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