The Dummy Vote: Caller thinks deer crossing signs responsible for her crashing into deer

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The election is only a few weeks away and both candidates are do everything they can to lock down a win. While Mitt Romney is delivering speeches to massive crowds topping 25,000 people, who are the voters that the Obama campaign is trying to win over?

“I’d like to show you who you’re battling against — who Obama is going afar for the vote,” Glenn told listeners.

Glenn went on to play audio from a call into a radio program in Fargo, North Dakota.

Caller: Over the past few years I’ve been involved in three separate cars accidents involving deer, you know, with the population and everything. 

Each of these incidents, they’ve occurred shortly after I saw a deer crossing sign on the highway.  Well, my frustration is that Minnesota and North Dakota Departments of Transportation would allow these deer crossings to be in such high‑traffic areas.  I mean, I’ve even seen them on the interstate.  Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate?

Glenn reminded listeners the (not so) well-known host who has a radio program based in North Dakota: Ed Shultz.

Remember, Glenn, Pat and Stu play “More-On Trivia” every week and were still having a hard time believing this was a legitimate call.

“Welcome. Welcome to our world, America.”


  • landofaahs

    Don’t you know those deer can read and that they are just crossing where DOT has told them too? Sue the Dept of Education for teaching deer to read at the level of our kids.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Have you considered that the nations people are being dumbed down to the level of the deer?

      • Anonymous

        At least a deer know enough to run when it see danger ,but obama zombies are like the extinct dodo birds ,you could walk up to them take swing and if you happen to miss ,they still be standing there not too bright that why they’re extinct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S the deer is a too high of a level for obama zombies ,you’re insulting the deer population !!!!!!!!!!

      • landofaahs

        It was my point. I must have done a poor job of conveyance.

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

           I probably just missed the point.

    • Sandy Caruso

      Actually most don’t remember Joe Biden wanted to PAY the ‘cattle guards’ (the contraptions that keep the cattle and other livestock in contained areas without the use of a gate) in Colorado more money. Sounds like Biden and the nitwit that called are related and BOTH are voting for Obama.

      • landofaahs

        He would be too stupid to know that cattle guards would not work for deer because unlike fat cows, deer can jump over them. LOL you are correct about Joe, his name should be placed in the dictionary right next to the word nitwit.

    • Anonymous

      I think the deer have more common sense ,than the obama zombie drivers ,they try to stay clear of them ,they’re are a danger to them ,other drivers and to themselves !!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The signs are supposed to warn drivers that THE DEER ARE IN THE AREA.

    We no longer encourage people to develop their usage and handling of common sense, logic, knowledge and understanding. Its with each such call I clearly see how far we have fallen in the last generation; we will have a tough task in turning it all around to how it should be once again.

    • Matt Driscoll

      You actually completely wrong yet again. You speak without facts nor any actual insight. All of the skills that you say are not taught anymore can all be categorized under the umbrella term of critical thinking. Critical thinking is being stressed in almost all progressive education systems. Want to know who is not promoting critical thinking? THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TEXAS!!! Please refer to the official platform of the Republican Party of Texas. I will show you the exact position I reference but please look it up in your own spare time.

      Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

      Any explanation for that? Thought not. Enjoy the dark ages. I favor progress.

      • Neil

         Why don’t you do a little critical thinking of your own. Politicians (both D’s and R’s, alike) give programs and bills names that defy objection, but are actually completely irrelevant to the actual goals of the program or bill. I’m surprised a being of higher intelligence such as you has not figured that out yet. I will give you credit though – it does ‘sound’ like we are the backwards ones – at least if you don’t THINK about it.

      • Andy Drefs

        No, YOU wrong.  Great grammar Matt, that must be the result of one of those awesome OBE programs!  My wife is a teacher and has been subjected to this liberal/progressive nonsense; homework now doesn’t matter, they can re-take tests as often as they’d like, teachers can’t average scores but instead must give whatever the highest grade is that was earned.  Oh, and the best part, they can’t give a letter grade (oooh, that’s bad) but they can give a number grade from 1 – 4….oh yes, we all feel soooo much better now.  THIS is the lunacy that the Republicans rightly oppose in your state.  And if this is all so “progressive” then why are our students slipping behind the rest of the world so rapidly?  Wake up. 

        • Matt Driscoll

          I am going to rebuttle you post point by point so please be patient and try and keep up.
          1.) A period instead of a comma would be the proper punctuation after you chastized my grammer. 
          2.) You are painting the education system of this country with a very broad brush. No school in my state allows a student to retake a test “as many times as he wants.” Again this is up to each individual county and/or state. That reminds me of this concept called state soverentity. Don’t you guys like that.
          3.) Again I honestly have no idea where your wife teacher but in my home state grades are all still letter based so your argument is again invalid.
          4.) Please look up the top educational perfoprming states in the country. Do you see the top of the list? At least nine out of the top ten are traditionally democratic states. Now look toward the bottom of that same list. Nine out of ten of the bottom of that list are traditionally republican states. Mississippi constantly scores the lowest in math and science due to their bible thumping ignorance.
          5.) The top three education systems in the world are all from countries that have socialist leaning governments. Guess which countries. Canada, Switzerland, and Finland. They teach a very progressive system that does not place high value on grade and homework. Individuality, creativity, and critical thinking skills are all stressed. THE MYTH OF CREATIONISM IS NOT TAUGHT!!!!!!

          If it were up to Republicians we would be last on the list of education by country.

          • Chris Dupuis

            Care to provide a link or at least what criteria you are grading schools on, in consideration of your “top educational performing states” line?  I, and a lot of other “bible thumping” ignoramuses like me, happen to be very accomplished and successful.  Just curious where your stats come from.

          • Chris Dupuis

            So I did some research and a survey posted by Huffpo two months ago showed that while New England outperforms the rest of the country in Math and Science, it’s likely not related to political alignment, because California and North Carolina, two of the nation’s most liberal states lagged way behind, under Texas, Mississippi, Utah, even Idaho!  Sorry, myth busted. My take on the scores for New England would be hard-working immigrants that make up the difference.

          • Matt Driscoll

             Ugh again with the false information and assumptions. Okay here we go…again. It is directly related to political alignment. DIRECTLY. The more states spend on education the more it thrives. The state is able to hire more qualified teachers and can provide extra resources for students which directly improves student success. Guess which state allocates the most money to its schools? It sure as hell is not Mississippi, nor Alabama. You also failed to comment on the information I provided about the education system in the other countries I mentioned. No voucher system or charter schools there. Additionally, NORTH CAROLINA IS THE NATIONS MOST LIBERAL STATE?? Are you out of your mind? Also any person in education will tell you that ESOL students, or “immigrants”, actually tend to drag test scores down as they often perform poorly on the standardized test which are always in English. Also isn’t there much more of an immigration problem in California. Didn’t know that New England was a bastion of immigration.

          • David Drummond

            You are going to “rebuttle” him? He “chastized” your “grammer”? There’s a concept called “state soverentity”?The fact that your home state still employs letter grades (how traumatizing!!!) does NOT invalidate Andy’s argument. The fact that your posts evince such a loose grip on spelling, vocabulary and basic rules of grammar (that’s with an A-R, unless you’re talking about Kelsey), speaks volumes about the quality of education in that home state of yours. Apparently, “Bible-thumping ignorance” is not the only flavor on the menu. As far as who has displayed an extreme level of — let’s call it “textbook-ripping” ignorance, well, I’d have to say the rebutler did it.

      • greywolfrs

         Hey, it’s matt “the moron” driscoll. So, what exactly are you trying to “progress” to? Dunce.

        • Matt Driscoll

           I think in the course of my post i have come across as not only more educated but also more eloquent than you due to your derogatory and insulting posts. You say nothing constructive and I think the whole site, while they probably agree with your politics, disagrees with the hateful language you use. Please seek help because you are obviously a sociopath.

          • greywolfrs

            See what you get for thinking? You better stop doing that, one day you are truly going to hurt yourself.
            Again, you are thinking, that is dangerous to morons like you.
            In the end, I know people like you hate people like me, probably because you are an uneducated fool. People like you think being politically correct is the way things should be. You hate people like me, who call just the way see it and do not sugar-coat it. You hate people like me because I am straight-up and say things in terms that even a moron like you can understand.
            Again, you believe you have the ability to psychoanalyze anyone, simply from comments in a forum. You are one stupid M F er. (uh oh, there I go again, telling the truth, oh the horror)

            P.S. I do not really care whether you or anyone else “likes” me. If you can not handle someone that is straight up, you need to grow up. Stupid little kid.

          • David Drummond

            Chastized like a true rebutler.

  • Ceridwen8

    Please, please let it be a joke.

  • Matt Driscoll

    Where oh where do I begin on this one? How does this have anything to do with the presidential elections? Never once was it stated what political affiliation the caller, or even the radio station had. Never once were policies mentioned. If anyone tries to politicize this snippet from this radio program they are seriously stooping low. This is an obviously attempt to belittle Democrats and it is a pathetic attempt at that. So I am assuming we can safely say that this guy will be voting for Romney in November:

    Guess this gentleman is casting his vote for Romney too:

    See. Politics were not mentioned at all. Do you think it is fair for me to assume these two idiots are Republicans? No? Then it is not fair to assume this woman is who Obama is trying to “win over.”

    • Angela Central

      Yeah, um sarcasm anyone? Get a clue

      • Matt Driscoll

        Actually there was only one sarcastic comment in this post, “So I am assuming we can safely say that this guy will be voting for Romney in November.” What clue do I need to get? Actually I thought my point may be well recieved. I was speaking out about the unfair catagoraziation and labels people put on eachother. If you want to chastize me please do so if I write an offensive post.

  • Anonymous

    Crowds topping 25K?
    Who is glenn beck using to count the crowd size, the same idiots who inflated his “march” crowd number?

    • Guest

      The cockroach is back putting his sickness on full display once again. Seriously?

      • Matt Driscoll

        He sounds pretty accurate to me:

        “Wrapping up his weekend-long swing in the battleground state of Florida, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney
        was greeted by one of his largest crowds to date, as the groups of
        supporters coming to see him speak having grown daily since the debate.

        Romney drew an estimated crowd of 5,600 on Friday in St. Petersburg,
        another 6,300 in Apopka on Saturday night, and here today just outside
        Palm Beach, it was estimated that more than 9,000 came to Romney’s
        event. While these crowds are still significantly smaller than those of President Obama
        – who drew an estimated 30,000 people one day last week in Wisconsin –
        the campaign has reported that the support Romney has enjoyed since the
        debate is evident also in fundraising, raising $12 million in online
        donations in the 48 hours after the debate alone.”

        Nice try Glenn.

        • greywolfrs

           Hey, it’s matt “the moron” driscoll, where did you get those numbers? They look like numbers from the Huff Puff Post. You are another complete moron.

    • VindicatorX

      Actually, the counts have been conservatively estimated. The practice of under-counting the crowds that leftist dingbats like you engage in just makes you look all the more weak and foolish when anyone can see from the photographic records that the estimates you fools come up with are wildly inaccurate.

    • Sharmane

      Hey strtlk were you part of the million muppet march for Obama? Just asking, because your posts usually sound like the ramblings of a 5 year old.

      • greywolfrs

         First, his name is sticky chin. He is an Obamao dick sucker. He’s our resident village idiot, although, matt “the moron” driscoll is trying to take that throne.

        • Matt Driscoll

           Haha. That’s good. You got me. It’s funny how you never actually debate me just call me names like “sticky chin.” That’s clever. When you actually have a constructive comment please feel free to post.

          • greywolfrs

             Hey stupid, strtlk is sticky chin, you are matt “the moron” driscoll, get it straight dolt. By the way, there is nothing to debate, you have nothing but the same B S and conjecture that all left wing morons get from places like the Huff Puff Post.

      • Anonymous

        “million muppet march”!
        Well done racist!!!
        Now, according to you, Americans didn’t march, only puppets did!
        Now, according to you, a march that took place in 1995 should be tied to President Obama because the organizers of the march and the President are African-American!
        You are a racist bitch.
        Enjoy the next four years bigot!!!

        • SoThere

          Folks, this is strtlks thought process when he spams this site.

          the only racist bigot here is strtlk.  Notice how he tries to turn comments into racial epithets.  Only racists do that!

    • greywolfrs

       Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. You are projecting again, what happened at the DNC? Oh, that’s right, they couldn’t fill the original venue. You are a complete moron.

  • Angela Central

    Sorry people really do think like this. At a town council meeting where I live a lady from the city just moved in. She wanted to pass an ordinance to make the coyotes be quiet after 10 at night because they were keeping her up at night. She was serious. Everyone laughed thinking she was joking and she was offended. Amazing.

  • Jim

    I was in a town meeting where they were discussing the building of a new elementary school, and whether we could afford it. Because it was obviously more than we could afford, there was discussion about how we would pay for the extravagance of the building. One 30-something woman dressed like a hippy (baggy jeans, flannel shirt, bandana around her head) stood and said, “When we get to the end of the year, we can take all the money LEFT OVER and apply it to the principle.” After the laughter subsided, the head of the Finance Committee, told her that “at the end of the year, we have NO money left over…ever.”

    I discovered later that this woman’s brother was the architect who was going to profit about $80,000.00 for drawing some preliminary plans to test he feasibility of the project, not to design the building, just to see if it could be done.

    They always say at question & answer sessions, ” There are no stupid questions.” Yes there are and they are asked by stupid people.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to point out that Ed, “I shot my dog while hunting” Shultz does NOT have a radio show based in North Dakota…anymore.  He was booted out of here as he was too radical.  Please, please, PLEASE do not judge N.D. residents for fast Eddy.  He isn’t from here, he found employment here decades ago and just didn’t leave fast enough for us!  He is a media whore, and has been a jackass his whole adult life.  He was a “staunch conservative” until his talk became blather. Then the libs came calling with lotsa dollars and he “converted”.  He fits right in with the radical left.  His show is out East in some cesspool of liberaldom.

    • Matt Driscoll

       The Dakotas are the most worthless states in the union. Do they even have anything to contribute to the Union?

      • greywolfrs

         Hey, it’s matt “the moron” driscoll. Hey stupid, you do realize that South Dakota is the place that most of the nre oil drilling is happening, right. You are beyond stupid.

        • Anonymous

          Greywolfrs, you are incorrect.  it is NORTH Dakota is where all the oil and Natural Gas is coming from.  South Dakota has some oil and gas, but they are behind their Northern brothers.  And Matt, We have LOTS to contribute to the nation.  Like our citizens that are in demand EVERYWHERE due to our work ethic and “horse-sense”.  And oh ya, that oil and gas thing.  2nd largest producer of energy in the country, DESPITE the Obama Administration suing to keep us from producing it.  Turns out, in the Dakota’s where we still thrive on freedom, we can use our natural resources to better our residents.  We have BILLIONS of dollars banked and more keeps coming in.  You say the Dakota’s are the most worthless states in the union.  Glad you feel that way.  NEVER come here.  Anyone here that wishes to work, finds it.  Help wanted signs EVERYWHERE here.  You ask, “Do they even have anything to contrubute to the Union?”  Ever drink Beer? #1 Barley producing state. Ever eat bread, or pasta?  #1 Wheat producing state.  Ever eat Mexican food?  #1 Pinto bean growing state.  How about Potatoes?  #1 Potato producing state.  Sunflower seeds/oil?  Dakota’s are second to none.  Our greatest export however comes out of our high schools and universities.  I wouldn’t say “worthless”.   We could show the nation how to be prosperous again, if only the nation would pay attention.  We could purchase some other states with our pocket change and upgrade them to our standards if we wouldn’t have so many losers that refuse to give up their food stamps and join the prosperity.

          • SVROFA

            DakotaDude you need to be your states spokesperson. You make me want to come and visit and maybe stay.  Thanks for the Pintos too. Love em :) 

          • greywolfrs

            My bad, but the point was that there is plenty contributed to the nation, from both states. I was simply disputing the stupidity of matt “the moron” driscoll.

  • Jeffrey R Green

    Must this is a must listen. I wonder who she will vote for ?

  • greywolfrs

    Typical Obamao athletic supporter. She sounds a lot like sticky chin and matt “the moron” driscoll.”

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I live outside of LaCrosse, WI and a few months ago,a young woman wrote letter to the editor and wanted us- to install watering areas, for the deer, so they would not have to cross the busy highway to find water!! She did not say who would pay for this or who would maintain it  or how in Gods name do we get the deer to go along with the idea. Also this is Wisconsin, things freeze. Just another example of a bleeding heart, dumb downed liberal. You can not mess with Mother Nature. Really surprised the paper printed it, but it is a liberal one.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Tuning into the signs around will make America a happier person.

  • Anonymous


    And those duck crossing signs, man. I actually saw a mother duck and her ducklings crossing at one! And it was one of those busier streets, not well lit, you totally couldn’t see them! Hey, this is fun….

    I still think she had to be joking… somehow… o_O

  • Lori Lynne

    My question is how was Stu NOT laughing more than he laughed at the lady on Moron trivia last week that said Benghazi was at WalMart?  I laughed so dang hard, I had mascara running down my face…at work!  I say again, IQ tests for voting.

  • Anonymous

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