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This Friday, Glenn will be holding a special show where he wants to answer all of YOUR questions. Is there something you don’t understand about the economy? Wondering what Glenn thought about the debates? What can you be doing in your area to start finding solutions? Glenn wants to know what’s on your mind and to fill you in on anything you might be asking. And yes, you can ask what he had for breakfast but you’re going to get a boring answer (SPOILER: he’s wasting away on celery sticks between secret McGriddle runs). E-mail askglenn@theblaze.com with all your questions!

  • Anonymous

    Do you guy have any plans in the near or far future for that State of Georgia with the huge growth of the film, music and entertainment industry here? In which allot has been faith based and highly successful due to Tyler Perry?

  • Anonymous

    On your different content articles at this site ,you don’t have a viewer count that we can see where people interest are in,how many people you and your bloggers are reaching to inform them of different view points,angles at looking at something,and different opinions and their experience with the subject in articles. Would you ever have a viewer count to specific articles example We want YOUR question for Glenn ???

  • Anonymous

    Sec of State Hillary Clinton stated the buck stop here !!!! Question do think Hillary running to the best political out or best cover she can find with sinking ship of obama scandals ??? By playing good team player or soldier to the hilt ,she just following obama directives and orders on foreign policy!! That would save some her political creditability to run again ,for excuse?? She can use it was not her foreign policy but obama and she was just carrying them out as a team player !! Hilliary knows if she resign from obama cabinet or get fire or dump will tarnish creditability beyond recovery!! ,She must be hoping be over soon that obama lose the election to save her more damage from his complete failures in foreign polices !!! Question do think Hillary strong backers will vote against obama to get Hillary out a jam quicker so she will still be a valid candidate for office again ?? Maybe Hillary should win a acting award for falling on her own sword for obama ,that she not betraying black voters in backing obama so she can run for office again!!,She did by saying the buck stop here with her !!! When she may be responsible for somethings ,but the base of foreign policy is obama and the buck should stop with him !!! Hillary may advise the President but he has that last word and she carry out his polices !! P.S my E-mail been down ever since Verizon switch systems thanks for listening

  • Anonymous

    Question to Glenn in the past it been noted at town hall meeting obama had a hidden ear piece or a teleprompter to give him talking points quick answer to questions !! Would he be allow to have these devices since it is a (town hall meeting debate) ??? I Don’t think so,but with obama anything goes sometimes ??????????????

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosemary-Castanza/100001239331434 Rosemary Castanza

      want to know also, Thank You

  • Anonymous


    First and foremost God Bless You and Your Staff for everything you

    WHEN MITT WINS what will we do WHEN bho CALLS martial law??

    Again God Bless You, Your Staff and the USA

    Dan Bennett

    from Ohio

  • Anonymous

    Hey Guys,  Did you know (you probably do) that Arlen Spector is from Wichita – just like Obabmas mother?  Maybe he is Obamams “Real” father, just saying!  Jeff Thomson

  • Anonymous

    Comon Pat – do arlen spector being obamas daddy!

  • http://twitter.com/TheDeguello The Degüello

    If you grew up in Chicago, you’ll always be a Bears Fan. No matter if they are 1-15; 8-8, or undefeated. You’ll bitch about the coaches, draft choices, or the QB. However, you’ll always hate the Packers. Politics are close to that analogy. But when my democratic friends tell me Romney has no shot I ask them 2 questions: #1- are there any Conservatives who voted for McCain who will now vote for Obama in this election? (Of course not) and #2- are there any people who voted for Obama in ’08 who now will not? Absolutely.

  • Anonymous

    Question to Glenn do think of obama throwing a large bone ( of Hillary taking full responsibility the buck stop with her)  to the Senate and House of Rep investigation  hearings on the  Benghazi incident !! Hoping they  will  stop their investigations cold and just give U.S citizens a piece meal results which they do not deserve  or want they want the whole pie!!!!! ??????  Question is obama trying stop the investigations  to hid all the names involve with the Benghazi incident and leads that will even points to our President obama ????? To avoid the most important question on a possible big picture by the investigations hearings by having  Hillary falling on her sword as a distraction ??? The possible big picture obama is hiding is under the guise of encouraging revolts for Democracy and freedom and civil rights and arming the rebels to over throw government that are relatively friendly to U.S and the free world or leaning west !  What he really doing is arming our enemies and of the Free Western World under this guise,by giving arms to the Muslims Brotherhood and Iranian sponsor radical fractions to over throw countries to become part their global caliphate !!!  Should look into the military aid we still supplying to a enemy government of Muslims Brother of Egypt to U.S and aiding Egypt it to make war on our trusted ally of Israel ??? After overthrowing nations leaning to West ,they will move in on our free western world allies to revolt and overthrow until we our standing alone !!!!   P.S I was thinking along the same lines as you in your radio talk show this morning (Oct 16) that obama using the guise of helping to create Democracy in countries!! ,That it was just really  his cover to arm (our enemies & of the Free World) the  Muslim Brotherhood and other radicals Muslims fractions in forming their global caliphate!!   We all must encourage that our senators and representatives have no stop to their investigations of  Benghazi incidents and look at all possible aspects and components and the U.S citizens deserve  the full results to judge so we can be inform and vote intelligently for election !! I pray this will happen for good of the free world !!!

  • Clyde Carroll

    Best wishes!
    Whoever wins in Nov what do you think of the idea of promoting an amendment to further limit the constitutional powers we have delegated to government?  My favorite is a Tax Code amendment that caps tax law to about 1000 pages (namely, 2.5 million characters of the kind found in the Constitution).  No references to law or text (for example, IRS regulations) outside the 1000 pages would be allowed.  Five years from the ratification of such an amdndment any tax not specified within the limit would be null and void.  Any new tax after the 1000 page limit is reached would have to be added by deleting older tax law to make room. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PCI2HP67W4G34WM3RYARTHJFQU Gordon

    how is pbo’s most egregious comment not “we didn’t know how bad it (the recession) was.” Also, the guy sounds like Homer Simpson: “It was like that when I got here.” Seriously, Are these not worthy of broadcast for the next 21 days?

  • Anonymous

    Question should Mitt Romney come out with a statement to obama that your foreign policy consist of arming enemies of U.S and the Free World and for them to over throw countries friendly to U.S & free world  ???!! This all being done under obama guise of in helping and the promoting of Democracy in the world ,with President encouragement and arming rebels in the revolts !!! While during the revolt in Iran obama did not lift his little finger to help the rebels, In Syria revolt he was push into giving some sort of assistance of communication devices and medical supplies for cover,but no weapons to the rebels ????????????????? Another part of obama foreign policy he giving military aid for Muslims  Brotherhood government of Egypt to wage war against our most trusted ally nation of Israel who only want to live in peace !!!

  • Anonymous

    what are your plans if obama is re-elected?   mine are to hunker down and pray…

    • Matt Driscoll

       Good plan. Burrow deep down into the ground. You never know when Obama will launch a nuke. Better yet round up every Glenn Beck supporter and take them with you. There is safety in numbers. Don’t come up for a hundred years. Obama may also be seeking the secret of immortality. Don’t worry about us up here on the surface. We will be fine without you.

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        Wow Obama worship. He can shoot a handicap kid in the head and you will still defend him.

        • http://twitter.com/boswell1964 Brenda Oswell

          As long as they are getting Gov. Money they will kiss anything he wants them to kiss. Sold their soul for a few pieces of silver.

          • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher


  • Elizabeth Tunseeprasert

    Will you be coming to direct tv anytime soon?

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    This is a good idea.

    • Sandie

      Great – so everyone write in and ask why certain trolls are still here after complaints where made about their behavior, vulgar attacks and threats.

  • http://twitter.com/boswell1964 Brenda Oswell

    Wonder if anyone will ask about the weapons being sold to Jihadists, who want to kill us, thru in Saudia Arabia by Obama Administration? Selling guns to people who want to kill us? Isn’t that Treason? I would think so….

  • Eric Zeichert


    I was delighted the other day to hear that you had been introduced to the work of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  You two are certainly kindred spirits.  I wonder if it is possible for The Blaze TV to buy a license for the “Life is Worth Living” shows?  I think they are in many ways more relevant today then they were in the 50’s and 60’s.

    Sure, he covers topics like the Virgin Mary, the Sacraments of the the Catholic Church, the miracles at Fatima and other things you may not want to deal with.

    But most of the shows are on our relationship to God, building character and self-worth, education, socialism/communism, liberty and individual freedom, the seven deadly sins, and even (suprisingly to me) abortion.

    He even mentions several times that he fell short of perfect.

    As of June, Archbishop Sheen was elevated in the church to Venerable Servant of God, which is two steps below Sainthood.  The Devils Advocates at the Vatican are currently reviewing his case.

  • http://www.facebook.com/babbles4000 Linda Downen Yedinak

    I would like to know who told Obama the video was the cause of a protest?? Did no one tell him and him and his staff just made it up to cover up?? If this is true how will the American people ever know the truth?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    My only comment is how much I’ve missed your show on Fox.  You voiced my beliefs about Obama because, at that time, I was still actively employed by the Feds and banned from all things political.  Obama isn’t my first leftist rodeo – my Chilean/American neighbor broke that ice years ago – the most shocking revelation has been this election cycle and the percentage of Americans in agreement.  Losing is obviously an option but, in my mind, it just cannot be.  My father was stationed at Pearl Harbor on the USS California on December 7, 1941 and remained active duty Navy until November 1946.  I cry every time I allow myself to wonder what possible explanation I’ll have to offer that great man when we meet in Heaven.

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