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Be sure to tune in to TheBlaze TV for debate coverage tonight as Mitt Romney and Barack Obama hold their second of three debates. Tonight is the dreaded townhall format, in which people who still can’t figure out which candidate they agree with most get to ask questions. Yeah, should be enlightening. Or a lot of pandering. One of the two. Glenn previews the debate with Pat & Stu on radio today in the clip above.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    God Above let the truth of Obama come out in full display before the world once again.

    • MarishaBryson

      @yahoo-ZEEZHLZXDBKY32GMP6JQJJGITM:disqus who are very liberal and that all the questions are meant to trip up Romney. Eugene implied I’m in shock that any one able to profit $87O4 in four weeks on the network. did you see

  • Anonymous

    We should be debating why we’re even holding debates – especially so close to the election. I could understand a year – even six months ago  – but lets face it – if a person hasn’t figured out who they’re voting for yet, then is a sixty second sound bite going to win them over, one way or the other? The visions of the two candidates is like night and day. 

    • Lioness

      Actually the people they have asking the questions are supposedly completely undecided? I don’t understand it myself. I guess it takes all types!

      • Anonymous

        …and then comes the Frank Lutz show, which quickly follows on the heels after each debate and by listening to the straight forward opinions of those who are questioned – I don’t see where any of them are undecided.

        …but on to more important news….WHAT ABOUT THOSE TIGERS….one more to go…..Max Sherzer  starts tonight….we could be looking at a sweeeeeeep of the New York Yankees….

        • Lioness

          Darn, it was postponed, that’s Michigan weather! You think they could of put a dome on Comerica Park, considering how unpredictable our weather is. O well, I got my broom ready!

          • Anonymous

            …not used to playing ball much in Michigan this time of year, so whatever the weather, the inconvenience is minor considering the boys are only one game away from the World Series….something tells me you were downtown last night.

            The national league started their game yesterday a little after 4pm and didn’t finish up until somewhere around 10pm due to a rain delay. I’d much rather see a complete game and we should have a window long enough for that to happen today – game time is set for 4pm. I’ll be viewing it from the warmth and comfort of my man cave. GO TIGERS!!!!

          • Lioness

            Caught little snippets here and there on the radio, my sister was angry because she had to work during the game, she would have liked to watch it last night. But it’s all good. WE WON!!! Giants or the Cardinals, fresh meat either way, I think it’s our year! As for the weather, it’s cold and I’m just not ready for winter yet, I’m already miserable and it hasn’t even started. I’d like to move to a warmer climate, but I’ll always be a fan of Detroit sports!

          • Anonymous

            Four more to go…This is good for the whole state of Mich. Pumped Up and more than ready for a world series title. Mr-I deserves it, he’s one hell of an owner and by the looks of things, his health is ailing and this might be his last chance.

            Winter is sneaking up quickly and I’ve got a to-do-list that has several unchecked items on it – drain the garden hoses – close up the pool – drain gas from tiller etc. But the thought of suffering another conservative from leaving the State – grab hold of yourself girl – the Liberals already out-number us almost two-to-one. Living in the great-white-north simply makes our winter vacations all that much better, can you say Aloha…LOL

          • Lioness

            You had to remind me of winterizing the out door plumbing, I got a list at all my places an arm long:( But the weather is supposed to be nice next week (cross my fingers). I find it encouraging to see so many Romney/Ryan yard signs in liberal cities such as Ypsilanti. I feel a little shift, but I am concerned with all those YES on prop. 2 signs, even in my conservative city. I hope that doesn’t pass.

            I won’t be leaving anytime soon, can’t sell my properties for what they are worth, and I won’t give em away, I’m stuck and your safe with us four conservatives! It’s a package deal! As far as vacation is concerned, I’m hoping for VEGAS! I haven’t vacationed in so many years. My Mom, Dad, and sis, they’ve always wanted to go!!

          • Anonymous

            Not wanting to pry, but after reading many of your posts, time and again, they often times refer to your father, mother and sister – its impressive to see such loyalty. A trait that has all but disappeared in this nation.

            Yes the weather has allowed me to rethink that there may still be time to complete my chores before the snow fly’s after all.

            I agree with you on prop 2, but what I’m concerned most about is the manipulating presentation where ‘yes means no’ and ‘no means yes’ – to many voters, it could be confusing.

            Don’t tell me you’re a Wayne Newton fan – Never been to Vegas myself, thought it would be cool to experience someday, but so far – someday hasn’t arrived. My wife and I did experience our first helicopter ride (10 days ago) over the city of St Louis – we hoovered over Bush Stadium and the pilot rolled it on its side – captured some really terrific photos and what’s odd, it looks like the world series may start there. Wherever it is – we know the Tigers will be there…

          • Lioness

            I’d love to fly in a helicopter, that sounds like it was wonderful experience! If you get a chance, post a pic of that stadium! My parents are my best friends, my sister was in a abusive relationship and moved home, I manage my parents retirement investment and my sis works full time and helps me out, even though we have a 14 year age difference, in the last eight years we have become quite close. It’s not your typical kids that live at home because they can’t do any thing else, I have college and the military and my sis has always been independent, we all just like each others company, my mom and I always felt lost when we were not together. Even if I had a family I’m sure I’d live right next door!! I think it’s sad that families split apart, I have a brother who’s family is in California, My mom barely seen my nieces, and now they are practically grown. I know it’s not always possible, but I do love to see extended families. Of course my moms just fine with the furry grandchildren I’ll adopt.:)

          • Anonymous

            I’ll tell ya, if I had a chance to do it all over again – I’d become a chopper-pilot. It has to be the most awesome way to travel I can imagine.

            Friday night I attempted to download two programs, while at the same time, I had a few other programs running – my PC froze up and after an hour or so, I finally gave up and unplugged it from the wall. When I attempted to regain control – I couldn’t get emails nor could I go on-line. I fought with the thing for the remainder of Friday night, well into Saturday night. When I finally discovered my problem, I attempted to upload my recent photos from our trip. This lead to another three-hour debacle of searching out where they ended up. Seems my PC malfunction altered the paths of my pics – So I ended up opening “Administrator” and finally found them there. By then though, I was well, simply watching my beautiful grand-kids. I’ve got two more chips yet to load (they are the ones which have the chopper ride photos). So until I resolve my problem, I’m not certain if I even want to load them up. I’ll probably resort going to going to WalMart or something.

            Our two daughters live quite far from us in opposite directions – The younger and her family live 100 miles north of Green Bay. A cozy little town in Mich called Crystal Falls. Our oldest and her family, live just outside of Jackson, Mississippi – (I simply like spelling the name of that State for some reason)anyway, one direction is 12 hours or so – the other is about 20, either way, for both our trips, the average Joe simply doesn’t travel that far, that often. We do try and visit as much as we can afford and as you are aware, me and my wife run an AFC home and in order for us to go on vacation, there is always a hefty price that goes along with it – hired help – add hotels, restaurants, gas, gifts etc things start adding up fast. We’re talking close to three grand, every time we leave the house for five days and more if our stay is longer.

            But as you say, family are the best friends we have. And every effort should be exhausted in order to stay close. We do the best we can, with what little we have. We work hard for our money and love our work and often times, we find ourselves cutting deals with people wishing to place their loved ones in a decent home for their elderly parents. So we are pliable, but the way prices have risen on everything lately – the cost of doing business may have to be redetermined. Being nice doesn’t pay the bills, that said, we try to work with everybody in a truthful and honest way.

          • Lioness

            Your PC issues sound a lot like mine before I had to break down and buy a new one. I had to unplug it a couple times a week, it’s amazing how fast technology moves, I have an affordable HP labtop and it’s already 3 years old, but it still works pretty good.
            Your children chose a different but meaningful path, but I imaging in the future there will be one that moves closer to home or vice versa. My parents are in their late 60’s and 70’s (10 yr. age difference), and my dad has cancer, since I never had my own family, it seemed only natural to be there for them.
            Running an AFC home is very kind. Taking care of seniors in need is probably the most loving thing I can think of and is closest to my heart. I can imaging it’s stressful at times, but you are doing something very meaningful. As a landlord I can understand the last comment, my housing is low income but the property taxes are not. I’m hoping for a little shift towards more conservative values, than perhaps we can have a little breathing room. I wish you well.:)

          • Anonymous

            Maybe I can fit a new PC into the budget – but so far my philosophy is – if it ain’t broke why fix it – if I pamper the old dinosaur, maybe it’ll last me a few more posts – who knows. I’m a bit confused as what to watch tonight – the Lions on Monday Night Football, the very important national Presidential Debates or “game seven” of the NLCS between St Louis and San Fran. I think I’ll try and squeeze in a little of each.

            Hey just to let you know. this past summer my wife and I added a hospice room to our business – it has everything a hospital room does and then some. We especially took into consideration, the privacy factor and included a separate entrance for the families who are going through this very difficult process – so far, we have had three residence and it has worked out well.

    • greywolfrs

       The average attention span of most people in this country is about 10 seconds….

      • Anonymous

        Sad but true. It has gotten really bad the last several years. People seem to be disconnected from reality. It could be fear that drives this phenomenon. The implications are staggering to most. Imagine believing this administration, from the president to his cabinet members lying to the American people? It’s just not believable! To those of us grounded in reality, it’s hard to imagine that there are those that aren’t.

        • greywolfrs

          It’s called willful stupidity. Look at sticky chin or matt “the moron” driscoll. You put all of Obamao’s lies right in front of their face and they deny them. The only thing they do, is the same thing this administration does, deflect or try to make the other guy (in this case, Romney) look worse. It’s not sad at all, these people are choosing to be stupid. There definitely needs to be more chlorine in the gene pool.

  • Sam Fisher

    I pray Obama flops it like he did last time. 

  • Anonymous

    My concern is that the so called undecideds are reallyObama plants since these are New Yorkers who are very liberal and that all the questions are meant to trip up Romney.  I am praying for him to anticipate this.

  • Kitt Marshall

    H Snow!   If mine and a whole lot of other people’s prayers are answered, God will ensure that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan become our next President and Vice President of the United States of America.  Pray for the positive, folks.  Obama will show himself as what he really is, complete with horns and a pitchfork, very soon.

  • Xray 0-1 Actual

    Personally, I have concerns about the townhall debate format. While it can allow the candidates to directly connect with the voters, there are a couple problems with that system.
    While it isn’t impossible to find undecided voters, it will be extremely difficult. These undecided voters may be uninformed, so they may vote more on sound byte and rhetoric instead of logic and reason.
    What should be asked is who screened these voters. If the screener for these undecided voters is biased, then the audience may have a lean to a particular candidate ahead of time.
    In the event there ARE plants then the debate can go completely one-sided for a candidate.

    Obama has to make up for lost ground following the first debate. They’re going to try anything and everything. Romney needs to be ready to counter. He needs to be firm and truthful, and not be a complete a****** like Biden was the other day.

    Reasoning skeptic talking: There may be Obama campaign plants in the audience to make Obama look good and give him easy questions to answer.
    Conspiracy theorist talking: There could be Obama campaign plants in the audience to make Romney look good. The liberal left calls conspiracy and bias, the plants reveal themselves, the moderator reveals her bias, liberal MSM spreads idea that Romney cheated, and next thing you know Romney loses the undecided vote.
    You got to take in to account anything. I mean, if I could come up with that, what are the chances someone else could too?

  • Gwen N

    Well, 18 minutes into it…..he’s lying already.

    • greywolfrs

       He was lying long before that.

  • Vic Burrack

    Obama is lying again all thru the 2nd debate – yea, Obama is a real champion of the coal industry… and I am a 300 pound ballerina dancer who can ignore gravity and stay in the air for minutes at a time ……yea, I got some nice dry (swamp) land in south Florida to sell ya cheap…

  • yingling777

    So, now the moderator (jewish)  wants in on the debate. 

    • Anonymous

      Ying777….shame on you!

  • greywolfrs

    What is with the left wing moderators? Oh, that’s right, Obamao wouldn’t show if there were a conservative moderator.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you must make this nation aware of Obama’s failure to address operation “fast and furious” for which a member of his administration (i.e., Eric Holder) was held in contempt!!  The liberal press will never touch it!

  • Joe Snuffy

    As I have said many times before, many of the “Illegals” crossing our southern border every night are definitely NOT of hispanic origin. Many are Arabs and Persians. They are not crossing our border in search of jobs or a better life for their families. They are forming into groups bent on attacking America from the inside.
    Mr. Obama and his Socialist party have known about this issue ever since Obama took power. He, Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano have been aiding and abetting these people by ORDERING our Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and our Border Patrol agents to NOT enforce our immigration laws. Any of these agents who do attempt to enforce our laws are subject to termination from the Department of Homeland Security.
    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is responsible for the reactionary efforts at our airports, is also part of the Department of Homeland Security.
    Now, I can’t vouch for anything in the message below but, knowing what I do know, I certainly wouldn’t put it aside either.
    Security is having a weapon, being allowed to use that weapon without fear of retribution and never having to use the weapon at all. Part of this is included in our 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately, what is happening in this country right now is FAR beyond our 2nd Amendment rights. We know that the enemy is in the country. We know that they are planning something against us. When will this happen? Who knows?
    Ever seen the TV Series “Jericho”? You can see it on Netflix. Does anyone with a brain think that this couldn’t happen here? I sure hope not. The worst enemy of this entire nation is our current Socialist government. They are fighting for their political lives in this upcoming election on November 6th. What would an inside attack do to the nation at this time in our history? It scares the hell out of me just to think about it.
    I have been in three wars. Vietnam, The Gulf War (in Saudi Arabia) and for two years in Iraq. I have had enough of war. I certainly do NOT want to see one right here at home and I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen.
    Unfortunately, most of our citizens have never experienced war and don’t know what to look for when the possibility of war is growing. Most citizens merely ride on the planet, fat, dumb and happy as they go about their daily lives. Ignorance truly is bliss for these people. They don’t want to know anything about what is really happening “under the table” with Obama and this Socialist government.

  • Anonymous

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