It’s a popular term this election cycle. The left often vilifies the wealthy for ‘not paying their fair share’, and use that as justification for raising taxes on them.

They’ve hammered this talking point so much that voicing support for a tax break for the upper class is darn near criminal. You’d fare better supporting cancer – not the cure, but actually supporting cancer. On the surface taxing the rich seems logical – why should someone who is already rich and can afford tax hikes, receive the most benefit from tax cuts?

Tonight on TheBlaze, Glenn did what the media never does and went beneath the surface, beneath the ‘fair share’ catch phrase to see if the popular perception of the tax code holds up to closer scrutiny.

To illustrate his point, he applied how America’s overall tax burden currently stands to a hypothetical group of 10 friends. These friends meet after work regularly for a few drinks, and they decided to split the bill using the same method our tax code forces people to pay – was it ‘fair’?

Glenn does the math below: