Stutistics: America versus Europe

  • Anonymous

    The stats show why the German people are so easily led from being decent productive citizens one moment and when a crisis too big to handle arises – they fall in step with the step of the Jack-boot.

    Its taken decades, but the Brits, are finally rethinking their sovereignty status, and being part of the greater liberal Roman Empire – I’m sorry – did I say Roman Empire….whoops…I mean greater EU, isn’t sitting well with a growing number of their population. 

    Watch for the heavy handed bully tactics of the Germans, to suddenly return and change the political European landscape into something more of what the world witnessed prior to the second world war. Actually, its happening right now, but most Americans are to caught up in the ongoing political climate here at home to even realize there are other nations on the planet with lofty goals of their own.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      There are many in the world remembering the great empires and desiring to have them back in our day.

      Not just in Europe, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East dream of empire; as do the Chinese in the Western Pacific. Russia is beginning to dream of their empire again; and may well achieve it at the rate they are going.

      Obama has nearly destroyed this nation, and if we get him again, the darkness we will plunge the world into will make the Third Reich and Russia pale by comparison.

      • SoThere

        Snow, china is ramping up its military and what do you think Obama would do if they decided to annex Taiwan which they already claim belongs to them?

        I’ll give you a hint: Obama would give a speech, “I think that we should rely on the people doing the right thing by condemning the chinese for taking back their own property and bringing the chinese people under their homeland rule. Hillary said that they would be fair when dealing with the people of Taiwan and the world will eventually be a peaceful place if they were brought under one government rule.” Doubletalk.

        Obama’s good at doubletalk, he did it all last night.

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

           If China decides to annex Taiwan or attack Japan then in all likelihood Obama will do nothing – other than give the speech of all speeches that is.

          If it happens close enough to the elections though, I can see him in his growing desperation and insanity sending in naval forces; we have two carrier battle groups there already near Taiwan and Japan.

          He would provoke China, allow our boys to be slaughtered while their hands are tied with iron bound rules of non-defense, non-engagement, stand and die orders from the narcissist in chief.

          Then he would simply say, I tried, we lost and surrender to China.

          Last night, I seen the signs of Obama growing even more unstable mentally and emotionally. I believe he will snap soon, and when it comes it shall be a complete meltdown.

      • Anonymous

        The thought of Empire has been a goal of many powerful nations since the beginning of time. It was primarily the English speaking nations who stopped Germany’s imperialistic notions in its tracks – not once, but twice in the last century.

        The Japanese believed that their Emperor was divine – after losing the second world war, reality smacked them square in the face and they no longer have that view, although, there are a few in Japan today, who want the dream of Empire restored. But there is no indication of that train of thought grabbing hold of the majority of its citizens.  

        On the other hand, the German nation has an entirely different set of circumstances behind what motivated  them prior to the second world war and what is re-energizing the same thinking today. Empire has never been out of the picture. It was/is Catholic Church doctrine that proclaimed the chosen people of God were now Europeans and God was now working through the Papacy in Rome. This allowed the Crusades to become “Holy” in the eyes of many Europeans – what could be better than actually fighting for Christ. The Crusades shed more blood then most are willing to admit especially in this enlightened era of the 21st century. This same reasoning led Hitler to slaughter six-million Jews.

        Recent calls heard from the Vatican, are calling for a “year of faith”. That on the surface might sound all fine and dandy, but the question should be, who’s faith?

        If its the Catholic faith, then the Pope has revisited the idea of the Crusades, and with the growing unrest in the Middle East we would do well to keep our eyes on the city of Jerusalem.

        I believe what we are witnessing in Europe today, are the beginnings of a last and final crusade brought about by “the Fourth Reich”

        • MarsBarsTru7

          “This allowed the Crusades to become “Holy” in the eyes of many Europeans… The Crusades shed more blood then most are willing to admit…”

          What made the Crusades Holy was the purpose of the participants. Blood is shed in war, and blood was being spilled aplenty before the Crusades ever took place. The Crusades were as much a Christian retaliation to Muslim aggression as they were a Holy War to retake the Holy Lands.

          The Turks observed no consistent truce/treaty and would attack Christians at will, whether it was besieging a city, attacking travelers, or raiding towns and villages. And unlike Christians, Muslim armies, whether it was the Turks, Persians, Arabs, Syrians, Egyptians, Berbers or any of the other smaller groups, would consistently slaughter and/or enslave women and children. The men were forced to convert outright or die, and then living converts would be slaves for the remainder of their lives, often dying in mines, or sacificed for sword making. The rape of women and children was common. They would often force the children into religious camps created to indoctrinate the children. The male children of the Christian parents they were captured from would then be raised as Muslim soldiers and would be put on the front lines of battle later in life. Some young boys and girls would be set aside to be raised in brothels for prostitution. Other boys would be castrated and raised as eunuchs to serve as personal caretakers to Muslim nobility. To this day such Muslim institutions exist as to indoctrinate and prostitute captured non-Muslims, especially in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

          In addition, as Muslims conquered they would destroy all religious sites, especially those of Jews and Christians, attempting to blot out any evidence that Jews or Christians had lived where Muslims now reigned. They would change the names of cities and force everyone to call a city by its new name, enforcing a death penalty for use of the former name. Those few people who survived the initial purge and conversion by sword and retained their former religion had special laws and taxes imposed on them, as per the instructions in the Qur’an.

          Since the death of Christ, Christian pilgrimages to the birthplace of Christ as well as Jerusalem and various Holy Places (traditionally accepted locations where Christ Jesus tread or miracles were performed) have been common. After Muslims conquered Israel and the surrounding lands it became much harder for Christians to reach pilgrimage destinations. It became common practice for martially trained and medically trained Christians to dedicate their lives to creating/maintaining/protecting hostels and hospitals set up along the most common Christian pilgrimage roads. As these were often besieged and occasionally sacked, this was further motive for united Christian retaliation.

          Pope Urban II delivered a series of inspiring speeches, starting with the Council of Clermont. He had what he truly believed to be a vision from God. For over a century the Byzantine Empire had invited Western European intervention in the east on their behalf because the Muslim Turks were a constant and growing threat and were slowly conquering all the Christian lands that were formerly the domain of the Byzantines. The Pope believed that it was the will of God that the Christians of Europe unite and undertake this effort to take back the Holy Land into Christian possession. In no sense did he declare Europeans to be “the chosen people of God” outside of eulogizing them for their acceptance and adherence to Christian theology.

          Short of Bohemond, there is no evidence that any of those participating in the First Crusade had any notion of conquest or “Empire”. All one need do is look at what they had to write for themselves (those who could write) and the circumstances of the Crusade itself. For one, they left their homelands with virtually nothing, with their own sword arms for protection, and investing nearly all their personal wealth (however much it may have been) into funding the Crusade, risking their lives and fortunes for what they believed was a Holy Purpose – Driving out the Muslims that had conquered “The Holy Lands” and most importantly, retaking Jerusalem. In the end, few of them survived the Crusade. And for the few that did survive, very very few received any material gain. Urban most certainly didn’t.

          “An astonishing desire to go to Jerusalem, or to aid those who were going, animated equally the rich and the poor, men and women, monks and peasants. Husbands were ready to leave their loved wives; these in their turn longed ardently to leave their children – although with tears – and all their cherished belongings, and to follow their husbands on the expedition.
          Lands of great value until now, were sold at vile price, and everyone bought arms to go to avenge God against the infidels. Thieves, pirates, various criminals were touched by grace, and came out of the abyss of their misery, renouncing their crimes and setting out for the far-off land to expiate them. The wise pope encouraged to go to war all those who were in condition to carry arms against the infidels. He accorded them, by virtue of his great power, absolution from all their faults after the hour hwen they took up the cross.” – Ordericus Vitalus

          These are the simple facts of the First Crusade, and are true for the vast majority that followed in the subsequent Crusades. There is no topic on which I am more learned. Feel free to ask questions if you’d like.

          • Anonymous

             With what we see happening today in the Middle East, amped-up considerably by Obama’s  signature to go full-throttle ahead with the Arab Spring, Jerusalem once again, is making headline news.

            The current unrest has not gone unnoticed by the Vatican, nor the EU. For centuries on, Jerusalem has been the center of numerous bloody disputes between Catholics and the Islamic world. Recent increases in tension over the aggresive behavior of Iran, has led the European Union (primarily led by Germany) to strengthen sanctions against that hostile state.

            Iran’s radical religious philosophy declares that by starting a third world war, their messianic figure will appear, subduing the world under Islamic rule.That doctrine diametrically opposes Catholic doctrine and teaching.

            At the moment, Europe is in full financial melt-down, a crisis which calls for strong leadership. History proves, this is when the continent is most vulnerable, for the world has repeatedly witnessed extremism rise up to save the day and many nations (including EU member states) are witnessing a familiar political change today and are becoming very nervous about what lies ahead in the near future.

            The crusades are widely recognized as the Christian Crusades, but, they were mainly Catholic Europeans led by the Vatican who waded through rivers of blood. In AD 622 Catholics fought and were defeated in a crusade against the Persians and the Jews. Somewhere in the realm of 60,000 Catholics were killed and 35,000 enslaved. The fall of Jerusalem left Catholic Europe stunned. Some historians believe this was the first crusade, but most will give credit to the 11th Century, as the beginning of the Crusades.

            Pope Urban II, unleashed a savage Catholic army starting these later Crusades. This so-called “righteous army” marched 3000 miles to conquer the Holy Land.

            In the book titled “Crusades” authored by Terry Jones and Allen Ereira, comes the following excerpt – “By summoning an army under the banner of the Cross, the Pope was extending the churches mantle over all Christendom. This was the idea at the very heart of the revolutionary Papacy – in place of separate local churches at the center of discrete communities, there was to be one overarching church, ruled by one overarching Pope. The Crusade was to be its expression and its instrument.”

            Using the idea of the “Holy Roman Empire” the Catholic Church has also tried repeatedly to rule the world. History concludes that they have been successful six times and bible prophecy speaks of a seventh revival soon to take place on this earth and this crusade will prove to be the bloodiest of them all. In fact, it will require the saving hand of God Himself to stop it.

            What we are witnessing today are the beginnings of this last and final clash between the Islam world and the entity who claiming to represent God – The Catholic Church. This crusade will include the use of nuclear warfare.

            Watch for a European army to soon be invited to Israel, most likely by prime minister Netanyahu. They will encircle Jerusalem in an effort to guard against Muslim aggression – but the mindset of a new and powerful European leader, will suddenly change and Israel will be double-crossed and become defeated. This will mark the onset of a third world war.

            Christ warned of this conflict shortly before his crucifixion, saying, there would be no flesh saved alive, but for the sake of the elect – those days will be shortened.


          • MarsBarsTru7

            There was so much misinformation in this last comment of yours that I don’t even know where to begin…

            Let’s start with this: Jerusalem has been the center of disputes between Jews and a lot of different groups. It has been the center of disputes between Orthodox Christians and Muslims. It has been the center of disputes between Jews and Muslims. It has been the center of dispute between Jews and Greeks, Jews and Romans, Jews and Egyptians, Jews and Babylonians… Citing it as a center of contention for Catholics is a moot point.

            Your statement that Catholics “waded through rivers of blood” is nothing but ridiculous rhetoric. Stick to the historical facts. Fact: Islam conquered by purging all other peoples, conversion by the sword, and through perpetual violent oppression of anyone who survived the purges and conversions. Between the push of Islam west across North Africa into the Iberian Peninsula, the push south into Egypt and east Africa (the Kingdom of Aksum), the push east through Persia into India, and the push north into Byzantine lands and the steppes, Muslims were responsible for the death of millions of people, the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of people, and the oppression of millions more.

            Being a history enthusiast I must say, I’m quite curious as to this 622AD Catholic Crusade you’re referring to, because, to my knowledge the only thing resembling a Holy War anywhere in the world at that time was the expansion of Islam. Methinks you’re confused. Please, elaborate (if possible) to prove your point. Jerusalem was controlled by and lost by Orthodox Christians of the Byzantine Empire in 632. Is this what you were thinking of? If so, the only Holy War element involved was on the part of the Muslim conquerors.

            You say “Pope Urban II, unleashed a savage Catholic army…”. He did no such thing. He took no part in the formation or direction of the army. He simply urged the Christians of Europe to unify in peace with one another and exhorted them to take up the sword to reclaim the Holy Land from the Muslims who had conquered it and oppressed the pilgrims that traveled there and the Christians that lived there. The “army” was a disorganized collection of armed Christians from across Europe that gathered in Constantinople before heading off to the East to continue their Crusade to retake the Holy Land (with the ultimate objective being Jerusalem).

            The passage you cite from this book by Jones and Erira is not factual. It’s a revisionist opinion, and an overtly incorrect one at that. Pope Urban II was a Pope living in exile while a puppet Pope (Antipope Clement III) had been appointed (by proxy) by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV. Pope Urban’s stated goals were to bring peace to Christians in Europe and to support the taking of the Holy Lands back from Muslims. There was no secret motive to destroy the identity of local churches, and the Crusade was its own end.

            What we’re seeing today is not representative of any effort by the Catholic Church to initiate another Crusade. Your entire premise is based on the vilification of the Catholic Church, and you fail to do so.

          • Anonymous

            One of the things I find most troubling is the thick-headed stubbornness of man. Take for instance, the Liberal left, the open example of their lives, show the rotten-fruits that they produce, for they are there for all to see. Much of their philosophy tends to destroy and tear down societies, rather than build them up. For an example: they claim to be anti-war, but simultaneously, they murder unborn children by the millions. They claim to be decent fellow citizens, but the greater majority of their members, are in favor of degrading immoral sexual conduct and practices, such as same sex marriage and homosexuality. But a conservative dare not tread on their turf, to remind them of these nation-breaking practices, because he’d soon have the fight of his life on his hands. So it’s easier it seems, to simply turn our heads and except this raunchy behavior and go along – I mean, why rock the boat, right!

            This past Friday, a film entitled “Runaway Slave” came to my attention – in this well thought-out documentation, there is an ex-leader of the NAACP who is one of the loudest voices today, proclaiming the Democratic Party to be the New Slave Masters of the modern Black Race.

            He has taken a stance that has moved him 360 degrees from his former way of thinking and he now, clearly understands the error of his former ways. Realizing that the Liberal Progressive Movement is quickly growing out of control and is moving across the States as an uncontrollable wildfire. He realizes the Obama administration is seeking out votes using mass-misinformation aimed primarily at our nations youth. Grab hold of these young minds they say,before they have the ability to think and reason for themselves. The idea behind this aggressive push is, that the voting base will continue to increase over time and grow in numbers and strength virtually locking in future candidates to political office.

            Today, this former member of the anti-conservative movement, now feels that this form of socialist progressive government is absolutely the wrong way to go for any free people to travel, if left unchecked, it will only destroy and sooner, rather than later. His energy and his life’s work today, is to right the wrong in which he himself was a participant and had contributed to at the highest levels.

            The reason I write this is to show a mindset and how the beholder of that certain mindset can be absolutely on the wrong side of an argument and not even realize it. Often times, he will fight to the death. This behavior is the the human stubbornness I mentioned in my opening.

            This product of humanity is not privy to the liberal community, it is the nature of all of us – at least that is what the author of the bible tells us. God himself says – “the whole world is deceived” – Rev 12:9 He does not mince words – he simply states the facts.

            He also would never have inspired this verse to be written, if it were not true. That means, Higher-Learning do not teach truth and also, included in that mix is Religion itself, in fact, it is primarily the largest reason and contributor to this total world deception.

            It is the same exact mindset, accompanied by the same exact hostilities as what has been described above. A non-liberal person does not dare talk straight-up, to a liberal thinking individual and in the same way, a religious thing person, does not dare or seldom decides to talk about God to another religious believing person, especially about what truly lies hidden within the pages of the bible.

            But again, God doesn’t beat-around-the-bush and quite frankly, he tells it like it is. He doesn’t care one way or the other, if we humans are in agreement to what he says, or if we even like what he says – he simply states the facts. He tells each of us to prove his “every word” – and when we do, that is when we begin to see for the first time in our lives and understand our own stubbornness and how even we ourselves have too been deceived.

            God gives all humans a heads-up. Telling all of mankind, there is an ‘invisible-evil-being’ who has deceived-the-whole-world. He works behind the scene and this dark-entity, captures the minds of unsuspecting youth and latches on to their thought process (in most cases) for a lifetime. What a person does not know – that person – simply does not know he doesn’t know it – That’s about the best description of what it means to be deceived. Becoming spiritually knowledgeable then, is the only way out for an individual to lift himself from that blinded state, unto higher levels of wisdom never known before.

            In his book-of-books, God clearly states who his church is, where that church can be found and what doctrine is taught there.

            He also calls out the Catholic church, naming it “the Great Whore” and by the way, all other so-called Christian denominations that eventually came out of Catholicism through the centuries, God refers to those denominations as “Harlots” or daughter churches. He classifies today’s world as a state of massive confusion calling it “Babylon the Great” and the Catholic church is the “Mother of Harlots” – it is not Gods church and never has been and history proves that fact.

            The Catholics have virtually waded through rivers of blood from their inception. They have murdered the Saints of God most High and will do so again in the very near future. This religious body has caused more bloodshed on the world than any other religious institution – including Islam (although it runs a close second).

            You accuse me of rhetoric and not having the facts. I say it is you though, who do not possess rational thought. The whole Catholic doctrine has been built on nothing more than revision of the truth of God. It is nonsensical rubbish! Falsely leading its parishioners to develop a warped sense of righteousness the world over.

            It will be the Catholic Church who fight Christ upon his soon return. The “Pope” and the “Leader” of this false churches so-called holy-warriors (European Armies) will be killed and tossed like the trash they are – into the eternal lake of fire.

            Arguing with self-righteous religious thinking persons, is far more difficult than ever arguing with a liberal progressive. At least liberals might come out of their ignorant stupor for a brief moment to smell the roses and come out of their confused state of mind for something better – but for those who have latched onto a particular religious sounding doctrine – such as Catholicism – never! That is – not until Christ himself opens their minds to rational thought and right understanding. So from now-till-then millions will grow callous against God and his truth – readying themselves to shed much blood, even the blood of the saints.

            The Kingdom of God now awaits those who will prove God at his word – it is not a place for those who follow the many doctrines of men – those who call evil good and good evil.

          • MarsBarsTru7

            You really loaded up before you fired that time didn’t you? And yet, all that you had to say was built around the premise that I’m making my case from the position of a Catholic (the “Whore”) or one of the denominations that have broken away from the Catholic Church (“Harlots”). Well, I happen to be a nondenominational Christian, but it was a valid attempt on your part.

            What you fail to understand is that you’re wrong. And you’re not wrong because I disagree with your point of view. You’re wrong because you’re factually wrong. You’re wrong about history, and you’re wrong about theology.

            Tell me, was the Catholic Church wading through “rivers of blood” when it advocated the “Truce of God”? Do you even know what the Truce of God was? Do you know about all the attempts of the Catholic church to get people worldwide to disarm? Do you know the history of monastaries, convents, hospitals, and abbeys? Do you know how they housed people, fed people, educated people through man made disasters such as barbarian raids, wars, and famines? Do you know how they helped people throughout the ages by farming and sharing food for free, by teaching the Word of God all over the world, risking their lives to do so, by preserving the word of God by painstakingly rewriting by hand, over and over again, the scriptures?

            You’re ignorant. It’s as plain as can be. You have no idea how off your comments are. The Catholic Church is flawed, as much as any Christian church will ever be, as much as every Christian church is. But Christians strive for improvement, strive for perfection, strive ever to be more like Christ’s example. Change comes slower to the Catholic church, for better or worse, because of its bureaucracy. But no one can deny the positives it has worked, nor the lonely light it has been in the world in times of great darkness.

            “First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

            I suggest you start learning the history of Christianity, starting with the first Council at Antioch (approx. 88 AD), learn the history of the preservation of the scriptures, how decisions were made at the great Ecumenical Councils, learn how and when Christianity spread and how and when it receded from some areas of the world, learn the history of what Christians throughout the world have done in the name of Christianty – being deeds far surpasssing those associated with any other faith in history – and know that Catholics have done much good in the name of God in the last 1,900 years.

            Again, if you want to know more ask. But do not expect any falsehoods you put forth here to stand without challenge. Ignorance is not an excuse. Know something is fact before stating it. Don’t present opinion as if it was fact.

          • Anonymous

            So that means God is wrong about history and theology as well, seeing it is he who teaches truth and separates it from all the other white-noise masquerading itself off as truth. There is but one God and one message of doctrine, all others are but fuel for the fire. It is only when a person allows God to do the teaching, instead of men, do the windows of our minds become open to truth and understanding.

            You mentioned in your previous post, ‘that Pope Urban II, had nothing to do with the formation or direction of a European army. His capacity served only as to steer and guide the troops. Urging them to take up arms in an effort to reclaim Jerusalem’.

            That is exactly what the book of Revelation reveals to us in chapter 17. There, we see a great whore riding atop of a great beast. This whore serves one capacity only and that is to guide or control the beast. It is this whore who is found riding the beast – therefore – she controls its movement, precisely in the same manner as a jockey controls a horse he’s riding. The rider of the beast in this case, is an end-time false church, and the beast is an end-time military power – which is guided by the beast. Your example of Pope Urban II in how he only persuaded his followers to join in with the military is a perfect example.

            It’s how Rome has operated for centuries – persuading its warriors with the promise of forgiveness of sins and to fight for Christ – Holy War.

            I know a great deal about Rome and how it has always masqueraded itself off as something good and holy and for thousands of years now, but it is nothing of the sort. You can lump in to your argument all the convents, monasteries, hospitals and so-called good-deed’s as you call them and it still doesn’t change the fact, not one iota, what God wrote down long ago and continues to teach about the great whore of Revelation 17 and her murderous bloody history and her soon coming blood-thirsty future.

            Allow me to give you an elementary lesson in biblical understanding. Knowledge – unless rightly understood, there is no one who can understand the simple truths of prophecy. And understanding prophecy, is the key to understanding the word of God.

            In the book of Daniel there is a king who suffered through a frightening dream. A dream that only Daniel was able to interpret – Daniel did not take credit to himself, but gave credit to God for solving the kings dream.

            The answer to the dream – it is a representation of four world-ruling empires. The last empire was that of the Roman Empire. This last, will exist at the return of Jesus Christ back to this earth, in fact, it will be found fighting Christ. It is not possible to understand the bible unless it is put together exactly as God designed it. In other words – without the book of Daniel, the book of Revelation could not be understood.

            Images of beasts – vivid dreams – and even whores, have real meaning and are hidden from view from those who think they know more than God. Therefore, it is their own stubbornness, that gets in the way of learning the hidden truths of God.

            You make the argument that the Catholic church has nothing but a glorious past. Having a history that serves and provides for the needy. Even Obama feeds his own base supporters in an effort to win the flock over for their vote. Even Hezbollah, after the last Israeli military mission in Lebanon, a few years back, bought off the locals by providing them with much needed medical supplies and food and other basic necessities. Does that make them good also – to your way of thinking I suppose it would.

            The Catholic church is flawed alright – for it is one of two churches portrayed in the last book of the bible. One church – represented by a “woman” – will marry Christ at his return – the other “woman” – is directed by the devil himself and in her – nothing good is found. She is dressed in scarlet and purple and is filthy rich. She suffers need of nothing. She has a long history of blood on her hands, even the blood of saints. She looks like a lamb, but she speaks like a dragon. All those who follow after her, will receive a mark in the palms of their hands, or on their foreheads. No one will buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast – and all those who refuse this mark will be killed.

            You try to come across as some great scholar – when it is you who do not possess real life-saving knowledge. The people such as yourself, are the ones who make Gods job even harder and why, because he must first erase your stubborn brain of wrong knowledge, before he can finally begin to teach you the simple basic truths of who he really is and what he’s been working out down here bellow for thousands of years.

            He is now in the process of training unto himself, a helpmate his true church – or his bride. Those who are in his church will rule with him on he and his Fathers throne forever. They will have a job, that of, re-educating this evil world with right knowledge. Of course you do not believe this today, but you will when you meet him.

  • Tomi Itkonen

    Please Stu… Put Finland on the map also. Thanks!

  • Sam Fisher

    In other words socialism or left sucks and it turns people into babies that blame others for their own actions. Isn’t that right Obama.

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  • linlili
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    This seems to fit here so I’m going to put it here.  Scary if it’s true.  

    The economy is expected to return to growth this week as  figures suggested Britain is  creating jobs at a faster rate than the United States.

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