Who did Glenn think won the debate?

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After last night’s debate, the pundits all seem to be torn on declaring a clear winner. After doing such a poor job last time, many are claiming that Obama’s better-than-total-failure performance means he ended up winning. Others are claiming that Romney faltered on Libya, giving Obama an opening. But after watching the debate, Glenn was more sure than ever that Romney was on a path to victory.


“I’m going to tell you why Romney won last night,” Glenn said during the radio show.

“The President – his plan is tax the rich, invest in infrastructure and teachers, and cops.  And green jobs.  That was your plan last time.  So you’re saying more of the same.  It won’t work.  And the average American know that.  They know what we’ve done.  They know this isn’t working.”

“But more importantly his plan to win the election is paint Mitt Romney into a monster.  Make him look like an uncaring unfeeling big business tycoon that doesn’t care, doesn’t think like the average person.  Doesn’t care about the average person.  Hates the poor and is going to destroy us.”

Glenn said Obama’s efforts to demonize Mitt Romney will ultimately backfire. He compared it to a ship sailing in troubled waters. Most people wouldn’t want to change captains in the middle of the storm, but when one person starts to make baseless accusations about another, it reflects poorly on their own character. Glenn said that this is what will happen to Obama – he’s going overboard on his attacks on Romney and people are going to start questioning Obama’s own character and leadership ability.

“The questions that the average person have, I think at this point is Mitt Romney a monster? If you’re looking for a reason — if you’re at all changeable, is he a monster?  You can watch him in the last two debates, and say no.  Does he care about the country?  Yes.  Can he relate to me?  Yeah.  Does he feel the pain of joblessness in the country? Yes.  Does he care about my number one priority which anyone will tell you is the economy and jobs.  That’s all he talks about.  Does he have a plan?  Five steps.  Will they work? I don’t know.  But does he have a plan that’s different than George Bush’s, and different than Barack Obama? Yeah.  Is he going to be tough when he need him to be tough? Oh, yeah,” Glenn argued.

Obama, on the other hand, continues to offer the same plan that hasn’t worked in a long time.

Ultimately, Glenn believes it will be Obama’s attacks on Romney’s character that ultimately cause reasonable independents to question the judgment of the incumbent Obama.


  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama has no record of success to run upon, so he can only use the tactics of hate, race, class and gender and economic warfare to try and smear Romney.

    When Obama falls from his office on Nov 6th, what will he do come Nov 7th? How far will he go in his madness to hold onto power? How far will he go to ‘punish’ his foes and the nation for ‘failing to reelect their messiah and god-king’?

    The most dangerous time we will face as a nation will be between Nov 7th and the inaguration of the new President Romney.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama defeated himself in the first debate, and while he (according to the MSM leftists) “Won” simply by showing up and breathing, he has strategically been defeated again.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    Last night Obama was exposed as the lair he truly is. I see Mitt winning this race and we will be better off for that.

    • http://nicolegraham.myopenid.com/ Nicole – Graham

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  • Anonymous

     I watched Romney put him in his place, literally. But how did obama know, during the debate, Candy had a flawed transcript saying obama used the “T” word in it? 

  • Anonymous

    Obama = Liar Liar Pants on Fire!
    Romney = The next President who is going to fix this mess!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000364792093 Marlene Klein

    The bar was set pretty low. Yes, Obama performed better in the second debate than in the first, but I don’t think he out-performed Romney. 

  • Tricia :

    Poor Glenn. He is at the point he can’t even admit when the President beat the sheet outta Romney. Character? How the heck would Glenn know? lol

    An “act of terror” indeed. Now go back in your binder.

    • ersatzear

       Tricia, you filthy baby-killer. Check the Gallup poll, bitch. WE’RE KICKING YOUR COMMIE ASS!

      • Anonymous

        Click. We just took a picture of your self-righteous rage. And, from our perspective, you look beautiful. Keep it up.

  • Tricia :

    If you are interested in destroying this country, vote Romney!

    Obama 2012
    Romney 1040 tax forms?

  • http://twitter.com/alex_capin Alex Peebles-Capin

    If you’re going to cite politifact, please know that they have found the following statistics on the 2012 presidential candidates.
    Mitt Romney’s public statements: 
    9% true
    14% mostly true
    28% half true
    17% mostly false
    16% false
    9% pants on fire
    Barack Obama’s public statements:
    22% true
    23% mostly true
    26% half true
    12% mostly false
    14% false
    2% pants on fire
    As you can clearly see, the trend is that many more of Romney’s statements have been false than Obama’s. if you don’t believe me, check out http://www.politifact.com, the website that Glenn cited in the above video, and click on the politician’s name to see their breakdown. Good to stay informed!

    • ersatzear

       Boo hoo! Obongo is a failure

      • http://twitter.com/alex_capin Alex Peebles-Capin

        Nice response! I see that you looked at the data and came to a reasonable conclusion.

        • Anonymous

          LOL. Kudos on the post.

  • Anonymous

    I am a big Glenn Beck fan. I listen to him everyday.  But could someone PLEASE tell him to stop the “This is what Romney (or Ryan) should have said?? It serves no purpose and is just “Monday morning quarterbacking”. What is the point? Give us instead some thoughtful analysis and information about the debate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kym-van-der-Linden/100000287275888 Kym van der Linden

    Glenn – Obama tactically, deliberately mislead the American people in debate to get the uninform voters . He care less about those that fact check after the debate cz he already got the lies to the viewers.

    Obama purposely interrupted Romney to get Romney off track, and switch topic. I saw this in vp debate, where Biden interrupted Ryan, and Ryan got off message & was responding to a different question in the end, missing opportunity to get Biden.  This happened to Romney.  Romney should ignore & finish his point – speaking over Obama and narator if he needs to.  Getting a confirmation from narator is time that Romney could have used to bring his point to viewers.  Romney should not ask question cz it gives Obama additional time to inject himself in the convesation; Romney should go straight to his point and bring the point home to the viewers.

    I was FURIOUS watching Crowley injected herself in Libya, GM, China- Obama’s have funds in Cayman islands, Fast & Furious.  Where was she when Obama digress from the question?  It was again Moderator & Obama against Romney (similarly Biden & moderator vs Ryan).  How unfair?  I am disgusted by this and the media.

    Romney won big – considering the interruption from Obama and inappropriate call from Crowley It was like ObamaCrowley (cheaters) vs Romney.  If it weren’t for Romney’s strength, and depth of knowledge (and that he is super SMART), the result may have been skewed towards Obama.

    I am fasting, and praying that GOD will watch over us, and help Romney win in Nov.  It’s like David and Goliath – the bias liberal medias, unfair moderators, Hollywood. 

    Obama’s admin is so corrupt – intel leaks, Solyndra, Fast & Furious, AIG – wasting money, Bernanke printing money, Holder … gosh, there is just so much corruption in this administration!

    GLEN – thank you for ALL that you do.  I wish that I could come to the rallies that you have in Arizona, and Florida.  Like you say, we ALL need to do our part – this is it!  We have 20 days to do whatever that we can to remove Obama.

  • Anonymous

    “To be, or not to be, that is the question . . .”

    William Shakespeare

    October 18, 2012

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    May I ask you a stupid question . . . :) . . . Did you ever start a business? Did you ever try to convince someone to buy a product, other than malarky? Did you ever go online and do those forms with regard to opening a business? Have to answer that really dumb question “Does this business manufacture or distribute, alcohol, tobacco, or firearms?

    I wonder if Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder ever read that last part?

    I know this line of questioning is stupid. Because Americans know the answers. The answer is no. You’ve done none of this, and it shows, other than gun running and to do that you had to become President! I have no such ambition. Guys like me, at this point in the “Obama Depression” just want to keep food on the table stay out of the clink and avoid people like you because all you do is make people broke or dead. That is a skill set I happily lack. So does Mr. Romney who the American people desperately want to elect to lead the “Romney Recovery!”

    You see, the American people have a very refined dipstick for malarky. These debates have demonstrated that you, and the liberal media are full of it, Ms. Crowley should have just hopped up on the table with a set of cue cards and given you a gold star at the end of that debate at Hofstra. Further, that Mr. Romney possess the character, competence, and the raw capability to sit in a chair that had we left empty these last four years we all would have been better off.

    While at times we have let our guard down and allowed citizens who share your perverted views on liberty, and the free market, to inhabit that office “We The People” are wide awake and raring to go now, just like we were in 2010. Why you ask are we so agitated? Because we innately sense that this is a point in history that will be looked back on as a “to be or not to be” moment in American history.

    “We The People” have the rarest of opportunities to get the right citizen, into the most important job, at the right time.

    We will.


    Joe Doakes

  • Anonymous

    Quick fix. This is what Glenn wants. But it’s not what the majority of the American people want. Fixing our system will take more than four years. Everyone knows this. Under Obama, we’ve started the process. It starts with being ethical, with not letting economic bullies lower the standard of living of the middle class out of a hurry to make big bucks. Such is the Wall Street way, the Romney way. We, the American people, know this. It is transparent. And we won’t be fooled again by those who want to sell us raising the bar evenly across the board in a hurry: the poor getting a little less poor, the middle class bettering enough to stop complaining, and the rich rich as ever. We don’t want it. What we want is to close the wide (and ever wider) gap between rich and poor. We want fairness in the game and in life. This is why what Beck here says amounts to mere wishful thinking and an honest expression of the dark underside of conservatism: self-righteousness disguised as morality, intolerance disguised as patriotism, greed disguised as respect for success.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G6FSV2PBJ2EXRXD3FCYX7NNVIY Ant

    I agree with some of the things that Glenn has stated as well as disagree with some of his statements. I watched the debate and feel that neither one of them can be claimed as the winner. I feel that they both did a mediocre job answering questions and that it was the same statements over again. Romney seemed to come out flat and had to defend himself the majority of the night due to Obama being to aggressive because he failed to perform on the first debate. I agree that Obama is starting to attack Romney’s character with fullish comments about how he stated big bird, how he is a businessman, and wants him to claim his plan. I understand that there is not much detail in Romney’s plan but i also understand that congress is going to play a big part in the details. I am happy to see he has a plan and something that is different from Obama because he has shown that his plan is not successful. I also agree that Obama’s attacks on Romney are only hurting his credibility as a leader and that it could hurt him in the long run. 


  • Anonymous

    Its time to realize that President Obama does not represent Liberalism. He’s not even close!
    The foundation upon which  Liberalism works is:
    The math is very simple: More Government = less freedom of choice.
    “Freedom” is America’s middle name !! 

  • Anonymous
  • linlili
  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W7HBI3AHFK7WTH2UDCB4GHE5AY Highlander

    Type your comment here.Glenn Beck
    The Blaze

    I am 80 years old and Disabled, existing in Apache Cnty, AZ. (Poorest County in Nation) I received word Fri. 19th, that my food stamps were being cut from $130 a month to $102. Guess Obama getting ready for the Death Panels ! We have been trying to survive on my Soc.Sec. & SSI of $718 a month. The 2% raise in Jan. sure does NOT keep up with the 16% cost of living rise very well. Food Boxes have almost gone in our area, very little in them any more…

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    Have NOT been able to find any HELP to get a Refi, Loan or Grant to make the necessary repairs to make Home Safe again to live in. Would any of you have any suggestions to find HELP for me? Looking for a Total of around $50,000, want to pay off my mortgage with 11% interest and balance of a little over $12,000. Have $2,650 in 3 years back property taxes, if not paid by Feb. next year I will loose everything… Am off the Grid and NO longer have Funds to keep up with the Costs of Gasoline for generators (for elect. Power) nor for Propane for heat and cooking. Home was from 34 degrees and 42 degrees every morning when it was time to get out of bed all winter. It has been in 40’s already this year now. So if you could direct me to some Help anywhere, I would be ever so grateful.

    Bless you all, and keep up your great works and the fight to keep us free !

    Rev. Vincent Cameron, Ret.
    ROUGH Living Church
    ROUGH is for = Rural Off Utilities Grid Homes
    928 536-4160
    P.O. Box 1460
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    (Note) am 22 miles from Post Office,
    (NO mail delivery to Home,)
    556 Old Hunt Road, ACHwy 5270
    Concho, AZ 85924

  • Anonymous

    Is there another possible fix debate being plan by OBAMA  WITH A ANOTHER BAITED TRAP IN THE  NEXT DEBATE  ON FOREIGN POLICY to to be sprung by planted question ,or a baited statement by obama,or Romney find it a easy target left wide open or moderator will inject into the discussion on this point he may also have transcripts only release to him by obama administration??  So Mitt will walk into the trap then the moderator will pull a another Crowley while majority of people are watching and if  proven false it be a very small retraction not cover by the left wing news media and obama will not release any info on this until after election to be check out and verified on this trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ???????????????????????????????????????????????  Now for the bait on Foxnews  the O Reilly show with Colonel Hunt and Justice with Judge Jeanine both program had knowledgeable people with the first phone call from the Embassy and consulate within minutes of the start of attack gave the alert they need help from this major assault !!!!!  Now the knowledgeable people on programs stated many options to assist in throwing back attacks or to rescue the Embassy and consulate people. They some of the response time could of been within 30 minutes of the first phone call of the Embassy in a 5 to 8 hours firefight ??? Examples of possible options  that might be available in area C130 gunships,Cobra or Apache (even if they needed inflight refueling), Jet fighters with precision small bombs and rockets,A10 wart hog ground support,Jet,a special rapid response team transported by helicopters or Osprey or parachute within 2 miles of Embassy by a C130 to avoid a trap of terrorist with hand held anti, aircraft missiles which we provided to the enemy ,arm predator or reaper drones !!!!!!! But I have yet to hear a explanation from obama why there was no response to save U.S citizens, during the 5 to 8 firefight or even attempt or try !! In which our territory was invaded and the killing of U.S citizens or his weighted decision with reasons why  U.S  did not to respond from Embassy call for help????  I believe obama left this open for Romney to walk into the trap by responding, it will be a set up obama have all the information seal  that will be seal until after election so obama can say anything ,Romney can say anything on the government possible options of response ,he don’t have any info on options at this time,without knowing what obama going to say at the time of debate ,how can Romney reply not knowing all the facts and  to verified what true and the whole picture and obama won’t release this info until after the election !!!! If one of planted question to Romney is how would respond to this attack on the Embassy or baited by obama statement ,or a moderator follow up question . Romney reply should be this !! On this incident in Libya I will not jump to the gun or come to a conclusion!! Like someone we all know who jump the gun even stating not knowing the facts or all facts or verified the facts he jump to a conclusion then falsely labeling a Police Department as stupid and being racist !!! U.S citizens don’t want this type of person in being the President with his fingers on the U.S nuclear trigger button !!!   (Romney reply )Now if another  incident  take place like Libya incident that happen on my watch as president within minutes I would have all available options from Military,national security etc to rescue or throw back the attack quickly as possible to save U.S citizens lives on American soil  order to make it happen at least try !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now in past obama did not hesitate going into Libya without Congress permission or Libya to save AL-Qaeda  and other anti west fractions strong hold of Benghazi and save the life of our enemies !! But then obama don’t lift his little finger in trying to save the life of U.S citizens in being attack on U.S territory in a 5 to 8 hour firefight ???? That all took place in a lawless zone,war zone, or a un – control area of newly form Libya government which the Muslims Brotherhood control which is really a enemy of our and the free world !!!  P.S To MITT ROMNEY BE AWARE OF OBAMA PENDING TRAP !!!!!! Have good out and reply ready for this !!!!

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