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After last night’s debate, the pundits all seem to be torn on declaring a clear winner. After doing such a poor job last time, many are claiming that Obama’s better-than-total-failure performance means he ended up winning. Others are claiming that Romney faltered on Libya, giving Obama an opening. But after watching the debate, Glenn was more sure than ever that Romney was on a path to victory.


“I’m going to tell you why Romney won last night,” Glenn said during the radio show.

“The President – his plan is tax the rich, invest in infrastructure and teachers, and cops.  And green jobs.  That was your plan last time.  So you’re saying more of the same.  It won’t work.  And the average American know that.  They know what we’ve done.  They know this isn’t working.”

“But more importantly his plan to win the election is paint Mitt Romney into a monster.  Make him look like an uncaring unfeeling big business tycoon that doesn’t care, doesn’t think like the average person.  Doesn’t care about the average person.  Hates the poor and is going to destroy us.”

Glenn said Obama’s efforts to demonize Mitt Romney will ultimately backfire. He compared it to a ship sailing in troubled waters. Most people wouldn’t want to change captains in the middle of the storm, but when one person starts to make baseless accusations about another, it reflects poorly on their own character. Glenn said that this is what will happen to Obama – he’s going overboard on his attacks on Romney and people are going to start questioning Obama’s own character and leadership ability.

“The questions that the average person have, I think at this point is Mitt Romney a monster? If you’re looking for a reason — if you’re at all changeable, is he a monster?  You can watch him in the last two debates, and say no.  Does he care about the country?  Yes.  Can he relate to me?  Yeah.  Does he feel the pain of joblessness in the country? Yes.  Does he care about my number one priority which anyone will tell you is the economy and jobs.  That’s all he talks about.  Does he have a plan?  Five steps.  Will they work? I don’t know.  But does he have a plan that’s different than George Bush’s, and different than Barack Obama? Yeah.  Is he going to be tough when he need him to be tough? Oh, yeah,” Glenn argued.

Obama, on the other hand, continues to offer the same plan that hasn’t worked in a long time.

Ultimately, Glenn believes it will be Obama’s attacks on Romney’s character that ultimately cause reasonable independents to question the judgment of the incumbent Obama.