Counting down Obama’s biggest gaffes

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Obama’s made a lot of gaffes in his time campaigning for and as president. Enough that we had enough to fill a bracked of 64 and run a tournament of the worst Obama gaffe! Will ‘punished with a baby’ take home the gold? Or another classic such as ‘Marxist professors’ take top honors? Find out which advances in the clip above.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I’ll tell you the biggest gaff of Obama – himself.

    The man is a non-stop machine of spin, lies, denials, and vilifying of his oppositon. He is also completely insane and probably close to a fundamental meltdown.

    • Sofia L.Ramirez

      @walkintruth:disqus Obama’s biggest gaff was thinking he is an American. Michael replied I didn‘t know that a single mom can make $5156 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you look at this web

      • Anonymous

        obama is anti american
        go see movie obamas america 2016

    • Matt Driscoll

       I am placing bets to see who has a meltdown first. Greywolf once the Kings have a terrible season or Snowleopard when Obama gets re-elected. Awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s biggest gaff was thinking he is an American

    • greywolfrs

      I can’t argue with that logic.

  • Kevin Wood

    All of these quotes should be on the web in one place so we can play them as we talk to our idiot friends.

    • Sunshine Kid

      And the idiots can vote which they think is the best of the best (or worst of the worst).  Of course, there’d have to be three columns:  One for the conservative voters, one for those who are independent and one for the liberal voters.

  • Sam Fisher

    What about the lies he told in the debate. 

    • Xray 0-1 Actual

      If he’s intentionally lying, then it isn’t much of a gaffe.

      • Sam Fisher

        But would make a great attack on his integrity and his knowledge about our economic system.

  • Anonymous

    I think when he said, “You didn’t build it.”, he put down all Americans who believe in capitalism.  It shows who this man is. He is a man who believes that the government does everything and the people are controlled by that force. He has the audacity to tell us that we can’t do it by ourselves. It was someone else that helped you. That ideal goes against every business built in America.

  • greywolfrs

    Sorry, but I believe “the buck stops with YOU!” is one of his better ones.

  • mspatdev

    One of the biggest gaffes is that he spent millions of dollars to keep his birth certificate, his grades at Colunbia University and Harvard a secret from all of us. That all means that he was born in Africa and he was a foreign student. Otherwise, he couldn’t have gotten into Harvard.

    • Carlos De Souza

       He had an Indonesian passport when he returned to Hawaii.  That passport was not exchanged for an American passport.  Thus, he entered Harvard as a foreign (Indonesian) student.  Obozo’s past is criminal and perverted.  Frankly, what is more shocking to me is that he has been able to cover it up completely with the aid of a biased, bought and unprincipled press. 

  • Anonymous

    Fundamental meltdown is right.  Obama has funded his “FUND A MENTAL” meltdown with American taxpayers funds.  Someone close to me who is almost age, 97, and is so wise and bright says regarding Obama that…”his sins will find him out” and “truth is stronger than a lie”.  As a form of relief from guilt, humans have a tendency to tell about their sins saying them in sentences to others and a poetic minded person does this as a game. Obama’s favorite word, “FUND….A…MENTAL”, may very well be backfiring on him. We should look at his other favorite words and see what they are telling us, like “transparent”.  What is he revealing that he shouldn’t be? Or what does “trans…parent” really mean to him?

  • Anonymous

    Mr.rommney is a great man,he will make a good honest Preident
    He looks like a President’
    Glenn Beck is also my favorite

  • Madelyn Thide

    I have heard, Obama has committed treasonous acts… why isnt he being brought up on charges instead of being allowed to run again ??? 

  • Carlos De Souza

    And, yet 60% or more of the American Jews will still vote for Hussein Obozo.  Are they anti-Israel too like Obozo ??   I cannot believe that they do not know that Israel will get very badly screwed if Obozo gets another four years. 

  • Anonymous
  • linlili

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