Lying liars and the lies they tell in the White House

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The Obama administration, perhaps emboldened by a media that rarely if ever questions them. That is evidenced by the lengthy list of lies told by this president, a list Glenn went through on radio today. If only the media cared…

Some of the highlights:

1) BIDEN: Look, I was there when we did that with Social Security in 1983. I was one of eight people sitting in the room that included Tip O’Neill associating with President Reagan.

GLENN: Okay. Now he was talking about how great President Reagan was. First of all, Joe Biden never thought President Reagan was great. I mean, these guys hated him when he was in office. But he’s specifically talking about how great Reagan is and how we need to get together, and he was, as he just said, in the room. Now, I should mention here that even as a ‑‑ even as cynical as I have become about these progressive politicians, I took Biden at his word on that. And who would say that? “I was there.” Okay, then you can dance around it. But then he followed up, “I was in the room with about eight people when we did this.” Fortunately ABC’s Jake Tapper didn’t take him at word. Jake looked into it and found out that, yes, Joe Biden was not in the room. He lied. He wasn’t in the room working out that deal. He was not one of the key negotiators. Tapper called Biden on it, caught him in his bold‑face lie and how did he respond? This is what the office said: In 1983 the then Senator Biden was one of many senators who weighed in on budget‑related issues from the party leadership including on Social Security reform. In particular he was one of the group of members who met with Tip O’Neill while the speaker was negotiating with President Reagan on reform specifics. In those meetings the vice president, other members gave their thoughts on the negotiations to the speaker and the Senate majority leader ‑‑ or minority leader Robert Byrd.

2) Obama claimed he did not cut permits and licenses for oil and gas leases on federal land and federal waters in half. 

After Obama called Romney a liar for bringing up the figure, Chris Wallace found out Romney was right but only after the debate was over.

3) Obama’s campaign claimed Romney was planning a $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy.

Stephanie Cutter has come out and admitted this is untrue.

4) OBAMA: ” We stabilized the banking system but we got back every dime we used to rescue the banks with interest.”

 GLENN:  Did we really?  Because according to the Congressional Budget Office we’re losing $24 billion on that deal.  The same day he said that, the CBO comes out and says we’ve lost $24 billion.  That’s a lot of dimes, Mr. President.

5) OBAMA: “Under Governor Romney’s definition, there are a whole bunch of millionaires and billionaires who are small businesses.  Donald Trump is a small business.”

GLENN: No, Mr. President, Donald Trump has upwards of 25,000 employees, or more.  His revenue and his other millionaires and billionaires receive ‑‑ the revenues that he receives makes him ineligible for this.  Another lie.  The president told Univision that he inherited the scandalous, deadly, and disastrous Fast and Furious program. 

6)  OBAMA: First of all, I think it’s important for us to understand that the Fast and Furious program was a field‑initiated program begun under the previous administration.  When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it.

GLENN: This is an outrageous lie, according to ABC News.  ABC reports in actuality the Fast and Furious program was started October 2009.  October 2009.  That’s the year the president got in.  Bush’s last day ended in ’08.  Instead Obama claims Bush started it, Holder discovered it and stopped it.  Instead of beginning the plan in 2009?  What?  What an outrageous lie.  How the media is not all over this administration for this, how the media thinks this ends up well for them or for any American, you cannot allow somebody with this much power to out‑and‑out lie over and over and outrageous lies.


GLENN: And let me end this with another hugely important lie. In addition to all the campaign and debate lies and quite honestly nearly everything that he says on the campaign trail about himself or Romney has been a lie. But all of ‑‑ in addition to all of that, this president has betrayed the sacred trust placed in him by the American people and has lied over and over again about the Benghazi tragedy. And this is so incredibly important. It may not be the sexiest story. It may not be the one that everybody is talking about, but what is happening over in the Middle East, especially the way it relates to Benghazi, is so critically important because the lies are covering what we’re really doing over there. It is so critically important. Hear me, people of the left. Hear me, please hear me, Democrats. We are not divided on the war thing. We’re not. We’re not on opposite sides. You don’t want another war; I don’t want another war. You don’t want American soldiers killed; I don’t want American soldiers killed. I’m tired of the war, too. What is happening, they are sucking us into a global, a global war.

There was a predator drone flying over the embassy that night beaming a live feedback to the United States. Are you really going to tell us that you didn’t know that there was no protest? You didn’t know exactly what this was? You had a drone. It’s been verified, with a live feed showing the firefight. You knew exactly what was going on.

Mr. President, in the situation room, I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but underneath your office is a room called the situation room where you can watch those live feeds. Somebody in your office was downstairs in the basement watching the feed! Somebody was there. Now why they didn’t brief you is beyond me. Some might say that they did and you had been lying. And that someone is me. They said it was a protest gone wrong. You knew it was a lie. There was no protest. You said it was about a YouTube video, unprecedented, coordinated attack. You knew that that was a lie. They said they didn’t know about all the requests for extra help and security. We know that that is a lie. This is why Romney is going to win.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So many lies are coming from the White House, their fannies are on fire like a erupting volcano and have surrounded the entire place in a haze of smoke…

    Of course said smoke may be from documents being burned or other ‘things’ being smoked as the elections close and Obama knows he is on the fall.

    • Rhonda

      your comment brings to mind the Progressive commercial “no mas pantalones” LOL

  • Diane Livingston

    He also said that Planned Parenthood does mammograms and cancer screening. Per their statement, they do not.   He also said that he cut taxes for small businesses 18x. That lie has been fact checked – google it.   The Lily Ledbetter Law only talks about lawsuits. It does not make employers pay their employees equally for equal work.  He said there are not “death panels” in Obamacare.  Read the bill Mr President!  I don’t believe one word he says!! 

    • Anonymous

      I remember when he made that Planned Parenthood comment that it struck me as odd.  I have never heard of any woman having a mammogram or cancer screening at Planned Parenthood, but I have personally never been to a Planned Parenthood facility.  My initial reaction was that Obama was trying to justify baby killing with essential woman’s health tests that can be done at many places other than Planned Parenthood.  Thank you for letting us know that he lied yet again.

      • Roger Behrens

        Obozo’s useful Hollywood idiots have also been spreading the lies that Romney wants to cut funds for women to get mammograms at Planned Parenthood when they never provided them.  Of course, the mindless little Obamabots like encinom and socialismrocks will believe them. The fools who want something for nothing will follow Oba-Mao to hell.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if the President is aware of the actual purpose for which Planned Parenthood was started. The organization was founded by Margaret Sangar, who was a racist and proud of it. Her prime targets were people of color, tho include the Black Communities, whom she considered to be inferior. The President can’t be that stupid to be ignorant of the true purpose behind the organization and its founder. It makes one wonder if he actually has a more evil agenda than his supporters realize. These are questions you aren’t going to hear asked in any of the debates.

      • Rhonda

        I haven’t been to one for 33 years, but back then they did pap tests to check for cervical cancer & hands on breast exams as part of the examination to get birth control, but I don’t know what they do now.  But the fact that they are in the business of depriving innocents of the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness in their abortion mills should make government funding of them unconstitutional.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand to look at him or mochelle as neither one of them can tell the truth.  I turn the tv off when either one comes on.

      • Anonymous

         I agree. Thank god for the mute button. I can’t stand to listen to more lies and their voices drive me nut’s.

        • Sofia L.Ramirez

          @tamom:disqus We now have a good time to fire him thank heavens! Im making over $7k a month working part time. I kept hearing other people tell me how much money they can make online so I decided to look into it. Well, it was all true and has totally changed my life. This is what I do,

          • Ray Taylor

            Are you an Obama ? ? ?   Liar.

      • Carolyn Ogden

        I feel the same way, I feel like i am watching satan every time i see his face

    • Anonymous

       They are called something else.  It is called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, AKA Death Panels.

    • Gary A. Anderson


    • Anthon P

      He also said he gave cuts to seniors on their medical bills/Ins.not true! the only thing he cut was seniors social security raises for the years 2009,2010 and 2012 will be the smallest since the 1970s.

    • Sharon Schlind

      Listened to Mark Levin today and he explained The Lily Ledbetter Law, and who she was, and how it came about…very interesting.  Thank you for your comment !

  • Darren Somsen

    Obama has told so many lies his [dead, absentee] father’s pants are on fire.

  • tamom

    If his mouth is moving, he’s lying…

    • Linda S

      I might add that all accusations thrown at others are part of who he is and don’t belong to the party who accuses. 

  • spring

    I am so greateful that there are people like you looking into things. It used to be the media did this but nost of them are now part of the DNC. The media not only does not report facts but they also lie and cover for the Liar in Chief, Obama! Thanks so much Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Whats amazing to me is that I am not shocked anymore when I hear him lie? Us conservatives are so used to it we no longer gasp………….very sad.

    • R McMillan

      Lets face it, after Richard Nixon, we got cynical…

    • Nanette Ekin

      True, we conservatives are used to it, but we must help the liberals know he lies every time he speaks!

    • winningstad

      I have NEVER been disappointed by a democrat…I know them…

      • Anthon P

        Its not about Dem. or conservative its about TRUTH !!!

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a Grade A turd

  • crazy betty

    Reminds me of the long legged mack daddy:
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  • spring

    The American people should be outraged to have a President that tells one lie after another to us, his employers. We now have a good time to fire him thank heavens!

    • Rosemary Castanza

      We are !

  • Shane

    Obama lied about his knowledge of the Libyan attack during the debate; or if it was not a lie, then the situation is worse.  If Obama was telling the truth, that he knew the Libyan attack was a terrorist attack, then why did his flunkies tell the American people that the attack was about a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Muhammad video for 2 weeks?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, everyone is overlooking a very important result of Obama’s use of a YouTube video as a scapegoat!  Please review the timeline of the additional MidEast riots that immediately followed Obama and Hillary’s announcements to the Arab World that the US does not condone such Video transgressions!  Not only is the Obama administration guilty of lying about the YouTube video riot as the cause of the murder of our Ambassador and the three other Americans, but they are guilty of providing fuel used to inflame and spread the other riots throughout the Middle East!  Additionally, they are most likely responsible for getting the Yemen Security Official killed as well!  They stirred up a hornets nest trying to protect their precious election platform!  They are traitors of the worst kind and should be impeached!

  • Leah

    Excellent job, Glenn!  Now PLEASE escape the hideous lie of Mormonism!

  • Guest

    Wow, for someone who lies as much as Glenn Beck lies, he is in no position to point his finger at anyone else.

    Remember a couple weeks ago when Beck claimed that he never edited tape of Obama? Three different bloggers caught Beck editing tape of Obama, taking his remarks out of context (trade with China) and made completely false claims about what the President was talking about. That’s just one example of many that could be offered of Beck’s many outrageous lies.

    Glenn Beck: America’s number one liar and hypocrite.

    • greywolfrs

       So, you post again, you are a coward. At least have the balls to use your User ID or just continue to be a coward.

  • Anonymous

    What about the ACORN lies and the video discovered of Obama in search warrant that has Obama praising ACORN and that he is all but connected to the hip.  Remember when he was pressed on this issue BEFORE the election, he claimed he was just provided some very minor services.  Video of both statements should be shown.  The contrast will be dramatic

  • Kevin Fodal

    Let’s not talk about the lies and gaffes made by the republicans, though.  This should be filed under BIAS ALERT over on

  • R McMillan

    Glenn, “This is why Romney is going to win”
    Wish I could believe that, only this seems to be an America where lying doesn’t seem to matter.

  • Michael Fischer

    “When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the father of it.” People who can lie like Obama are children of the Devil. I don’t believe that Obama is the anti-Christ like some do but I believe he is anti-Christ! Obama is possessed at times with devilish qualities. Who can come out like that on national TV, look the camera in the eye, and lie just like the Devil?  Only one of his dummies that he possesses from time to time as he sees fit. I’m sure the Devil wants to tie this wholel thing up, take over, run the world just as the Bible says he will and he is impatient to do so. If Christians don’t come out in force this time around and show their faith by their works in voting this evil devil out then they deserve exactly what they get and get it they will. Time is getting shorter every day and all will be fulfilled but the “when” is up to us.  

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s gestapo, EPA.  Glenn, the Navajo Tribe was just offered a sweat deal.  If Navajo Tribe will work with them on water rights, the EPA will back off a coal plant located on the Navajo Reservation.  Hmmm, coal friedly or blackmail which is it.  For Obama to claim to be coal freindly, just ask Navajo Nation how that logic holds up. 

  • Drewed

    As the words of the Apostle John stated in papraphrase for this occasion!, “If all the actions of the man “Obama” were written in books, there isn’t enough paper or libraries to hold all the lies that he has spoken!  As the day follows the sunrise, so does the antiChrist follow the Christ!

  • Michael Dwight

    The saddest part is that these lies are part of the official policy of the President of the United States.  Morally reprehensible, politically imprudent, and probably criminal….

  • Anonymous

    But he gives out “Free Phones” what more could a person want !!  / This man “Obama” should be doing Jail Time !

  • Anonymous

    It is past time to 1.  popose a tem limits amendment of a maximum of 8 years for the congress and federal judges.  2. line item veto amendment.

  • Anonymous

    If Obama, THE DECEIVER, gets in again as the President of the United States we won’t even recognize America in 4 years..It will be on the slippery slope of Greece, Spain, or Italy(.Austerity Programs) Enlarged and empowered government. As far as His Foreign Policy I expect Nuclear Weapons being used , maybe biological or chemical.. everything’s on the table..

  • Anonymous

    Abort BO and all his ilk.  Now that would be a good abortion for once.

  • Anonymous

    How come Beck doesn’t mention any of the many lies Romney has told during this campaign? Right: double standards (Beck’s forte).

    Romney lied about requesting information to get woman in his administration. Lots of people are covering this, but you don’t care. You don’t have to care. You’ll vote for a Klansman if that were the only option to Obama, a liberal.

    • Brett Hill

       Explain yourself!  The facts around this are exactly as Romney stated not as your socialist/communist loving network cronies are spinning.

    • Anonymous

       Name some of the lies Romney is supposed to have told..You CAN’T so that makes YOU the liar.

    • greywolfrs

      So, which coward are you, sticky chin or matt “the moron” driscoll? You want to see Romney’s “lies,” tune into PMSNBC or the Clown News Network. They will tell you all about them, even the ones that do not exist.

      Now, feel free to go be a coward some place else.

    • Huss Family

      I can’t believe it – it’s the “binder” crowd!!! Romney lied about wanting to get women in his administration!  Only, ask the nonpartisan women’s group who he went to and who gave him those binders full of women’s names, and then praised his adminstration for their hiring of women in key positions!  I can’t believe how desperate and infantile the Obama campaign is getting.

    • LT Tyler Durden

      Let’s just say he did lie about it(only to entertain it because its easier than getting in an argument with an idiot such as yourself) what’s the worst thing about it? That it is just a lie right, at least 4 Americans didn’t DIE because of it! 

  • Anonymous


  • Gani M. Bautista

    That I cannot fathom. We are at war with these terrorists and lying is unacceptable to me when our sovereign soil is being attacked and killed four people. The attacked was made on the American soil and now this? What is the truth on this incident? The president said that Al Qaeda is on the run? Really? You must be joking me. 

  • Claudia Adams

    how can we get Mr. Romney to bring all these lies to the surface?? There will be some people who will believe Obama regardless, but some will have their eyes and heart open to the truth to decide..

  • Anonymous

    All of our elected servants work for Us and when an elected servant lies to their employer, they must be fired.  Anytime we see a Commander In Chief strut arogantly on stage and then bold face lie to Us, he should be forced to stand down until his trial.  I trust obama about as far as I can throw him and be watchful for a contrived act of terrorism by him in order to stahl or even stop this comming election.

  • Anonymous

    When I first read 1984, back in 1984, I could not believe that people could be that stupid to believe the bold faced lies. Now I am living it. I still can’t believe people are that willing to be lied to. None the less, it is happening right before our eyes. Well it took a long time to dumb down the schools to graduate complete indoctrinated morons. It took a long time to infiltrate the media so they are now the puppet of the regime. From a human standpoint, it is too late. Only divine intervention can change things now. We are just where God wants us to be.

  • Anonymous

    Today was ironic in that it was trash day in my neighborhood.  I was the first person to arrive at the early polling place.  Several minutes later a big Harley parked beside my Ford Escape.  A gorgeous woman removed her helment and stood there for a moment looking at the rear bumper, then walked over to me.  Noticing my military theamed bumper stickers, she asked what branch I served in.  I resonded the US Navy.  Then she asked what I did in the military.  I responded that I was a Hospital Corpsman.  She asked when and where I had served.  I responded 1966 to 1970 mostly on board ships and in SE Asia with the USMC.  She asked what did USMC stand for.  I responded “the United Stated Marine Corps”.  Then she understood what I was talking about.  She thanked me for my service.  Several minutes later the doors opened and everybody entered.  I commented that it’s trash day for the voters and it’s “Time to take out the trash”.  Every body chuckled and got the point.  AMERICANS, IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH AND PUT MITT AND PAUL IN CHARGE NOT ONLY FOR AMERICAS SAKE BUT THE WORLDS SAKE.

  • Anonymous

    Obama also said he gave 18 tax cuts to the middle class.  Where are they? I haven’t seen one in the past four years.

  • Anonymous

    BO and his co-horts are the ones lying, and they are offended??? Dont you just love BO’s rationalisation? He lies and he is offended!

    If anyone should be offended, it is  WE THE PEOPLE!!! Not only am I offended by his spin and lies but I feel very insulted too. I heard and know what he said in the Rose Garden! It is like trying to fit a rectangle into a round hole!

    BO touted the Ledbetter Act. Any President can sign an Act with the stroke of a pen. It is what you do within your administration that is very telling. BO pays female employees 18% less than men!  This is exactly what Mr Glenn Beck warned us about… look at the other hand!!!

    Of course BO had to pander big time to women after Gov Romney said how he went out of his way to accomodate women within his admin, when he was Gov. Of course BO could not let Gov Romney get the better of him.. out comes free contraception.

    Contraception dont put food on the table, it does not get you a job nor does it help reduce this country’s debt!

  • Michael Thomas Opielowski

    There is not one single thing I have read that PROVES Obama has lied about anything…hahahaha. Republicans….just because you say someone is a liar doesn’t make it so.

    • Huss Family

      ahahahahahaha  Republicans …just because you have evidence doesn’t mean it’s a fact!  Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean you can prove it’s day!  Not if Obama says it’s night!  Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes???? What’s the matter with you people?????

      • Sam Fisher

        Liberals are cute when the try to stick up for their god. 

      • Anonymous


        • greywolfrs

           I believe they were being sarcastic…

    • Diane Gundy

       Is your brain functional?  Seeing the actual words spoken by someone and then also seeing the facts stated refuting them and you see nothing…yup, your a lib!

      • Chris Farrell

        Have you noticed that bizarre behavior? Liberal-socialists simply ignore facts when they contradict the narrative–the fantasy–they wish to believe. It’s madness. I think the word is solipsistic, but please check it out. “Delusional” will do. 
        Interestingly enough, in the ancient Greek, as I recall from prep. school close to 30 years ago, so again if I’m a little off my apology, the word “utopia” means ‘no place;’ and that is the fantasy objective of delusional liberal-socialists. 
        What was it Margaret Thatcher once said about ‘the only thing wrong with Socialism is that eventually they run out of other people’s money’ or words to that effect? They are out of their minds. I’m not sure if it’s a disease or a mental disorder, but I believe the blindness of liberal-socialists can be attributed to spiritual darkness which is why…This little Light of mine, I’m gonna let It shine! Good Day to you Diane Gundy. 

    • Sam Fisher

      Just because you worship Obama does not make him all seeing and all powerful. I counted 50 lies from Obama’s own mouth. He lied about oil and energy. It is a proven fact that he cut energy production by 48%. Another lie gas prices are not an indication of how well the economy is doing because if higher gas prices means better economy then that must mean the Clinton years must have been the dark ages with prices at 89 cents a gallon and these two are just one of many lies told in the debate. You gullible morons will believe anything he says because he has a d in front of his name. I guess the d stands for dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is a liar, it has been proven over and over. From Benghazi to the failed campaign promises to the demonstrably false claims against Romney (never paid taxes for 10 years, hates women although half his cabinet in Mass was composed of women, and so on ad nauseum)
      The Obama campaign’s accusations against Romney-Ryan flat-out calling them both “liars” goes something like this:
      Romney: “The Sky is Blue.”
      Obama:  “No!! No!! No!! The sky is black at night! you are a LIAR!”

      Or something along those lines.
      Take out the trash on November 6th.

    • greywolfrs

       Really? So, saying he would cut the deficit in half and doubling it isn’t a lie? So, saying that protests are the reason for the attack on an embassy was not a lie? So, saying he would pull out of those “foolish wars” and not doing it was not a lie? (And do not try that bullshit about Iraq, GWB signed the disposition of forces before leaving office, Obamao only followed it.) So, saying Obamao would save money, yet the CBO says it will cost is not a lie?

      Obviously you do not read anything credible, you are just another Obamao dick sucker. If any of what I just mentioned was a Republican, you would be all over it, like white on rice. Since it is Obamao, you are completely blind.

      By the way, I am no Republican, so do not try and run that bullshit.

      Oh, I get it now, you have all of one post. You are just some moron that thinks you know something. Here’s a thought, dunce, get your whole head in front of the shotgun.

      • Euna Rugg

        Euna R.
                You have said it well, and every word is the truth. Those liberals like Mike Thomas can’t take the truth. In fact they have listened to what Obama has said so long, until they haven’t a clue what the truth is.They are sure downgrading themselves by following his pattern. They should really be fighting mad, at what Obama has done to this country.They have to have ” blinders” on.  

    • Anonymous

      Facts are stubborn things.  Try not to get confused in the fog of spin and opinion.  The tapes and records are there.  Obama is a liar, Biden is a liar and his minions are out doing his lying for him.  And the MSM can’t recognize a fact for the life of them.  They conveniently just don’t report them.  Ostriches, all of them.

  • Anonymous

    Look Beck, we Must fix these problems, not just complain and fill Beck network time with them.  How about a solution or two?  Like why don’t you use your influence to instigate bringing together some retired journalists from both sides, along with some retired CEO’s (like Jack Welch) to form a sort of Ratings system for journalism.  Something that is reported weekly and brings shame and condemnation to the worst offenders, while high esteem to those who report according to (now lost) journalistic standards?

    • Anonymous

      Raincheck, my partner and I created more than 3 yrs ago with the solution, The link “About this Site” explains our goals, the design of the site, and how every voter could learn about the issues, send interactive ltrs about any/all of them to any/all of our political reps as well as the media.  But Glenn Beck and hundreds of other conservatives commentators ignored our pleas to become a Strategic Partner by providing capital needed to get the site online, promote it, and thus inundate our corrupt media and government until they could no longer ignore the voices and realize that “We the People” are their bosses, and could fire them at any time. Our messages would bankrupt the corrupt media, and we could arrest Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of their group for Treason by hiding his ineligibility. My partner dropped out, because his priority was to make a profit, but my priority was to save our Constitution and the USA.  I offered all profits made from advertising banners displayed on the tops of each article and letter to Glenn and the others for convservative causes, once we got online. However, they all ignored me, and the only responses I got was from comments on other blogs.  NOT ONE CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR got in touch with me.


  • Anonymous

    I so hope that Mitt is reading this and will read it to Mr President at the last debate.  I am sick of having the beggars on the corner being more trustworthy than MY president.

  • Marco Pirelli

    November 6,2012, the end of an error !

  • Anonymous

    The facts are out there but only in front of conservative audiences. How about your show going back on public access? How about somebody paying to distribute free copies of “2016 the Movie”….how about getting this information to the people who have never heard it? So frustrating.

  • greywolfrs

    There are several lies you guys missed. Even when being called out on them, Obamao and Biden continue to spout the same B S. I guess there are plenty of morons out there who believe them, look at sticky chin or matt “the moron” driscoll.

  • Anonymous

    Dogs bark, cats meow, Liberals lie………’s just their nature.

    • Chris Farrell

      I wish I had used that in the “book” I wrote above. If you’ll read it, you’ll see how badly I needed that line! Hah!

  • Anonymous

    I believe that Barack Obama, MJ has come up with a new course of study for some of our universities and colleges – – – Master of Jabberwocky.  He is unquestionably qualified.

  • Sam Fisher

    The Obama worshipers will never wake up to reality they still think he is the messiah. It is time to take the trash out.

  • Anonymous

    The most revolting , disgusting and totally morally bankrupt president!
    It is a shame to have someone like that in the White House & I wish I could spit in his arogant face.

    • Chris Farrell

      Such fire from a Canadian! You must be a hockey player! Aye? 

  • Anonymous

    If you wish to have a dog, preferably you’ll go for a purebred.  Maybe the problem is that he is a mutt!.

  • Bruce Hopkins

    If Obama will lie like that, what underhanded skullduggery will he use to win re-election??

  • Anonymous

    This is why Glen Beck is still the best at what he does. He doesnt hold back, he tells it like it is.

  • Barbara Swann

    Beckel got on his high horse and proclaims that it’s an outrage to call the President a liar. He should be outraged that the President IS a liar. Beckel, Williams, Comes (Obama’s lab dogs) make excuses, and justifies each and every failure of this loser Obama. They are pathetic. I refuse to even listen to them anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Succint! To the point, Glenn!

  • Chris Farrell

    Frauds Commit Fraud–It’s Just What They Do


    Across the
    pan-Islamic world celebratory shouts of “Alluah-Ahkbar!”
    will echo through the mountains when the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa
    fraudulently secures victory in the election and maintains his ongoing criminal
    usurpation of the presidency of the most powerful nation in human history.


    Obama’s ultimate
    goal is the advance of the world domination agenda of the murderous cult of
    Islam and the subjugation of all non-Muslims as dhimmis under Sharia law
    within a word-wide Islamic Caliphate.
    Obama is an enemy agent of Islam.


    I think that on
    Nov. 6th at approximately 9:53 p.m. or there-about Mitt Romney will declare
    victory in the presidential election, then at approximately 10:02 p.m. or
    there-about Obama will too declare himself the winner.


    Pandemonium will
    ensue on television, over the internet, the radio, and in the morning

    The main stream
    media will gather around their superhero and argue for his legitimate victory.
    Vicious efforts at intimidating those in the Electoral College will be
    unleashed from numerous liberal-socialist quarters.


    Blacks will hit
    the streets purportedly protesting the injustice heaped upon their superhero
    prompted on by the so-called “Reverend” Wright types, the
    ‘Farrahkans,’ and the ‘Sharptons.’ 

    Then ignorant cowards within the elite
    Republican establishment will fold under the threatening ‘black-lash’ for fear of the fraud-facilitating main stream media
    coloring them racist.


    The establishment
    Republicans have again and again demonstrated that they have no spine–no belly
    for fighting. Greedy cowards–almost all of them.


    Obama’s camp will
    steal the election because they can.


    Nobody has stood
    up when Obama ran rough-shod over the Constitution. Often times, such as with
    the NDAA, many Republicans have even been complicit in advancing Obama’s agenda
    to controvert the Constitution.


    Nobody has stood
    up when Obama presented ‘We the People’
    with proven forged documents in a cover-up of unparalleled magnitude. The
    cover-up of the single most sinister crime in American history: the criminal
    usurpation of the presidency.


    Nobody has stood
    up when Obama’s ineligibility was made blatantly obvious and the fact that he
    criminally usurped the office of the presidency had become an indisputable


    None of our
    elected representatives have stood up in defense of the voice of ‘We the People’ and the
    Constitution–even when the Republican party again and again across the country
    deprived its own members of their voice in government at State Caucuses and
    Primaries such as the infamous debacle in Shreveport and the teleprompter
    fiasco in Tampa. I see no reason to expect that anybody will stand up when
    Obama steals the election on November 6th.


    Liars lie and
    thieves steal, crack heads smoke their crack, scammers scam, and frauds like
    Obama commit fraud. Has not your own life’s experience with other human beings
    demonstrated this fact to you yet?


    The Bible teaches
    that ‘He who sins is a slave to sin.’  Individuals gravitate to the sin in which
    they are held in spiritual bondage. Obama’s slavery to committing acts of fraud
    has repeatedly manifested itself in his behavior as in such instances of fraud
    as the composite characters he purportedly composed in his
    “biography” and the fraudulent Social Security numbers he has
    asserted as legitimate and his own.


    Obama will steal
    the election and get away with it because he can. There is nobody who will
    stand up to stop him. Fraud is in his very nature. It’s just what he does.

  • Anonymous

    Right On !

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, friend, but no. The thing is that I had lived under communist rule for twenty years until my escape to Canada.

  • Ken Vandiver

    I learned while in Vietnam how much our Government lies to us but I never thought that I would see an Administration as dishonest as this one. The carter Administration was really bad for America but that was due to incompetence. The obama Administration is, in my opinion, trying to destroy OUR country. He has to be stopped, NOW!

  • Larry Richardson

    I think it is more difficult to find examples of Obama telling the truth than lying.

  • Anonymous

    Diane Livingston: when you get your PAP they are screening you for cervical cancer! what a bone head! Lillly Ledbetter does not have to address equal pay as it is already a law. Lilly Ledbetter keeps the rich suckers that won business from getting around the ones already in place. Romney’s death panel’s are just don’t get sick and die quick ’cause they don’t care!

  • Anonymous

    Liars lie and Obama and Biden are liars.

  • Anonymous

    Dogs bark, cats meow and Liberals lie………it’s just their nature.

  • Anonymous

    shout out to Diane Livingston Planned parenthood does an annual PAP that is a test for cervical cancer…
    Lilly ledbetter is a law to keep the rich overlords that own buisnesses from going around the equal pay laws that we already have. Becaused Studies show that they do break these laws.

    Romney also has death panels don’t get and if you do die quick!

    That especially goes if your the 47%

    • Anonymous

      wapitaimom…What do you call the IPAB in Obamacare….I am in unit 70 and because of my age, I will be the last in line for medical attention because of my longevity. Remember Obama telling at a televised rally about the young patient and the older patient who both needed a hip replacement?  Obama said because of longevity, the younger patient will get the hip replacement. The older patient will be told to go home and take pain mediciine.  This is the way the IPAB will cut the cost of medicare! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see that people now believe he is lying and not just mis speaking. I was so frustrated when no one would call it what it was a lie! I don’t think he knows how to tell the truth. A compulsive liar believes what he says is true and with the media helping him he is uncontrolable. I believe he would lie even if he didn’t have to…. it’s his nature. He will say anything you want to hear but will do just the opposite. He will do what he wants and say it wasn’t him … they made me do it. Everyone knows someone like this personable but very destructive. Don’t believe anything he says… it is not true.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a compulsive liar. There is so little time and so many lies.

  • Bill Richardson

    He has been lying his whole time in office! He has lied so much that he does not even know what the truth is anymore! Not only is he an IDIOTIC MORON BUT A LYING MORON AS well!

  • Ben Kane

    If everyone just took the time to fact check Obama they would find out he lies so much there is very little truth in almost anything he says! Its so sad because he lies even when he doesn’t need too! He a compulsive liar and he’s president of the United States…..

  • mike

    Forward, to use a slogan from future ex-president Barrack Hussain O’Bama!

  • Anonymous

    Those who lust for power set aside all morality.

  • Sally Washio

    Planned Parenthood does Pap smears/vaginal exams which will pick up certain types of cancer among other things so I wouldn’t argue that.  Most routine gyn visits also includes a breast exam by the practitioner.  They do not do mammograms.  One thing is for sure, they do a boat load of fund raising and don’t need Federal money!!

  • Dale Hogue

    This administration was selected by voters who didn’t take the time to find out what the changes  were going to be that they were suppose to hope for during and after the 2008 presidential election. This prevously unknown — to the general public — Democratic Party candidate fed persuadable American voters a line of bull a million miles long and a thousand miles wide as the unsophisticated nitwits among the crowds stared wide-eyed at this half-white street corner scam artist from Chicago and swallowed what he was selling hook, line
    and sinker!   Barack H. Obama continued to lie to them for three years and 10 months as he showered them with teleprompter speeches written in Orwellian double speak. Only now are some of them beginning to realize they’ve been screwed by the oldest game in the book. What many of them choose to do about it on November 6th may alter the political course of this country for many years to come.         

  • Anonymous

    What is the old saying? You go to hell for lying the same as you will for stealing! Perhaps Obama is of the other religion, the one that allows lying for a good cause.

  • Anonymous

    I said it once and will  continue to say it. If Obama’s lips are moving he’s lying.

  • Anonymous

    “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”
                          ~ Vladmir Lenin ~

    “It is not truth that matters, but victory”
                 ~ Adolf Hitler ~

    “The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion”
                              ~ Karl Marx ~

    “By the skillful & sustained use of propaganda, one can make people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise”
                           ~ Adolf Hitler ~

    Maybe in obama’s narcissistic sociopath mind he is not lying, he is simply following in the footsteps of those he admires……

    In November this will be the ONLY quote that will matter…..
    “Today we did what we had to do.  They counted on America to be passive, they counted wrong”                    ~ Ronald Reagan ~

  • Anonymous


    As a Canadian I have been following your presidential campaign very closely because what happens on November 6 matters to us, Canadians, as your direct neighbours, and to myself personally.  While doing so, one thing has been impressing me the most.

    When I see Obama, I don’t see his skin color as I could not care less (does this make me a racist?) but the expression in his eyes and tone of chosen words when he talks about the opposition. And I see and hear exactly the same, limitless, pathologically fanatical hatred, driven by  ideology, what I saw before from the communist leaders and torturers in my country of origin, where defenceless population (no right to bear arms) had been subjected to severe persecution and terrible horrors for decades.  Never mind Obama’s oratory skills which bring mesmerised masses to euforia, I saw this before.  The name of Obama’s gang is to destroy, eliminate ALL opposition.

    My country of origin became one police-state, the key opposition figures were quickly arrested, tortured, many  executed, and many more in monster-processes sentenced to long years in hard-labour concentration camps. Opposition media were eliminated and if one wanted to know the truth he had to  clandestinely listen to either the Radio Free Europe, British BBC or Voice of America radio broadcasts. Country borders where sealed with double and tripple fences, complete with high voltage current and shooting towers, not against illegal immigrants but to prevent own citizens from escaping that hell.

    The term “Spreading the Wealth” IS just a substitute for “Class Warfare”, under which ALL private enterprise was nationalised (stolen), including small businesses (there went the middle class). With the slogan “Who Is Not With Us Is Against” millions were persecuted, lost their professional jobs ( I worked once as a window cleaner with two medical doctors and one lawyer who used to be on the international Olympic swimming committee), children were denied to study at High School (University studies – LOL! ! ),  hundreds of thousands were sentenced to long years in concentration camps, thousands murdered either during interrogation sessions or later by camp guards.  ALL IN THE NAME OF CLASS WARFARE!  I was there, I lived it . . .

    And so now, everytime I see and hear Obama, I can instantly envision him on the same speaking platforms, side by side with those communist leaders and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that should Obama get absolute power he would take his country on the same path, as he is blindly driven by the same idelogy.

    My American friends, you are lucky that you still have your right to bear arms, but for how long?
    Obama has already shown his disregard for the Constitution and existing laws, using tricks like Executive Orders and you just might lose that right overnight, all guns confiscated.  Obama’s talent as a “community organizer” may lead to forming of armed Workers Militia, as happened in my country of origin.

    But if you are convinced that it cannot happen to YOU, think for a moment of a person who decides to go through a dark alley at night, totally convinced that nobody will whack him because it did not happen before.

    In the old days we used to live also in democracy, but unfortunately, we lost it to horrible “Dictatorship Of Working Class” overnight, in an election when masses of useful idiots voted the regime in with euforia and cheerfulness, as you did four years ago with Obama – The Messiah.
    Not having direct, first-hand experience, unwittingly you set your country to begin on the same path already.

    Being politically correct is the currency of today and so, nobody calls a spade a spade, and while Obama and his cronies hurl slanderous, insulting labels on their opponents, nobody has the guts to call him and his cohorts who they really are.  Are the government overspending policies, Obamacare pushed down the throats of protesting population, policies killing national energy self-reliance which threatens national security, failed foreign policy, refusing to deal in Senate with job-creating proposals passed by the House, having blood of the US Ambasador and three others in Libya on their hands, etc,, PATRIOTIC?  NO !  But nobody as yet called them rightfully as UNPATRIOTIC.  Oh, yeah, I do understand that to do so would be one of the heaviest charges – but they earned it, multifold.

    Do not make mistake about it – regardless if you are an Independent, Democrat or Republican,
    beware of Obama and his extremist cronies, as I clearly see a fanatically dedicated communist, a traitor to your country and to yourselves individually.

    Trust me, I was already there . . .

    • Wake up Americans

       Thank you for expressing what many of us know and want to say to everyone who may listen. Obama has his czars in place for the day he disbands Congress. He has ammunition in field offices (Homeland Security??? and more) all over the USA. He has geared up the military to be ready to “restore order”  if some do not like his takeover. See the movie DREAMS OF MY REAL FATHER. See a strailer of it on

    • greywolfrs

      I can sympathize with what you are saying, but they will never take our guns. The Second Amendment is our right. And if they want my or my neighbors guns, they can have them, bullets first.

    • Anthon P

      His mentor was Frank Davis (In his book Dreams of my Father) It is not mentioned in the book but he was a communist.

  • Wake up Americans

    The planned parenthood fiasco  is designed to  shore up the black votes making taxpayers pay for abortions. Blacks make up about 40 percent of the abortions while about 17 percent of our population are black.. (Google: abortions by race). Find the facts for yourself. Black men do not use condoms, mostly, and many of the sexually permissive women do not take birth control. Abortion is the accepted method of birth control, One of the black “ladies of the VIEW” commented rather calmly that she had abortions herself– as if it was no big deal.
    This is a monumental part of the black culture. No racism here– facts are facts.
    Every decision obama has made since before the inauguration is made for the political use, not for the good of the country.

    • Rosemary Castanza

      Abortion method of birth control? not good not good at all

  • mike
  • Jodi Morrison

    Face the facts, no one believes this man. Only the ‘independents’ are not sure and that’s only most of them chose NOT to know either way. Not just from him but every politician and for two basic reasons. 1) They’re too ‘busy’ with their lives to be bothered by politics. I know & you know it’s a fools prerogative but that’s the way it is. The other reason, others buy into the well planned out strategy on the left who rely on human nature(other than greed). They know they (the left) have far more corrupt and heinous criminals running their party so they capture a few bad people on the right for what seems inconsequential in comparison, have their media co-conspirators play up the charges, repeat them for twenty years now making it seem that the right is always doing something wrong, then they dumb down the public with that catchy phrase, “They all do it”. Sadly, it seems to work. Mostly because they persist until a republican resigns. But republicans, they drop the ball and drop the issue. The democrat tax evaders, pedophiles, justice obstructionists, bribe takers, rapists, even those who hire ‘hit men’ to keep whistle blowers in line not only stay in office, but run for re-election. So who’s really to blame? I’d say republicans for not keeping a clean house and letting the citizens live in political squalor.

  • Xray 0-1 Actual

    Practically everything that comes out of the President’s mouth is a lie. And liberals will take that lie, and try to tout it as the truth. In response, we argue and challenge; those lies CANNOT be treated as the truth, or the real story will be forever lost.

    While it can get irritating and tiring to argue with liberals, we can’t stop.
    To us, arguing with liberals is like arguing with brainless zombies; but to those spinning from all the hype and mudslinging, and to those who are new to the political field it’s thoughts and ideas going head-to-head. What comes out of people’s mouths will influence others not even participating in the debate. It may take a while, but the light WILL shine through.

    We don’t fight to defeat the liberals; we fight to bring the truth to others, and to keep the lies from becoming history.

    The president is nothing more than a liar playing dirty. 
    I respect the office of the Presidency. I DON’T respect the man currently in that office.

  • Anonymous

    Now they are saying it was well known in Libya that the ambassador was a gay man.  If true, then what a provocation and insult to the Muslims.  Political Correctness to the extreme.

  • Anonymous

    I have an idea for picking moderators; select them the same way jury’s are picked. People can volunteer to moderate. Then both sides get to vote yes or not acceptable. Both sides should have a say.

  • Laura

    Dear God,
    Please expose these lies and wake up the people!

  • Robert Kolakoski

    If you want to madden a Republican lie to him, but if you want to madden a Democrat tell him the truth! 

  • mspatdev

    Planned Parenthood, we pay in taxes. Obammycare, you get to have it in insurance. It is for private abortions and it targets Blacks and Hispanics and it is free.  I thought that if you get contraceptives, you don’t get planned parenthood as it takes care of “PP”. All it is for is to hide extra tax money.  I can’t even stand “o”. I go into a different room whenever he speaks. He opens his mouth to yawn and out comes a lot of lies. The last debate, it was all lies and dishonest. Obammy is lazy and detached in telling the truth. Lying dishonest, he lied to the U.N., foreign policy is not good. He thinks he is stuff shit. He is always strutting and waving. We need to get better then “O & B”.      God Bless America

  • Anonymous

    Obama has a snowballs chance in hell of winning without telling lies.

  • Anonymous

    It’s high time we listened to that one and only infallible book ordained and revealed for Planet Earth’s instruction. Whether we choose to believe it or not, every mortal shall one stand before GOD in that great and final assize and give full account of all his motives, actions, and words.
    (Revelation 21:8) “But the fearful (cowardly), and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers (sexually immoral as determined by GOD only), and sorcerers, and idolaters, AND ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” We as a nation have spit in GOD’S face, and will surely answer! GOD is REAL; HIS WORD is TRUE, and HE will hold all to its standard!  Seems that politicians might be the chief “occupiers.”  PUCKETT

  • Marc Jeric

    I know lies when I hear them or read them – after all I am a former refugee from a communist hell, I was raised on them

  • Anonymous

    Tonight I saw the movie Argo. The terror  those poor Americans must have felt when the Embassy was stormed is too much for words. But while watching this movie I thought about our 4 Americans who were slaughtered in Libya and it actually brought me to tears. What they went through when all the while our President, State Dept., or whomever, would not send them extra security. Someone has go to answer and pay for this. The Liar in Chief is sickening. 

  • Anonymous

    He has told so many lies that they are starting to circle back around to bite him in the
    rear end.  The trouble with telling lies, and telling lies to cover up lies, if that after awhile
    you forget what you said in the first place and then you end up in a whole ball of wax, soaked
    and dripping with lies, and that’s where this President and his Vice President are headed for.
    The other day his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton comes out and falls on her sword for him,
    and now they are throwing Clapper under the bus on his sword, next it will be Rice, and then who?  Beware what you do to the Intelligence Agency Mr. President they might not take too kindly to being thrown under the bus….. MaryS

  • Leah Brooks

    I can not stand to hear him speak any more.  If he comes on I turn the channel till he is off.  Anyone with eyes and ears and searches the news and has listened to what has been said  knows the lies.  Why didn’t they try to help those poor souls who were murdered.  They stood and watched them die for an hour, the only video that really was available.  But then anyone who will support partial birth abortion and leaving live babies born left to die alone on a cold table given no medical help. even to be warmed. That is an outrage, the killing of innocents.

  • Anonymous

    The Liberals KNOW Obama is lying.  They are smarter than a 5th grader.  They are choosing to follow evil.  What goes around, comes around and will bite them on the ass.  I for one, am buying lots of stock of Preparation H, its going to skyrocket. 


    The first time they knew it’s terrorist attack was 14 days after 4 Americans were killed. The news reveals that prior to the US Embasy attack, BHO already was warned about the danger but did not provide the security it needs, so why would the American people believe his two weeks ever changing stories is not a lie? Why would we kept hearing the word “coverup”? I think there’s only one simple answer to say that it’s not, that is: If he, as President, had done what he’s supposed to do?


    Did you read what Alec Baldwin comment  was, that “If Obama was white he would be up by 17 points in the poll”, I wonder if he agrees with me that if Obama was white, he would be down more than 17 points in Detroit alone!

  • Sandy Caruso

    Which lie does Obama want us to believe?


    He is truly the guy we’ve known 4 years long: Obama bin lying!

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line is we need a leader.  If a President cannot get both sides to work together he is not a leader. Even in the debate he referred to Republicans with disdain.  You can’t do that if you want to work with them.  He obviously doesn’t want to work with them.  My way or the highway does not work in Washington.

    • Gary A. Anderson

      WELL SAID!

  • Gary A. Anderson

    It seems Obama’s rhetoric should not be trusted. May I go a step further and suggest, it seems, few, political, Democrats can be trusted. Is it not unprecedented that Obama, Biden, Cutter and others in this administration are daily involved in deception, deceit and distortion?  Has not our intelligence been insulted? Moreover, for political expediency, Obama attacks Romney for lacking specifics, substance and solutions. In short, is it not Obama who lacks specifics, substance and solutions?

  • Anonymous

    The main problem with Obama in these debates is that his actions are speaking so loudly that you can’t hear what he’s saying.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    I believe we the people need to have Media War Crimes Court starting with MSNBC ABC NBC CBS CNN and the Washington Post.

    The proceeding will start Dec. 1 ST. 2012, just after the landslide, and not to finish until at least 10 heads roll. That includes the script writers et al Boss’s.

    I get to prosecute Chris Mathews & a named later person… Mathews has committed crimes of lies and deceptions of trust against my elderly Parents.

    • Gary A. Anderson


    • greywolfrs

      Sorry, but I think you will have to fight some people for the right to prosecute Chrissy.

      I personally would like Bill Maher.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    The frog’s keep giving the (first black African) President a ride
    knowing they too will lose their job’s once gone or will they. This is a part of
    history where our generation (over 50 to all most 60 now) flat out made a
    President-Big Government stop a major war. We changed how teachers treated us
    and a whole lot more. Once we landslide Obama… We need to deal with the Media
    on a long term bases. We need to deal with the federal School system, and what
    they teach our kids-some of you having grand kids

  • mcmlxxiixxv

    Glenn, I know I will probably be ridiculed for this but, I honestly think he is a plant. The only reason Biden is there because he needed a seasoned white man to be on his ticket to legitimize his campaign. I mean come on, there are just too many lies and ‘coincidences’. Add it all up. I know you agree with me.

    • mcmlxxiixxv

      Oh and another thing, I would be willing to bet that if he were to win election, Obama would try to raise or eliminate the presidential term limit.

      • Anonymous

        You are right on.
        Then someone elst will take his Rein, if he doesn’t try to become real Royalty..
        The Democrats will eventually get rid of The Republicans and there you have Total Government Control.
        I went to see (Atlas Shrugged II) last Tuesday, it was everything we are saying about Government Control.
        A bit heady and slow at the beginning of the movie, but the end although dramatized, really made you think about Obama. Go see it. 
        The Book that the movie was based on, was written in 1959, and you would think that The Author had a crystal ball, to see the future.

        • mcmlxxiixxv

          Thank you jeananne, I will be sure to see both.

      • Tzila

        Oh yes! Putin style.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been saying that all along. I believe that he was born and nurtured to become President of The U.S.A.  (A Plan)
      There are too many things around his past.
      His Mom met his father, got pregnant, his father was married to someone else at the same time.
      His father went back to Kenya, leaving his mother to raise him.
      His mother re-married, they all went to live in Indonesia when he was 6, he lived there till he was 10, then went back to Hawaii for his grandparents to raise him.
      His Grandparents had their friend (FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS) A known communist; by the FBI. mentor him.
      Davis took him under his wing from 10 years old to 18, when he left Hawaii and went to Occidental College, (A Socialist leaning College)
      Then To Columbia and then to Harvard.
      Why did he end up in Chicago and who Financed his travels and Colleges???………
      There are too many unanswered questions for him to be President.
      Then there are the apologies to The Muslim World.
      Meeting with Russia and The Open Mic Issue.
      Shutting down our oil wells, but giving permits to Countries in South America???…..
      Buy it, Watch it, Over and Over. It’s his story in his own words.

    • greywolfrs

      Biden is the dumbest person on the planet, there are only two reasons he is VP.

      1. He is the only person on the planet that could make Obamao look smart.
      2. No one will assasinate Obamao knowing that dolt would become president.

  • Tzila

    I do so very much pray that BHO won’t get another 4 years to totally destroy the U.S. But in my heart I feel that as poll numbers start falling like they are starting to he will be desperate and try to show his “worthiness” by “staging” an attack on Iran:

  • Anonymous

    Obama told a big whopper at the end of the last debate:

    “I believe in self-reliance and individual initiative and risk-takers being rewarded. But I also believe that everybody should have a fair shot and everybody should do their fair share and everybody should play by the same rules…”

    Does Obama really believe in “risk-takers being rewarded”? Only if you think higher taxes are a reward. Risk-takers are people like Mitt Romney who risk their money to create new businesses and invest in the businesses of others. There is no guarantee such investments will make money or even return your original money back. That’s why high taxes will kill job growth, because few will risk their money to create jobs if the risks become greater and the rewards become smaller.  

    When has Obama wanted “everybody to play by the same rules”? He wants to tax some at a higher rate than others. He gives waivers from Obamacare to some but not to others. He gives subsidies to green energy companies and car companies he likes but makes other companies compete without government subsidies. He favors union over non-union workers. He demands special treatment for special interest groups, etc. When has he ever insisted on a level playing field for everyone?

    • Gary A. Anderson


  • Jamie Walsh

    39days 4 patriot families grief- striken, but information-less of the who, what, how, when, where and why that all was recorded in real-time drone “captured” TRUTH instant-fed to the situation rooms NOW HIDDEN ON HARD DRIVES, and AT THE HELMS OF THESE AGENCIES AND THEIR UNDERLINGS THE SHOCKING REALITY THAT TWISTED IDEOLOGIES BREATHE CONTEMPTABLE LIFE INTO A CAMPAIGN SPIN STORY WHILE HUMAN LIVES WERE LEFT TO HOURS OF A MASSACRE.AND THE DISPICABLE LYING WODS TO THE AMERICAN FAMILIES..”WE’LL GET BACK TO YOU”…Russian Commissars and pravda  ‘reign
    all throughout this administration and media.TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY ??

  • Jack

    A start for obumma bin booby and booby bin biden would be a 10 year sentence to Liars Annonymous, along with their supporting cast of media and political fawning sycophants.

  • TerryH

    Here comes another lie. I predict within the next couple of days some guy will be killed in Lybia, identified as the person responsible for the death of our ambassador. He will then explain that he had to intentionally mislead the public on what happened so as not to hinder the execution of this man. What a great leader this man is.

  • Anonymous

    How does that song go     lies   lies  lies  sweet little lies    ought to be the theme song for the Obama  admin

  • Israel Oren

    All his lies can be understood if people also understood the basic concept in Islam of Taqqaya, to lie to the infidel.  And if you don’t believe he is Muslim, you are all very very mistaken.

  • Jill Pearson

    Typical strategy.. just keep repeating lies loudly and frequently. The stupid people will hear and believe, because they lack the thought process to question. Unfortunately the education system has produced may stupid people…… 

    • Gary A. Anderson

      Thank you for your comment. However, I believe it best to suggest, for civility purposes, that our educational system graduates far to many misinformed people.

  • Jill Pearson

    Typical strategy..  Reapeat your lies loud and long, that way stupid people will hear and believe, because they lack the thought process to question what they are being told. Unfortunately our education system has perfected the art of turning out stupid people…

  • Nancy Kennefick

    And the lies go on, and on and on.  I predicted this “obamanation” 4 years ago.  Time to get things on the right track.  I too, use my mute button whenever BHO is speaking. 

  • Anonymous

    Are you saying that the “almighty one”, barry hussein nobama is a liar? “The one” that can walk on water? “The one” that can part the oceans?

  • Anonymous

    A lie becomes the truth when people start to believe it.

  • Kristy Manes

    I could hear this as he went along…it was simply outrageous. If it weren’t so infuriatingly blatant, it would be funny how the L. are calling ROMNEY the liar – Bah!
    It was SO hard for me to sit and watch him open his mouth and spew garbage, not because of his “win” in his inflated ego, but because he was SO ugly, irreverent to the forum, and incredibly rude – just an old, rude curmudgeon. And, I kept thinking of all the uneducated voters, watching this as their only info, buying this blather. He will SO get his, one way or another…one simply cannot function this way and not have a little Karma action to answer to.

  • Rachel

    Always check the facts.  Have we had enough of the outrageous lies from the Obama Administration?  And I don’t want to hear that Bush lied too!  He did and he is no longer president.  When is this administration going to take responsibility for ITS mistakes and shortcomings? The answer; never!  Obama needs to go.  I truly hoped that he would bring a new landscape to politics and I hoped he would succeed in being one of the best presidents our country has see in decades but that did not happen, we are back further than we have ever been

    • Anonymous


      Unless you don’t know the meaning of “Fundamentally,” I don’t know why you put trust in this shyster. Why would anyone want to ‘FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM” the greatest country in history? That statement came through – unfiltered by the media – loud and clear during his ’08 campaign. He has certainly given it his best shot.

    • greyfox

       Just what did Bush lie about? WMD’s? Check it out: every intelligence agency in the world told him they had WMD’s, Congress and the Senate approved invading Iraq, so tell me where and when and what did Bush lie about? You have been hoodwinked by the liberal spin and propaganda machine and slogans “Bush lied people died” Think for yourself research these things and let the chips fall where they may.

      • Anonymous

        Bush’s administration lied about catching all of the terrorist involved in the World Trade Center attack. If you google’ United flight 23 9/11′ you will find that there was another flight that had terrorist on board. Most of the information is accurate. But the important issue is that, there was another flight and it was definetly covered up. The news ran a piece on it for 10 minutes and then it was pulled from the news. I was part of the flight crew. We got a call, at our hotel, from United demanding to know who contacted the news media. Flight 23 is mentioned in the 9/11 report. This left me wondering what else they didn’t tell us. Bush and his administration used 9/11 to  broaden the reach of government. They did this through the Patriot Act and the Homeland  Security Act. Obama said the War on Terror is over, yet he never recinded or decreased airport security checks. Here is another piece of insider information, the knives used on the airplanes never came through airport screening.  Employees working in the kitchens used the knives to open the boxes of canned food that meals were made from. It is suspected that some of the employees were part of the plot. They took the knives from the kitchens and planted them onboard the airplanes. That is the truth about why there are no more airline catering kitchens. The night of 9/11, United found 11 other box cutter knives hidden in the lavs and tapped under seats. The day after 9/11 many of United employees disappeared. We were required to go through a FBI screening and some knew what that would mean and they simply disappeared. All of this has been kept out of the news.

      • Gary A. Anderson

        Clearly, this administration has embarrassed itself time after time. Some might suggest Obama is a politicizing machine with a politicizing agenda. Others may state Obama is a suave, but cunning politician. Still others believed him to be a suave, but stealth president.  In short, I offer a clear-headed thought that Obama knowingly engages in self-righteous rhetoric designed to hoodwink the public.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn–you nailed it!
    Why Congress has not moved to impeach this guy is beyoud me!  And why Holder isn’t in jail!
    Obama has used Executive Privilge over 900 times (942 really) to put laws on the books without the approval of Congress….what do you think that is all about? Total control folks!!
    You think ‘fast and furious’ was a nightmare—what about providing arms to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and they turn up being used to kill our people in Benghazi!!
    And now the latest bit of news—Obama makes a deal with Iran to stop making nukes until after he’s elected!! G–do ya think Iran may have sent a little ‘gift’ for his office??
    Oh, it’ll get worst with this guy!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck is a professional liar. I know that his followers cannot wrap their heads around that fact, so just a couple of examples. Three weeks ago Beck published a rant about how MSNBC was treating Romney. Beck falsely claimed that he never edited video of Obama. Blatant lie. Three different bloggers caught Beck editing video from a G-20 press conference and then addressing Obama’s statement completely out of context (trade with China) to make a false claim about Obama’s words.

    Another lie is when Beck claimed that the mission to get bin Laden went against everything Obama has ever supported. LIE! Obama ran on getting bin Laden, even if that meant violating Pakistani sovereignty.

    Two lies from Beck is enough to make my point, but Beck lies as a matter of routine. The point is that a liar cannot point his finger at anyone for lying. That’s called HYPOCRISY. 

    Glenn Beck: liar, hypocrite and deceitful propagandist.  That’s some hero you folks have.

    • Anonymous

        Gadamer_Too, or guest or troll,  Even if Glen had a reason to edit a video, it does not change the fact that Obama, who promised the most transparent administration ever, lies through his teeth or when ever his mouth is moving.  He is caught red handed in this last lie about Benghazi and I hope a bright light begins to show people what kind of deception this administration is pulling off.  People died and Obama lied.   Now go back and suck on the cool-aid that Ed Schultz or Lawrence O’Donnel will pour out for you.  I think Rachel Maddow and  Rev. Dullard are mixing up a new batch…That is some loser of a president you have there.

    • greyfox

       You should allow us to use the same tactics used by you, after all you are always talking about fair and balanced. Sounds to me if your side lies it’s OK but don’t let the other side lie or we’ll call them out on it. Democrats (not all) are despicable.

    • Gary A. Anderson

      Are you suggesting Obama, Biden, Matthews, Schultz, Maddow and other MSNBC hacks to not attempt to frame the debate by propagandizing the truth?

      • Anonymous

        Gary, do you have the edited video? I can’t seem to find anything like that on YouTube for some reason. Who are the bloggers and where can I find their blogs? So far as your claim that he edited video about Obama and China, I believe that you’re probably thinking of OBAMA editing about 2.5 seconds of a completely unrelated Mitt Romney speech, then claiming that it is Romney’s words proving that he is soft on China. That’s one of Obama’s campaign videos that has been playing since August. So when you’re flinging those accusations around, maybe you could do a little research…except for one thing…liberals don’t have any facts on their side. In fact, it’s WAY easier to take the lies of the “Obama God” and attribute them to those they hate. Guess it’s just easier to make it all up. I await your proof. Anyone want to bet that he can’t come up with any?

  • Anonymous

    Gadamer_Too, or guest or troll, Even if Glen had a reason to edit a video, it does not change the fact that Obama, who promised the most transparent administration ever, lies through his teeth or when ever his mouth is moving. He is caught red handed in this last lie about Benghazi and I hope a bright light begins to show people what kind of deception this administration is pulling off. People died and Obama lied. Now go back and suck on the cool-aid that Ed Schultz or Lawrence O’Donnel will pour out for you. I think Rachel Maddow and Rev. Dullard are mixing up a new batch…That is some loser of a president you have there.

  • Yoikes

    The sad fact is that if Obozo said it, it was a lie.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, this was an outstanding presentation of the facts.  You have capture the essence of our dismay with this president, formerly our president.  As leader of the free world, Obama has violated the sacred trust of not only the world but more poignantly and specifically of those who have entrusted him with that power, we Americans.  As America’s president,  how can anyone foreigner trust him (or by projection any American), when he’s willing to violate our trust here at home?  How arogant must you be to do that?  How arogant must you be to have been gifted with great articulation, and then use that gift to streak to the top leadership postin the world, and then show such great contempt for those that got you there by discarding,  violating and trampling on their/our trust by doubling down on proiven lies?  Totally disgusting!   Totally disheartening!  Come November, I’ll be voting for the truth and you can bet that it won’t be for a lier!

  • greyfox

    Obama lies? Say it isn’t so, I’m shattered, my hero lies. Being a good democrat I stand behind my President in every lie he utters, he is so charismatic and such a celebrity I don’t care if he lies, look at that wide convincing smile, Chicago would be proud. What’s that you say? watch out for the knife in his other hand? Not to worry that’s only for Republicans. 

  • rl

    Sure does not sound like he is the smartest president ever according to the liberals. If he is so smart he would not have made up these lies so this goes to his character. He is a liar. This is his way of life. He can’t be a born again Christian-They don’t continue their sinful ways but turn from them and live God’s ways through Christ Jesus his son who set us an example how to live life while He was on this earth.

  • Fior Gael

    My wife asked me why Diane Sawyer, et al. are not exposing these lies. A corporate initiative , perhaps? Vested interests in the Big Media wanting to protect their seditious programs? The most telling is the “just happened to be..”  litany of people in Barack Obama’s life. None of whom I would want to influence my president. NONE OF THEM.  Now I know why I hated the movement of the Students for Liberal Action…it was treasonous!  Overthrow of the government by the proletariat. Where have I heard that before?…oh, wait, in Russia in 1917. They did a nice job with the country, don’t you think? As one of my Russian friends told me, “It took them 77 years to completely destroy the country.” She speaks from experience, having survived the siege of Leningrad in 1943-1944.
    How can we wake up the populace to the necessity of doing their part in our society and protect the liberties guaranteed by the constitution?

  • Anonymous

    What can one expect Chairman “O” term in office has been one BIG LIE from the beginning!
    I he tried to tell a truthful fact he would choke on it!  of the two men one moral and one amoral,
    how hard is it to decide who to vote for?  

    Chairman “O”……. has promoted the following: birth control so men and women may have sex out of wedlock with a greater chance of no pregnancy….. My Bible calls that a SIN.
    Refuses to use the Defense of Marriage act and promotes homosexual behavior ….
    My Bible says this behavior is an Abomination in the eyes of God!
    I could list many more but these are things this amoral man promotes……..
    IF YOU Promote sin and abomination you can NOT be the leader of our country! 
    If you are a Christian the choice is clear………Color does not matter content of character does!

  • John Buerman

    Well Done Thank You Glenn.  I’m still paying the price of going to two tea parties and would do it all over again.  Their spin and lies got me 24 months in federal prison because I was helping people and saving them Hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively. look up Judge Mary Mona Lisi March 2 2011 for more of “their” side

  • David Fountain

    I agree with everything Glen says about the Lies Obama tells and recommend the reading of “COINCIDENCE?” by Don Fredrick, October 1, 2012

  • Carl Johnson

    I am so happy oblamer won the election in ’08, that now all of the rats are out in the open, maybe now the average American will wake up and realize we are in a fight for the soul of our Country.
    Had the progressive McCain won, we would have been led down the same path only slower.

  • Anonymous

    Why was a Predator drone flying over the Benghazi consulate at the time of the murders; was it coincidentally there or did someone get tipped off that there was an incident going down? 

  • Anonymous

    I am sickened by the ease with which this president and his cronies lie. Just look at Obama’s body language. Whenever he lies, he feels no guilt, so how is he compensating for what his body language should be betraying is an abject lie? He juts his chin almost straight into the air and he virtually oozes contempt tempered only by arrogance. I have studied him for 4 years now and this is his “tell”, his dead giveaway that he is lying.

    He lies with more ease and facility than anyone I have ever seen. How can someone do this? Because liberalism breeds an overweening sense of being right, therefore, it simply does not matter if you lie, so long as you accomplish what you set out to do.

    Unfortunately, even American liberals had no idea what this guy’s plan is. Most of the rest of the world has figured out that Obama hates the United States, and even more importantly, he is contemptuous of the PEOPLE of the United States.

  • Anonymous

    I think Obama has found out the job is much much much harder than he thought and he wants out but can’t admit it so he is working on looooooosing the job and then he can blame someone else.

  • Anonymous

    You are so right it is an unhappy, discouraging thing to have to say your President is a liar. Just thought you should know that this Democrat is listening. I will NOT vote for the man who has lied and beat our country to the ground. I am so ashamed that I voted for him last time. I will not make that mistake again. I want God back in our country in ALL ways.

  • Ciro Cárdenas

    I’ve wondered why coming up with the video protest story to “explain” the killing of Americans, and the scenes where Obama bowed before Islamic dignitaries come to my mind. Also when he claimed respect for that inoffensive and culture rich faith, or when denied support to  Israel  for ominous threats from Iran, Syria and Yemen, or when we look back on his father’s islamic record of anti colonialism against the US.

  • Barb Baker

    In the presidential debate, the president made the statement about the Benghazi – ‘I was there to meet the plane carrying the coffins the next morning. (That was after his rally in Las Vegas) Has anyone checked the truth of this. From my knowledge it took a few days to get the bodies home. 

  • Dave
    This woman has 5 more reasons to vote for Romney/Ryan.  I hope America wakes up a little more so the election is a landslide.  I’m not voting for Romney, I am voting to get Obama out of the White House!!!

  • Rhonda

    I add my thanks for your service, my first husband was Air Force, my second retired from the Air National Guard & is now a customs officer, so I know what it means to have you serve in our military.

  • Rhonda

    How about one of the first lies “if I don’t turn the economy around in 4 years I’ll be a one term president”.  What do you call that?  He’s running for a second term isn’t he?  Oh that’s right, that WILL be the truth when he loses.  How about Obamacare “there will be no taxes”, yet there will be 42 new taxes involved when it’s fully implemented, what do you call that?  I could go on, but the windo I’m typing is won’t scroll down, so I can’t see what I’m typing right now & I like to proof read befor posting.

  • John Plementosh

    Why hasn’t anybody questioned Hilary Clinton’s remark when she said, ” In the fog of war.”
    This was her explanation for the misimformation. What????

    I am offended at this! All the wars through all of time, fought with major campaigns, in multiple countries and massive imformation exchange. She has virtiually one building and four people? She is in the fog of war? If I was a current General of any military branch I would be livid at this. This is her confession of incompetence. An excuse is, “Mom is making soup.” Doesn’t make sense or apply to naything but works just the same. Hers was a confession! This needs addressed probably in a more intelligent way then I have said, this is lame.

    John Plementosh

  • Mark

    Obama is a man that talks out of both sides of his mouth on almost every issue.  Depending on who he was talking in front of he often made claims 180 degrees different from what he had said before on that subject.  This was most noticeable when he talked to black and then white audiences.  He even changed his accent and rhythm.  Deniability is everything when you are someone hiding something, but some of us know who he really is.  He hates rich white people but wants to be rich and loves hanging out with celebrities.  I think he is more Muslim than Christian and cannot bring himself to say Islamic extremists.  What he really is is a dangerous anti-American socialist and the worst president we have ever had!!!

  • steve

    Come on you can tell when Obama is lying his lips r moving

  • Anonymous

    What is Glenn’s source regarding the live feed from the drones?

    • Anonymous

      His source is the House hearings. They released the information last week.

    • Anonymous

      kellyhein, I am watching Fox News right now and, Megan Kelly is interviewing General Keene, a Fox News contributor. The House investigative committee now has more than four hours of video from a Predator drone that was circling the embassy from nearly the first moment of the attack. The president, apparently, was watching what was happening live from the White House situation room. Gee, I wonder what happened to Joe Biden’s claim that they weren’t told what was going on? The more I see these guys lie to cover their lies, which leads to ever more ridiculous lies, the more angry I feel at the abjectly shameful behavior of this self serving arrogant, evil man posing as our president. They call terrorist murders “not optimal” as if it was simply an exercise and it was unfortunate that they lost their lives, but hey, who cares about the little people who personally represent him and the interests of the United States. Who cares about a couple of meathead, neanderthal ex-Navy seals? Did THEY attend Columbia and hobnob with communists? I think not. When are we going to learn? The fact that even knowing all of this there are so many people who rabidly support Obama tells us how few people there are in this country capable of outthinking a 4th grader.

  • Guest

    “Joe Biden never thought President Reagan was great. I mean, these guys hated him when he was in office. But he’s specifically talking about how great Reagan is…”

    Biden did NOT talk about how “great” Reagan “is.” Beck is (once again) making things up, and Beck’s gullible followers swallow Beck’s lies hook, line and sinker.

    Fact is, Romney and Ryan are trying to lie their way to the White House. Romney’s lies cover 39 web pages with many lies/page on them.

    Beck is a professional liar. For him to point his finger at someone for supposedly lying is laughable hypocrisy. I know; I know. You don’t care; you don’t have to care. When you love Glenn Beck, the truth becomes lies and the lies become “truth.” In that regard, con man Beck is a genius.

    • Anonymous

      Why every liberal think that simply negating what another person says by declaring it untrue means that they have proven their point? Here’s the problem, my whiney little friend, none of the facts are on your side. Glenn Beck is a liar and your evidence is….nothing. Like usual. I wish that I could be a liberal like you. It’s so much easier than thinking.

  • James

    I will be so glad for Obama to be removed from office then maybe when I turn on the tv or my computer I won’t be affronted with his photo. Nor Moochelle either. I just want them and other democraps out of sight. Schumer is another that causes me to become ill when I see or hear him. I cannot list all of the crudos as I am 77 yrs old and would succumb before I could finish the list. VOTE in Nov.

  • Anonymous

    If Obama told the truth, his history as president would go down as the worst administration in our Nations history.  He has to lie just to impress his base.  Since he is their Messiah, they will not question what he says and neither will the mainstream (lamestream) media.  The world is laughing at us, but it is not funny!

  • David Roberts

    Eva Longoria said That Ultrasound was an “invasive” procedure. I had an ultrasound done 2 days ago and there was nothing “invasive” about. Apparently Eva has never had an ultrasound or she was lying. They never stop with the lies.

    • Anonymous

      Every man, woman or child who has undergone an examination with ultrasound knows that it is NOT an invasive procedure, which is exactly why it is utilized for visualizing babies in the womb. This is kind of a non-issue because Eva Longoria is just another Hollywood know nothing dimbo with air between her ears. President Obama made her part of the campaign because of her money and her friends’ money. The risk that you take as a candidate is that the money may not be worth the headache that comes with it as most of the time, the stars are so clueless that the candidates risk leaving the impression with the voters that they have poor judgment or they are simply willing to trade integrity and knowledge for money.

  • Anonymous
  • Guest

    Glenn Beck is lying about Bengazi. He wasn’t there, and he’s relying on misinformation to make his case. An honest critic could argue fairly that the communication about the tragic attack was mishandled, but Beck is NOT an honest critic. He has been caught in way too many lies in the past including the whopper that he never edited video of Obama.

    “U.S. intelligence officials said Friday that no evidence has surfaced to indicate that the Sept. 11 assault on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Libya was planned in advance, a conclusion that suggests the attack was spontaneous even if it involved militants with ties to al-Qaeda.”

    When a professional liar calls anyone a liar, that is an example of hypocrisy; but Beck doesn’t care because he knows his followers love him and will believe him no matter how absurd his claims are.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey moron, keep believing the same media that is in this administration’s back pocket, and you have the nerve to call anyone else dumb.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, isn’t it amazing that those reports come out in support of the President’s contentions to the UN on the day of a foreign policy debate. Did you read them? There isn’t a single fact in either of the two reports that came out today. I have news for you, too. It is liberals that have gulped down the Kool-Aid. Are you seriously trying to tell us that these two newspaper reports are the facts? Or are you trying to tell us that the documents that were delivered to the House investigative committee were faked? Or perhaps the four hours of high definition video shot from an overhead Predator drone that was turned over by the Obama administration was all faked? Yet, the LA Times knows more than anyone in the government does and suddenly, the CIA isn’t an intelligence service, it is a political organization providing talking points for the Obama administration and their hired cronies, the mainstream media. But, hey, I can tell you’re completely informed, genius.
      Let me clue you in to something. If the president is now trying to say that this was not an attack, it was exactly what he announced, then which story is it? Why is it that even as Susan Rice was making the round of the Sunday news shows, the government of Libya was taking issue with this characterization of what happened? Where was the motivation for them to lie? A protest gone wrong would have looked much better on the world stage than a terrorist attack because terrorist means that they are admitting that they are unable to keep radical Islam from dominating the country’s military and police forces. It means that they are unable to even know who is loyal and who is not. For an Arab leader to admit this is unprecedented. Arab culture is very unforgiving of European style “mea culpas”.
      There is another part of these stories that stink. Libya’s government has literally named the guy who planned and led the attacks and many of his followers. His name is Achmed Abu Khatthala. He is the leader of Hani al monsouri-a terrorist group that Mr. Khatthala himself has associated with al Quaeda. Even Chris Stephens on the day he was killed said that he was frightened because he had intelligence warning him that al Quaeda had his name on a death list. But hey, the LA Times knows more than Chris Stephens. After all, they’re LIBERALS. Any educated person knows that not having the full story does not in any way, shape, form or idea lead to a true and verifiable conclusion…unless you’re a liberal.
      Yet, the LA Times staunchly maintains that they are in possession of more evidence than the House investigative committee. Uh huh. So you just keep on using these rags as your source of “fact”. It doesn’t surprise me. By the way, since the New York Times was able to find the You argue at the level of a 12-hr-old, which, I have to admit is considerably more educated than the average liberal. I deem you to be merely a waste of skin. It’s your friends that are a waste of good carbon.

  • Anonymous

    “There was a predator drone flying over the embassy that night beaming a live feedback to the United States. ” That is simply not true. Beck is lying…again. Beck lies a lot, but so long as his followers WANT to believe Beck’s lies, they will. 

    Get the facts: “U.S. officials also said there were no American surveillance drones over the compounds until the next morning, when evacuations were underway, meaning there was no aerial footage to show how the attack began.”

    • greywolfrs

      You are an idiot. You post that, quoting a Washington Post article, and think someone is going to believe that line of bullshit. Jam your head a little further up your ass, dunce.

  • Donald Woolston

    The last day of the Mayan calendar is on Friday, December 21, 2012.The last day of the USA calender if Obama gets in is November 6, 2012.

    Still gives him over a month to totally destroy the USA before Doomsday destroys the Earth!

  • Anonymous

     A lot of criminal conspiracy cases need to be filed when we get an Attorney General that believes in the Constitution and Rule of Law.

  • Anonymous

    We all have questions about what’s going on, take a few minutes watch this gather your family, friends and neighbors it’s that important. Half way through the video he tells you what the truth is this is a must view if you’re going to be prepared.!
    God Bless you all and I  mean that….

  • VindicatorX

    Obama himself has proven beyond doubt that he is a liar, and unworthy of the office of President of the United States of America – what more needs to be said?

  • Guest

    Page after page after page of Romney’s lies are being collected. When it comes to being a pathological liar willing to say anything to get elected, nobody holds a candle to Mendacious Mitt! Romney lied about Benghazi, but not nearly as much as Beck is.

    Of course, racists, who hate Obama for being black or being a Dem, won’t care. Why should they? Hate is the primary motivator for reactionaries gullible enough to think that Glenn Beck is honest.

  • linlili
  • d.estra

    Obama fits the profile and definition of a sociopath: a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. I can see it and just don’t understand how you liberal idiots don’t see the truth. Obama takes no responsibility for anything and he thinks he is above the law. He shows no emotion even about the deaths of our Ambassador or the 3 other men who were murdered in Bengazi because of his lack of security under his watch. He also never shows emotion when it comes to fallen soldiers and does photo opts with their coffins just like he did with the men who were murdered in Bengazi. He had even thrown his own grandmother under the bus when he was defending his actions when he was sitting in the pews of Rev. Wrights church for 20yrs. He committed many crimes before he was President like smoking pot and snorting cocaine and selling both. I am sure he has other crimes that he did that we don’t know of yet but will find out soon. He doesn’t even blink an eye when he is covering up both “Fast n Furous” and Embassy Murders. This man is unfit and should have never been President.

  • Darryn James

    it is truly amazing how far this country has fallen if we accept these lies.

  • Anonymous

    This president has the blood of the ambassador on his hands and every other American, whom he is dragging into a war to instill Muslim leadership in these arab countries….I say good on Syria fighting these rebels, trying to maintain a kingdom not a religious fanatical, tyrannical world…yes Islam is the presidents aganda…how stupid, how dummied down are you American people.  I’m sorry, but I have been trying to access for the past four years an avenue to stop the lies… the deceit… being feed to the rest of the world through Nato and any other avenue he can get his hands on so it snows over his true agenda…hell yeah he new of the attack in Bengazi, God is witness to that… to bad he will learn to late, that he who lives by the sword, will die by the sword, he is corrupt and has the most corrupt government in history.  And lot’s of innocent blood is on his hands, and unitl he is removed from that office, it will not stop….its not about the red and the blue this election, it’s about good and extremely evil, there is only two choices the right one and the wrong one.  I am so angry with you America, that you have let this madman continue unchallenged when everything about what built you, and WHO built you and made you great in the eyes of all other nations GOD is being taken away from you, or you are being lead away with flattering words and posing by the deceiver. Do you want a muslim (idealogy) world or do you want a free world…we want a free world for all our children.  Where Islam goes the world becomes dark and desolate… 

  • Anonymous

    They Stood, They Watched, We Died! He stalled, He decieved
    He Lied! My Blog #cantafford4moreyears

  • Dr. Scott

    On Lars Larson 10/23/12, Tyronne Woods’ father called in. Tyronne was one of the Navy Seals murdered in Libya. If I understood correctly, a C130 Spooky was there and able to take out every single SOB attacking our facility at the time of attack, BUT SOMEONE SAID “NO” AND DID NOT ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. The Big question, who ordered the C130 to stop?

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