Your food and gas prices are rising but everything is totally (not) fine

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President Obama wants you to think that the rising costs of gas and food are no big deal. He wants you to think that everything is fine, and if you give him four more years he’ll finally be able to deliver on the whole hope and change thing. But saying something doesn’t make it come true, no matter how much hope President Obama says he has.

“I will tell you, though, that the tide has changed in the last two weeks and Romney has all of the momentum, and we’re three weeks away. As I said last night and I said yesterday on the radio program, what’s happening is the president’s lies are not being believed anymore,” Glenn explained.

“Why aren’t they being believed? Because if you’ve stopped at a gas station, you know,” he continued. “Are you doing well? Do you feel like things are on the right track?”

Glenn said that in the past debate Obama tried to imply that high gas prices were a sign of a recovering economy.

“The reason why Romney is winning is because the president looks completely out of touch. He thinks he’s a Jedi. He really does. He’s like, ‘Your gas prices are good.’ My gas prices aren’t good. ‘No, let me try it again. Look at my hand. Your gas prices are good.’ The Jedi trick doesn’t work. And when you’re paying that for gasoline and then you go in ‑‑ that’s 158% increase since he got into office.”

“But that’s not all. We’re going to get into this later, but let me just run down this list. This is important for the American people to know. Eggs are up 73%. Coffee is up 90. Peanut butter up 40. Milk 25%. White bread 39%. Spaghetti, macaroni is up 44%. Orange juice 46. Apple juice 43. Wine up 60. Electricity up 42%. Beef steak up 41. Ground beef up 61%. Margarine up 143%. Everybody knows. You may not know why. People may not be able to explain QE infinity. People may not even know what that is. You may not even know what that is, but you know your ground beef is up 61%. You know that your coffee is up 90%. You know when you go to the gas station and you get gas it’s up 158%. You may not know the cause of it, but you certainly don’t connect with somebody who says, ‘There’s no problem here. No, we’re just on the verge ‑‑ what we’re going to do is more of what we’ve just done.’ You know that doesn’t work. Not a good idea. Right? And that’s what’s happening.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Simple terms here – the money we have is nearly worthless, and prices will continue to soar as the idiotic moves of Obama and his cabinet continue.

    The Marxists of the admin have proven once again, why their ideology is morally, ethically and spiritually bankrupt and an absolute failure in governance and economics and foreign matters.

    Its past time for the bankrupt administration to be fired; they had their four years, they failed and now WE the PEOPLE are to save the nation with Gods guidance.

    • Matt Driscoll

       Haha. Nearly worthless? If it is so worthless please send it over here. Morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt? I’m sorry, I never read in the bible about the dangers of communism. Here is a passage from your sacred book. Actually this sounds pretty Marxist to me:

      All that believed were together, and had all things in common; And
      sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every
      man had need.

      (Acts 2:44-45)

      That’s called good ole fashioned “Spreading the wealth around.”

      You can’t pick and choose which bible passages to follow.

      Also, the followers of Glenn Beck are not “WE the People.” You are a fringe element of this country which most ignore and all want to distance themselves from.

      • Trace Smith

        The difference is, they did it as they were moved by the spirit of God, not Marx. Charity is not charity if it is coerced by a government, it’s theft. that’s the difference that Liberals always seem to conveniently leave out.

        • Anonymous

          They also did it because it was believers looking out for other believers, not EVERYONE.

          Matt, in context the passage is about the church as a body of believers, sharing their wealth amongst themselves in order to share the burden the believers were enduring at that time. The Bible is the word of God, and appreciated by those for whom it was intended. Thanks for quoting from it, though.

          • Matt Driscoll

             I agree completely.

            “When a woman has a discharge, and the discharge in her body is blood,
            she shall be in her menstrual impurity for seven days, and whoever
            touches her shall be unclean until the evening. And everything on which
            she lies during her menstrual impurity shall be unclean. Everything also
            on which she sits shall be unclean. And whoever touches her bed shall
            wash his clothes and bathe himself in water and be unclean until the
            evening. And whoever touches anything on which she sits shall wash his
            clothes and bathe himself in water and be unclean until the evening.
            Whether it is the bed or anything on which she sits, when he touches it
            he shall be unclean until the evening. …

            Leviticus 15:19-24

          • Anonymous

            Did you have a point, Matt? Does your Mom know you’re up this late?

          • Matt Driscoll

             Yes I do have a point. The bible is not the word of god. It was written by MEN thousands of years ago. The purpose of the bible is to create a set of laws that men will obey. If it is the word of god then I believe you should follow every aspect of it. Do you? I highly doubt it. You pick and choose which laws to follow when it is convenient for you, much like all Christians. Here is another gem from the mouth of god:

            19:19 reads, “You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together
            two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds
            of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed

            Please check the tag of your shirt. If it is a poly-blend you are breaking gods word. It is just a book. I understand it provides you with hope but there are other ways to have hope without relying on this antiquated relic.

          • Anonymous

            Your response is in the wrong location.
            You are also wrong about the Bible, but I encourage you to keep reading it, if only to try to use it against those of us for whom it has significance. Many people have become believers by doing just that very thing. God can use evil for good. 

  • Anonymous

    No things are not fine, I own a small restaurant, I understand full well these figures above.  All is sadly accurate, yet our inflow of customers has diminished, b/c customers too have to pay for these personal increases. I CAN’T raise my prices or I price my small cafe out of the market.  I have made as many cuts as I can to stay in business.  I cut my payroll by more than half, yet my payroll taxes have gone up.  I miscalculated federal taxes by $3.00 in one quarter last year and had to pay $20.00 in late fees and interest. I have folks who try and claim unemployment against my restuarant all the time, WHO have never even filled out an application to work at my place.  Two years ago, I had to spend countless hours fighting a claim in which the applicant lied on 9 of the 13 questions to get unemployment and the state awarded the claim. I eventually proved my case and they repaid my unemployment account, but they never went after the applicant for filing a false claim.  When I contacted the state, via a letter, about the incident, they smuggly asked why I cared, after all, my account was repaid by the state.  

    WHY I CARE?  I’ll tell you why I care.  I busted my butt to start an American dream, I have not taken a paycheck since we opened.  I’ve witnessed all the above price increases with zero benefit, I CARE b/c I’m married to an active duty Marine and we are stationed away from the restaurant, I commute four hours one way to work at $3.64 a gallon.  I don’t go everyday, but at least once a week, I drive and work for three day stretches.  I CARE b/c I put in more hours in those three days then most folks do all week.  I CARE about the three people who work for me b/c they need those paychecks.  I need real change and not just “forward” on status quo dishing it out to those who don’t try or don’t care.  I need others to care too.   

    • Anonymous

      I can’t say I’m surprised that you were asked why you cared. Sadly, most people would not have made the extra effort to point out the fraud. I got a similar response when I call about a woman that came in to the bank I worked at with several social security checks with her various alias’ and wanted them all cashed every month.

      Thank you for going to all the effort to try to keep people employed, and your business alive. What is the name of your small restaurant, and where is it located? You deserve some recognition and support. (And thank your active duty Marine spouse for the service to country as well..)

      • Sofia L.Ramirez

        @beecherm:disqus What is going to happen next nobody really knows. Jesse replied I can‘t believe that a student can profit $4011 in one month on the internet. did you read this site

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, It’s Your Way Cafe in Jacksonville, NC home of Camp Lejeune!  I will pass it on to my husband  – thank you,  

    • Anonymous

      I try and frequent small restaurants where I live whenever we do go out to eat for the very fact that need my money to stay alive. Truly, I am sorry for your troubles, but please keep the faith.

      This president and his cohorts are evil people and are doing to us what evil people do. Good, wins out in the end. With God’s help, come Christmas, You will be flourishing.

      Those who are milking the system will get what they deserve in the end, they always do.

      • Anonymous

        OH no worries there!  I will never give up, In fact, I just approached my bank about an equity loan to improve some outdoor projects I have in mind.  See 2liberate, the difference between those who DO and those who DON’T are two letters in which change words into negatives.  Can’t, won’t and shouldn’t are just not in my vocab.  I can, I will and I should – so if you make it to Jacksonville, NC – stop by, I’ll be waiting with a little coffee and a great attitude. 

    • Matt Driscoll

       Maybe you should make better food. Good restaurants always thrive.

      • Anonymous

        Those are two foul comments. The first is just mean and moronic. Since you do not know the restaurant as it was not mentioned by name, you have absolutely no way of determining whether the food is good, bad or indifferent. The second comment is ridiculous. Even good restaurants fail sometimes. Government interference can cripple any business. 

        Man up and make a mature and reasonable contribution to the discussion or none at all.

      • Anonymous

        Have you tried my cafe Matt – we do make great food.  In the last 4.5 years, we’ve won many awards to include “Soup of the City”  We have thrived, 70% of all family owned restaurants go out of business the first year.  When you do come in, I would suggest our Seafood Bisque and Chicken Salad (we bake our chicken daily for the salad).  You have an open invite anytime you wish.  Please let me know how you like our customer service too, its what I stress the most.  In Jacksonville, folks have 65 other places to choose from for lunch, I stress every staff meeting if we don’t seperate ourselvs from those places we go out of business, but you know what –  We’re here to stay and still making it “Your Way”

  • Sam Fisher

    Obamanomics states that that empty feeling in your wallet is a good thing that means the economy is working. His is such a moron I been saying for some time Obama does not understand economy and will never do so. We need a change.

  • James

    The wrath of God our country is facing right now called Obama. What is going to happen next nobody really knows. I hope that divine providence will able forgive all of us and show the right way, but we certainly need to do our part. November 6 is the time when God gives a chance to accomplish our part.   

  • Helene

    Premise that there are two kinds of people… Heroes and Cowards… forgets there is really a third type… Villians. 

  • Victoria DeLacy

    In recovery circles, the cleaned up version of “F.I.N.E.” is an acronym standing for “Frazzled, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional” – we therefore do NOT want to be “FINE”!

  • Anonymous

    Things are not good. There are a lot of wealthy people where I live and some middle class families. What struck me the other day was, I saw a man on the side of the road with a sign. It read, “I was a broker that made millions for a company and now I am unemployed. Please hire me.” I began to weep. My husband is on a part time basis and we are just barely making ends meet. If this crisis has hit the upper class, we are in a worse situation than I thought we were.

  • greywolfrs

    You know, there are three things that would get me to vote for a person and would stop all of this, dead in it’s tracks.

    1. Do what Romney is talking about doing, lower the tax rates, but close the loopholes. What this does is puts money back in the pockets of consumers. THAT IS CREATING A DEMAND. It does not mean the government takes in less money, in fact, once the demand is created, there will be more jobs and more revenue from income taxes. More sales means more taxes paid by those companies.

    2. Order the Federal Reserve to burn about 5 trillion in green backs. This will increase the value of the dollar, giving those same dollars more buying power. That means the money people save on taxes will buy more and create more demand. It will also stop inflation dead in it’s tracks. Although, auditing and abolishing the Federal Reserve would be better.

    3. Balance the budget already. The government should never spend more than they take in, they also should be using the extra tax revenue from #1 to pay down the debt.

    Since no one will do all three of these, I think we are in big trouble.

  • Anonymous

    All this and yet there are still people who say Obama is doing a great job.  It is truly shocking what living with your head in the sand can produce.  I suppose it will take these people not being able to buy the basic living essentials to finally figure things out.


    Weimar and Argentina, here we come!

    Obama said my taxes would go down, but they went up last year.  I am unemployed, living on my Navy retired pay of some $14K a year.  It must have been my paltry investments that rolled over that made my taxes go up!

    Cain’s 9-9-9 plan has much to commend itself for.

    • Matt Driscoll

       Maybe you should work and stop mooching off the government.

  • Anonymous

    I am not even sure all Dem drones (as Mark Levin likes to call them) buy Obama’s assertion that gas was cheap in 2009 only because the economy was tanking.  Anyone who does must really be a hard core Dem drone.

  • Anonymous

    Could somebody please talk about “Cost of Goods Sold”.  People only know that when prices rise, it is greedy corporations.  They don’t know that government tax laws, litigation laws, regulations, and pro-labor stance also contribute (sometimes significantly) to the price they pay for goods and services.  Yes.  Also talk about our cheapened dollar too.

    Besides, Democrats will be knocked back on their heels ( Al Qaeda) when this is thrown out there.

  • Draxx

    Wow, this lands right next to my post a day or so ago… $4.35/gallon for me right now!

    • greywolfrs

      Try $4.70 per gallon.

      • Anonymous

        Grey, In LA, it’s over $5 and rising.

        • greywolfrs

          I live in the greater Los Angeles area and just $4.69 per gallon. I guess it just depends on where you buy it.

  • Bobby J Salmons

    where did these % come from?

  • mspatdev

    I DO CARE for all the small businesses and everyone else. I have been telling people not to vote for OBAMMY. If you think it is worse now and the last 4 yrs, wait until the next four years with “O”.  He wants this nation to be a Socialist, Communism, Terrorist and Markist. We are already headed that way. DOES OBAMMY have a plan for 4 more years? NO–HE DOESN’T have a plan. He keeps saying “give me 4 more years”. Baloney with that. He says he has the lowest employment in years. NO–HE DOESN’T. True he doesn’t understand our economy. He didn’t even stay in his college classes to learn. The wagging MEDIA says he is doing a fine job. NO– HE ISN’T. One of the reasons that food, gas, basic living and more is going up, is because the dollar has gone down. That hasn’t happened before. We could go to Canada, Mexico and other countries and buy things with less than a dollars worth. WE CAN’T DO THAT ANY MORE. CANADA COMES TO THE  U.S.A. AND MAKES A KILLING

    • Anonymous

      WE won’t give him the chance to complete the destruction of our great nation! It is all OUR responsibility to make certain he doesn’t get that chance. People are awake and know what he is up to. Short of voter fraud, Obama isn’t getting a second term.
      My hope isn’t just that he doesn’t get re-elected; My hope is that he is brought up on charges of treason and gets his due. I want to see him suffer the same fate as the jihadist that he is.

  • Internet Gal

    The whole world has turned to greed. The cost of living is ridiculous. One bag of groceries $20.00 and nothing in the bag, you can’t feed a family of 7 with that, without returning to the store the next day. The price of gas doesn’t get you to work and back w/o putting gas in the car the next day. The price of water and sewer is outrageous. My husband and I along with my daughter work a total of 4 jobs. WE ARE BROKE!!! after we pay mortgage, bills, car insurance, car payment, we have no money for NOTHING.O’BAMA, I ask you, how can we afford health care? Everyone is taking our money already, we work to support high utility  bills,high  mortgage,high car insurance,high food prices, high gas prices,ect.. Now if we can’t pay for health insurance, you will penalize us on our taxes and take what little we get? Our jobs are not guaranteed tomorrow. When I was a child, my parents had the same job for 30-45 years with benefits. Now we are living in a economy to where if people don’t like you,you get fired for no reason at all “AT WILL”. You could be better at the job than the person that doesn’t like you. But, unfortunately, if you’re not liked, you get fired, you can’t do anything about it. ALABAMA “AT WILL” STATE. Hired and fired for any to no reason. ARE WE A NATION UNDER GOD OR ARE WE A NATION UNDER GREED. INSTEAD OF PLEDGING TO THE FLAG, DO WE HAVE TO PRAY? With car insurance, you have a choice, if you don’t own a car, you don’t pay. With health insurance, you don’t have a choice. You have to live. If you don’t pay or can not afford to pay because  of greedy people, you get penalized. 

  • sara holy land

    There is a problem.Do not see.

  • Anonymous

    But there is no inflation. Hey that’s what the government said so I believe them. They never lie right?

  • Todd Gingrich

    Are these number for a ten year period or during Obama’s presidency?  Glenn did not make this clear on his show yesterday, but the TheBlaze shows these percentages as rising from the period 2002-2012. Just curious.

  • Toby Wilson

    It’s called inflation.. this is what you get when you try to redistribute wealth, if Obama gets re-elected it will continue to climb.

  • Anonymous

    have you seen the gas prices in CA yet? OMG $20 gets maybe 3 gallons of gas. Wow. that gets my truck started in the morning, but then I can’t go anywhere. I told my mother I would come and visit her this month in Santa Maria. that is 127 miles from my home. Well, I have to call and cancel that trip.  You know why? Because I cannot really afford to get the gas I need to go see her and drive back. Did I mention she is 86 years old now? did I mention it would cost me $200 to get there and back? 

  • Anonymous
  • VindicatorX

    This administration is willfully ignorant. All the signs are there and they point to the obvious mismanagement of both foreign and domestic policies that this administration has put into practice since January 20th, 2009. What more can you say? The facts speak for themselves and the lie/deny/spin tactics Obama and friends have been using to manipulate their gullible stooges and mindless masses who buy into every scheme they are being fed only work for his base of supporters. They will never realize what a disservice has been foisted off on them, but the rest of us who have seen what it is like to have lived in times that were much, much better know the difference. 

    It’s a travesty what these fools are willing to put up with from the office of the President, and even more so what they want the rest of us to swallow. All right thinking and truth seeking members of the public should demand better from the Commander in Chief. 

    It’s time for him to go.

  • linlili
  • David Nichols

    The cost of fuel (gasoline and diesel) is the price we pay at our local markets.
    The more it costs to transport commodities……..damn, it hits us all in the pockets.
    AND HARD !!!

    Let us all pray for new leadership for this country, so that we may strive to do better.

    Our Creator, OUR GOD, has given us the bounty of the earth, and yet we have mistaken it.

    We must do better for our heirs.

  • Jeff McNamara

    Ya Obama has put the Country in a Reverse Mortgage he is trying to tell us how great it is to use up all the equity in the USA until one day it is all gone. 

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