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President Obama wants you to think that the rising costs of gas and food are no big deal. He wants you to think that everything is fine, and if you give him four more years he’ll finally be able to deliver on the whole hope and change thing. But saying something doesn’t make it come true, no matter how much hope President Obama says he has.

“I will tell you, though, that the tide has changed in the last two weeks and Romney has all of the momentum, and we’re three weeks away. As I said last night and I said yesterday on the radio program, what’s happening is the president’s lies are not being believed anymore,” Glenn explained.

“Why aren’t they being believed? Because if you’ve stopped at a gas station, you know,” he continued. “Are you doing well? Do you feel like things are on the right track?”

Glenn said that in the past debate Obama tried to imply that high gas prices were a sign of a recovering economy.

“The reason why Romney is winning is because the president looks completely out of touch. He thinks he’s a Jedi. He really does. He’s like, ‘Your gas prices are good.’ My gas prices aren’t good. ‘No, let me try it again. Look at my hand. Your gas prices are good.’ The Jedi trick doesn’t work. And when you’re paying that for gasoline and then you go in ‑‑ that’s 158% increase since he got into office.”

“But that’s not all. We’re going to get into this later, but let me just run down this list. This is important for the American people to know. Eggs are up 73%. Coffee is up 90. Peanut butter up 40. Milk 25%. White bread 39%. Spaghetti, macaroni is up 44%. Orange juice 46. Apple juice 43. Wine up 60. Electricity up 42%. Beef steak up 41. Ground beef up 61%. Margarine up 143%. Everybody knows. You may not know why. People may not be able to explain QE infinity. People may not even know what that is. You may not even know what that is, but you know your ground beef is up 61%. You know that your coffee is up 90%. You know when you go to the gas station and you get gas it’s up 158%. You may not know the cause of it, but you certainly don’t connect with somebody who says, ‘There’s no problem here. No, we’re just on the verge ‑‑ what we’re going to do is more of what we’ve just done.’ You know that doesn’t work. Not a good idea. Right? And that’s what’s happening.”