A backstage look at Glenn’s trip to FreePAC in Florida

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  • linlili
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    I am 71 years old and on a fixed income. I live in Texas and can not get to the Freepac events. I would love to see the Friday night event in its whole. I watched the Glenn speech and was so elevacated by it. Is there any way you can show the entire event. I did get to volunteer and attend the Restoreing Love event in Dallas.It was one of the highlights of my life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irina-Krasnyuk/745534442 Irina Krasnyuk

    I can’t do anything without the grades change.

  • http://www.starznbarz.com/ Starznbarz

    George, you must have been shooting over my shoulder for a couple of those shots…. I have some shots of you working the stage posted on my site- drop me an e-mail if you want copies.

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