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What does the media do when the polls start tilting in Romney’s favor? The discredit polls and do their best liberal gymnastics to contort the polls into Obama’s favor. Just weeks ago the media used the polls in an attempt to dismiss Romney, but now they are dismissing the polls and claiming Obama is leading from behind.

“I was watching CBS this morning and CBS actually said to their expert on polls, ‘We have a poll here from Gallup that shows President Obama is behind by a seven‑point ‑‑ shows a seven‑point lead for Mitt Romney. Would this poll indicate that the president is beginning to fall behind in the race?'” Glenn said.

And, of course, the CBS expert said not so much. CBS reports:

“If you’re Mitt Romney, you love that number, it means something is moving in your direction,” Dickerson told Norah O’Donnell. He then noted, however, that there is a lot of debate over the survey, specifically over “whether it lags behind where the debate really is.”“After the first debate, which everybody scored as a clear, resounding victory for Mitt Romney, the Gallup daily track still had it up for the president, so – there are also other criticisms of the way it looks at likely voters, and it’s a bit of an outlier from some other polls,” he said. “So if you’re Mitt Romney you like it, but we should, with all polls, be really really skeptical.”

“It was one of the most incredible spins I’ve ever seen.  The media is so discrediting themselves and they’re going to come up with a giant surprise by the end of this race.  I’m telling you on election day, on Tuesday it is going to be a shock to members of the media.  I don’t think to the president.  I think the president already knows.  But not, not to the media.  The media doesn’t know.  They don’t get it,” Glenn said.