Media conveniently ignoring latest foiled NYC terror plot

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You’d think a radical Islamic extremist caught trying to detonate a 1,000 lb bomb at the NY Fed building in hopes of killing as many people possible in a half mile radius would be bigger news. It’s kind of a mystery as to why the media isn’t the least bit concerned about the this story and even about the great work done by the FBI in this case. Glenn has the shocking story details in the clip above.

Glenn addressed this story last night on TV as well. WATCH:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Of course they are ignoring it – according to their god-king Obama there are no more radical terrorists, Al Queda is defeated and such attacks cannot happen ever again.

    Most of us living in reality (unlike Obama who is insane now), know otherwise. Conservatively, this one blast, if it had gone off, would easily kill 1000 people and injure up to five times that number.

    This does not take into the effect the physical and psychological (moral, panic, etc) that goes with any such terror incident.

    It was staged for one purpose alone in the strategic planning – to force Americas people to change their way of life as happened with 9/11/01.

    They win only if we give up control, power and our liberties to the government for the dubious illusion of ‘security.’ When we stand togeather, strong and as one nation, we send the message loud and clear – WE WILL NOT BEND OR YIELD TO YOU.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn – the MSM god-king Obamaicus declares there are no terrorists anymore, so the media say there are no terrorists by ignoring it.
    Obama, in his insanity assumed that Al Queda and all terrorism would end with the death of UBL. He was wrong and cannot accept it, due to his narcissism and insanity.

  • Anonymous

    Hold the horses Glenn, give the Lame Stream Medea time enough to figure a way to place the blame for this foiled attack on George Bush.

  • Anonymous

    What terorists, these are just misguided youths.

  • Sam Fisher

    The Media’s messiah has spoken and the terrorist are gone. That is why they ignore things like this it would make Berry less god like and more like a moron because his claim terrorism is dead. If this mad man did what he wanted to do Obama would most likely blame the YouTube video again.

  • Chris Grassia

    Yea, they did such a good job at stopping a nonexistent attack that they were involved in planning from the get go.

    • XenaWP80

      It would not be a nonexistent attack if not for the NY FBI. Dont be so quick to discount this failed attack for what it COULD have been.

  • Laura

    Obama is more concerned about Big Bird

  • George Vieto

    The media ignored this story because you shall not offend Islamists. They will hurt you. Just go after God fearing wimpy Christians.

  • Old

    If Bush were president it would be headline news above the fold.

  • Anonymous

    Where was Homeland Security?????????

  • Anonymous

    It is a huge, huge, huge story.  When I heard this story break Thursday night, I said to myself, oh boy, this is going to take everything else off the radar screen with wall-to-wall coverage the next few days.

    What has the MSM done in the last 24 hours since?  *crickets*

    Even Fox News has given it scant coverage.

    I think it’s obvious as to why. Obama and the complicit MSM are counting heavily now on the ignorant vote.

  • Anonymous

    This is so silly. The guy was unknowingly working with the FBI the whole time. There was never a threat. He got the explosives from the FBI. They were fake. That’s the story.

    • XenaWP80

      So, because the FBI did their job good and stopped a attack befor it could happen, this is a non story?? We should ignore the FACT that a terroist tried to set off a bomb?? You are so silly.

    • greywolfrs

       WOW! You are one stupid M F er. So, the FBI was on top of it and you believe that means there is nothing to worry about, this time? What about next time? What if the FBI isn’t on top of it? What if they have a miscommunication?

      You are one dumb left wing troll. Don’t bother replying, you idiots have your head so far up your ass, you couldn’t pull it out with both hands and map.

      • Anonymous

        next time? what about it? 

        • greywolfrs

          Nevermind, you are obviously dumber than a bad of hammers.

  • Shane

    You can keep up on Islamic Jihadists by going to the Jihad Watch site – The Obama administration is doing all it can to prevent Americans from learning about the link between Islam and terrorism. AG Holder refused to state before Congress that the terrorists are devout Muslims who are engaged in a Jihad against the USA. Holder did not want to commit blasphemy by insulting Islam.

  • Anonymous
  • Matt Driscoll

    Actually the media has been covering this pretty intensively. The issue is that most of you only get your news form one source, Glenn Beck. You do not realize it is news until he say something about it. Also I see a massive connection here. I firmly believe that Glenn Beck is cavorting with radical terrorist. Hasn’t he been calling for the ruin of the Federal Reserve for years now? And what did this radical attempt to blow up? BINGO!!! This is a Glenn Beck funded terror attempt. Glenn Beck’s madness and insanity is finally coming to fruition. I am deeply afraid for our country. Glenn Beck and his acolytes will be it’s ruin.

    • greywolfrs

       Hey, it’s matt “the moron” driscoll. Do you have to try to be this stupid or does it come naturally? I am betting the latter. More bullshit and conjecture, I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from a coward like you.

  • linlili
  • Zooropa Fly

    All setup so you gullible fools keep believing you’re in imminent danger from anyone other than yourselves.
    And it keeps working.
    I suspect most of the global populous would jump at the chance of blowing up the FED given the opportunity.

    The only story here is how dumb most yanks are for lapping up this rubbish.

    • greywolfrs

      You are laughable. What does some limey know about it? Hey stupid, no vote = no say.

      • Zooropa Fly

        Limey.. How dare you! That bunch of fops couldn’t even keep the Romans out.
        This’ll be some poor kid- brainwashed by one lot of nutters, then manipulated and setup for political theatre by another, bunch of nutters.Hopefully things may get better under Obama’s 2nd term.

        • greywolfrs

          Really? You really should read some history before you say things like this. There was no country that could keep the Romans out. The Gauls, the Germanic tribes, the Jews or the Egyptians couldn’t keep them out and you think that is something?

          I see you missed the point entirely: no vote = no say.

          So, nothing got better under Obamao’s first term and you actually think this idiot deserves another and that things will get better? Stop being stupid, it isreally unbecoming.

          • Zooropa Fly

            Actually you are wrong as usual, but I don’t expect you to be good at history since you barely have any. 
            Clue for you.. Hadrians Wall.

            So you all have votes in.. Iraq..Afghan..Libya..Syria..Iran..China..Russia..Somalia..Pakistan..Yemen..Bahrain..Saudi..Indonesia..Nigeria….and on and on.. well do ya ?

            Trust me I loath Obama as much as you and certainly wouldn’t be voting for anyone. 
            Can’t you see the charade it all is ?
            It looks like a choice between Obama and WW3 .. you decide ?

          • greywolfrs

            I am wrong as usual? That is B S and you know it. So, what about Hadrian’s wall? You obviously do not know history, Hadrian’s wall was built by the Romans to keep the celts from raiding.
            I have no vote in any of those countries and since I am a Libertarian, I was not particularly in favor of going into any of them. I personally do not believe in preemptive strikes. I firmly believe that our military should be defensive.
            As far as Obamao goes, you really shouldn’t talk about a second term, that makes you sound as though you like that dolt.

            As I stated before, I am a true Libertarian. I am long past the false Democrap/Republican paradigm. My choice is Ron Paul, which would mean I take door number 3.

          • Zooropa Fly

            The Romans did of course make incursions into Jockland, and in fact whipped our asses a couple of times.
            But we were a bit too rough for them so they let us be !
            And yes that particular wall was primarily to keep us out. 

            I won’t take exception to anything else you said, sounds fair enough.

    • XenaWP80

      And how dumb are YOU for not taking radical extreme islam  terrorist seriously.

  • XenaWP80

    @ zooropafly — In response to below — It looks as if your the brainwashed  nutter. He was not ”some poor kid ”, but a extremnist islamist terroist who wanted to blow up a bomb, you limey liberal coward. Go stuff obamas 2 term up your arse, and have a nice day!

    • Zooropa Fly

      He is 21, and been taken advantage of so you lot accept more curtailment of what little real freedom you have left. It keeps working. You could setup people like this every day of the week – big deal.
      Stop bombing other countries, then maybe their peoples wouldn’t jump at the chance of bombing you back ? Just a thought..
      If you’d been invaded and occupied by Canada from the North, Mexico from the South wouldn’t you put up resistance ?  That would make YOU a terrorist by your own definition wouldn’t it ? That would also make WW2’s French and Polish resistance fighters Terrorists. And if you were offered the chance to strike back in any way.. in light of the fact that your family and friends had been killed and maimed (for example).. I think you probably would.
      You are a Warrior Princess after all aren’t you ?

      Obama’s 2nd term… Americans never did understand satire.

      • XenaWP80

        Taking advantage of? Yeah right! He was looking for a bomb, thank god the FBI was more smart then he was!! You are so sympathetic to the poor extremist muslims, that would like to kill the whole of western civilization and replace law and order for sharia law. How pathetic you are, with your liberal guilt. You do realize that muslims hate everything we stand for, like woman and gay rights, & free speech? And to compare these radicals to freedom fighters is just laughable. Just keep embracing these radicals, and sooner then later, your country will face your own 9-11, and see your freedoms vanish in the name of P.C. 

        • Zooropa Fly

          I think you’ve been watching too much Xena……

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