In 1956, Samuel J. Seymour appeared on “I’ve Got a Secret”, a game show which featured notable people coming on and a panel of celebrities attempting to guess their secret.

What was Seymour’s secret? When Seymour was five years old, he was in Ford’s Theater the night Lincoln was assassinated and saw John Wilkes Booth leap from the balcony. After the panelists guessed his secret, host Gary Moore revealed that Seymour didn’t even know that the President had been shot at the time, instead he was concerned for the poor man who feel from the balcony.

“I was scared to death,” he said.


“Here’s a guy who our parents could have watched on television, and his parents (could have seen) the inauguration of Washington,” Glenn said of the story. “One guy who links us back to Washington. One guy links us back to the beginning of the country.”

Two years prior to Seymour’s appearance on the show, he authored an eyewitness account to the Milwaukee Sentinel. You can read his piece HERE.

Glenn reacts to the story below: