The Obama administration’s stance on equal pay? Do as I say, not as I do

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Stu and Pat take apart Stephanie Cutter’s lies on the Obama administration’s stance on equal pay for women one by one. It’s a bizarre issue for Obama to focus on, considering the Lily Ledbetter act doesn’t guarantee equal pay, it only encourages lawsuits. And only 34 have been filed since 2009. That’s something to brag about?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Given Obama’s ties to the Muslim world and influenced by them in his youth, why should this and his uttermost hypocrisy be a shock?

    • Deborah Rowe

      @walkintruth:disqus That’s something to brag about?

  • Draxx

    I believe in Pay People what they are Worth, if they only produce $5/hr for themselves past what the company requires for the item, then pay them that amount.  But, if they can produce $15 or $25 an Hour for themselves past what the company requires to make their profit, then pay them that amount (or at least $20/hr to the worker and $5/hr to the company is still better).  It shouldn’t be based on sex for any reason (but it is)…

  • greywolfrs

    This is exactly the same thing Obamao has done the whole time. He trys to make out like anyone else will be worse (in this case Romney) and only does that because he has nothing to run on. His record speaks for itself, he sucks.

  • Sam Fisher

    That is the left for you it is ok for their side to be racist, sexist, hateful, and deceitful but when someone speaks out against the B.S. then we are racist, sexist, hateful, and deceitful without being any of that. Where is the logic in that?

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t he just do an executive order like he does for everything else? If he is so concerned about equal pay, he could have done it. But my guess is he is not concerned about women in general seeing how his policies are in line with the Muslim Brotherhood. They don’t think very much of women. I bet most women don’t even know about this Lily Ledbetter act.

  • Anonymous

    The liberal voter in this country is blind to the lies.  Must be Tunnel Vision based on Ego and Politically Correct.  STOP THE INSANITY AND STOP THE LIES> 

    • greywolfrs

      I think it is tunnel vision based on stupidity. See, most left wing idiots think there is a utopia they can achieve through socialism. They fail to realize that every time socialism has been tried it has turned into a Totalitarian dictatorship. But being that they are so smart, they will do it the right way, where so many others have failed. (yeah, right)

      • Anonymous

        Hey! To a certain degree we do have socialism in Norway. And Norway is quite far away from being a totalitarian dictatorship, wouldn’t you agree? In fact Norway has for many years topped the UNs list of best countries to live in: 

        • greywolfrs

          That is laughable. The U.N. says that and you believe it?

          Socialism is great, until you run out of other people’s money.

          • Matt Driscoll

            Oh also FInland!! Or Sweeden! All of these countries pay extremely high taxes yet they are rated as having the highest quality of life in the world time and time again. That doesn’t matter to idiots like you though. If it were up to you this counrty would have unchecked capitalism and no regulations. Has big business ever done anything altruistic? Didn’t think so. Big business exist to do what? Everyone say it together…MAKE MONEY!! Not look out for people like you and me. This is why businesses began to become regulated. It is the governments job to keep it in check so the consumer are not price gouged. Make sense? Keep living in your Ayn Rand wet dream. The more power a business has the more we lose as a society. If it were up to you we would all have one option for cars, phones, TVs, and internet service. Why is that? Because unchecked businesses like Verizon, Microsoft, and Honda would eat up all the competion and we would live in a society with no options. Oh side note…Like I mentioned before, businesses don’t care about you. They care about money. Capitalismis not as great as you think. Why do you believe businesses outsource everything? To save money! This is not the governments fault. This is a direct result of greed! More money, more money. Please all of you free market capitalist out there…Keep thinking that businesses have your wants and needs in mind. Keep living in that delusional world. See how far it gets you. Also look up Keynesian Economics. Its not socialism you morons.

          • greywolfrs

            So, since those countries re so great, move there. Don’t the let door hit you in the ass.
            Unchecked Capitalism? Let me explain something to you, since you are obviously “slow.” Before politicians started making too many regulations, the system corrected itself. If a company made product that was not good or caused harm, people did not buy that product. Business thrives when it makes money, it creates jobs when it makes money. I know, to idiots like you, companies should not make money, that is not their purpose. Their purpose is to provide you with free shit. If you do not like that companies make money, start your own company and take care of workers, that will put the other guy out-of-business. Agaain the system corrects itself.

            You are stupid M F er if you think the government has not made the business climate that out-sources jobs. Things liike NAFTA foster that very thing, dunce.

            You are a fucking fool. I can see you hate our Constitution and think you need the government to protect you from everything. You are even willing to give up freedom  for a little of security.

            Please, move to one of those countries you mentioned and stop trying to turn this country into something that it is not or never could be. You are the problem with country, too many people who hate our founding documents and think you need to change them.

          • Anonymous

            LOL.  If he were to start a company whose sole purpose was NOT to make money and take care of its workers, that would actually put him out of business.  The other company actually making money, however, would be able to stay in business because it is actually profitable, and by staying in business would actually take better care of its employees.  That is, unless, the business NOT making money is given a lot of capital from, say, donations and what not.  But in a socialist society, where people are expected to give only according to their ability and take according to their needs, how likely is that raeally?  Matt Driscoll’s ideas are, quite plainly, laughable.  Businesses make money by actually taking care of their customers.  Customers are key to the success of most big businesses as it is.  If they don’t look out for those customers, they will lose those customers and thus hurt their own bottom line.  The customers are just one form of self regulation for businesses, one of many mind you.  Get the government out of the way of big business and let big business do its thing, and the system definitely will correct itself in time.  As the corrupt big businesses die off, fail, go bankrupt for not taking care of their customers and employees, the more honest big businesses that actually do care about the customers and employees and make an actual profit in the process will succeed.  It’s what made big businesses such as Wal Mart, Microsoft, Google, and others the successes that they are, for crying out loud.  Wal Mart didn’t need to be regulated by the government to cut their prices, lol.  Competition from the likes of places like K-mart, Best Buy, Amazon, and others, as well as the desires of the actual customers who buy from them, did that.  That is self regulation.  That is the kind of regulation I can get behind.  Not the stupid BS that is government regulation.  Government regulation is bad for business and bad for this country.

          • Todd Dunn

            Matt, yes big business exist to make big money. Fortunately that money often hires more employees, even if they are outsourced employees.  Very few large companies operate within one country. Many jobs are also outsourced so that a company can learn more about the country that it operates in or wants to operate better within.  Often governments, such as India on occassion, will require to sell in the country you must invest and hire people within that country.  I understand and agree with that logic.  

             IF those companies were not for profit then what should they be?  Should companies truly give away all of their profit? There are many situations where people get treated wrongly.  Needless to say that governments do not have a track record of treating people well either. Look at Russia, Germany, the U.S. in many cases.  The reason I bring that up is that it isn’t the “organization” that causes the problem but the ideologies of the people running them.  A gov’t or company is only a container of people making decisions…very often in a self interested and uncaring way.  You have companies in Norway..the top 6 of Norwegian based companies employee 170k people.  they are profitable… capitalistic motivations I would say.  

            Regarding altruism..yes, there are companies who do give back.  There are companies who invest in noble causes that do not tie back to them making more money.  It is rare yes and many times the giving may be tied to their desire to reinforce their brand and yet they give.  Maybe this will help shed a bit of light on the quiet impact:  Developed by CECP in association with The Conference Board, Giving in Numbers: 2012 Edition is based on data from 214 companies, including 62 of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500. The sum of contributions across all respondents of the 2011 Corporate Giving Survey (CGS), from which the data is pulled, totaled more than $19.9 billion in cash and product giving.

            Matt, I hear your view…I also see (I have worked for some of these companies) companies doing good things.  I have worked at companies that encouraged and supported full days or even more for us to serve in our donate to worthy causes.  I have seen them match my donations to a worthy cause.  

            As I said in another post, but in a different way, why we as humans have to vilify others who see it differently from us.  There are good things in the world…there are bad things in the world….part of the human experience I believe.   

          • Anonymous

            Are you kidding me, lol?  You clearly don’t have an actual clue about how big businesses actually work.  Yes, of course they are out to make money.  Now, most big businesses have come to realize that they will actually LOSE money if they don’t watch out for their customers.  Most big businesses would NEVER gouge their customers if there were no government regulations because they have come to realize that by doing so, they would actually LOSE those very customers.  You see, that is actually how a capitalist country works when NOT impeded by a stupid government, lol.  Sorry, but that Ayn Rand wet dream, as you call it, is how a GOOD capitalist system ACTUALLY WORKS, lol.

            And no.  The more power a business has, the more we GAIN as a society.  You see, if businesses were given more freedom, and thus power, to operate, products and services today can progress and actually become BETTER tomorrow.  You see, competitive businesses drive a successful economic system.  If businesses were given true freedom and greater power to regulate themselves through their own competitiveness, ONLY THEN will we progress and become a better society.

            Also, YES.  Businesses actually DO have our wants and needs in mind.  They CANNOT make money otherwise, lol.  That is NOT a delusional world as you claim.  It is a DOCUMENTED FACT that businesses have our wants and needs in mind because EVERY SINGLE business, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, will flat out LOSE money and FAIL if the happen to NOT have our wants and need in mind.

            Oh, and I’ve already done my research on Keynesian Economics, mind you, and it IS socialism, lol.  It is also a failed economic system that has failed EVERYWHERE.  Why introduce a FAILED economic policy that just about EVERY SINGLE economist on the planet agrees is just bad policy?  It doesn’t work.  But you can keep living in your grand delusion, though.

  • Staceycarverd

    This is no surprise!   Not only is it common practice among the regime, but many Congressional demonicrats also practice this policy.  And wasn’t it some of 0bamao’s own staffers the ones who have come out claiming they’re victims of the glass ceiling?

    It doesn’t stop here though either.  As it had been reported out, Romney’s campaign staff earn a higher than nation average salary while 0bamao’s receive a lower than national average salary(but this likely enables them for free 0bamao phones and food stamps).  It is nothing more than the continuing progressive myth that the wealthy exploit the workers and only they are ever so compassionate and willing to give them their proper earn wages(which means they’re short-changed).

  • Anonymous

    What a load of bullshit.
    Before the Lily Ledbetter act, the equal pay legislation was impossible to enforce because companies did not have to turn over their records on pay or compensation for women to compare their pay to!!!
    The LL act keeps companies honest.
    Of course glenn and his other sexist employees don’t give a shit about equal pay!!!
    Thank you glenn.  Once again you have shown your disdain for women!!!

    • Guest

      What do you care about “lilly Ledbetter” you attack women here all the time?  You’re a hypocrite and an ignorant fool.

      The LL allows women more time to bring actions against companies, it extends the statute of limitations.

      Strtlk’s an ignorant fool and a misogynist idiot who really doesn’t care about women. He routinely demeans women when he frequents prostitutes and brings them back to his trailer.  He doesn’t even know how many feral children he has out there.

      Strtlk, please get help and stop drinking the blue water in the toilets.

      • Todd Dunn

        The LL allows women to sue companies.  While reporting the numbers may be good,  a law from the government will not solve the problem.  From a general view companies, and I have worked for five of the top 50, do a great job of equal pay.  

        On another note, While  I respect Norway and Finland, our country was not founded on those principals and it shouldn’t try to reinvent itself to be a socialist country.  If people respect those countries so much then move there.  Freedom to move where you want is something that our country supports.  I apologize that I do not know if Norway or Finland will allow that.  

        I listen to Glenn and find the facts he uses helpful. What I don’t see the usefulness in are the terms that are used to describe others on this blog…moron, idiot,fool, etc…..Civility does not need to be thrown to the wind because we differ in opinion.  Differences of opinion simply need to lead to a deeper and more cordial debate…a debate of facts, a debate of results, a debate of ideologies and value systems.  Debates ARE NOT or should not turn to name calling or rude insults.  We can disagree in a respectful manner.  I am a capitalist and NO, I am not a moron.  

        Thank goodness for differing opinions except when they lead us into a nasty dialog that doesn’t shape and refine either an agreement to disagree or a mutually accepted view that we can both at least tolerate.  So lets take the dialog back to facts of where the country stands.  There is a fact that we are adding debt in an unabated way; we do not have a budget and QE3 is heading us on a Fiscal Cliff…even Bill Clinton agrees to that publically so that is a bipartisan agreement.  If we simply look at the fiscal condition of the country that is a very interesting set of data we can debate…..hopefully very cordially and respectfully of our differences of interpretation of those “facts”


    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. I guess you missed the part about women in the Obamao administration being paid 18% less than their male counter parts. You are a complete fool.

      This is the face of the left wing idiots in this country. They ignore facts they do not like. They spout their rhetoric without ever questioning the Democraps. They are the proof that left wingers are complete fools.

  • Helen Fore Talley

    The liberals only search for answers up to the point it ends in their favor.  If they actually read more and talked less they would see that 90% of their talking points are completely wrong.  But why search further?   They found the answer they want.

  • Rose Dolores Palmer

    In my humble opinion, Obama has many ties to the Muslims, has done nothing to brag about &  has been a complete failure to the United States of America.

    • Rose Dolores Palmer

      It is not a shock to me. What is a shock is that so many still believe his BS!

  • Rose Dolores Palmer

    Women manage to run a home, take care of their children, generally hold down a job, cook, take care of their husband’s needs & still manage to keep a smile, stay gentle & take the time to listen. Sounds like Wonder Women to me. 

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