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Over the weekend, it really begin to hit Glenn that the election is just two short weeks away — this is it.

“I mean, it’s been a non-stop campaign for three years now,” he told listeners this morning.

“We were on this bandwagon with Washington while George Bush was President. Now we have the opportunity to change the landscape of Washington,” he added.

…or at least begin to change the landscape of Washington. It won’t be finished after a Romney presidency, but it’s a chance to put the country back on the right path. There are some, mostly Libertarians, who don’t believe that Romney is enough — they just claim to want to let it all collapse. Glenn disagrees.

He actually referred to himself as a “progressive Libertarian,” noting that if that these individuals are suggesting America hand the keys of the United States government over to a man who won’t let the country collapse. Rather, he will transform it before allowing it to collapse.

“If you think those with power won’t use that as an opportunity to seize more power, you’re out of your mind,” he told listeners.

So what do voters do who aren’t particularly happy with either candidate?

“You vote for the best option out of the two.”

While many may say that this is the same thing we’ve been doing for year (and that’s true), America is more awake now than it has been in a long time. The Tea Party and grassroots movement started under George W. Bush, not President Obama, and they are going to hold Mitt Romney accountable for the promises he makes and the principals on which he ran for office.

“What we have to do is have the same conversation in the country that progressives had with communists around the turn of the century, and that’s ‘look, we agree with your idea of international law. We agree with your idea of big government subsidies — we agree with all of that. We agree that business is bad it becomes corrupt and everything else, but as communists you want revolution — we don’t.’ This is where the word progressives comes from,” Glenn explained. “We will progress towards these things by making steps — little by little. That’s what conservatives and libertarians haven’t come to terms with yet.”

Glenn explained that America isn’t going to be able to fix its problems over night. It’s not possible to simply turn off the giant machine of government that progressives have built. There will have to be compromises — not in principals — but in policies, to begin to make positive steps back in the right direction.

“Thomas Payne and George Washington — both Patriots — but they both made concessions along the way.  They both did what had to be done, and they did it to move forward because they knew they would lose the country — it’s a very fragile thing. You can’t lose it. Progressives understood this, Glenn said. “If Mitt Romney wins, we have to stand.  We have to be true to our own principles that we said we believed in. even when it hurts us.”

The country is just two weeks away from making this giant decision. Tonight is the last debate before the election, and could play a large role is helping undecided voters make their final decision. The debate’s focus is on foreign policy, and with everything going on in the Middle East it’s hard to imagine how the president will prepare for this.

Likely, the president will just try to paint the holes in his foreign policy that Mitt Romney will point out as lies. He’ll claim to have brought the world together, that his policies have worked and that the image of America around the world is better than it was.

“If Romney’s smart, he realizes he has more here, possibly, more here than on the economic front,” Glenn told listeners. “He’s got a home run on the economic front, and all he needs is one more hit and this guy’s going down.”