Two weeks away from the Presidential election

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Over the weekend, it really begin to hit Glenn that the election is just two short weeks away — this is it.

“I mean, it’s been a non-stop campaign for three years now,” he told listeners this morning.

“We were on this bandwagon with Washington while George Bush was President. Now we have the opportunity to change the landscape of Washington,” he added.

…or at least begin to change the landscape of Washington. It won’t be finished after a Romney presidency, but it’s a chance to put the country back on the right path. There are some, mostly Libertarians, who don’t believe that Romney is enough — they just claim to want to let it all collapse. Glenn disagrees.

He actually referred to himself as a “progressive Libertarian,” noting that if that these individuals are suggesting America hand the keys of the United States government over to a man who won’t let the country collapse. Rather, he will transform it before allowing it to collapse.

“If you think those with power won’t use that as an opportunity to seize more power, you’re out of your mind,” he told listeners.

So what do voters do who aren’t particularly happy with either candidate?

“You vote for the best option out of the two.”

While many may say that this is the same thing we’ve been doing for year (and that’s true), America is more awake now than it has been in a long time. The Tea Party and grassroots movement started under George W. Bush, not President Obama, and they are going to hold Mitt Romney accountable for the promises he makes and the principals on which he ran for office.

“What we have to do is have the same conversation in the country that progressives had with communists around the turn of the century, and that’s ‘look, we agree with your idea of international law. We agree with your idea of big government subsidies — we agree with all of that. We agree that business is bad it becomes corrupt and everything else, but as communists you want revolution — we don’t.’ This is where the word progressives comes from,” Glenn explained. “We will progress towards these things by making steps — little by little. That’s what conservatives and libertarians haven’t come to terms with yet.”

Glenn explained that America isn’t going to be able to fix its problems over night. It’s not possible to simply turn off the giant machine of government that progressives have built. There will have to be compromises — not in principals — but in policies, to begin to make positive steps back in the right direction.

“Thomas Payne and George Washington — both Patriots — but they both made concessions along the way.  They both did what had to be done, and they did it to move forward because they knew they would lose the country — it’s a very fragile thing. You can’t lose it. Progressives understood this, Glenn said. “If Mitt Romney wins, we have to stand.  We have to be true to our own principles that we said we believed in. even when it hurts us.”

The country is just two weeks away from making this giant decision. Tonight is the last debate before the election, and could play a large role is helping undecided voters make their final decision. The debate’s focus is on foreign policy, and with everything going on in the Middle East it’s hard to imagine how the president will prepare for this.

Likely, the president will just try to paint the holes in his foreign policy that Mitt Romney will point out as lies. He’ll claim to have brought the world together, that his policies have worked and that the image of America around the world is better than it was.

“If Romney’s smart, he realizes he has more here, possibly, more here than on the economic front,” Glenn told listeners. “He’s got a home run on the economic front, and all he needs is one more hit and this guy’s going down.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is the deciding moment for the nation as to which way we shall all go: into a path back to freedom, accountable govenrment, and restoration of the nation to the people – or unto eternal serfdom under a tyrannical government.

    Choose wisely today people, especially those who have yet to decide.

    For in not deciding, your voice has already spoke, and the vote is already cast in the favor of the ensalvement of our nation and her people.

    • Deborah Rowe

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  • Draxx

    There is no instant reset button, the system is not rebootable when it comes to a nation.  We need someone who has Honor, Integrity, and tells the Truth.  I was thinking, if I was the POTUS, what would my quote be?

    Here is the best I could think of…

    “To Rule by the Blade… is to Die!!!  To Rule by Loyalty… is to Live!!!”

    I do not want to be the POTUS, so I will have to Vote for the Closest Match (Mitt R.)…

  • Patricia Kemp

    Just keep in Mind, Mr. Beck. President Bush had a democratic congress the last two years of his presidency, I believe so I hope you as well lay off Pres. Bush a little… I think this like Rev. Billy Graham has stated is voting on BIBLE PRINCIPLES and the support of ISRAEL. If all faiths vote the BIBLE this should be a “landslide”….

    • tiredofnigs

      Bush was just as bad as obummer…It is the same ole same old…lessor of two evils again…blah…I will vote for Romney only because I dont believe him to be evil but I do not like his liberal leaning policies. I do not believe for a minuet we can save our nation at the ballot box as slaves have never voted themselves free but free people have voted themselves into slavery. When the frauds that are counting the votes and maintaining the machines see to it we have re-nigged…then what box do you think it will take glenn?

    • greywolfrs

      Well, GWB had a Democrap Congress the last couple of years, but that did not mean he needed to sign EVERY bill they put on his desk, which is basically what he did.

  • Sam Fisher

    At least they are not voting for Obama Glenn. 

  • Anonymous

    Two weeks from Americas “last gasp” or a “breather”….. while not perfect I’d choose the breather.

  • Hickory Stonewall

    all these movements, progressive/communist/anarchist are derived from european thought, totally un-american, polar opposite of what washington warned the nation about in the 18th century.

  • Terryann Mapes

    Like Glenn Beck mentioned..This election will be an important one..I truly hope that Romney will be President..We are living in the Latter Days people..So wake up..Do we as Americans who live in a Free Country..want it to be a Socialist Country??..I do Not want that for Me,My Children,or Grand Children..And if Obama is elected it will be done..

  • greywolfrs

    This is specifically for Glenn:

    First, what is a progressive Libertarian? You are ‘progressing’ to being a Libertarian? The country is progressing towards Libertarianism? I think you should probably clarify that statement.

    Second, some Libertarians may be saying “let it collapse”, but most Libertarians are saying nothing of the sort. The reason you think that “most” Libertarians are saying let it collapse would be because it is GOING to collapse. Unsustainable debt and deficits will do that to any country. Unfortunately, Romney IS Obamao-lite and that will not stop it. Most of us are not saying we want it to collpse, in fact, we are saying, matter of factly, that it IS going to collapse. 

    Third, Libertarians simply do not believe that Obamao or Romney are the answer. We can obviously see that if Obamao is the answer, then it was a dumb question. I cannot speak for all Libertarians, but I can speak for myself and the many Libertarians I know. We do not believe that rhetoric about “anyone but Obamao”. We can clearly see that the Republican establishment is just as much to blame for him being president as anyone who voted for him. They put up that clown McCain, let him choose Palin (not that I have anything against her) and expected everyone to vote for them. The Republican establishment torpedoed Rudy and Fred Thompson, both could have smoked Obamao like a Thanksgiving turkey. They threw the last election and saddled us with Obamao. We will not vote for a clown and Romney is a clown. Sorry, but this guy will NOT get us out of this mess. This time, the Reublican establishment torpedoed everyone whose name was not Romney. Everytime anyone gained in the polls gainst Romney, magically the dirt about them started flying. Everyone expects Libertarians to compromise our principles and vote for whomever the establishment decides.  When exactly are they going to compromise? The answer: they wll not.

    Fourth: “You vote for the best option out of the two.” That statement alone is what got us into this mess; why would you think that is the answer to get out of this mess? That makes no sense. You can make fun of us for saying this, but the truth remains.

    The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.
    -Albert Einstein

    Fifth, we do not have the time to vote out Romney if he doesn’t do what he says he will do. If these deficits and debt do not stop growing, the system WILL collapse. Anyone who can do basic math knows this. Every economist says that at two to two-and-a-half times GDP the system collapses. The pace we are on, that could easily happen before the next four years are up.

    Sixth. Credibility? The Republican establishment puts up a couple of clowns in McCain and Romney, so the lack of credibility is already there. Besides, it is very difficult to oust an incumbent. Look at this election cycle, no one ran against Obamao.

    Seventh. George Washington and Thomas Paine did make concessions, but they got concessions back. The problem here is Republicans think that they can make NO concessions and we should just vote how they tell us. Sorry, but that will NEVER work. They have made NO concessions our way, at all, PERIOD.

    Eighth. Voting in Romney is NOT standing for my principles. There is no way around that. See, I believe in those founding documents. Passing Romneycare flies in the face of those documents, just as Obamaocare does. Neither of those stand for my principles.I do agree that we need to give some on the cuts, except defense. How exactly do you MAKE Romney do those things? Vote him out next time elections are held? That will be too late.

    Ninth. I do agree that we need to call a spade a spade. Enough political correctness, that does not lead to an honest conversation about the problems we face.

    Tenth, Obamao freeing people or not is not an issue. If you are speaking about the people in this country, we still have the Second Amendment. Just ask Ted Nugent. I know Obamao would like that not to be the case, but it is. As far as other countries are concerned, it’s not our job to go around freeing people. If those people want to be free, they need to do it themselves, just like our founding fathers did. It seems that everytime we “help” these people, they spit in our face for it. Enough is enough.

    Eleventh. We are sending weapons to these people? How is that any different than what we have been doing for decades? We gave weapons to Bin Laden and the Brotherhood (among other groups) to fight the Russians, in Afghanistan, during the ’80s. This is nothing new. This country should NEVER have been doing that. Romney isn’t going to stop it, just as Reagan did it, as GHWB did it, William “the zipper” Cunton did it. Hell, that is exactly why we went into Iraq. GWB and Democraps before him knew Saddam had WMDs. How did they know that? They saw the documents which stated WE gave them to him, during the Iran-Iraq war, that’s how they KNEW. Now, Obamao is doing it? That really isn’t news. Romney will get into the White House, see what’s going on and arm some other group. Round and round it goes….

    In conclusion, I can tell you that I will not continue to vote for the same clowns. I will not be bullied into voting for the status quo. We need to get back to our founding documents and follow them to the letter. Romney may be a little better than Obamao, but in the end, we can not afford another screw up. It certainly appears that we’re headed that way, though. I simply will not be party to it.


  • landofaahs

    Have you had enough of obamanomic failure America?  Or are you sadomasochistic enough to want 4 more years?

    • greywolfrs

      There are still complete fools like sticky chin and matt “the moron” driscoll….

  • landofaahs

    Gee odumbass.  In tonight’s debate you implied we did not need an old-fashioned navy as in the past.  Well, the Chinese are on their way to build the largest navy in the world.  They know that in order to transport resources, you need a navy.   obama is a clown and a sad one at that.  By the way odumbass, the “p” corpsman is silent…as should you be.  A closed mouth gathers no foot little o.

  • landofaahs

    Revolution served us well in 1776.  Thank God we did not restore our relationship with the Bristish.  Revolutions that are involved in separation are much different than the ones who are trying to force the others to agree with them.  Let us pray that the idiots on the left will see the light before a divorce is necessary.  But I think history shows us it will not.  Separation is not what I want, but logic leads to it.  In my humble opinion.

    • greywolfrs

      My question is why would you not want a separation from these left wing dolts? I do believe you are correct and think a separation is NEEDED, so we can get back to our founding principles.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to log onto this site after President Obama wins re-election.
    1.  glenn beck will be crying bloody murder and will be spinning his conspiracy theories with all his might.  
    2.  Racist lemmings like st/guest will be signing their suicide notes before taking the cowards way out.

    • SoThere

      The cockroach is back again.

      The only racist here is strtlk.  He just can’t stand it when a black conservative posts or when a black conservative runs for office.

      Strtlk, stop drinking the blue water in the toilet.

      • Sam Fisher

        I wonder what strtlk is going to do without his god running the country.

        • SoThere

          He’s going to crawl back into the sewer where most Liberals come from.

          • Sam Fisher

            Or call the suicide hot line.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. I see your crystal ball is working great. I find it funny that you call anyone a coward, you are the epitome of a coward. I see you have been posting in the middle of the night, like the coward you are.

    • Sam Fisher

      I hate to tell you Obama is not the messiah and can and will lose because he can’t turn a bull crap into wine.

  • Anonymous

    Some are crying for the truth, some don’t want to hear it.  If the MSM won’t carry it who will?  Glenn does what he can but he’s only one man.  People don’t believe what they want to believe they believe what they have been indoctrinated to believe.  Tell that lie enough times and it becomes the truth.  Those who vote for Obama either don’t know the truth or don’t want to know it.  If what you have believed for years is suddenly found to be false, how would you feel?  Most would not admit it and would cling even tighter to the lie just to save face.

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