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Tonight, Mitt Romney needs to go out and verify to the American people and verify that the country is much less safe than it was four years ago – and Glenn think that shouldn’t be too hard to do. The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining power in the Middle East, the President of Egypt is praying for the destruction of Israel and the West, Libya and Syria are in chaos. Wars in the Middle East are as deadly and costly as ever. And nobody in his administration will even acknowledge the danger of radicalized Islam by name. Even worse, Obama’s favorite organization, the United Nations, has come out and condemned Romney’s stance on torture.

U.N. official Ben Emmerson has come out and said that a Romney presidency would be a democratic mandate for torture.

TheBlaze reports:

The United Nations and its affiliates have been weighing in on U.S. elections with increasing frequencylately– and it’s understandable, considering a wildly disproportionate amount of its funding comes from the United States.  In the most recent event, the U.N. special rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights raised what he considers to be the “alarming” implications of a Republican victory.

Ben Emmerson lamented Mitt Romney’s position on waterboarding: “There is no doubt that the Romney administration would be able to claim…a democratic mandate for torture…That would put Romney as the first world leader in history to be able to claim [that].”

While he also objected to the secrecy surrounding President Obama’s drastically expanded use of drones, he apparently considers them a preferable alternative.

Emmerson  has apparently never heard Romney speak on his stance on torture, as Romney has previously said, ““But I do not believe, as a presidential candidate that it’s wise for us to describe precisely what techniques we’ll use in interrogating people. I oppose torture. I would not be in favor of torture in any way, shape or form. As I just said, as a presidential candidate, I don’t think it is wise for us to describe specifically which measures we would and would not use. And that is something I would like to receive the counsel of not only Senator McCain but of a lot of other people. And there are people who for many, many years get the information we need to make sure to protect our country.”

“How is that a democratic mandate for torture?” Pat asked.

“Could it be possible that Emerson and the worthless worms at the United Nations are starting to feel as though that the gravy train may have run out of track?” Glenn asked. “The United States of America now pays 22% of the UN’s core budget,  $14 billion, and 25% of its system wide spending comes from us.  And the UN total spending tops $25 billion.  Could it be that the UN understands the best friend they ever had in the White House was Barack Hussein Obama?  A President who considers himself to be a citizen of the world?”

“The whole charade with the UN has gone on for far too long,” Glenn said. “The UN has no jurisdiction in the United States. But left wing observers, left wing organizations have invited the UN observers to our polling places?”

TheBlaze explains, “The Hill is reporting that The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democracy and human rights projects, will be deploying several dozen observers across the United States amid concerns of voter suppression.  Alerted by left-leaning civil rights groups, they are apparently on the lookout for “systematic” efforts to prevent minorities from voting for President Obama.”

Glenn said people need to get out and vote to ensure there is a landslide, otherwise he fears that the left will try to claim the right stole the election from Obama without a clear mandate victory. Glenn explained he was concerned such outcry could cause chaos.