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Isn’t it interesting that a former communist revolutionary (who has never renounced communism) and disgraced 9/11 truther Van Jones is now being accepted with open arms by the media? He’s a regular on CNN now, and his claims are about as comical as truther claims. For example, he went out and claimed that Obama was a “towering figure on foreign policy” because he killed Osama bin Laden and won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jones jumped to the defense of the White House and the Obama administration, noting that Republicans are trying to use the Libya event to attack his credibility because they are afraid of his record.

In addition to Bin Laden and the Nobel Peace Prize, Jones also supported Obama’s stance on Iran.

“Romney has doubled down on weak and reckless, Obama has pulled the world together, he is a towering figure,” Jones said.

Glenn wondered if he meant a towering inferno, noting the way Obama’s policy has literally set parts of the world on fire.

Glenn also mocked the Nobel Peace Prize, saying that it has now amounted to nothing more than a participation prize for making it to the White House.

“It’s a joke. It’s a joke on the Nobel Prize, and joke on him,” Glenn said.

WATCH the Van Jones remarks from This Week below: