Van Jones is funny; claims Obama ‘towering’ figure on foreign policy

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Isn’t it interesting that a former communist revolutionary (who has never renounced communism) and disgraced 9/11 truther Van Jones is now being accepted with open arms by the media? He’s a regular on CNN now, and his claims are about as comical as truther claims. For example, he went out and claimed that Obama was a “towering figure on foreign policy” because he killed Osama bin Laden and won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jones jumped to the defense of the White House and the Obama administration, noting that Republicans are trying to use the Libya event to attack his credibility because they are afraid of his record.

In addition to Bin Laden and the Nobel Peace Prize, Jones also supported Obama’s stance on Iran.

“Romney has doubled down on weak and reckless, Obama has pulled the world together, he is a towering figure,” Jones said.

Glenn wondered if he meant a towering inferno, noting the way Obama’s policy has literally set parts of the world on fire.

Glenn also mocked the Nobel Peace Prize, saying that it has now amounted to nothing more than a participation prize for making it to the White House.

“It’s a joke. It’s a joke on the Nobel Prize, and joke on him,” Glenn said.

WATCH the Van Jones remarks from This Week below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Van Jones is a die-hard communist ideolog.

    HE KNOWS the truth of Obama and his massive failure across the board on foreign matters, along with the fact of the Nobel Prize awarded to Obama for no achievement other than being the first American Marxist POTUS.

    What we are seeing is the continuing effort by Soros, via the MSM, to rehabilitate and remake and rewrite the image of Van Jones ‘Green Energy Czar.’

    Recall – Van Jones declared he will form a socialist party to gain control of the government on local, state and national levels. He is craftily showing support of Obama to cultivate and integrate his message with the democratic base, the left radicals/extremists, and the Democratic fanatical Marxist/Communist/Socialist leadership.

    As I have warned for some time, Van Jones is the opening card for the next hand played by Soros after a defeat of his puppet Obama.

    Soros is a master of long range grand strategy and in this manner, with Van Jones and Hillary, is making sure the future will have a greater chance of being shaped as Soros and his children wish it to be done – and that of the Fabyians.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Understand clearly – while many will make sport and light comedy of Van Jones, do not forget ever he is a die hard communist ideolog. He is being rehabilitated by the MSM, for the purpose of being Soros’s next trump card should Obama be defeated.

    And if Obama survives reeelection, whatever is left of the nation will then fall to Van Jones and his Socialist Party – an nightmare from which we never will return.

    Do not ever underestimate Van Jones, especially when backed by Soros.

    • Deborah Rowe

      @rightmostofthetime:disqus as Soros and his children wish it to be done – and that of the Fabyians. $85 an hour! Seriously I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this, I work two shifts, 2 hours in the day and 2 in the evening…And whats awesome is Im working from home so I get more time with my kids. Heres where I went,

      • Anonymous

        So, prostitution has been good for you?

    • greywolfrs

      Van Jones is a coward. Soros is no puppeteer, it’s difficult to be a puppeteer while being a puppet. Soros is a puppet of the Rothschilds, with that knowledge, spooky dude isn’t so scary. Besides, it only takes $.25 in lead to end either one’s “reign of terror.”

      • Haropd Titsonbeli sr

        How poetic

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a towering figure on foreign affairs, in the mind of who…Van Jones? Is something missing here – what is it that he sees, that the rest of the world doesn’t? Simply mentioning “towering figure” as often as one can doesn’t make it so. Its the best of the Libyan people who were impelled to drag our dead Ambassador through the streets? This jackass may believe he understands Mid-East policy – but spare the rest of us Van.

    • sparducks

      Children who have not been instructed by concerned parents to be discerning will buy this guy’s crap because they don’t know better. Teach your children well folks. They are the future.

    • Staceycarverd

       All idiots like Van Jones sees is evil, and an ability to manipulate ignorant people for his own purpose; their oppression.   He does understand the ME, but not in the way most of us would think; he understands how it is working within the grand scheme of things, our demise.  His ilk is dangerous and the threats they make should be taken seriously, as trash like him are willing to call out their brainwashed goons.

      • Anonymous

        Right you are – he and his fellows are well versed and rehearsed in the art of manipulation – I consider Van Susteren a pretty good debater – we’re suddenly finding out that the tactics of the Liberals is to out talk – over talk – and forcefully butt-in as often as it takes to make their case. Which is no case – their philosophy is built on lies, fabrications and deceit.

  • Anonymous

    Van Jones says Obama is a towering figure. That is how he wants people to view Obama. The way I see it, the larger the tower, the easier it will fall. Jones bases he assessment on this description on the mere facts that Obama got Bin Laden and he got the Nobel Peace Prize. Both of those are laughable. But Van Jones job is to build Obama up so the world will see him in a favorable light. He uses the progressive narrative to make you want to love Obama. It is like hypnosis. He keeps throwing out suggestions hoping that it will stick.

    In my opinion, Van Jones should not be on these talk shows. He is not a credible source and allowing him to weigh in these discussions just makes him seem credible.

    • Staceycarverd

      Jones is a puppet and manipulator like the rest.  He is the typical marxist mouthpiece which fits perfectly into the scheme of CNN and the other MSM lapdogs.

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama is more like the golden calf of the left or the tower of babble.

  • Anonymous

    Tower of Babel for sure.

  • greywolfrs

    I can’t stop laughing….
    I was going to say something, but I can not seem to get the words out through the tears of laughter.Van Jones is an idiot.

  • Sam Fisher

    This video is how Obama truly is.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter said it best. Every 8 to 12 years, the American public forgets what liberalism is like and decides to elect a liberal. Then they realize their mistake and say, “Oh, so that’s why we don’t elect liberal presidents.” Unfortunately, they’re not always that smart when it comes to Congress. 

    • Anonymous

      She’s so funny and so right! People forget what liberalism stands for and we should never forget. It’s like forgetting how crazy our uncle Joe is….and remember when, he takes out his teeth! We all have a crazy uncle Joe. Better to see pics than coming into actual contact… I making any sense?

    • Staceycarverd

       The problem is he’s not liberal, he’s a marxist, a puppet, and is selling us out/setting us up as lambs for our enemies to slaughter.

      • Anonymous

        These days, there is little difference between liberal and marxist. Didn’t used to be like that. Who would have thought we’d be quoting JFK as someone who understood tax policy? And I agree Obama is a puppet. Only puppets need teleprompters in order to address an elementary school audience. 

        • Staceycarverd

           You are right, with today’s leftists, there isn’t really a difference.  Most who would have been liberals 20 years ago are considered moderates today.

  • TAS

    Make sense, Van Jones on the Communist News Network

  • Anonymous

    He must be thinking of the U.S. as this foreign country, or something!,… the ONLY place Obama viewed as anything formidable, is in the minds of the loons here in America! The only reason he would be noted as formidable out side of this gaggle of lemmings, would be due to the same reason Hitler was feared, and pseudo-revered. Because of his level of influence of these legions of mentally, philosophicaly, and spiritually challenged individuals, who have portrayed themselves as ‘diverse’, ‘tolerant’ people, when the only ideas that they are open to pertain to a skewed, at best, borderline totalitarian/socialist doctrine.

  • Anonymous

    It is easy to see the reason many Americans refer to CNN as Communist News Network.  And when you pair Jones and Obama, the term,” Birds of a Feather, Flock Together”.   This entire DC situation is a disgrace and we can see through the piles of lies.  Van Jones will help Obama actually lose the election.  What goes around, comes around.  the Best is yet to come.  Mitt will be the Next President.   Thanks CNN……………

  • VindicatorX

    Well now, Van Jones is clearly insane. This “Towering Figure” image he is desperately trying to  cast Obama as is absolutely ridiculous. The only towering Obama is capable of is in being an irrelevant hack amateur hour fool. Nothing he has ever done related to foreign policy has ever been correct or masterful. He succeeds only at screwing up US foreign policy and the current state of the world is absolute proof. 

    Both of them are not just has-beens, they are never-was’s. Why would anyone seriously entertain anything either of them has to say from this point forward?

    • Anonymous

      He’s the Leaning Tower of PompAss.

  • Staceycarverd

    ” ….claimed that Obama was a “towering figure on foreign policy” because he killed Osama bin Laden and won the Nobel Peace Prize.”

    Exactly Glenn, towering inferno!    I liken 0bamao as a dead tree in a windstorm, you know it’s ready to fall, you just don’t know exactly which direction and when — you just know as long as it stands it poses a threat.
    Yes, Nobel Prize…… His being awarded it when he had done nothing — nothing at all, only illustrates how meaningless it has become.

  • Anonymous

    POTUS was really funny tonight using death stares, saying Mitt is telling a Whopper, gulping a whole lot and looking empty.  He sure likes to jump in and interrupt Romney.  Romney looked and was presidential.  Sad about Van Jones.  All communists support and will give praise to the POTUS.  Americans give praise where praise is due… to this great nation…  The United States of America and the republic on which it stands.  We are not a demo-crazy (democracy). Misspelled on purpose.  Let’s see if Trump does have a bombshell.  Hopefully, something not heard before.

    • Anonymous

       Wilson put us on the trail down democracy and FDR was the second stage.  Even GH Wells realized what FDR was doing to our republic.  That was back in 1939.
      And this from a correspondent (page down to “THIRD; THE DEDICATION”

  • landofaahs

    Van Jones; A colossal tower of babeling nonsense.  Lie, cheat and steal.  If caught in a lie, cheat. If caught cheating, lie.  All while you are stealing the liberties of the American people.  Another turd in the bowl that is DC that needs a good flushing. Cawoossssshhhhh.

  • Anonymous

    How jealous can glenn beck be?!
    1.  President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!  Even though glenn may try and convince the world he doesn’t care about this.  I might believe this if it were not for the fact that glenn bashed the worth of a college education even though he cried and blubbered over his fake degree at Liberty!!! Phony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2.  The terrorist leader behind the 9/11 attacks was hunted down and neutralized under President Obama’s watch!!!!
    3.  glenn beck will never run for political office or serve for the USA.  Why?
         a.  Serving the USA is not profitable.  glenn doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.
         b.  glenn was too much of a weenie to ever serve in the military.  glenn’s idea of courage was betraying his family in order to increase the profits for Jack Daniels and his corner dealer.
         c.  glenn couldn’t even hold down a job at the most conservative company in the country.  Heck, even hannity, the prince of bigotry, has been able to keep his job instead of getting fired.
         d.  glenn’s only guaranteed voter base would be led by racist pimps like st/ guest who has no problem selling his daughters, former wives, current wife or other related children to ensure he does not have to work because he is a lazy piece of shit!!!

    • SoThere

      President Obama was awarded the Nobel prize, he didn’t win it for doing anything.  He got it because he was elected the first Black President.  He hadn’t begun to destroy this country yet.

      Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs, Obama was out playing golf.

      Obama never served and spent his young adult life on drugs and alcohol.  He smoked dope, snorted coke and spent his live strung out on alcohol.

      Glenn has a multi million dollar business that gets information out to tens of millions of people every day.  Strtlk is jealous because he cleans toilets for a living.

      And in strtlks last statement you see a sick little leftist who has an unhealthy fixation on little children.

      Folks, strtlk is a sick little man but he’s what the left calls a Liberal Progressive.

      Romney/Ryan  20/12

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s sticky chin the coward. I see you repeatedly have these lies dropping ot of your pie hole, you really need to get some new material. Dunce.

  • Brenda Weston

    I don’t like Van Jones but one of the reasons I have mostly stopped listening to you Glenn is because you will not recognize that the official story of 9/11 doesn’t make sense. WTC building #7 fell down that day too and no plane hit it. There was no plane debris at either the Pentagon or in Pennsylvanian.  There was minimal damage and no steel framed building has ever fallen down from fire. The evidence and questions go on and on.  At the very least you could call for a scientific investigation since there was none. You are doing the families a disservice by not revealing the truth about 9/11. I understand that is a can of worms you may not want to open but how can I trust what you say when you blindly turn your eyes away from something that is so obvious. 

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an interesting take on who’s behind Obama:

  • Anonymous

    what a disgrace. The liberal MSM giving air time to Van Jones. You see on this particular program, an overbalance of hard left commentators all bantering about concerning Obama. Van Jones squirming away like his arse is on fire waiting to get his points in. Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize on WHAT? Please, the nobel prizes have gone to hard line leftist elites. Obama one of them. As for foreign policy, it seems that if its White It Ain’t Right. Obama sympathizes with extremists because Obama himself embraced counter culture afrocentric doctrine. Obama is a lousy leader, and has a worse foreign policy. Why? Because as a social activist he never had to measure up. You could complain from sun rise to sun down about ” Da Man”. And now that he is “da man”. The responsibility of being “da man” isn’t as good a jig as it was as a complainer.
    Do you Americans realize that Obama backroom eco-socialists were tampering with domestic internal issues within Canada. His hacks were quietly funding anti-drilling and oil exploration strategies to undermine a Canadian issue, which has no bearing what so ever on internal drilling or mining in the continental United States. Yet, those same activists mentored by Van Jones were in Canada throwing money at people who could hold up proceedings with a northern corridor to bring oil to the west coast shipping lanes. Obama’s foreign policy is a joke. And every leader outside of the US looks down at Obama exactly for what he is, and that’s way over his head. 

  • Arthur Cruz

    this van jones  is looking out for `self“ he wants to be heard and has the fools that listen….their one born every second…

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    another racist evil marxist in our mist.

  • tomherron

    Say, would that be the Tower of Pizza????  just a thought.

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