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Ann Coulter is getting a lot of attention for a controversial tweet she sent out after last night’s debate.

Glenn joked with Ann, saying, “I don’t know why you would call Bob Schieffer a retard.”

“Well, I think a lot of people wanted the more ‘Newt Gingrich, in your face’ approach,” Ann responded, adding, “I think a lot of us were surprised that Romney didn’t go after Obama on Libya. That he said he approved of Mubarak being deposed. He did not coming back and really hit Obama hard with some of the completely insane things he said.”

“I realized at the end of the debate only one man on that stage looked presidential,” Ann added noting many of the tacky, snarky comments President Obama made were beneath the office of the President of the United States.

“I think if you were watching the two of them, and you had no idea, and you would say this one is President and this one is some street fighter,” Glenn responded.

“Instead of rising up [to the office of the presidency], he lowered everything around him,” Glenn added.

Ann found President Obama’s performance to feel desperate and flailing. And surprisingly, found it smart of Romney not to hit hard on the cover up in Libya, because: 1. It’s what Obama was expecting and 2. After last week’s debate, the media had been covering the incident quite well.

She pointed out that whenever Obama was off the topic of Libya, he was discussing school teachers, killing Osama bin Laden, pandering to women, and Russia — who he has already made deals to work with after the election.

“There was a lot of embarrassing pander to women,” Ann told Glenn.

“What is the approach here?” Stu asked. “Is there some sort of Obama internal research that shows that 93% of voters are teachers who want free contraception?” What’s the approach here? They constantly bring it back to the same topics.”

Ann believes they’re trying to rally the base, which at this point in the game means his campaign is in trouble. At this point both candidates should be trying to win over the last few undecided voters who will ultimately determine the results of this election, which is exactly what Mitt Romney appeared to be trying to do last night.

“If you’re in those swing states and you’re just beginning to pay attention, and you’re getting your facts about who Mitt Romney is from the President, he looked kind and gentle. He does not look like George W. Bush. He looked in control of himself. And he didn’t look snarky,” Glenn said. “I think if you’re a woman in a swing state you don’t want to go to war — nobody wants to go to war, especially women — you don’t want to go to war. He now has people saying, ‘I kind of like that guy. He was okay. He seemed to have the facts and he doesn’t want to go to a war, and the President he’ll never say this out loud.’ Again, the President gave me the facts on Mitt Romney, and he was wrong there.”

“That’s right,” Ann agreed. “Women, curiously since 9/11, foreign policy has been a much bigger issue for women than for men. It is an important issue. Women don’t want to go to war, and Romney could not have been clearer.”

“I definitely think that Romney is going to win. The only reason I shy away from a landslide is like Yogi Berra said it’s hard predicting especially the future,” she told Glenn.

“Apparently immediately after the debate Obama’s chances in Ohio went down substantially on Intrade,” she added.

Coulter also took issues with Obama’s lie that Romney would have let G.M. collapse without government support.

“Of course Romney with his background, his father being the head of an auto company, did not say that the government should not provide support. It would have been a way to more honestly wind down a company, and eliminate some debts and honor other debts, and not just honoring the ones of your union buddies,” she said.