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Tonight on TV, Glenn had the audience take a look back at the debates between President Barack Obama and candidate Mitt Romney. While there were several opportunities for Romney to really hammer Obama during the debates (and Glenn didn’t hesitate to point all of them out during the show), Mitt Romney decided to go a different direction. He decided not to lower himself to attacks, and not to engage the President during the several instances during the foreign policy debate where he was clearly being baited.

What did Glenn think? What was his reaction when Romney decided not to go after him on issues like Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood?

“He shocked everyone like me in the audience and let Obama off the hook.  He talked about the region in general and how conditions have deteriorated, but decided not to mention anything about the administration ignoring warnings, nor the blatant politicking and outright lies in the days and weeks after the attacks,” Glenn explained.

A series of thoughts ran through Glenn’s head: It’s not what I would do…What planet is Mitt on…I hope he returns to Earth soon…God will understand if I have a drink because of this, right…

Clearly, he wasn’t exactly happy as he was watching the performance. But when the blood stopped boiling and shooting out of his eyes, he realized what was really going on.Glenn felt that Romney was being more Presidential, and was winning over undecided women and voters in the process. It wasn’t the strategy Glenn would have used, but in the end may help Romney more in the long run than most people are anticipating.

“This debate was not made for me or you,” Glenn explained. “Obama was firing up his base, Romney was expanding it.
Because he was going after the independent undecideds. He had to first do no harm, not look combative and not look like a war monger.”

Romney also tied foreign policy back to domestic economic policy, not only playing to his strength but showing that he has command over the central issues of this election season.

Glenn encouraged viewers to share the video below to anyone they know who isn’t decided who the truly presidential candidate was in the debates: