Was Glenn disappointed with Romney’s debate performance?

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Tonight on TV, Glenn had the audience take a look back at the debates between President Barack Obama and candidate Mitt Romney. While there were several opportunities for Romney to really hammer Obama during the debates (and Glenn didn’t hesitate to point all of them out during the show), Mitt Romney decided to go a different direction. He decided not to lower himself to attacks, and not to engage the President during the several instances during the foreign policy debate where he was clearly being baited.

What did Glenn think? What was his reaction when Romney decided not to go after him on issues like Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood?

“He shocked everyone like me in the audience and let Obama off the hook.  He talked about the region in general and how conditions have deteriorated, but decided not to mention anything about the administration ignoring warnings, nor the blatant politicking and outright lies in the days and weeks after the attacks,” Glenn explained.

A series of thoughts ran through Glenn’s head: It’s not what I would do…What planet is Mitt on…I hope he returns to Earth soon…God will understand if I have a drink because of this, right…

Clearly, he wasn’t exactly happy as he was watching the performance. But when the blood stopped boiling and shooting out of his eyes, he realized what was really going on.Glenn felt that Romney was being more Presidential, and was winning over undecided women and voters in the process. It wasn’t the strategy Glenn would have used, but in the end may help Romney more in the long run than most people are anticipating.

“This debate was not made for me or you,” Glenn explained. “Obama was firing up his base, Romney was expanding it.
Because he was going after the independent undecideds. He had to first do no harm, not look combative and not look like a war monger.”

Romney also tied foreign policy back to domestic economic policy, not only playing to his strength but showing that he has command over the central issues of this election season.

Glenn encouraged viewers to share the video below to anyone they know who isn’t decided who the truly presidential candidate was in the debates:

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    As I stated before – Romney played the strategic level, Obama sought a tactical victory. In the debates, Romney came forth as a President should conduct and carry themselves, unlike Obama came forth as a petulant, spoiled and arrogant brat.

    Romney has played Obama as a master fiddler does his insturment. Game, set, match and tournament to Romney; and it is fully in the hands of God, it has been and will be long past the time Mitt is in office.

    What is to be, shall be, as it it meant to be.

    • http://www.facebook.com/guy.becker.986 Guy Becker

      Game set match tournament Romney but election to Obama. Wonder what kind of God excuse you guys will pop up come November when Obama carries the election.

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        What type of racism charges will you left wingers pull out of your ass when Obama gets his ass kicked? I can see it now all white people are racist!

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        Remember everyone when gas prices are high the economy is
        good and the Clinton years was the dark ages because gas was .89 cents a gallon
        and you truly think the moron that said this http://youtu.be/2a1JhItJoG4

         He lied to 65.5
        million people and people know it is a lie but yet the idiots Obama worshipers
        like yourself still follow the liar. God you are such a moron. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.cruz.3766 Arthur Cruz

    sometimes its time to play it safe..`.a scorner seeks Wisdom and finds it not,but knowledge is easy unto him who understands` you ,Glenn have brought many prophecies sometimes without knowing it…we have seen all the works done under the sun and behold all is vanity and vexation of the spirit…you have a heart that knows Wisdom and to know madness and folly…this is vexation of your spirit…I can see this in you… and how hard you are  to have to make people believe as you do…  The Truth….read the book of …Ecclesiastes…

  • Anonymous

    It must be killing glenn, rush, hannity and the rest of the crazies on the far right when they are forced to watch Romney.
    He has not only lost the last two debates, he has once again flip flopped on issues in order to try and win the vote of sane people in the middle.
    Crazy idiots like glenn will inevitably blame Romney’s loss on this tactic.

    • SoThere

      The leftist cockroach is back again.  Mitt Romney cleaned obama’s clock.  Only sick far left idiots think Obama won anything!

      People saw where Obama puts his energies into, “Big Bird” while our citizens are being killed around the world.  Obama’s lost on “Sesame Street” with Elmo and the rest of his cabinet!

      Strtlk’s a leftist spammer who has an unhealthy fixation on Glenn Becks genetals.

      He’s a whiner.  Bwaaaaaaa  Bwaaaaaaaaa  Whiiiiinnnnneeee.

      • VindicatorX

        Again,your aim is impeccable, with accuracy to match.

      • Sandie

        His campaigning shows how immature he is – calling Romney names – ie: having “Romnesia” and basically just making fun of him. Thing is – his idiot brain dead adorers all cheer him on when he does it! What a cult he has going.

    • Anonymous

      Only cool-aide drinking morons like you could possibly say that Obama won the last two debates.  One could only believe Obama won the last two debates if you give points for telling so many lies that Romney didn’t have the time to refute them all.  Please tell us all what has transpired in the last four years that you want more of – and if you say more Socialism, you are living in the wrong country.

  • Anonymous

     There have never been real elections in contemporary America, and there
    will be no “election” this time either. There will, as always, be no
    real choice: war-mongering, mass-murdering imperialist “A” or
    war-mongering mass-murdering imperialist “B”.  WAKE UP

  • http://www.facebook.com/winlass Lorraine Smith

    It’s too bad the cynical math-challenged, history challenged kids have posted at the top of this blog. Sort of ruins it for the adults doesn’t it?

    I listen to Glenn because he asks questions in a humorous way which makes searching out the truth easier to swallow without getting sick. How many wise & honest are there in the U.S? Please be courageous, continue to come forth & blow the whistle on the liars & thieves. Woe unto those who call evil good & good evil!

  • poed

    Romney was brilliant!!!  Not what I wanted to see, but now analyzing it, he beat Obama at his own game.

    If Romney went after Obama on Benghazi, the MSM would have crucified
    him for making this “political” and formed a narrative of “politics come
    before the lives of Americans.”   Romney didn’t take the bait.

    If Romney criticized Obama on bin Laden, he would have come across as
    “not fully understanding the threat of Al-Qaeda thus not ready for the
    Commander in Chief position”. Romney again didn’t take the bait, and
    congratulated Obama on his decision.

    If Romney tried to point out specifics on failures in the Mid-East
    from the Arab Spring, he would be touted as 1) a “war-monger”, or 2)
    inaction, which would be viewed as a stance “against freedoms for
    oppressed peoples” of these nations.  Again, Romney did not take the

    With all 3 of these things, the Obama camp was primed and ready to
    stick it to Romney with the MSM ready and willing to amplify….BUT

    IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!!!  I think these were the main reasons, and “looking Presidential” was just a BONUS!

  • Mysty

    You raise a very good point here, Mr. Beck as to why Gov. Romney did not come out more forcefully during that debate. I’d wondered the same.  I can’t understand the “undecided,” myself.  Why don’t people want content?  But, I do feel that, at the very least, Gov. Romney did not handle Mr. Obama’s attack that we no longer use horses and bayonets as well as I would have liked.  He kind of looked like a deer in the headlights completely off guard.  Even if it were true that we no longer used bayonets, the cost of air craft carriers and the equipment we use today is significantly MORE then bayonets and horses – not to mention that our soldiers DESERVE the BEST equipment to protect them on the battlefield.  Lastly, Mr. Obama kept mentioning that “his” advisors informed him these cuts were acceptable, and  Gov. Romney could have addressed that his advisers also did not agree to send protection for our people in Libya.  He needed to reply more affectively, IMO, to that smug reply from Mr. Obama (while maintaining the strong, professional and proper demeener that Gov. Romney has shown).   President Ronald Reagan comes to mind :)

  • Anonymous

    Mr Beck. Last nights show was absolutely incredible.  When your on your game there is simply no one better. Last night reminded me why I am such a loyal viewer/listener. Keep it up man!

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    The left continue to lie about the facts and that is why he most likely didn’t fight all that much because the majority of Americans can see how full of it Obama is. That is why his numbers dropping faster than a lead brick in water. Regular people know he lied about Libya and gas prices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Charles17121 Charles S. Imwold

    Eventually the truth comes out no mater how many people try to hid it . We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number, forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President . We The People must demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . That Article states that for anyone to be US President they have to be a Natural Born US Citizen as one of it’s provisions . The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is NOT a Natural Born US Citizen and therefor is holding office illegally .

  • Anonymous

    Obama looked like a kid running for town council in Sagebrush Arizona.

  • http://twitter.com/TeaPartyRI John Jupiter

    Romney will win by a landslide if the sheep get the crap out of their heads. If Romney somehow loses we have sealed the fate  to socialism

  • http://www.facebook.com/thatdrumguy Chris Dupuis

    Mitt Romney is a man that felt he had something to offer to America.  The first debate, I really believe he was something that he normally is not, and I believe that was in large part to the prayers and fasting of faithful that emboldened him beyond his own demeanor.  I think we all get caught up sometimes thinking that Romney is some sort of “chosen one” to free us from Obama’s tyranny, and I know that’s definitely a view among Mormon conservatives right now, but that’s not really how God works. 

    I think he probably felt that he was beginning to lose himself in all the politics…the mind games, the contention, the two-faced immorality of it all, and so he simply reminded himself that he’s just a man that wants to make a difference and went back to being that person instead of someone he’s not.

    And perhaps Obama is re-elected for 4 more years..perhaps not, but if he is, then we as Americans will have the opportunity to learn a few things about the power that “We The People” hold, to mold our destinies, sometimes IN SPITE OF a president, because we live in a republic where no one man, even the president of the United States, can take that from us.

  • Anonymous

    Hussein-Obama Only Qualities is As A Community Agitator WHich Is A Professional Liar,an AntiAmerican Islamist Terrorist! Mitt Romney Is An Honest Church Goer Believing In Devine Providence Will Guide Our Nation! Hussein-Obama Wants To Destroy Our Nation! The Radical Muslim Agenda For Milleniums! We Are At War, The Ultimate Battle, The War Between God And The Devil! Satan Has Wanted This Since He Was Kicked Out Of Heaven When He Tried To Take Over,To Become God!and He Found Someone On Earth Who is so narsisistic enough to believe the lies that he can become God..to use for his own agenda! Remember as Glenn Says, ‘The Truth Has No Agenda!’ Hussein-Obama & Lucifer Has an Agenda! Their Own! They say They Are for you the common Man but They Are Really Out For Themselves!not for you!!

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