Why did Romney go soft on Obama in final debate? Glenn has an idea

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“I think I know why Mitt did not punch back last night,” Glenn said on the radio show this morning.

“On Libya he gave him a total and complete pass.  I don’t begin to understand it.  On Afghanistan the same thing.  He could have hit him with the actual numbers of the war.”

Glenn said Romney could have also brought the Muslim Brotherhood and his failure to pass a budget. Romney could have (again) talked about Obama’s personal investments in overseas countries like China. He could have brought up G.M.’s outsourcing jobs to China even though Obama and his administration dumped taxpayer money into the company.

But he didn’t

Even FOX News Chris Wallace reached out to a Romney aide to ask why he was being so soft on some of these issues. Wallace explained, “I emailed one of his top aides in the course of the debate, and said what’s behind this strategy? And clearly he was not taking the bait, not getting into fights with Barack Obama. And this official said that it was all Mitt Romney’s idea. This is how he wants to conduct the debate.”

Why did he choose this strategy?

“I strongly believe that Mitt Romney is probably one of the most prayed for men on the planet right now.  I believe Mr. Romney prays on his knees every day.  I know he prays before the debates. I don’t know if it was the right thing, but I believe he is being guided and I believe he believes it’s important to be less contentious. It may be he’s doing what the Lord wants him to do right now.  A lot of people that are conservatives and who have been walking down this road for a long time, we wanted him to eviscerate the President last night – metaphorically speaking.  But our ways aren’t necessarily His ways.  And I hope and pray and believe that Mitt Romney is trying to seek out His way,” Glenn said.

“We are now 14 days away.  In two weeks’ time America goes to vote for the next President of the United States.  In two weeks’ time we go to a polling booth.  We close the curtain (along with the dead people that voted in the other booth), and we choose and the path couldn’t be clearer.  It just couldn’t be clearer.”

” Last night you saw somebody who took the stage that appeared to me to be George Washington.  Now a guy who I don’t necessarily agree with.  It’s going to be — I hope Romney understands that just because we vote for him doesn’t mean we agree with him on everything.  And just because we may stand against him on certain policies doesn’t mean we hate him.  We just believe in principles and some of the things that he said last night I don’t agree with.  At all.  But that’s where he is.  And I think that the American people have a very, very clear choice.”

“Mitt Romney is trying to do the right thing, and trying to be an honorable man, which I haven’t seen in Washington in a long, long time.  And he made a conscious choice.  I think he could have eviscerated him last night but he didn’t.  I don’t know why.  I think you saw last night for those with eyes and ears, you saw somebody who’s model may be George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and another who’s model was Saul Alinsky .”

“The question, the only one that remains is, are we more Washington or more Alinsky now.  We decide in 14 days.”

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Romney spoke the truth when he said during the debate that Obama never visited Israel.
    Obama said he did… but what Romney had in mind, and so should you, was that as President, Obama never visited Israel but he did visit neighboring Islamic states and even kissed the ring of the Saudi king, The Protector of Islam. That sent a very strong message throughout the Islamic world. A bad message for Israel.A bad message for real peace.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PGJZA6HFIZKBN42EZ6367GH6IM Ajean72

      I agree 100 percent!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ITRKF5ZG7CKPRATYNTHZUNVCJI Diane

        Followers of the GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob please continue to pray for  
        Mitt Romney. It was quite obvious that we don’t have a Christian president now, but a follower of the father of lies and deception, SATAN. The BIBLE says a liar doesn’t have a place in HEAVEN, so I guess OBAMA will be visiting Osama in HELL! He’s such a pompous and arrogant ass, I would love to see him actually have to own up to all his lies. You know what happens when someone is a chronic liar, they too get caught up in their own deception. Mr. Obama oh what a tangled web you have woven for yourself, remember we all reap what we sow. In the end there isn’t any free passes and GOD WILL take him down a peg or two. 

        • Laura Cambria

          Diane, I agree with you completely!  I have been saying he is the epitome of evil, if not the Anti-christ!  A very evil cabal has steamrolled our country.  Praying for Mitt!!!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AD5KMV3J65WEY4LP7ZEMTJN7ZM Viola Carpenter

          you are right on, Diane.  I wish and am praying that the rest of voters can see thru this Obama curtain he has put up.  If we have a man who prayes, that is the first condition to getting America back.  God have mercy on us at the election.

  • landofaahs

    Not just because women don’t want war,but because there are many men on the fence who don’t want us running around the world searching for dragons to destroy.  I am sick of nation building except for this one.  Obama is dead wrong on how to do that, I just hope Romney is.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I have to agree with you on the no more nation building. If our nation does have to go to war after being attacked, or to rescue fellow Americans then we do it the old fashioned way – overwhelming and decisive force, get the job done the quickest possible and then get back home.

      • landofaahs

        I think that when the next nation to attack us was destroyed 80% and not rebuilt, it would send a message around the world.

        • Sunshine Kid

           The only reason to rebuild a nation is to get the people of that nation on your side.  It worked well with Germany, Italy and Japan after WWII.

          But I have to agree.  Rebuilding a nation after we destroy it may no longer be the way to go.  The next nation to attack should be prepared to be smashed with no further help from us – we simply cannot afford it anymore.

          • Anonymous

            @Sunshine Kid.  I hope president Romney decides to invade NJ, we could use a good rebuild.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn this may answer part of the questions you have asked:

    People wanted, expected, Romney to go for the throat over the matter of Benghazi and when the blood did not come, declared the debate and the election to be over then and there.

    What many failed to see, and did not understand until Romney started hammering home on other subjects – hard hammering – is the strategy he played out. In debate two, his references to Libya caused Team Obama to prepare for an expected blow-out confrontation on the matter, and Obama could not get Romney to rise to the bait.

    Obama sought a decisive tactical victory, and thus fell into Romneys trap. Caught off guard and shaken, Obama had no effective defense to the truth given by Romney on so many matters, such as the apology tour and Russia.

    In the end, Obama showed himself again to be a naricissist, petulant, arrogant, and angry. His final defeat came with the statement of “America is ME.’

    Sorry Mr President you are not America, you are not a god, nor a king, it is all of the people of our great nation who are America. ALL of us.

    • http://www.facebook.com/troy.binetsch Troy Binetsch

       I think you make a very astute observation.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        One thing just occured to me with reading these posts: Romney either devised the strategy himself, or he is a man who listens to the counsel of his advisors and makes his mind up then.

        The strategy – of his own or a admixture with others input shows he is the right man we need.

        I do know one thing from these debates, and in hindsight looking back at his campaign strategy from the beginning of his run to be the Republican nominee.

        The leaders of Russia and China, masters of Grand Strategy, will respect him as a adversary to be dealt with cautiously.

        The book Art of War by Sun-Tzu speaks of a leader and commander who knows himself and his enemy will be victorious. He also speaks in the book of the best way to defeat an opponent is to defeat his strategy.

        With Obama this was easy – keep Obama focused on the character attacks of Romney, keep him offguard, unbalanced, and emotionally fixated with dealing a ‘knockout blow’ tactically while he ignored the campaign as a whole.

        Again, Romney has played Obama as a master fiddler does his fiddle for some time. My respect for the man Romney has gone up a few more notches.

        • Anonymous

           I had heard (on a conservative news show) that this was Mr. Romney’s idea.  I also was anxious for a confrontation on Benghazi, but I think Mr Romney came off as the “better man”.

          • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1617793112 Nancy June Stegeman

      Obama was just a punk in a gang smoking pot and it seems he hasn’t changed.

      • JoAnn Graham

         Smoking pot and, don’t forget, snorting coke.  OCUMBER talks about snorting coke as casually as if  it is just nothing at all! (Apart from being illegal and a mind-altering addictive substance, cocaine is no big deal, right?)   But I can actually remember a time when those activities would have been enough to disqualify a person from getting elected to much of anything, much LESS POTUS.  After all, who wants some stoned-out COKEHEAD with his finger on the nuclear button?

    • Anonymous

      Very good!  Makes very good sense.  And I also believe what Glenn says too, as Romney is the most ‘prayed-up’ candidate as there are millions of which I’m one…putting in hours of prayers for God’s hand in all of this.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1229573242 Nina Flora

        amen and so am i and no doubt mllions of other americans. i prayed for tht last election as  saw what i knew was “change for the bad” for our country. but God permitted it against my desres but my God is bigger than the socialistks, communsts, markists, Imam and all put together. soooo believng…

      • Anonymous

        Now the truth that the WH knew immediately that the attack was indeed an act of terrorism yet trot out the narrative of this video they themselves call vile and contemptable. So our own administration are the ones stoking the flames of violence using this film as a cover when they knew it was a red herring.

        Half the country is considering voting for this man again … I pray for some devine intervention. Obama, Biden, Axelrod, Pfloffe, Wasserman-Shultz & Cutter … liars – the whole lot — it is so obvious yet why do so few people see it

        November 6th may honor and integrity once again be
        restored to the White House

    • Ken Jacobsen

      What an excellent explanation, I agree. What Romney showed was his true charator of being a statesman and a polished professional. Obama was not ready for anything else but the Benghazi issue and did not prep for other issues to the degree Romeny sucked him into. Obama is all about himself, he kept repeating; me, or I and never his team. Obama is all about himself, like a king. Romeny is a man of faith, a former Pastor for 10 years that he rarely brings up. I believe we can all trust Mitt Romney as our President, and when elected he has the opportunity to be the next Ronald Regan and make all American’s proud once again that we are the best country in the world, and will appologize to no one!   

      • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina

        I’m not sure about Romney sometimes. I feel there is a 50/50 chance he may be a Reagan type and just trying to stay away from attacks that are “unbecoming” of a future president. If that’s the case he’d be the first presidential candidate since Reagan worth voting FOR rather than just against the other guy.

        I just say 50/50 because I don’t trust politicians as far as I can throw them. Just hope we GOP don’t get disappointed down the road. That said, what’s MORE IMPORTANT than the presidential race is the SENATE races people. If the GOP gets a solid majority in the Senate it doesn’t matter even if Obummer is reinstated, we can repeal Obamacare (by defunding it) and can achieve any policy result we want.

        So it’s win-win no matter who is president if we win the Senate. I get frustrated when everyone focuses on the presidency, because that only further makes the president position more powerful as everyone puts all their eggs in that basket.

        • Anonymous

          I might be able to agree with you on its not mattering whether O is reinstated.  You are forgetting the all powerful executive orders by which he has consistently subverted the constitution and congress.

          • JoAnn Graham

             I agree.  There is no guarantee we could get ANYTHING positive done or ANY of his vile executive orders, bills rammed thru such as Obama care, etc. nullified through Congress when he just ignores Congress and behaves like a dictator, and Congress is too gutless to even protest.

            The ONLY solution is to send him packing and REMOVE him from power–while also electing a Republican majority in the Senate and holding the majority in the House.  Then and ONLY then can we begin to reverse the destruction done by the lying progressive/socialist/islamic plants who have co-opted the Democratic party and turned it into their private Trojan Horse to destroy America from within.  I have been saying all along and repeat how, NOBODY should ever vote for a Democrat EVER for ANYTHING–they can NOT be trusted, no matter how “moderate” they seem to be, because they are LIARS, and their party is riddled with America-hating subversives who will stop at nothing to destroy this Republic and our freedoms with it.

            If there are any Democrats out there who actually love this country and don’t want to turn it into a Socialist-Democratic Europe, Communist “workers paradise”  or (God Forbid) ISLAM, then you had better get off your a$$es and take your party back, because it has become a cesspool of amoral radicals who will stop at NOTHING to tear this country down, seize power and remake it in the image of every brutal and horrific totalitarian regime whose blood-stained footsteps echo throughout human history.

          • Anonymous

            It’s you Jan! It’s you, your like, your fellow brainwashed minions that are driving the youth of this country away from the radical right-wing craziness, but you can’t fool me Jan, I know your intent is to do just that! 

        • mspatdev

          Romney is a very good person. He has ran his campaign as an honest person. He and Paul Ryan will be a great president and vice president. He has worked in business for over 25 years. He has worked hard for the Olympics in Salt Lake and took no salary. Can you do that? Could the lier “O” do it?  NO. Romney could put a lot of people people to work. They won’t be union jobs or the government. They are the good jobs that you people have started from scratch and he would bring some of the jobs that have gone to other countries back to the USA. He has ethics.  Can Obammy say anything that is not a lie?  NO. I am surprised that people can’t see that. Do you want to live under A FAR-LEFT, COMMUNISM, TERRORIST, MARKIST AND Socialist govenment?  That is Obammy’s dream for the next 4 years. He wants to be King. He Wants to destroy the USA.   He doesn’t have a plan. He wasn’t even born in the USA. The reason he has his college records sealed is because he came from Indonesian as a perverted and criminal foreidn student. THE LAP DOG MEDIA has covered this up. Obammy is so crooked he will try a lot of FRAUD to win this election. I hope the people that put him in will see that they have no jobs won’t be stupid for the next 4 years.  MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA

        • Anonymous

          But is it possible for a governor to nullify Obamacare? It’s federal legislation after all, and it’s been held up by the Supreme Court. Just asking. Also, even if we do have a majority in the Senate (as of now it looks like Harry Reid will retain power), how much of a majority vote do we need in each chamber of Congress? A simple majority or 2/3 majority? If it’s a 2/3 majority then Obamacare will never be repealed. Although you mentioned something about de-funding rather than repeal. That sounds interesting, but how would that work?

    • http://www.sternlight.com David Sternlight

      Romney followed the old business aphorism on Libya: “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and what’s more, the pig enjoys it.”

      • Anonymous

        And never try to teach a pig to sing. It is an impossible task and it annoys the pig!

        • Anonymous

          Romney’s campaign has been conducted the same way.  He refuses to get down in the pig sty and grovel.  He will not reduce himself, or his family, or his associates to that level.  Obama is comfortable in the sty…and often cannot function outside of it.  

          • Anonymous

            what struck me about the debate is how openly condecending and plain disrespectful Obama would be to a fellow countryman during what should be an open and honest debate. If he is that way to our own how unpresidential is he with world leaders.

            Joe LiedThen (Biden) during his debate was just plain bizzare. We tuned in again for an honest debate not a theatrical production … one day closer to these folks to be out of the peoples house and our country to heal and thrive again

          • http://PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot.com/ GovernmentCoverUpClickHere

             DW, ever hear of the Marxist revolutionary named Che Guevara who helped Castro overthrow the Cuban government?

            Is this merely a coincidence?

            George Bush was a CHE-erleader
            Dick Cheney Ex-CEO of Haliburton also known as RICH-ard CHE-ney
            Mi-CHE-lle Obama
            Obama ran on a platform of HOPE and CHE-ange
            Bill Clinton born in HOPE, Arkansas at Julia CHE-ster Hospital
            Daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton is CHE-lsea Clinton

            New World Order leaders have been exposed
            Obama Osama
            Biden BI nla DEN

            Learn what the media cannot report on leaked at the link in my name.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656559559 Andrew Ritter

            The comments I’ve read here, thus far, have been marvelous. I know that everyone I know has been praying for Romney and Ryan, that they do well in the debates. Prayers are never answered, though, in the way you hope they would be. Instead of a decisive knockout, what we received was a revelation on each of the four candidates. Their veils were removed and we saw each one of them for who they really are. In the case of Romney and Ryan, we were able to see that they are men of truth and courage who really plan on doing their best to restore our country to its foundational principles. In the case of Obama and Biden, their real characters, their real intentions, were revealed and not at all complimentary. I applaud Romney and Ryan for taking the higher road and pray that they, and our beloved country, all come out winners on election day.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

            DestinedWinners…this is exactly how the Narcissist-in-Chief treats people who don’t agree w/him or challenge him.  Remember how he had Paul Ryan sit in-front during one of his press conferences and Obama began to belittle him and his budget plan?  And if you read David Limbaugh’s book “Crimes Against Liberty”, Obama is even quoted as saying, “I can because I’m the President” whenever anyone challenged him.   

            During Monday night’s debate, Romney b*tch-slapped him and Obama never knew what hit him! 

          • Anonymous

            I can’t even Imagine Joe LiedThen (Biden) becoming president if something should happen to Obama…. for those walking around with blinders on…. that fact alone should make them switch teams!

    • Anonymous

      Your thinking pretty much parallels mine on this, snowleopard.  I thought Obama was schooled and prepared to deal with the Libyan issue in some way.  When Romney didn’t engage him on it, I believe Obama was frustrated and angry.  That’s what came across during the rest of the debate.  He had all that adrenalyn with nowhere to use it.  Thus, he came across as a petulant adolescent as evidenced by his snarky response about the size of the navy, the comment about horses and baynets; his arrogant and condescending description of aircraft carriers where we can land planes and boats that can go underwater.  That behavior didn’t make Romney look bad; rather, it diminished Obama.

      • teddy kubacki

        Romney was the matador and Obama was full of bull.

        • govstinks2

           Obama has tried to portray Romney as not real bright and it hasn’t worked.  Romney is one of the smartest people we can ever know.  He sure has more sense than what is in the W H now.

          • Anonymous

            Romney simultaneously earned a law degree and an MBA. Yeah, he’s plenty smart.

      • http://twitter.com/MarilynBr MarilynBr

         That set of comments made Obama look stupid, not Romney.

    • http://www.facebook.com/merry.josephsen Merry Josephsen

      snowleopard, what a great post. You have a natural ability to see things for how they are instead of what you think they should be. I applaud your vision and ability to express yourself so gracefully. You expressed what you observed first hand beautifully. Thank you.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Give the thanks to God, without Him guiding me to the truth and being able to state it as He wishes it done, it would not be worth reading.

    • govstinks2

       I love your answer and I feel the same as you do.  I think Romney played Obama like a fine violin last night and Obama just never knew what hit him.

    • Anonymous

      “Sorry Mr President you are not America, you are not a god, nor a king, it is all of the people of our great nation who are America. ALL of us.”

      I agree,,,however, I think it should be,,,America = WE THE PEOPLE !!

    • Draxx

      Excellent Comments snowleopard…

      I think he held off a bit to show Obummer’s Followers that they believe in a pigheaded bully (who has the illusion they are in control)!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=578453615 Kevin Dill

      If you’ve read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”… you understand that you always try to control the location of a battle that is favorable to you.  Even though I wanted Romney to pummel Obama over Benghazi, I’m sure that Obama prepared for it.  It would have been unwise for Romney to attack Obama when he was so prepared… at best it would have been a draw.  It was better to go after his unprepared flanks with the attacks on the apology tour and Russia.  While Obama joked about Russia, many of us see how Putin is consolidating power (and remember Georgia).  And Romney used a bit of misdirection with past remarks to prompt Obama to prepare so much on a topic that wouldn’t be attacked, limiting his defense (preparation time) in the other areas.  Finally, when you attack an enemy do not humiliate his citizens, for if you win you will need their support.  Romney executed the battle strategy well, while looking Presidential… and not humiliating those who in 2008 voted for Obama.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Sun-tzu ‘art of war’ and quite a few other books from China, the mix of military and political philosophy of old is immense (I might recommend reading the one called ‘Chinese Machevelli, you can find excerpts from it on Amazon).

        Romney may not have read the book, but he executed the strategy to perfection.

    • Anonymous

      Im not buying it! Obama had NO defense on this. There is NO WAY to spin this and use it somehow against Romney no matter how hard Obama prepared for this question. I think he (Romney) was told to leave it alone, or he (Romney) is now a part of the cover up. Benghazi was ignored by this admin on purpose! WE KNOW THIS! Mr. Beck has exposed this so well, as to the way it all went down hour by hour. THIS is why I DONT TRUST EITHER PARTY! Bush spent a lot of time with Obama before he turned over the seat of power. A VAST MAJORITY of what Obama campaign on the first time was NOT what he did when he got in office. It reminds me of what Mr. Beck said when he stood in the Oval office for real and spoke to then president Bush. He asked President Bush what would happen if Obama won and tried to do what he was saying he was going to do in his campaign. Mr. Beck said president Bush told him “Not to worry, because Barack Obama if he wins will find his hands are tied on many things as president”. Im paraphrasing but I remember what he said. NO, it is a stretch to think he is “Acting presidential”. SOMETHING STINKS ON ICE!!!!

    • Anonymous

       my hubby, an immigrant from WWII and a proud American, commented that Obama is just plain “snotty@HokieBird:disqus ”  an old-fashioned word I suppose, but it fits.

    • Laura Cambria

      The only thing we can thank this Imam for is the ABSOLUTE AWAKENING HE HAS CAUSED TO SO MANY PATRIOTS!  Your last sentence is priceless!

    • jen

      Glenn Beck,has always and is very much in love with Romney. He pretended he was against romney before and would only go with romney to beat romney.

      romney is heavily pro-establishment- and everything beck in his truth stands for.

      Romney did not go after obama because he is helping obama to get elected and giving the illusion he is running versus just acting as he is doing.  Just as McCain did to Obama.  For this, Beck has a lot of love for romney.

      it is not true as beck says that romney was an honorable man to not go after obama and romney is the flip opposite of washington/lincoln and infact romney is anti-washington.  santorum also is nothing like washington, but slightly closer to washington that romney is or will ever be. 

      beck and his followers express such hatred for this country and its founders by falsely comparing people like washington/lincoln to republican establishment candidates like romney and santorum.  infact, newt gingrich is most similar to washington/lincoln – and that is why beck joined the so-called left and obama in bashing newt when he was popular in a sick, cruel fashion. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1077953374 Brian Bailey

      All of the explanations in this thread are better than Glenn’s “God told him to do it.” Except for the one below from “GovernementCoverUpClickHere” which is troll spam and he’s been spamming all over the net like on Townhall. If you read this flag him.
      Victory in 13 days.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    In the end, I feel that Romney was inspired by God to show a higher purpose and calling than just eviseration of the President. Romney again demonstrated with class and style a truth:

    He is the President we need for these times and these challenges we face now and in the coming years.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ekmartens Elizabeth Graf Martens

      ….such a time as this……not perfect but right for the job at hand…..

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ethan-Perks/100000866010072 Ethan Perks

        There is a saying, Russian, I believe. “Perfection is the enemy of good enough”.
        I think Mitt will be “Good enough”.

    • Anonymous

      I think we were ALL waiting for Mr. Romney to trounce Obama, and at first I too was angry and frustrated that he didn’t take advantage of some of the obvious openings which Obama was presenting to him.  On hindsight (always 20-20!) I believe that Mr. Romney was demonstrating a good, solid “business” approach, which is : “We have a bad situation.  We can figure out where the faults and the blame lie later, there’ll be plenty of time for that.  But how are we going to FIX the problem NOW?”  Would pouncing on Obama have brought back the four dead Americans?  Mr. Romney MUST have realized that Obama was spending the entire week practicing his “spin” on the Libya situation; and by NOT bringing it up he probably eliminated 90% of Obama’s preparations.  I wonder if he plays chess?
      He let Obama eviscerate himself!

  • landofaahs

    Playing with o’s mind, little o could not adjust to the changed tone they did not count on.  The mean o is coming out for all to see.

  • Kevin Sullivan

    I can of two things. He did not want to be contentious and the fact that Obama just lies and does not answer questions. He let Obama not answer questions, he let Obama to attack him and instilled in the minds of independents that attacking Romney is the Obama foreign policy.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, please post your excellent “0bama Numbers” poster online – the one you had on today’s TV show. Those are numbers that need to be seen by all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carol.kelley.7902 Carol Kelley

      You mean this one?
      • — 23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed • — 47 Million on Food Stamps • — 5.5 Million Homes in Crisis/Foreclosure • — $4500 Drop in Household Income • — $5.5 Trillion of New Debt • — $716 Billion in Medicare Cuts • — $2.6 Trillion for Obamacare • — $1.9 Trillion in New Taxes in Obama’s Budget • — 100% Increase in Gas Prices Four more years of this……………. You’ve got to be kidding!!

  • Anonymous

    cnn titles “Debate: Was Obama too hard on Romney?” and goes on to say “the final debate saw each man play a different game. Mitt Romney came to float like a butterfly, while President Obama came to sting like a bee.” – I think that was a good tactic on Romneys part…

  • http://profiles.google.com/jfrockon jack franklin

    I just hope your analogy was/is correct.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001396314144 Rusty Spinner

    I think that by glancing over Libya, Romney denied the president an opportunity to explain away his administration’s mixed messages and mistakes.  

  • http://twitter.com/stardog235 Aine

    At American Thinker, “The Real Reality Check”:

    …Whatever dissatisfaction I might feel about not hearing the rock
    bottom truths on everything from the Arab Spring to Benghazi, to the
    Cairo speech, and all the way to the impossibility of negotiating Iran
    out of its genocidal nuclear ambitions, the fact is that Mitt Romney,
    slammed with a narrow defeat on mainstream scorecards and dismissed as a
    total flop by the Obama camp, would have been soaked in boiling oil if
    he had gone any further into the harsh realities left at the door of the
    debating studio like guns outside the saloon.

  • Jim Clement

    God bless you Mr Beck for holding up the torch of truth. If only there was a way to write in your name on the ballots I believe we could see the right person in the oval office. I for one will do it if there is a way!

  • http://twitter.com/1raddad 1RadDad

    I think he was able to stay above the fray and let you, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and even non-conservative pundits get the message out about Libya, etc.  The fact checkers today have brought out the ‘apology tour’, the Libya situation and other debacles of the Obama presidency. He doesn’t have the same apologist surrogates in the mainstream media, but by taking a high road he allowed them to bring these things out as they asked the question, “why didn’t Romney bring up…”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=19229609 Brittany Daniel

    When are saw this article on my newsfeed, I thought maybe you were thinking the same thing I was thinking but you weren’t. I feel that maybe Romney backed off last night and put forth a more passive-aggressive demeanor on foreign policy last night because Romney is looking for the undecided votes and the staunch, Ron Paul conservatives who refuse to vote for him (until maybe last night)… The Ron Paul supporters are isolationists and want out of the war and issues around the world just as much as the Left does. So by not acting like a “warmonger” as the Left has painted him, he may have won over some of the Ron Paul voters to come out and vote for him that weren’t planning on doing so before last night’s debate. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=659367620 Todd Owens

    I think he also understands that Obama is losing ground with women and that he saw an opportunity to gain some ground in that crucial voting block.

  • http://www.facebook.com/guy.becker.986 Guy Becker

    Inspired by what now? This is funny. MainStream Media may root for Obama but they called out his defeat in the first debate. You right wing guys on the other hand, are a different story. Your guy cowers, hugs his opponent, desperately agrees with his opponent, and loses the debate because he is inspired by God, wow, just wow. 

    What was the point of the debate if Romney just agreed with everything Obama said? That was God inspired? LOL.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741444047 Aaron Davis

      If you have the opinion, in the mainstream press, that Obama is “stronger” on foreign policy while Romney is stronger on the economy and Romney basically agrees with most of the decisions of the perceived “stronger” candidate, then you have the best of both worlds. That’s quite a strategy. I think he also got to sound less angry and more presidential to boot.

      I think whether he “won” this debate or not, he is preceived as a heavyweight contender while the other side was busy painting him as a radical warmonger like George W. Bush and Dick Chaney and you can obviously see that will not stick anymore after last night.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, There is an old saying.. give a man enough rope they will hang themselves. We got great lines from the president, like the Navy does not need boats because of boats, The exit stratigy with Iraq. The bankruptcy opinion of Romney. All verifiable All lies, and the public knows it. 

    Obama has no plans moving forward, and Mit pointed it out by telling him that attacking him was not a policy. Barry fed into it hook line and sinker.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dozerfleetprod David Stiefel

    I would not have simply gone for the jugular over Benghazi, I would’ve pulled out the spine over all the cover up in Fast and Furious, in the Honduras scandal, the Selective Service and Social Security frauds, every single thing Eric Holder has on his hands, the 16 murdered children, the Ken Trentadue case, Janet Napolitano conspiring with the SPLC to label anyone the SPLC disagrees with as a terrorist, the destructive effects of pretending DADT is no longer the law, the born-live babies Obama killed, the “We Are All Osamas” rants from Benghazi and Cairo, and then I would’ve gone for the spleen on Solyndra.

    And I would’ve cherry tapped what was left using the birth certificate issue.

    Clearly, Romney is a much more patient man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.howell.1276 Linda Howell

    So true – even Jesus said “with loving kindness have I drawn thee…” meaning to have you as my ally I must be humble and kind and gentle. It does not mean I am weak or ignorant, contrary, be wise and treat others as you would like to be treated.  He scored with the women in showing dignity in adversity, and remaining calm during the storm. He truly exemplifies and personifies a true leader, the NEXT president of the United States. 

  • Anonymous

    Whenever someone does something that seems completely wrong, people say, “Oh, what a brilliant strategy.” Maybe–or, it could just be the completely wrong thing to do.

  • Anonymous

    As a conservative, I’m very disappointed with Romney last

    Romney failed to mention Obama’s failure of open and honest
    government where he lied and let his administration lie to the American public
    about the fiasco in Libya. Romney should have said “If I had made such a
    blunder in providing security and my ambassador been murdered in a terrorist
    attack, I would have been upfront with the American people and told you the
    truth from the beginning.”

    Romney failed to mention all the security breeches the Obama
    Administration has made so they could try to score political points, I.e.,
    leaking bin Laden attack details, Seal Team 6 details, etc.

    An issue I don’t agree with Romney is on his claiming China
    is a currency manipulator. The US is printing money at the rate of $40 billion
    / month. We’re debasing our currency much more than China.

    Romney could have mentioned that America’s proven and
    estimated oil reserves are higher now than 20 years ago. And that by slipping
    the bonds of Middle East dependency we could reduce the state funding of
    terrorism. Obama has blocked considerable US federal land oil drilling.

    Romney could have mentioned that Iran has threatened to
    destroy America, not just Israel; that Russia really does want to recreate an
    empire; that China is undercutting America at every step even though it has its
    own financial, population, and environmental problems; that Canada doubts
    America is as solid an economic ally as they previously thought because of what
    Obama did to them on Keystone; and Mexico is run by drug cartels.

    Romney could have defended America against the Law of the Sea Treaty, the UN Gun Law, the UN Internet Tax, and the UN banking tax.

    Romney could have mentioned the UN claims the food-to-fuel program so coveted by Obama has forced hundreds of millions into starvation.

    Romney was too nice last night.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Glenn.  Romney just let Obama babble on and on and condemn himself with his own words/attacks on Romney. We don’t need Romney to hammer him on Libya when the truth of what he said and did is all there for us to see.  All the tapes of him on all the entertainment shows and Obama’s unfortunate choice of words to describe the 9/11/12 attack: “Bump in the road”, “Not Optimal”, etc.  Romney just gave Obama all the rope he needed.  And I believe that God is answering my prayer that Romney be guided by HIM. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.vohsing Paul Vohsing

    In all honesty I have grown tired of the fighting….  and it seemed to me that  Gov. Romney is a man of class who just won’t get into a cat fight….  we will leave the cat fight for the pussy in charge.   Mr Obama has shown himself to be classless, nothing more than a street waif trying to pretend to be a man of class an distinction…  Class is inbred it is a matter of honor and self respect…  Obama-0….Romney- nothing but class.   The traditional values that Mr Romney has shown  is what people of the US seek in their own lives. and want to emulate…   we don’t however wish to emulate a drug addict loser who can’t even salute properly let alone salute the flag or recite the pledge of allegiance…  well I will admit a group of trailer trash liberal treehugging dope smokers may want to emulate mr Obama, but God can only know why.  They seem to find his childish lack of respect actions as COOL!   these are the children of those who like JFK  a man who for the most part had class well with the exception of his indiscretions with women of lessor values..  Point Being  We the people that Love the United States Of America have had it with games , lies, mis-use and abuse of power, and we want the garbage out!   May God ….Not Allah Bless  America….  and may all of you vote wisely to save this wonderful Country!  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1274736035 Jannette Chapman Moss

    I think in the next week you will see it in commericals and in your face so to speak.  Obama can lie on TV but with proof in your face like the video’s of the TERROR ATTACK and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.  I hope to see some of this in the coming weeks in his commericals for the 2012 Presidential election.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terri.oscarson Terri Urick Oscarson

    I  beleive you are right Glen. I loved it when Mitt Romney said that he has clear eyes and will not wear rose colored glasses. Clear eyes and a true heart. I beleive this is what Mitt Romney has and that he is seeking and following the will of GOD. Instead of praying for Mitt Romney to be our next President I have been praying for whichever man is truely seeking the will of God and what is best for our country to be strenghthen and assisted in getting his message across in a clear and precise way. I beleive GOD does hear all of our prayers but We must trust him in all things; even if we don’t agree or understand.  If Barak Obama is to be our president for 4 more years,  even though we don’t like it then that is what it will be. We have to use our blessing of free will to do what we can to vote him out and leave the outcome in GODs hands. From what we can see and know; Mitt Romney seems to be the man that we need to move us into a better place and I pray that we are right. Ultimately we are saved and blessed by GOD and not by man. We must have faith. :)

  • http://twitter.com/hughes_wanda Wanda Hughes

    I dont know if this has been mentioned but I feel that Romney  has to be restrained and hold infromation that he knows about oboma because WHEN he takes office he will have to CONVICT Obama for the wrong and murderous way he has conducted this adminastration
    my Thoughts

  • http://www.facebook.com/ekmartens Elizabeth Graf Martens

    Once he is elected he will need prayer for his safety also……

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1617793112 Nancy June Stegeman

    I think that Romney knows that no matter what he says Obama is going to lie out of it.  The thing is Obama is an expert convincing liar.  Perhaps Romney just wanted to be a good guy and impress the USA that he is a good guy and deserves to win.  Obama just looked like a complete jerk and is a complete jerk!

  • Anonymous

    This is very, very disturbing. John McCain was nice to Obama, too. Was God guiding McCain in his niceness–all the way to defeat?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1617793112 Nancy June Stegeman

    I just want to say to you Glenn is you impress me and are doing a magnificent job.  I’m very proud of you and I’m sure God is proud of you too.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1296210734 Cindy Hurrelbrink Peak

    He’s got GREAT footage for ads where Romney can say what you have said while running the video of Obama…. and in the ad, neither the President nor the moderator can cast a shadow over Romney’s words.

  • http://twitter.com/AllTheNetNews AllTheNet

    There is no excuse to avoid or not expose the TRUTH on Benghazi. The candidates and the media have no excuse for not explaining what happened . The Truth is more important than politics or strategies. If you want to invoke GOD – do so with the TRUTH. That is what GOD expects and that is what Americans deserve and expected

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with Snowleopard, and would like to add this. When Romney did not allow the left to see or hear Romney acting as a warmonger, he left one simple thing to base the election on—and that is the economy. It is a circular strategy. He did enough to challenge the fraud, but not enough to be seen as a crazy right-winger. He forced the debate back onto his terms: jobs, national stature, and jobs. I originally was for Newt as he has a superb ‘backhand”. But last night, I fell for Mitt’s soft backhand. He did enough. I now believe that he is better than I thought, that he is Led, and he has the possibility to be a great President. He will do the right things as long as he knows the right things to do. Whether he follows the Constitution closely, I am not sure, but I am more impressed than ever with him.

  • Anonymous

    This election is going to be about THE ECONOMY, STUPID!  Mitt Romney had to bring the Debate back to his area of his expertise, even though he is very well versed on Foreign Policy.  He did everything right.  He proved to Independents that he is not another “Bush War Monger,” and he had to be Presidential; solid, calm, on point and LEADING the Debate.  He accomplished everything he had to do.  He will be our 45th President!

    Comrade Obozo tried everything to “shake” Mitt and the Governor didn’t bite.  Mitt was the clear winner, according to many Battleground Focus Groups.  

    Handwringers should chill out.  It’s going to be OK!  Honest!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, when I pray as an adult, I pray a different prayer than I did as a child.  I pray now for God’s will, not mine.  I, too, was very aware when I was praying last night before the debate how many people were doing the same, as well as Mitt and Ann and their families, and Paul and Jana and their families.  I cannot begin to predict, understand, expect to know God’s will.  It is not for me to know.  What I saw last night was what I just had faith was God’s will.    And upon waking and praying this morning, I began to realize how beautiful it really was.  This incumbent has the press on his side.  Mitt would undoubtedly have been raked over the coals for “politicizing” Benghazi.  On Egypt, he did not say that quote, we are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.  and I believe the reason is that this is now a sitting head of state and would have been eviscerated by the press for that one, too.  But he did say, if we go in and remove a dictator (paraphrasing) we must know what government will replace it.  I think that’s all he needed to say.  As for the rest, by his calm and cool and non-attack mode, he actually highlighted the incumbent’s ugly, ugly side.  I am well pleased.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicanor.torres Nicanor Torres

    i will say that i like ur thoughts glenn……. the problem is everyone is looking for a fight and now tey think romney is soft when it takes more of man and stronger one @ that to not stoop as low as the president and the rest of the ppl……. i wuld have liked a fight too but found romney’s approach to be less stressful…… the clarity of who to vote for is correct but if we go by the degradation of the american ppl obama jst may get a 2nd term

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, was Mitt being “guided” by God last night when he said incorrectly that Syria is Iran’s “route to the sea” (look at any map), when he said the government shouldn’t bail out a now-resurgent auto industry, when he said the US should get Pakistan’s permission before going after Bin Laden?  Glenn, don’t even begin to suggest Willard Mitt Romney is being led by God.  Isn’t that kind of insulting to God?

    • http://www.facebook.com/irene.mcvey3 Irene Mcvey

      Dup……you need to read Romney’s OP piece in the NY Times.  The president was wrong.  In fact the factcheckers found the President lied in several instances. Here is another..when he said sequester didn’t start at the White House.  Bob Woodwards book proves that to be a lie.

  • Sandi Caton

    Someone asked me today how I felt about last night’s debate. I pray that I am wrong, but it was like Romney was saying I give up, it’s yours. Why? There is no real answer. Maybe you are right and God was leading him down a different path. I pray that is so…and also pray for a miracle on November 6

  • Anonymous

    Romney better pray real hard so that his Mormon “angels” come to his aide. He should be 15 points ahead in the polls by now. he may win but it will be in spite of himself and I predict his presidency will be an utter disaster.

    • http://www.facebook.com/irene.mcvey3 Irene Mcvey

      Nothing could be a bigger disaster than the Marxist we have n the WhiteHouse now.Are you aware that his mother and his grandparents were Marxists? Are you aware that his mentor was Frank Marshall Davis….a card carrying communist.?Obama sat in his home through his youth and was schooled in hate for America and its capitalist economic system. Obama admits in his books that he always sought  out the radicals in his college years.  Obama sat in Reverend  Wright’s church of hate for twenty years.  Obama is a fraud who pretends to be a Christian for r political reasons.

  • http://twitter.com/takemarketshare 1to1Network

    Glenn, I think you’e exactly right. Contention is not the proper spirit we need to have with us at this all important, decisive moment in our country’s history.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    I would have loved to see him tried harder but I can see why
    he did it. It might hurt him or it might help him. What we need to do is hold
    him accountable when he gets in and make dang sure he knows we will not settle
    for the same B.S.

  • Anonymous

    Ever notice that the press is talking more about Libya now than ever before?   That could well have been Mitt’s plan all along and obama’s Apology Tour enhances obama’s failures in National Defense.  obama has done more to advance the terrorist movement in those countries than he has to help America and to give him another four years would be playing right into his hands.  We can take a couple of hours out of our day come November 6th to vote this unknown out of Our White House.  I believe that not to vote, is a threat to Our National Defense and Our FREEDOM!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jayne-Nielsen/100000024501720 Jayne Nielsen

    Reading all your comments provides my mind, my heart, and my soul with a peace that surpasses all understanding.  I prayed for Romney before the 2nd and 3rd debates but I prayed as I wanted him to be…not as he felt God was leading him. 

    God Bless America.  God Bless Mitt Romney.  And God Bless us all!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.messing Phil Messing

    I believe Obama wanted to portray Romney as a loose canon who would go to war and push the nuke button at the drop of a hat, but Romney showed great character and would not get goaded into a fight on Obama’s terms. That had to drive Obama crazy. Snowleopard hit the nail on the head. Romney choose the subjects he wanted to argue, and no moderator bailed out Obama.

  • Anonymous

    I will NEVER vote for a candidate that approves of the murder of children, whether they be in the mother’s womb or late term. Obama is a Marxist, anti-American hating, Muslim. A Chicago corrupt, Alinsky schooled, Frank Marshall Davis mentored ( maybe fathered ) Communist, well on his way to destroying our Country. God’s man will be elected. We reap what we sow.

  • http://twitter.com/cynthiaadams18 cynthia adams

    I have been praying for God to please Bless and Touch our country.  I believe Mitt Romney is being lead by his convictions and faith.  He was OUTSTANDING last night and the height of CLASS.

  • Anonymous

    I fasted and prayed for Romney before the debate and although I wanted him to defend himself more from the attacks, especially at the beginning when Obama interrupted so rudely as soon as he opened his mouth, as the debate went on, I realized that I was feeling admiration for Romney and disgust for Obama, despite the fact that Romney didn’t use an aggressive approach.  He used a tactic I used to use with my children when they would try to start arguments, staying calm and refusing to engage with them until they were civil. By ignoring Obama’s attacks, he deflated them. I held my breath as I listened to the responses to the debate afterwards, hoping others would see it.  It seems that it actually worked because the main feedback seemed to be that Romney appeared to be the grownup in the room.  When I  went back to the debate later to evaluate content I realized also that Romney got in several “attacks” on Obama’s presidency and made some great points without creating a battle. A wise course of action at this stage of the “game”. Let’s keep praying!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dianna-Manly/1504757245 Dianna Manly

    I had a friend comment to me today that she was very impressed with the fact that Romney did not allow Obama to push him into another yelling “grade school yard” fight. She was very impressed with his self control and that may have been the deciding for her to vote Romney.

  • Anonymous

    As one who prays on my knees for our nation and specifically that Romney be inspired and guided in his words and actions, I believe that Glenn has hit it exactly on the head.  Romney showed in the first debate that he could hand Obama his head any time without much effort.  This time, rather than complete the beatdown, he honestly held back, let the liar lie (knowing that anybody with eyes saw and ears heard) and remained as one might say, Presidential.  Nobody except the committed Obamaphiles think Obama won that debate.  Histrionics and repetition, attacks and derision, pettiness, nastiness, and vanity were the hallmarks of Obama during that meet.  
    And the line the liberals are going to love, about horses and bayonets, and boats that go underwater……  The military is having a FIELD DAY with that.  Seems we use MORE bayonets now than we did before.   Still use lots of horses.   Had submarines in the Civil War….. I can feel the spoofs coming, and none of them are going to favor the anointed one.  Obama thought that is was his best ever zinger.  Fact was, he sounded nasty, snarky, and downright bitchy while he rattled off that line.  Gonna fly like a boomerang…….

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glenn, this will turn out to be a bad move on Romney’s part.  One cannot get a cockroach to scatter by shining the light of Beauty on an evil man.  Romney can look as Presidential as he wants.  And he did succeed at that during the debate.  But the cockroach is still there coming up with his next evil scheme.  Only the light of Truth would have caused him to scatter. He may have won over a few amoral undecideds.  But he did not pull ahead because of this debate unless he really believes that 47% of the American people and then some are too amoral or immoral to be swayed by a moral foreign policy.  Yes, it may be a risk to make the point that POTUS is an evil man.  But if you want the guidance of Divine Providence, Truth not Beauty wins out over evil.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ethan-Perks/100000866010072 Ethan Perks

    I too was annoyed at Romneys passivity. Then I read the MSM take on the debate. Brian Wlliams and Chris Mathews and the rest of the usual suspects were touting Obamas great victory. (I thought it a tie myself). Romney looked calm, assured, like a leader of men. Obama was sharp, angry, aggressive. If Romney had taken the offensive, it’s ALL the MSM would be talking about. Romney was (IMHO) denying the enemedia ammunition. And his one attack, on Israel and the Appology Tour was on target. Without a major gaff by Obama, Romney had no chance of a knockot like Denver. His goal was to neutralize the MSM. I think he succeeded.

  • bucketnutz

    When you are in the lead and this is the last lap,,you don’t wreck,,you try to survive with your lead and i think he did that. He can’t win if the last three weeks he is trying to defend some obscure argument that came up during a debate. 

  • Anonymous

    Romney was perfect.  He looked very Presidential and Obama looke like an angry black man.
    My favorite part was when Bob was asking Romney  question and said Obama Bin Ladin.
    It as just too, too, truthful.

  • Anonymous

    It left the media confused…  No talking points for the MSM, they are devastated.  They can’t make him the war monger they were banking on.

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney is too professional to call out the Liar-in-Chief on every falsehood – a tactic called “giving him some more rope” – and Obama told some (more) real whoppers last night;

    Obama certainly did go on an apology tour to the middle east (as everybody knows).
    Obama by action and inaction gave Egypt and Libya to the Moslem Brotherhood.
    Obama’s “strategy” resulted in the Libya diplomatic mission attack and murders.
    Obama by inaction and silence left Iran in the Islamic Regime’s hands.
    Obama has done jack about China’s currency fraud and bad debts.
    Obama has backed down to Russia.
    Obama has done jack about Syria.
    Obama’s interference in our military forces has weakened them.
    Obama’s GM bailout ripped-off you and me and the GM bond holders to benefit the UAW.

    Mitt Romney won last night’s debate by letting Obama lie about his record, promise more government bloat, continue with “tax the rich” class warfare and propose a future that he (Obama) does not intend to, nor is capable of bringing about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1474856689 Durheim Barbara

    My husband and I have prayed for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan everyday for a long time. I missed last nights debate as I was on my way to a church meeting. I met my husband there at the service,. The entire drive to church I prayed for Mitt and the debate, I prayed God would lead him, he would do what the Father wanted. and he would be seen as good, and honest man. As soon as we got home, I watched Brett Bair, (we had recorded the debate and all the news that followed). I felt Governor Romney did just perfect. Obama made a utter fool of himself, he was childish, and insulting. I am a woman, and believe me, Obama did not score any points with us!This nation needs to get down on it’s knees, before the God of the universe and ask His forgiveness for turning our backs on Him.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2MSUHTU7YKABNGMQPWFYORAN5I Sean

    If this was what motivated Romney, then I can respect it, but I don;t think it was the most effective way to try to win the election.  McCain campaigned like a gentleman, and look where it got him.  And we all lose if Obama gets a second term.

  • Anonymous

    Praying men have a different view then the rest of us.  God said, we are in the world, not of the world.  I do believe that Romney’s forum came from spending time on his knees and God directing him.  I’m a praying person and when I ask God to heal our land, and get rid of the deception and lies that are polluting it, I have to rest on God that he directed Romney’s path. There for, Romney will win by a good margin due to God’s word that says, humble yourselves, pray, confess your sins, then will I hear from you, and heal your land.  We have to rest in what God says, and rejoice in it.  Walk in victory confessing the truth and know He is faithful to His children.  God Bless

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-McCall/100002527387299 Lisa McCall

      I am praying for a Romney win, too.  I trust in God’s word as ultimate truth, HOWEVER I see no guarantee there (i.e., in Scripture). that righteous men will always win elections, even when God’s people are praying for it.  What I do see is this:  God takes care of those who follow Him IN SPITE OF who is in leadership over them. 
      (Still, of course, I will be voting Romney and “telling a friend.”)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2MSUHTU7YKABNGMQPWFYORAN5I Sean

    If this was what motivated Romney, then I can respect it, but I don’t think it was the most effective way to try to win the election.  McCain campaigned like a gentleman, and look where it got him.  And we all lose if Obama gets a second term.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Jr-Vanchieri/100000630756130 Joseph Jr Vanchieri

    There as a moderator always shutting Mitt Romney down when he tried to rebut Obama’s points. He did get under Obama’s skin and it showed. Mitt got to the moderator because late in the debate the moderator called Osama bin Laden , Obama bin Laden. I almost fell to the floor. So subconsciously what do you think this means? I think ven the liberal media knows Obama has done more for our enemies than our Allies.

  • http://mudpuddlebunny.wordpress.com/ MudPuddleBunny

    I agree with Glenn and a few others on here.  I don’t agree that this last debate was a tie and I don’t agree that Romney seemed nervous etc.

    I believe that Romney showed his character.  He is a moral and praying man. You love those that despise you, you don’t go tit for tat. Yes he could have taken Obama on and he could have hit him hard with many issues, but he didn’t.

    We don’t need another leader that is all about cutting the throat of an opponent. We don’t need another blood-thirsty all about me me me leader. We need a leader with the character and morality and god fearing, on-your-knees-praying leader.  We need another George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

    You cannot be a true leader when you’re only concern is cutting down your opposition. If you want peace, you have to make peace, you have to stick with the facts and stick with a plan, God’s plan.  You have to stay focused on the issue at hand and I believe Romney did such that.

    I don’t want to see tit for tat and tearing each other down.  I don’t want to see a battle, Obama takes a hit and Romney returns, etc.  I want to hear hope, I want to hear we can fix this together. You cannot fix it if you’re at each others throats. Sure he could have cut him down, but a liar will always be a liar. Obama tried to set him up and he didn’t fall for it. Obama wanted him and was preparing for him to cut him down. They wanted to use that negative against him.  They wanted him to loose control of his composer and just rip him apart, but that isn’t who Romney is. He has character and leadership.

    You can agree to diagree and move on.  You can shake hands and still work together for the common good.  You can compromise. Again, if you want peace you make peace. You be the bigger man and move on. You don’t attack when attacked. You keep focused and you pray.

    I believe Romney was “called” to run for President and he is being lead by God.

  • http://twitter.com/rusticyeti alex london

    Mr. Beck.
    Here is a possible answer for you, or information that could lead to insight, about Mitt Romney’s path and divine guidance.
    Go to: http://www.iisis.net/index.php?page=mitt-ann-romney-reincarnation-almon-babbitt-past-life-semkiw-ryerson

    Also, this is Obama: http://www.iisis.net/index.php?page=barack-obama-reincarnation-lyman-trumbull-past-life-walter-semkiw-kevin-ryerson

  • Anonymous

    Out of our hearts, our mouth speaks.  Speak Romney’s victory into existence and watch the enemy fall around him. We are a Christian nation founded on Christianized principles and all those who live here are blessed by the God way it is constituted.  Democracy. People want our way so they come here.  Let us never forget how we came into existence.  Kneel and pray

    • http://mudpuddlebunny.wordpress.com/ MudPuddleBunny

      That was beautifully said. “out of our hearts, our mouths speak”.

      Romney has a good heart and a good character. His words were positive and encouraging. Sending hope.

      Obama was nothing more than one lie after another. Attacking Romney.  I believe this confounded Obama and he had no idea how to handle him; he is so used to mud slinging and attacking, he can’t figure out someone who is actually a good person that prays. Amazing, right?

      Can you see the obvious difference in the two?

      • http://www.facebook.com/irene.mcvey3 Irene Mcvey

        You are so right.  This country so needs someone who is good to the core . We  need that example before the people.  Bill Clinton and Obama are both evil men.  Shame on Democrats for accepting this evil.  Look at how Dems. wanted to leave  God out  of their convention platform.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726376468 Mary Graves

    Actually, I was very impressed with what he said last night.  He did his homework.  He not only talked about Iran and their on going threat but also how their economy is going down the toilet and to still strangle them harder on sanctions. He talked about Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mali, and Egypt, and also talked about having his eye on Russia and North Korea; and how he didn’t like what happened in Poland.  On trade I glad to see that his vision isn’t just China but doing more trade with Latin America.  I stand firmly behind what he said about using diplomacy in Syria and not rushing in with our Troops.  I did like how he did recognize the good things the Obama Administration has done. . .that showed his character and the professional he is.  He look relaxed, in control, and didn’t interrupt the President while he was talking.  (Unlike what the President did to him.)  As for the President he looked like he drank too many cups of coffee and was about to jump out of his seat.  I could tell by the Presidents facial expressions this debate was not going down the avenue he thought it would.  He was ready to throw out some zingers and Romney didn’t give him the openings to use them.  The one zinger he did throw out has come back to bite him.  Yes, our military does use bayonets and yes we do use horses too.  I found it interesting that the President continued to say that our military has not asked for more money!  LOL!!!  Really?  Then why does the Navy say they need more ships and just who asked for them? Overall, I think he did a good job.  

    • http://mudpuddlebunny.wordpress.com/ MudPuddleBunny

       Yes, I agree that Obama was trying to get to Romney, but Romney never gave in. I also agree that this irritated Obama.  Romney showed his character, who is really is and what he stands for.

      Obama was a viper just waiting for that one opportunity to strike and never got it.

      I applaud Romney. I didn’t want to see more mud slinging. I’m so sick of politicians doing that. I don’t care what the opponent does or says, I don’t care about their personal lives, etc. I don’t care.

      What I do care about is their values and their moral character. What I do care about is what they will do for us and how.  What I do care about is are they Godly and do they pray on their knees and are they guided by God. Period.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve thought a lot about the debate last night.  And I was one AT FIRST that really thought Mitt had dropped the ball.  But as it progressed and throughout today it’s been very clear to me that he had a plan, he stuck to the plan, and he never allowed the adversary (Obama) to take him down a road to nowhere.  I believe it was effective, I believe that good people everywhere saw a clear difference… a president who was condescending, immature, disrespectful and has nothing to offer America.  Then we saw a mature, presidential man who was factual, respectful, a deeply caring man who said simply “I will work” for the American people and for the America I love.  A clear choice if you look where we’ve been and what Obama is offering for four more years.  I am one who was on my knees many times yesterday – and I know I was not alone!  But most important – I know the man, Mitt Romney, was on his knees too.  Not just yesterday – but everyday.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4KYQ7MVATCG6AVB6UYTUNAXABU Walter Tullis

      Really appreciate your words! thanks! felt same way at beginning of 3rd debate…am praying as well for America and a man who can return us to One Nation UNDER God 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carolyn-Chehardy/571088458 Carolyn Chehardy

    Maybe he didn’t want to appear to be politicizing the issue…. I don’t know…. All I know is  that I prayed before the debate for him and asked God to just be at his side…. I think  He was…. Romney’s thoughts came across as more “thoughtful,”  in contrast to an amazingly violent world we are living in.. His calmness made me feel calmer and safer….. HIs intelligence  and thoughtfulness on  each issue came through….Romney also told Obama, that attacking him was not a plan… So it was clear, Romney wasn’t going to  unload all barrels on him either….Maybe he thought this issue on  nuclear war and the state of the world was so serious, that it  did not warrant  attacking each other, but rather simply laying out your plan, and your feelings on this issue.  In other words, it was not about politics last night to Romney.. It was about a  far more serious serious subject—That of our safety  from not only putting our soldiers i more wars, but that of nuclear war.  

    • http://mudpuddlebunny.wordpress.com/ MudPuddleBunny

       yes very well said indeed!  His calmness is exactly what we need!! I feel comfortable and confident when he speaks.  I feel a sense of hope and assurance.  His compassion and exactly, thoughtfulness … and all of this in the midst of darkness and lies (i.e. Obama) … he is being lead by God without a doubt. I’ve been praying for him as well, to show the American people his heart and his character, to show who he really is … its working and its showing, God is with this man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Jr-Vanchieri/100000630756130 Joseph Jr Vanchieri

    Mr. Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney hit it out of the park. He stayed focused and took obama to task on every point he lied about. You wanted a stern and aggressive attack on Obama. It would have played into Obama’s hand. In the end Mitt Romney looked like the incumbent President and Obama the inexperienced candidate. Mitt Romney showed America that Obama is a liar and incompetent leader( never heard of leading from behind ). I was waiting for the zingers to come left and right but Mitt didn’t take the high road. He took the Presidential road. Sometimes us conservatives try to impose how we would handle things. Mitt Romney is what we need. A calm focused leader who knows how to succeed.

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited to read about all the people who, like me, are praying for Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan.  Let us continue to pray, asking that these two men be given the words and direction to win this election.  We must pray, and pray, and pray some more.  And please urge your family and friends to pray.  May our Lord raise up for this country morally and spiritually strong men and women who will lead us away from the culture of death and destructon and who will lead us towards a culture of life and Light.
          Besides seeking the women’s vote, do you think Gov. Romney was also seeking the support of the Ron Paul people?  And one more thing, what do you think the President meant when talking about his decision to kill Osama Bin Laden he said, “Even my current Vice President…”  Current?  Hmmmmmmmm.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5OEAYXIUZ3AMCKFZR5MB2ZOVTQ lawrence

    He didnt bring up any of the things you mentioned because wait for it; Its not true!

  • bucketnutz

    Romney knew what Obama’s strategy was and he totally disrupted it by being agreeable and not confrontational,,I hated it at the time but it was effective because Obama was giving Mitt the death stare and Mitt was picking Daisy pedals

  • http://www.facebook.com/bert.stark.9 Bert Stark

    Good comments Glenn.  I know I as well as others in our tea party meeting last night prayed openly in front of each other for our country and for Mitt. We prayed God would give him the wisdom and the right words to say.  You are right, God’s ways are not our ways and if we trust God to answer our prayers we need to sit back and listen and look for the answer.  Perhaps he answered us just fine last night.  We know that Mitt made no enemies and made no gaffes.  Our continual prayer is that America will see the light and make the right choice for President. 

    Mitt is not perfect, but I believe he is God-fearing and that is who we need at this time in America.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UW7UYFZTRXZ4L7OOVXM3G5QLVI PatrickR

    Glen, I like your analysis because the thought of having a man who prays and listens to God in the White House has a strong appeal for this old voter.  As we all know, God’s will is going o prevail anyway, so who are we to question it?  Mitt is wise and could be the one who get’s America turned around and back to the way it used to be.  May God bless America and the men and women who protect her?  Semper Fidelis.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/TattooJoes Joe Hinkle

    I think he played it smart because anything and everything he says will be held against him during his first term and used to attack him in his re-election bid. He has this already wrapped up, given that everyone shows up to vote, so he doesn’t need to provide ammunition for his future opposition candidate and the main stream media outlets that are eager and more than happy to shred him a new one. Foreign policy is a highly reflective subject, we have no control of the policy of other sovereign nations which makes any statements Romney made in the debates an obsolete and devastating policy decision to stand by, especially if tossed under the rigorous and, oftentimes, cynical campaign advertisement editing process. A timeline is never provided to contrast the policy change and the reasons for their changes. Foreign policy is ever changing and highly dependent upon the circumstances, cause and effect. Sometimes good, sometimes bad as we have witnessed over the past two decades.

    Again, we need to make it imperative that we get to the voting booths and vote. I would like to see the popular vote be taken in addition to the electoral vote because if either one of those statistics fall into the category of acceptable to the leftist movement, that is the one they claim is the only acceptable category, we have seen it take place in the past. They want to make the rules as they go. We can not allow them to make the rules, if we do, they win every time. Get out and vote. God forbid it, but I don’t care if you have contracted the deadly menangitis outbreak, drag yourself there or have someone grab your one good arm and drag you there. 

  • Jennifer Little

    After reading and studying George Washington, he was truly a man of faith and morals. I do agree that given the opportunity, Mitt Romney will follow in the same footsteps.

    • Anonymous

      Oh does “I can not tell a lie” really sound good about now. This is what I expect from Mitt, he will be honest with us. How great would that be after all the disloyality from obama. I would like to have a little confidence in our government again. Our politics have become so dishonest and just a little integrity please.

  • Aaron

    There is such a thing as righteous anger.  You don’t have to tear anybody down. You just speak the truth and the truth does its job.  I think this was poor decision on Romney’s part.  I don’t want a nice guy right now.  Obama and Biden don’t care how they tear down their opponent, and they don’t even have righteousness on their side.  Bad move by Romney. 

    • Anonymous

      I have to disagree for there is a time to fight and a time to let others hang themselves. Mitt came across as mature and that obama is not worth wasting his time for he just lies. This actually upset obama to the point of becoming childish and stupid and people need to see who has been running this country and he made all understand why we are in the shape we not find ourselves. He went so far as to totally change his view on things that are well documented. Mitt cleaned his clock when he needed to, set him off and let him go. I loved it!

  • Don DeLathouwer

    Romney’s demeanor did make him look a lot more Presidential; confident, self assured, relaxed, while Obummer had a look in his eyes like a snake in the grass or a vulture on a phone pole, embattled, argumentative, belligerent and sarcastic. Obama gave it all he had, but darn, he just didn’t have enough. Probably the story of his life. Probably why he lies so much as well.
    In viewing all of the debates, I really feel that Obummer has nothing but contempt for Romney.
    Romney just makes Obama look small be letting him be himself, and that in itself grates on him to no end. I think they call it an inferiority complex !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-Nova/100003162417277 Angel Nova

    Oh Lord, please enlighten the American people and vote for the man who will take back America from tyranny, Mitt Romney!

  • Anonymous

    Why should Gov. Romney have gotten involved in debating the mucky mess that is the criminal fiasco in Benghazi?  BHO was assuredly prepared to dance around on the subject.  Factions within the Zero Regime are shape-shifting.  Gov. Romney was wise to wait and see what leaks spring forth into the public. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/gani.bautista Gani M. Bautista

    Well, Romney wants to win women vote. How many times he repeated the word peace and he is not going to war if something happened in Iran. Obama was trying to agitate him in order to bite Obama’s bait. Sorry Barack, no dice … he is soon be evicted in the Oval Office.

  • http://twitter.com/flinhir Flinhir

    Glenn, I couldn’t agree more.  All of us were hoping (and praying) that Romney go after Obama because our sensibilities were attacked as Americans when we found out 4 of our fellow citizens died unnecessarily. I’m sure Gov. Romney’s sensibilities were shaken as well.  We all wanted Romney to go after Obama for some answers, mainly because we watch the mainstream media give Obama a pass on the clear path Obama has taken to misguide us with some smoke and mirrors about an obscure video. Obama failed to protect those brave men when they were begging for help. How proud I am that they lasted 7 hours.  With that in mind, I believe our prayers for Romney worked. I believe Romney got the message, from God, leading him to the strategy he took last night, which was the “high road”. 

    One of the best advice I have ever received has been this: When someone attacks you falsely,  respond with, “I’m sorry you feel that way”.  If someone calls you a name, you can’t respond with “I am not”.  All this does is create a “yes you are”, “no I’m not” agrument.  It goes nowhere.  When you respond with “I’m sorry you feel that way”, it does not engage the attacker. 

    I think this is what Romney’s strategey was last night.  Taking the high road, demonstrated to America how low Obama will go. (condescending, trite, petty).  It made him more presidential than Obama. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Romney didn’t stoop to the low level that Obama & Biden do in debates.  I thought Obama looked & acted like he was the candidate instead of the President & Romney acted & looked more Presidential.  We have heard Romney debate these same old things that Obama brought up Monday night.  Yes, we may not see eye-to-eye on everything Romney stands for, but he’s a long ways from what Obama stands for & Romney has my vote

  • Anonymous

    As a friend of Governor Romney’s, my husband told him last spring, that he believes that God raises up certain people at critical times in history to do special things, and Mitt was raised up for this time in history.  While reading Glen’s assessment it struck me again, that my husband is indeed correct.

  • http://www.comcast.net Anne Gelinas

    What you saw was the devil trying to do battle with God.  No, Romney is not God, but God was on that debate and the devil knew it. The devil always tries to berate with a smile. Sound familiar?  Romeomney is a good man and it showed. He was taller and brighter than the man who shared the stage with him.  The moderator wasn’t a dummy either. He knew which man appeared the brightest and the man with the most information to hand to the public. That would be Romney.   The president just handed out the same old same old junk we are tired of listening to after nearly 4 years.  Talk about old stuff, the president has nothing to say except go backwards and blame , blame , blame .   He is going nowhere because he hasn’t proved to America that he wants US to go somewhere.  Americans want a president who it taking US somewhere.  Romney is taking us to that somewhere where Americans can be proud and safe. Knowing we have a man in office that puts US before other countries is refreshing..  Go with Romney.  A True Patriot, true to America, and definitely our next president of the USA and US.

  • Anonymous

    This chess game is over – “checkmate”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001160685292 Earl Cote

    Romney could have gone for the jugular, but he is in wisdom chose not to because it would`ve looked cut-throat and vicious. Romney wanted to look and sound like a man who has his head together and I can`t blame him for that. Diplomacy goes a long way when confronting your enemies…but be ready to back it up with force if necessary and that was the picture that was shown. Obama on the other hand couldn`t control his glaring glances and condescending attitude and made him look liek he was short tempered and arrogant ( which he is)

  • http://www.comcast.net Anne Gelinas

    Romney was on stage with a higher power than this president has. The de vil acts in strange ways throwing out digs and expecting a fight. But Romney is bigger than the president
    and brighter. The higher power he claims, which I do too, is the Decider. The de vil won’t win because Americans know the difference between a good man and a bully. This president is a bully. Throws out remarks when he is defeated at a good debate.
    We have had enough of his bullying tactics. It may work for those who take his hand outs,
    but not for those of us who is stealing from to give those hand outs.  We see his slight of hand and we don’t like it.

  • Anonymous

    Romney flawlessly executed a rope-a-dope strategy on Obama.  Obama looked shifty and surly, like a lizard stalking a bug.  At times the look on Obama’s face reminded me of Richard Nixon.  Beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      His looks were downright deceitful and cunningly evil.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s response to Romney’s statement that the military is smaller today than ever before was condescending and showed him to be a bullyish debater, using volume instead of wit. Mitt Romney is a gentleman and a leader, Barack Obama is neither.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000167388092 Gary Wells

    Romney was attempting to illustrate exactly why Obama has been such a failure at home and abroad.  He reminded Obama at least twice that his attacks were not providing Americans with productive policy statements that would help Americans know where he stood.  Romney has explained several times how he has the experience to reach across the isle and get things done.  Romney showed last night he has the temperament not to get ruffled and defensive over personal attacks, can focus on what needs to get done, and is willing to concede and extend offers of agreement in an effort to narrow down where important differences lie and issues can be resolved.  Romney showed by example that he can be a mediator at home and abroad, while maintaining the respect and dignity of being a leader and giving the necessary deference to another leader.  I hope Romney’s example last night is not lost in the divisiveness that has been generated over the last four years  If Americans can see Romney for who he is, great things can happen.  

  • Anonymous

    That’s where I saw it before…the Kennedy-Nixon Debate, 1960!

  • greywolfrs

    Actually, I think Romney played this out well. When asked, most Americans are concerned about the economy. Instead of hitting the foreign affairs, Romney kept bringing it back to the economy. He was hitting Obamaoand the American people with a tuning fork. It was a calculated move that probably worked perfectly. It is difficult for people to focus on foreign affairs as they are losing their homes, can’t find a job and are unsure where their next meal is coming from. Romney hit that OFTEN. Quite a smart move on his part, since someone from the Romney camp said it was ALL his idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000167388092 Gary Wells

    Romney was attempting to illustrate exactly why Obama has been such a
    failure at home and abroad.  He reminded Obama at least twice that his
    attacks were not providing Americans with productive policy statements
    that would help Americans know where he stood.  Romney has explained
    several times how he has the experience to reach across the isle and get
    things done.  Romney showed last night he has the temperament not to
    get ruffled and defensive over personal attacks, can focus on what needs
    to get done, and is willing to concede and extend offers of agreement
    in an effort to narrow down where important differences lie and issues
    can be resolved.  Romney showed by example that he can be a mediator at
    home and abroad, while maintaining the respect and dignity of being a
    leader and giving the necessary deference to another leader.  I hope
    Romney’s example last night is not lost in the divisiveness that has
    been generated over the last four years  If Americans can see Romney for
    who he is, great things can happen.  

  • Anonymous

    The race is not always to the swift nor battle to the strong… but time and chance happens… IT IS ROMNEY’S TIME!

    I write in from Canada and I AM PROUDLY BLACK.

  • Anonymous

    Most posts here are coming from people who saw the truth during the debate. The problem is that the moderator did everything he could to divert Obama from the real issues that Romney put forth. One could clearly see in the Obama responses how confused he was, trying to compensate from his pre-scripted preparations before the debate. We have to remember the power of the media and its influence on the general public.I think that Romney can achieve great success in the last two weeks of his campaign by exposing some of the points that he didn’t use during the debate.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the best Business people I know, NEVER, and I mean NEVER, make a short term decision. Its always about the long term. The fact that everyone (liberals and dems, and media) said he didn’t bash the president on Libya proves that he didn’t need to.

    These debates showed the world the type of person Romney is. It may be very gratifying for some that Obama and the Democrats get obliterated in this election (myself included). The problem with that is, when done, how would Romney lead the whole country. How would you get people to understand and get on board with what you want to do with the country if you just demolished them and then rubbed their noses in it.

    Romney made his point in the second debate on Libya. We may have wanted it to go down with a big fat “IN YOUR FACE!!!!!” but none the less, everyone knew the point me was making. Talking about it again would have been spiking the football. 

  • Anonymous

    Obama was looking at Mr. Romney like a snake contemplating its’ upcoming dinner.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Glenn, you are right!  That was what I was getting too.  I was confused during the first half hour, but then the truth started to sink in–this was the “Plan”.  When someone doesn’t take responsibility for something and they continue to play the blame game, they actually give away their sovereignty.  This is President Obama!

  • Anonymous

    Running for president
    shouldn’t be a game, shouldn’t tolerate spin, and shouldn’t be apologetic about
    fighting outright lies!    We’re dealing with real live mortal threats in
    the mid-east and at home.    Our
    Constitution is literally mocked by elected officials and their appointees!  The department of justice (Holder) openly
    mocks law and Constitution!    To say nothing about the US government empowering
    the Muslim Brotherhood or the Libyan fiasco essentially disqualifies Romney for
    the position of president!   He didn’t
    take the high road – he fell in the ditch!  
    Our leader must be capable of making judgments!


    I’m not advocating a
    gutter fight.   Quite the contrary!     Concisely
    state the condition, discern the facts, and judge to decision applicable.    Yes, Obama would jump in the gutter with baseless
    talk over, interruptions, lies, etc.!   
    The opportunity is let him go off, then demand silence and uninterrupted
    time to make the assessments and conclusions.  
    Demand the moderator control Obama, if the moderator can’t, politely and
    forcefully end the debate by walking out!


    We’re in the mess we’re
    in because very few official will take a stand for truth & Constitution!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what all this Obama “won” stuff is anyway. Debates aren’t won on arrogance for the independent and the conservative Democrats that are still there. Our children need to be intellectually armed with the time proven arguments against socialism/communism/fascism.  They have been systemitcally disarmed instead. I home school and when I see the polls, I see 100 years of intellectually disarming our children. Romney simply allowed the “devil” to show himself. Give him enough rope… I think he succeeded. Obama’s arrogance exposed him to be just another Jive Talkin’ punk.. .

  • Anonymous

    Obama was so RUDE, what kind of President is this?RUDE,LIAR,CHEATER.Every time I see his face it make me to gag and throw-up.That is how sick I am to see the lying President.

    • http://twitter.com/finalfrontier10 M-Theory

       Michelle Malkin described it best, “A den of lying liars and crap weasels.”  He makes me want to gag too.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HTQOHKF7EYEZUNVZFAFVFP635Y Mike Williams

    As a salesman with 30 years of experience, what you saw last night was an experienced salesman taking it to the cocky marketing mgr. I saw this strategy and laughed. It is sales 101. Obama won his other elections on great marketing campaigns. Romney took him completely out of his game plan and forced him to play by his rules. After all, it was Obama a couple of weeks ago that said Romney was just a slick sales person. He set him up from the first debate which made Obama prepare for a fight that he was never going to get. Romney remained in complete control throughout all of the debates.  I guess Forrest Gump was correct, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Give the thanks and credit to God, w/o Him, all of my figuring is worthless.

  • Anonymous

    Here is my theory about what Mr. Romney DID mention last night.  Of COURSE the Economy and how it’s been on a greased slide, and he mentioned foreclosures, welfare, and food stamps, and how he didn’t want to just cut the food stamp program but rather that people got off food stamps due to having a JOB!  But he ALSO reminded us about a few of Obama’s actions (and inactions) which upset the Nation during Obama’s earlier years, which we had collectively forgotten because of being bashed by so many MORE egregiousness from him!  How he removed the protective shield from Poland.  His apology tour.  His .visiting all the muslim countries and not Israel.

    Obama has been trying the last few days to work a new word into his campaign: “Romnesia”.  Last night Mr. Romney turned that word right back at Obama, and in the calmest, most polite way.  I doubt we’ll be hearing that word anymore!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I use the biblical term of “perfect” to describe Romney – a state of maturity in all aspect of ones life. That is what he demonstrated to the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Swann/1217560838 Barbara Swann

    We all know Obama LIED AGAIN. about Libya  Let everyone else hold his feet to the fire. He was smart to stay on point and not allow the gutter rat to suck him into a street fight with him. Obama lies, interrupts, spins stories just like a good ole Alinsky puppet. We all know he is a liar and can’t be trusted. Romney is a classy guy, Obama is a spoiled brat with no manners.  He just hates it when he is called out on this dirty deeds. He thinks no one should be allowed to talked to him the way Romney does. Obama has a much higher opinion of himself that he deserves. Romney will bring God back to our country, raise the moral compass of our people, rid us of these evil people now running the show. God Bless Romney. I pray for him everyday.

  • Anonymous

    Obama will drag us down.  Romney represents the TRUTH.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Voltaire appears to be the orginator of the quote.

    I have found a matter of history with Voltair to be poetic to no end; he is to have said ‘God is dead in our (his) lifetime.” At the time I read of this, his house in France was being used as the European HQs of the Gideon Society.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Young/100000391441118 Jason Young

    Here is the main issue that people should consider relevant in their choice: Is it more important that the candidate empathize with your situation in life, or is it more important that he know how to make your economic situation better, outside of merely giving you money? Has either candidate proven that they know how to either make an economic situation better, or do they have proven results that show real, measurable gains in any effort in the business world or a financial situation? Can the candidate show proven results or only show empathy and his mere desire to change your life? Is he a “doer” or a “dreamer”? Is he a “fixer” or a “proposer”? This isn’t a political choice, it’s a choice involving reality and what you want your life to be like in four years. Both candidates are vastly different in basic political stands, but the bottom line is will they help this country succeed, or are they on an idealogocal crusade? An intelligent person will choose one way and an emotional and selfish person will do the opposite. An ideologue will make political choices, and the realist will make rational ones. Which are you? This isn’t about who you like, it’s about who will do the best job getting this country and it’s economy back on track. If you are an honest, pragmatic person, and not looking for the answers to solve the issues of the ages, you will know how to vote. It’s that simple.

    I posted this on yahoo earlier, and a poster caling himself “Mitt Robmey” actually threatened to slit my throat for it.  I get Glenn’s point entirely. We must be better people and let those with ears hear and those with eyes see.  I’m no George Washington, but I am certainly no vitriolic liberal calling themselves  “Mitt Robmey” either

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jntte-Giles/1546925456 Jntte Giles

    People know the truth about Lybia, they know federal officials from the State Dept. the WH and all who should have been were watching in real time the attack on our embassy.  No point in Romney arguing that, contention does not change anything but make both people look foolish, one who holds their tongue in control will have few regrets or backtracks after all is said and done.  The public does better with a few glaring facts than all the rehtoric of an arguement, people may applaud the blood letting but what they remember are the glaring factual moments.  The debate was as someone stated the lead car in the race not making any errors to prevent being the first one across the finish line.  Great analogy!! Keep praying, keep speaking up and certainly “get out the vote”. Romney/Ryan November 6

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=632055188 Susie Sowers Pingleton

    Thank you Glenn for your hard work!!  We love you and are so thankful that you live in Texas now!! Praying for you!

  • Anonymous

    The same stupid Americans that start fist fights because they lose an argument are the same ones who will vote for Obama because he was “more tough”. Romney is smarter and had a better strategy, unfortunately i have little faith in today’s american voters to realize what american needs. Comments here sound like a bunch of Romney fans who can’t see that Romney needs to appeal to the stupid voters (majority IMO) and not “be the better man”. He can “be the better man” once he gains office.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DRQCCRC3EWXYWMWSWCHOM6TWMM marlio

    Its called reverse psychology.  Romney knew that obama would be well rehearsed on how to answer questions about benghazi.  Probably to the point he had an earpiece, concealed by makeup in his ear, so someone could tell him what to say.  So Rommey did not dwell on that subject and let obama dig a hole.

  • Anonymous

    You just saw a world class chess match with Romney about six moves ahead of Obama. Romney has dealt in business deals all his adult career and learned politics at his fathers knee.
    He knew everyone expected him to follow up on Bengazigate,and that obama would have every angle covered so he pulled a great move by not even going there,keeping obama on guard and waiting to spring the trap while he kept coming from different directions not used before.He effectively muted obamas strategy and any damage while frustrating him and hitting from different directions.Obama has been out thought and out maneuvered in every debate.If Candy Crowely hadn’t help blind side him in that debate obama wouldn’t be even in the race.

  • Anonymous

    “Read and weep – Romney won the presidential debate by looking presidential. Obama had a painful case of Biden’s smile At http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ 

    I read the telegraph article and blog and answered the person who posted it below.
    Gerry Sinclair2:07 AM UTC+1000ZebZ I suspect you and the British Telegraph are right. 
    Followers of either man probably thought their man won, and as we all know it has to be an absolute thrashing like the first debate before any leftist will even talk about a loss, but the 3rd debate was not about point scoring, it was about appearing Presidential and on that score Romney easily won and Obama did not do himself any favours.Leaving the Libyan elephant in the room just sitting there and taking the high ground was a stroke of genius obviously too subtle for the chattering classes, as was turning the debate from foreign policy to Obama’s weakest point, the domestic economy.But the real winning pitch for Romney was not how Democrats,  Republicans and a biased MSM viewed proceedings, but how he appeared to non decided and Independent voters who after all are the ones who will decide this election.Romney could not have put in a better performance as an alternative President for them and on the other hand both in this debate and the last, Obama’s constant harping and  falling back on motherhood statements and positions, and particularly the strange response to an economy requiring immediate remedial action by promoting a long term solution in education reform would have them thinking ‘here we go again’ he is going to ignore what needs to be fixed and waste oxygen on some feel good cause, desirable, but like Obama care, not the number one priority.Starkly reminiscent of the female leader in the UK who was starting inquiries into social inequity causes of the recent rioting, before the fires were put out!Romney has it right, the first and overriding priority is jobs, unless the USA is attacked, everything else at the moment runs second.Any good leader whether in business or Government must be able to effectively priortise, Romney has come across as someone who has no problem doing that which should not be a surprise because otherwise he would not have been so successful, whereas Obama has come across as someone who has great problems doing that, and again given his background, that should not be a surprise either.The clincher for the undecided will probably be that while Romney and Ryan have played the issues, Biden and Obama have played the man.That goes down well the tribalists, but not with the non aligned. Romney’s ‘attacking me is not a policy agenda’ is getting awfully close to Reagan’s ‘there you go again’ – the next fortnight will tell, but if Romney does pull off a victory it will be because he controlled the Presidential image projection, including demeanour under personal attack, so much better.In short in this election, the debates will count, but not for the obvious point scoring reasons, Romney has shrewdly boosted his own image whilst suckering Obama into diminishing his.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.smart Kevin Smart

    I have been praying that “Americans can select righteous leaders.” I pray for that several times a day.  My wife prays for that as well.  Our children also pray for that.  We also prayed before the debate that Americans could see what the candidates stand for.  I have never prayed for either of the main candidates by name, but I believe that my prayers are directed to selecting Mitt Romney and other righteous leaders to represent America.  I just hope that Americans will be guided.

  • http://twitter.com/chrisanntweety Christine Reuter

    gleen I believe mitt was being told by the lord not to say anything about the muslim brotherhood. God and jesus work in way we don’t always understand. But I go with you on Mitt going with God and jesus. Mitt is doing great and all of us pray for mitt to become our president. Me and my wife live in Fort Morgan Colorado. We have joined with the republican Committie here and We are fighting for mitt. Because we do not need four more years of obama I could see clearly that obama has lied the last three debate’s he has nothing to run on anymore. Mitt romney is a man of truth and My whole family are for Mitt Romney. I hope and pray that god and jesus leads mitt romney into the presidency.And for obama about the words that he said about you did not build that someone else did will Obama My family built there business and they are hard working Farmers. So is my brother and his wife and my other sister and her husband. God be with mitt romney. and Paul Ryan. thanks gleen your a good teacher. I learn allot things from you. God bless you glenn and the united States. ERIC AND CHRIS REUTER

  • Joseph DeRego

    About mid-way through the debate last night, I saw that Romney had a strategy, and wasn’t necessarily losing the debate.  He purposefully remained calm and in the face of the condescending Obama.  Looking back, this was outright genious and I believe divine intervention because Romney consulted with God.  I wanted Romney to nail Obama on the facts of Benghazi.  But after looking back, the truth is working its way out without Romney having to point every detail out.  Romney already showed he can beat up Obama intellectually in a debate.  Now he needed to show he will work with even those he disagrees with to bring them in.

  • Katherine Stavrojohn

    The world’s on FIRE and America is burning while Obama goes on the View as arm candy? I’ve been praying for the scales to fall off of the eyes of millions of Americans who can not see the real man that is Obama. Indeed, petulance, pettiness and narcissism are NOT characteristics that serve any president well. No matter what LIES President Obama tells and what promises he recycles (how many roads and bridges have we already paid him trillions to NOT build?) Americans have had quite enough of his Hope & Change. We don’t need a playa who slow jams on late night TV as the “Preezy of the United Steezy”… we need a real leader with a strong background in business and a tough work ethic. Time for Obama to tee off… Americans just did.

    • http://twitter.com/KayakSandy Sandy

       Perfectly stated.  I am in complete agreement. Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeanne.hageman Jeanne Hageman

    Romney didn’t go soft…He allowed the enemy (opponent) every opportunity to out himself.
    I’m changing the old saying, “If you give the enemy enough leeway, they’ll take themselves
    down”.  How’s that for political correctness?  Romney was calm,clever,  purposeful, focused and, most importantly, PRESIDENTIAL!  Obama was his old spoiled, petulant, arrogant self.  He couldn’t
    hide it!No one did it to Obama….he did it to himself! 

  • Anonymous

    I could not be more proud of Mr. Romney. He took one for the country. We think we are the only ones who watch these debates. Not only do our allies watch, but so our enemies. Someone has to show the world we are united on something. He cared more for this country than if the polls showed he won the debate. He is a true George Washington and he is the man I will be proud to call my president.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Wood/1286065745 Robert Wood

    When a person prays in my honest opinion, we begin to see, a person led by a power greater than our own. A person who can lead without being led into tarpits and swamps with alligators. 

  • govstinks2

     Romney knows exactly what he’s doing.  No doubt in my mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.cruz.3766 Arthur Cruz

    Mitt has a reason to be soft ,you draw them into the pit of their own choosing quicksand of lies…

  • govstinks2

     His team had another strategy worked out for him and this is the one he said he wanted to do instead.  So yes, you’re right, This was Romney’s own plan.  I heard it on Shawn Hannity and Greta tonight.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KBDYRZO5TQQSUPAU6TKLRKJLC4 Deborah

    I thought Romney’s strategy was genius!  Obama went in, on fire, ready to hit one out of the park…ready to show the world that he had more experience, albeit poor, in international affairs.  Romney, by agreeing with him on some issures and being kind most of the night, walked right up to him and gently took the bat out of Obama’s hands.  Obama was left with nothing.  No hit, not even a bat!  I’m sure their camp is totally confused. Genius! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mona.marche Mona Levine Marche

    Yes, we have been praying for Mitt Romney.  We think he was fasting and praying prior to the debate.  Obama was soooo ready for a confrontational argument.  It was obvious!  He was ready to jump on anything Mitt was to say.  I think it threw obama off a couple times that Mitt was very calm and not on the defensive.  Obama clearly does a lot of acting.  He is so phoney!  Yes, practice is done by people who will be debating, BUT obama has to be coached and taught and practiced even about things he should already know!!  Liars must always remember what they have said to repeat, defend, or add to the lies to make them appear to be truth.  The results will be close.  If Mitt Romney wins, we will wear smiles and auras of joy.  If the traitor-in-chief wins, we will be wearing black arm bands or something people wear when in mourning for the loss of a loved one…..our future freedoms, middle class, and strength of country are what we have to lose if obama remains in the White House.  

  • http://twitter.com/Rugsie H


  • http://twitter.com/KayakSandy Sandy

    I had read that Ambassador Chris Steven’s mother did not want the death of her son to be politicized during the campaign.  I couldn’t help but think that Mitt Romney, as a parent, he honored her and her family by not engaging Obama on his total failure during the Benghazi attack.  We all know that Romney had the facts and is very good at delivering the jabs when needed, I so wanted him to shred Obama on so many issues.  But, Mitt Romney debated in a presidential manner, showing Obama’s child like anger and attempts at interruption.  I will be proud to have Mitt Romney as my President, this is a man of honor who will do the very best for the United States of America and all her citizens.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mona.marche Mona Levine Marche

    There is a video on NetFlix which explains the actual amount of deficit by Bush.  There is no comparison between Bush’s billions and obama’s trillions! It is “I WANT YOUR MONEY”.  What is the name of the movie about the Democrat Party keeping Black Americans as slaves?  I wish people would be hungry to learn as much as they can instead of listening to and being led by the democrats who are using them.  Are you willing to take the chance in losing your rights to bear arms and speak up?  Obama has passed Executive Orders –laws- bypassing Congress, which is wrong.  If your family were in danger, would you  not heed the warnings, and “wait and see” what will happen?  Get obama OUT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The mainstream media declared Obama the winner hands down. How many people actually WATCHED the debate? Let’s face it, MOST people watch the sound bites on their local news & we all know who puts those together.

  • Anonymous

    I hate the label, I am going to use it for the purposes of this opinion
    and to make clear to the reader which Americans I will be bloviating
    about.  I am a 39 year old “hispanic” male born in the good ol’ US of A.
     To a father that was a Mexican national and a mother that was a
    Spanish national until she proudly became a naturalized American citizen
    sum 25 years ago or so.  I cant say really when I started paying
    attention to our politics, other than around the 2008 campaign where the
    entire world was paying attention to the rising star Barrack Obama.
     Growing up through my high school years in the late 80’s early 90’s we all saw the shaping and forming of the America we see now. Watching the 2008 campaign with the perspective of my high school years
    combined with being from the 47% end of the spectrum I almost
    immediately realized that Obama was going to be the victor and  I knew
    that I was watching the end result of everything I saw unfold in my
    little high school, in my little world.  The difference this time was
    that this was now happening not just on the national stage, but the international stage as well.  I had told a
    friend at that time who thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win the
    nomination, that I knew she wouldn’t, not because of Obama, but because I
    believe that the first female to be elected President would not be a
    Hillary type.  Americans are not going to vote for our first female
    President a woman that is a career politician.  I believe that our first
    female President will be a strong woman, strong in her ideals and she will obviously display
    backbone, ex-military or law enforcement type, captain of industry type as a background or baseline to her political career. Anyways
    I’m rambling, back to the point… The end result of the 90’s brought us
    to the 2008 campaign and President Obama.  The party lasted about 2
    years and i believe many would agree the hangover has lasted just about as
    long.  Now that we have sobered up we as a nation have come to the
    realization that we cannot ever again let shame and guilt drive our
    So, what does this have to do with Romney? 

    laid the previous statement out to make one point,  “Nothing was
    stopping that train”  Forget it, It’s over, lets deal with the now:
    Romney,  What is wrong with you? I am so pissed at how you are NOT
    running your campaign.  At what you are NOT saying and who you are NOT
    saying it to.  It leaves me with the sad impression that you have
    written us off ,or really, and even more depressing have no idea how to
    speak to your “Hispanic” voters. You do realize that the only thing that
     separates the “Hispanic” voter from the Republican voter is skin
    color?  A huge majority of “Hispanic” voters are Catholics, God fearing
    hard working, proud and honest people that love this country and know
    without a doubt that there is no other nation that compares.  You and
    your party can lock up the elections from the local to the national
    stage by finally inviting and demanding that the “Hispanic” voter come
    home to the party it belongs in.  Give the long overdue boot to the few
    radical nut jobs of you’re party and start speaking not only to us but
    for us.  Obama’s pathetic and insulting last minute pandering has gone
    unanswered by you Mr. Romney.  I have never felt more insulted than when
    I started hearing the rhetoric from the left about voter suppression
    that could affect 10 million “Hispanic” voters.  Are you freaking
    kidding me?? These freaking bobble-head talk drones,pundits,pick your poison, are  going to have the balls
    to go on national television and say to the country that we are not
    going to be able to vote because now you will be required to show
    I.D. !?!?! Trust me when I say if we want to vote we will vote! An extra
    hoop, another form, an additional $20 bucks, a longer ride, whatever.
     Look at our history both in our country of origin and in America.  Do
    we seem like a people easily deterred? 

    “You have the platform Mr. Romney, you have the bully pulpitt, you want
    to speak for and represent the 100% of the population.  You want to be
    more than just the President, You want to be MY President.  Well get off
    your rhetorical ass and say something.  The time is now, it’s almost
    perfect to me, the one who has always been patiently, quietly waiting not
    just to be addressed but to be recognized”.

    up and make that historical speech  that will rain millions of quiet
    “Thank You’s” at the ballot box and at the same time knock Mr. Obama and
    that fake “we Care About You” liberal media on their ass so hard that
    the election will be over and they will still be asking “What the heck
    just happened?”

    Give me a call if you want
    some advice on what to say. Do not make promises that you cannot or do
    not intend to keep.  Give us hope, REAL hope not Obama hope and more
    importantly recognition.  As Mexicans look north for hope and security
    we need to start looking south for strength and longevity. For our
    futures as opposed to Europe’s future can we start believing in the New,
    New world again? So is it you Mr. Romney or those you surround yourself
    with?  Because somebody is really missing an opportunity not of a
    lifetime but of a generation.  Seriously, Obama is playing checkers and
    you need to make that checkmate move and end this so we can all start flying
    again. thank you

  • Anonymous

    Me too!! I am also in prayer that God will bless us one more time and prayerfully, we can get our country back to where we need to be.  In the will of God.  Mr. Romney, was a true leader last night and showed it.  Obama is a thug and that is how he presents himself.  He is a bully in the worst way.  I just hope and pray Mr. Romney defeats Obama. I have a funny idea that Obama will do something in order to stay in office – don’t know what but he will do anything to stay in office and finish off America.  He job is not over with, but little does he know that we are a Christian nation and nothing he can do can defeat us!!!  Together we stand strong and will defeat him!!!  God bless us again.

  • Anonymous

    The local NBC station in Mobile, Alabama, reported tonight that a Halloween store has predicted that Obama will win the election based on the number of Obama Halloween masks sold thus far (60% Obama, 40% Romney).  They say they have been right since 1996.  Now that is a scarrrrrry prediction!!!  More reasons to pray.

  • http://twitter.com/eeyore436 C Nelson

    I thought that just for a fleeting second, when Romney didn’t attack Obama on Benghazi, that Obama looked surprised.  To me I thought I saw a deflation in Obama, because Romney wasn’t going to fall into a planned setup.  Obama then couldn’t continue his strategy in the debate to portray Romney as a warmonger, loose cannon . . . he even tried using words such as reckless (perhaps a scripted answer to be used if Romney had fallen for the setup), because the “reckless” comment wasn’t really fitting the actions of Romney during the debate.  I personally thought the softness was refreshing.  I’m tired of the fighting . . . just talking about what he would do as President was great.  Cudos to Romney . . . somebody’s got to start leading us out of the gridlock and arguments, who better than a true leader and hopefully our next President, Romney.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, I’ve seen snakes look at a mongoose that way. The snake wound up being dinner! The mongoose is also an excellent eradicator of rats and vermin!

  • Anonymous

    I Prayed to they Lord that he would let the holy spirit speak through Mitt Romney last night and I sure that million of other people was praying also For Mitt. I thought he spoke clearly to the American People Like a real President Should;

  • Anonymous

    If Romney doesn’t keep his promises; Obamacare, deficit, National debt, auditing the FED, etc.  I predict citizens will flee in droves to the Libertarian party.  We’re awake and tired of the irresponsible spending from both parties.  

  • http://twitter.com/eeyore436 C Nelson

    I think it’s time to get rid of the parties.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that it was necessary to hammer on Benghazi. Others not in Romney’s campaign will take care of that. Any veteran can tell you what happened based on what
    has come out since the event. It was monitored in real time, probably by a
    satellite uplink on the security cameras. The staff suspected it was coming
    because one of them texted a friend that the compound was being photographed by
    the Libyan’s and he said that he was not sure he would live out the night. He
    didn’t. The staff was talking to the US Government, likely on several levels.
    They sere telling anyone who would listen what was going on. There was a drone
    overhead watching the action. There were resources available that could have
    been launched. One pass by an AC-130 would have stopped the attack cold and the
    jihadists would have crawled back into their holes. When you have small arms
    fire, direct fire (RPG’s) indirect fire (mortars) it means that there is a
    plan, there is coordination and there is command and control. Now with all of
    that, to lie the way this administration has, is unconscionable.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZFYHYAI6Z2B6GN5MHUQLFSIEBI Frustrated

    All the comments are good, folks! I heard someone on a talk show tonight comment that Romney did exactly the right thing, that EVERY talk show earlier in the day, left or right, was asking why Romney didn’t attack Obama on Benghazi because it was an Obama failure–ie, it became obvious to everyone that Romney had won on that issue without saying a word! And yes, I think Obama had already planned some sly response if Romney had brought it up, and was taken aback by all the amazing, genius, FRESH ideas Romney had. Someone else mentioned that “peace” was mentioned 12 times in the debate, ALL by Romney!!!!! The ideas Romney had were completely new and amazing, and he actually knew what he was talking about–none of the ignorant not knowing about other countries, names, events that most politicians only pretend to know about. This is the man we need as President, not just to balance the budget, but so we have just a chance to increase peace in the world, while still having strength as a nation. WOW!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.leighton.18 Barbara Leighton

    Romney WON with CLASS; Obama LOST with TRASH!

    I prayed very loud and strong for Romney 1/2 way through the debate! I prayed that God had shown him this way to Act in this final debate. I continued to watch and then I understood what he was doing! Americans are not STUPID, they understood what Romney STANDS FOR!


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UCZFYJIOVLKTYUMNG6RMIT7JUE scot

    sry glenn i voted for ron paul. i am an early voter. just wish every one would write in ron paul . that would take care lf the electorial vote wouldn’t it


    I think Romney believes he has the fight won and this being the last round in the ring with the adversary, he did not want to say something that could  harm his chances.
    He knew Obama was lying and he knew some of the press members was going to pick those lies and do his job.
    Sean Hannity did part of it tonight., Rush did and Glenn of course hit hard on them.

    • Anonymous

      Coming from others besides Romney, hits harder. Like the news thar broke today about Obama watching the Benghazi attack in real time and sat there 7 hours without doing anything with help one hour away. Coming from news sources hits hards.
      Mitt played it well last night, by night biting into Obama’s little snarky attacks, Obama became more desperate and thus the antics began.

  • hughs500

    Right, these comments are very constructive and I also applaud the understanding I see from people in this forum. A person can only argue with a liar so long and the best thing to do is let the record speak for its self. In fact, as “Frustrated” eluded to, the Media is more apt to bring the strategic “hits” Romney “could have used” to the forefront because they can’t help them selves. They have to show their intelligentsia off by proving they would be smarter than Romney in the fight while recklessly exposing THEIR candidate’s real record. I think Jesus is actually who he is trying to imitate.   

  • JoAnn Graham

    Maybe Romney was just giving  the American people an opportunity to get to know the “real” Obama–the narcissistic, strutting little puppet who is a legend in his own mind, and so much smarter than the rest of us that he can tell the most blatant LIES and figures we will not be smart enough to know the difference, or else too intimidated by the possibility of being labeled a “racist” to call him on it.  If you listened to the Great Eared One’s grandiose descriptions of his “accomplishments” and compared them to REALITY, it was painfully obvious that he is, to put it kindly, DELUSIONAL. I would hope there were a good number of the “undecided” out there who saw it too, and recognized his delusional preening for what it was.

    I WAS disappointed that Romney did not hold the America-hating, lying little puke’s feet to the fire on Libya and any number of subjects where he easily could have.  That said, I thought Romney scored some solid hits with his “apology tour” broadside and telling us that we would never hear HIM (Romney) telling Putin he’d have more flexibility to make a deal after the election. I also liked when he told ODUMBER, “Attacking ME is not an agenda.”, point8ng out Obama’s street-fighter tactics and the emptiness of his rhetoric with devastating effect.

    I just pray to God that all the ground Romney has gained since the debates is enough to turn that Communist POSER out of office, though I fear what kinds of “executive orders” and other sneak attacks the little weasel will try to ambush us with in the two months he has left.  That is, if he does not use the UN troops he has invited to “observe” the elections to keep people away from the polls and stop the election altogether.

    I do believe the Great Eared One is a crazy, narcissistic little egomaniac who will become increasingly vicious and irrational if he sees that he cannot win, and will not rest easy until I see him safely evicted from the White House and our government.  Then–and ONLY then–can the work of undoing the damage he has caused and rebuilding what he has destroyed begin..

    • Anonymous

      I am overly concerned Obama may pardon Mumia Abu Jamal … Prez ‘n Holder seem to allow Black Panthers to openly threaten the lives of others as well as threaten their right to vote. Bet Obama attended a Free Mumia Rally … rumor has it

  • Anonymous

    Romney had the spades he needed to buy the pot, the MSM understands reality and is looking at the blood being left in the water by the unembraceable Fraud in the WH, these parasites are now ready to throw the Fraud under the bus and let all of the Beghazi story be told….bus throwing is a art, you have to be careful not to get in the way when it makes that U-turn.

    Running with the bulls might be a lot safer.

  • bull57

    Romney know that without talking about the Libyan attack that the press will wear it out and he doesn’t have to be the hard ars! It will stay alive longer and most likely on all the MSM outlets. I think it’s a brilliant move!

  • http://twitter.com/toppipee Patrick Tighe

    In my historical opinion, George Washington would not have taken a pass on challenging Obama’s full record.  It was a clear opportunity for Romney.  I hope that he (Romney) tell us why, before the election.  If Barack and Joe are doing such a great job in the Middle East, then why are we out of control there.  Because the “terrorists” aren’t afraid of us. Reagan straightend Iran out after Carter, and Romney can do it too!

  • Anonymous

    The Benghazi incdent is being talked about all over the place and the irrational Dems are denyjng the fact that it was a known terror attack from the beginning.  All Obama had to say was that he was waiting for the investigation to be completed and anything Romney said would have looked foolish.  He knew what he was doing.  On the Bill O’Reilly show he was ranting about the fact that Romney didn’t bring it up.  He had Colmes on with that subject and it was a confrontational distorted exchange.  Romney avoided that. 

    • Anonymous

      It came out today that Obama, Biden and Hillary were watching the attack in real time from a drone, and sat there for 7 hours without doing a damn thing. There was help one hour away in Signorella.

  • Anonymous

    Listening on the radio, I thought Romney was inadvertently losing the debate (coming across too meekly, failing to finish him off). Now, in retrospect, it appears to have been a deliberate strategy…that appears to have paid off! Well done!

    • Anonymous

      Romney gave him enough rope to hang himself. His constant attacking Romney is off putting.

  • Kristin Griesbaum

    Do you think he knew all this was going to come out today about the emails concerning the Embassy?  Do you think he just let the people do the gasping…..while he kept his eyes on the entire package?  The more I get to know Romney the more I respect him.  Respecting our President….now that is a novel idea!  

  • Navy VeteranCPO

    Apology – An expression of regret for a wrong.

    Obama claims that he did not go on an “Apology Tour”. Did he or did he not express regret for America’s actions?
    He expressed regret over how we have “dismissed and dictated” the actions of other countries.

  • http://twitter.com/eeyore436 C Nelson

    Take heart Glenn!!  I recorded the debate and then watched it.  Listening to Romney was a great change of pace.  Much like my family–no fighting, gentle, yet firm and strong without blaming.  How refreshing it was.  I also found after listening to Obama for the same amount of  time, I got tired of his blaming and wanted to fast forward through his same ‘ol blah, blah, blah.  Romney will be our next President.

  • Anonymous

    Romney didn’t go soft on the President, he simply went Romney.
    We flip flopped on more major issues and simply looked and acted like he was out of his league. 
    I am almost starting to feel bad for the man. 
    Romney appears to be a pretty good person, he just isn’t Presidential.

    • http://twitter.com/eeyore436 C Nelson

      And Obama is?

      • Anonymous

        Oh, Oh, OH….I know, I know….In LOVE with himself at our expense…….

      • Anonymous

        A much better choice to continue fixing GW’s mistakes and help middle class families in America.

        • Anonymous

          Continue fixing??????????????? Sorry, he has yet to even begin and it is now at the end of his term in office! Had he begun way back in 2008 then possibly he would get another 4 to as you put it, CONTINUE FIXING. LOL Sorry, I had to laugh because it is so sad and I don’t want to waste my tears on him. You don’t need to worry about him though, he’ll make it on making appearances and speaking engagements. MiMi can also go on the speaking circuit and together they will make a very nice living.

        • Anonymous

          “FIX?” What a joke. BO has exponentially increased the debt and his momentum is accelerating. Twice as many war deaths on BO’s watch too. Helping middle class families? NOT! Being jobless and homeless with prices of goods and services doubling and tripling, while taxes continue to rise is NOT help. And I don’t think any middle class families condone his inaction in Benghazi. That could be your son next time.

        • VindicatorX

          This is a shining example of your pathetic idiocy – you have no cogent argument so you toss busted talking points behind your yellow trail of slime.

    • Anonymous

      Why? Because he didn’t spew out lie upon lie because he thought the American public was too dumb to realize it was lies?  I can understand that. It has been a long time since we have had a POTUS that doesn’t consider the American public stupid and unable to retain anything they have said before they took office..Does Presidential look like what we have had for the past 4 remarkably horrible years? Presidential is not what we have had. Though he did deliver on CHANGE..Problem there is the CHANGE he brought about was not for the good….but it was CHANGE!

      • Anonymous

        Prepare yourself for four more years. This may not be enough time to fix the hole GW dug for our nation, but I am sure the President can lay the ground work for Hillary Clinton or another worthy Democrat to build upon during their terms.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry but I am afraid you may be pipe dreaming . But you are within your rights to believe and vote whatever way you want to. What flavor is the Kool-Ade you’ve been drinking? Hope it tastes good going down.

           I don’t believe that thinking men and women want another 4 years of this narcissistic (meaning: Never wrong, always right and everybody else is to blame for anything that smacks of failure on his part, because Everything he does is totally correct and brother one had best not disagree with him.) beanbag. It is always easier to blame others when you are in over your head instead of saying, This is on my watch and I am responsible for fixing it now.
          It will be refreshing to have a normal person in the White House once again. So as you told me, Prepare yourself to have your dreams smashed. But the next four years will be less painful for you and the rest of us. Certainly won’t be worse! 

        • SoThere

          The cockroach spammer is back again.Whiner Whaaaaaaa  Whaaaaaaaaa

          • VindicatorX

            He’s certainly a prolific pathological liar and nut case.

          • SoThere

            The idiot’s so deep into his lies he can’t quit. His bigotry and hate won’t let him.

          • VindicatorX

            Yep. He’s painted himself into a corner. The best thing for him to do would be to shut up and go away, but the innate talent he has for stupidity prevents him from granting himself mercy.

            Not that I feel for the pathetic dipstick, but it’s pathetically sad he can’t quell his own pain.

        • VindicatorX

          No, you prepare yourself. Clinton brought this on, and payback is going to be a bitch for you when the Democrat party collapses under the weight of your lies.

          There will be no Democrat elected to any important federal office for the next 40 years.

          The Democrat party is through, and should be abolished.

    • Anonymous

      So the president lying on 13 major issues last night is presidential?

    • SoThere

      Obama made a fool out of himself.  President Romney did great!

      Strtlk the cockroach is back again,  BNwaaaaaaBwaaaaaaa

      • VindicatorX

        Right on all three counts!

    • VindicatorX

      You don’t know a damned thing – and it has been made apparent here as it has in every one of your idiot comments.

  • Anonymous

    in the first debate Obama said his grandmother died three day before the election … would I be mistaken in saying the country was led to believe she died the night before? It kinda bothered me when I heard him say that as my recollection was different 

    I still think not to attend the funeral of the woman who raised you is odd no matter how important you think you are

  • http://www.facebook.com/grant.devereaux Grant Devereaux

    Romney decided to tie his foreign policy to Obama straight down the line. You can say Romney was trying to do the honorable thing but the reality is that Romney sold out conservatives. You can pretend all you want, but Romney sold out last night. 

    • Anonymous

      Why would he do that, Doofus? Did he run for president for 8 years and then suddenly decide he wanted to throw in the towel?  Maybe Ron Paul could have done better? 

  • Anonymous

    I think Mitt played the debate brilliantly. At first I was disappointed, then it hit me, this was on purpose. He had the ammo and knows how to use it, why?
    If he had attacked O, he would look petty and just as low.
    The less he played into the bait, the more fractious Obama became. He gave him enough rope to hang himself. Brilliant.
    He showed the world last night, what a real President looks like. A real President doesn’t degrade the position. He walked the walk and led by example last night.

  • Anonymous

     I believe Mitt did it all correctly. He is a real Statesman. He is what our country needs right now. It is going to be rough going for all of us and Mitt Romney is the man I want to be in this chair. We can hold his feet to the fire and I know God will stand with him in everything he does. Yes I believe he is listening to God and taking his direction from Him. But, that is what we need. So pray my fellow Americans as you never have prayed before and continue to pray daily even as Mitt Romney is inaugurated on January 20th. Daily prayer is healing.

  • gregh1973

    One more possibility – There have been too many “coincidences” about Benghazi.  I don’t think he wanted to open the door to allow the President to SPIN a dozen more lies!  The truth probably won’t come out until AFTER election, and this would only have empowered the LIAR-in-Chief!

  • http://www.facebook.com/azozel Alex Johnson

    Obama is nothing short of a traitor and a fraud! 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Romney went soft in the debate…he was factual, diplomatic, even tempered, and smart.  Remember, Romney is the one who graduated cum laude from Harvard Business School, with an MBA, and was also named a Baker Scholar at Harvard Business School, and was in the top 5% of his class.  He is used to negotiating, getting advice, and putting together successful strategies.  Babs Walters should re-think her statements that he seems not very smart.  Romney is a Godly man, he supports multiple charities with donations, doesn’t drink, smoke, or blaspheme God, he actually shut down Bain to help a partner find his daughter who was missing,  and that makes him a leader with integrity and honor.  Glenn is right, we haven’t seen this in a leader in a long time.  Besides that all the information is coming out on Benghazi and the extreme failure to protect our Americans, he didn’t need to go after the President, History will do that!  The President’s behavior was shocking and disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    I find Obama rude, arrogant and condescending. Do Americans want a rude president? Romney is polite and thoughtful. I’m Canadian and can’t vote in your elections, but I wouldn’t pick a rude Prime Minister here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002011687034 Jan Wood

    Why does General Motors/Ohio feel an obligation to vote for Obama?  It was the taxpayer who bailed them out.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I was disappointed that Romney didn’t go after Obama on Libya too. Then I got to thinking, what informed person didn’t see the whole lie play out from the beginning? I think only informed and interested people watch these debates anyway, most of the young and ill informed get the message they want from Face Book and other social networks anyway, (their time being too valuable to waste).  Romney let the watching audience see Obama lie and then prove himself to be totally untruthful on so many of his accomplishments that Romney’s point was well taken that way, leaving Romney to look the more presidential and honest of the two.

  • Anonymous

    Romney probably decided to not act like some sort of demented person, who is unable to react to nonsense.  It is about time he became assured enough to not react like an adolescent young man, like his opponent has in the past.  Our country needs a REAL MAN in charge,  not one who just acts like one.  It was so insulting to me and others to think that we have to see a sporting event, complete with silly arguing going on, instead of a real match of MEN.    
       A DEBATE IS A DEBATE not a game…and our country is real, not a joke, and we need someone in the White House who can be SERIOUS….enough with the hugging and smooching on stage, too.. disgusting.

  • http://twitter.com/Ganabra1967 lance lank

    I been setting on this for awhile but why did Mitt not go on the Offence against Obama on the Benghazi question .I think because of years of blame finger pointing and divisiveness he choose to change the culture . AS a great song by Rush say’s (And the men who hold high places Must be the ones who start To mold a new reality 

  • http://twitter.com/Ganabra1967 lance lank

    I been setting on this for awhile but why did Mitt not go on the Offence against Obama on the Benghazi question .I think because of years of blame finger pointing and divisiveness he choose to change the culture . AS a great song by Rush say’s (And the men who hold high places Must be the ones who start To mold a new reality 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    I thought Romney should have gone after Obama for the Libyan fiasco and the coverup, as this is the major scandal of the Obama era. The liberal media will not go after Obama, so Romney or his surrogates will have to do it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    I thought Romney should have gone after Obama for the Libyan fiasco and the coverup, as this is the major scandal of the Obama era. The liberal media will not go after Obama, so Romney or his surrogates will have to do it.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Obama condemn the U.S. for being “dimissive, even derisive?” 

    I found it telling that he himself treated Romney dismissively, even derisively, during the debate.  Was he serious when he explained to Romney that “planes land on them (aircraft carriers),” and that we have “boats that go under water, called submarines,” or was that derision of the first order?

    • outlawed

      That comment showed the world who Obama really is.  His petty mind games and smiles hiding his true emotion.  That comment was straight evil and uncalled for.  Honestly if someone said that to me like that, i would have knocked his teeth in.

  • outlawed

    I was very upset about Romney and not attacking Obama on Libya.  Romney could have KO’d the president over and over again and he did not do so.  There was something that got Obama very pissed off because he took a shot that I thought was very disrespectful.  “our Navy is not made of horses and bayonets Mr. Govner”   something Romney said Prior to that statement angered him and for one of the first times on national TV i saw how cut throat he can be

  • Anonymous

    I think that maybe Mr. Romney knows that this is not a debate or media story any longer, but an event that needs to be examined by the courts and judged by God.  An event too horrible to bat around in a couple of minutes of superficial argument. I think Glenn is right. I know that I am furious over the Benghazi murders and kept trying to put words in Mr. Romney’s mouth. I think allowing those 4 men to die without aide when aide was only an hour away is criminal negligence. There were so many things we could have done. But the White House did nothing. They are playing in the White House. These are not serious, intelligent, or responsible peopIe. I already opposed Obama for his big -government and big-union ideals, for his high-handed executive orders, but this… this is unforgivable. That is why Mitt Romney would be a better president than I would.  One way to recognize God leading is when what is done seems so different from what one’s emotions are telling you to do…stand instead of run, apologize instead of fight, give in instead of resist, love instead of hate, give instead of take, praise instead of eviscerate.  I am voting for Mitt Romeny. 

  • Anonymous

    I think that Romney’s strategy was truly brilliant, terrific!!! One could see that Omaba was itching and ready to jump at Romney on Libya at the slightest confrontation! Romney left him high and dry! Ha, Ha, Ha! Go Romney, Go!!!

  • Anonymous

    One word of the debate stood out. “ME”. It was like a freudian slip of the tongue. If you work hard to build a business YOU didn’t build that, but Obama wants to take personal credit for any good results in our nation. Like he went in and captures Bin Ladin all by himself. Of course when things go wrong, it was somebody else’s fault.

  • Laura Cambria

    Remember the wee-wee’d up comment?  We have been sucker punched by the Islamo-fascists/commies/nazis.  Real debt is $213 TRILLION… anyone really think we can pull this thing out?  It is so true, Romney has to be the most prayed for man on earth.  Israel is more than likely leading the charge in prayer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosemary-Castanza/100001239331434 Rosemary Castanza

    we can’t fight our enemies if they are in the same CHARIOT,,,sucker punched is not the word,,,, its ignorance we must pray for this nation like never befor 

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t been around for awhile, but would like to make a couple of points:

    There are two ways to handle someone who throws the first punch. You can do him in with a swift counter punch, or simply sidestep it and make him look foolish. Romney decided to do the latter. Probably the wisest choice, but disappointing to those of us who wanted the Gingrich vs Obama debate.

    With the race this close in Ohio, I fear the outcome will be decided by voter fraud,and another round of hanging chads will be dissasterous for the country. In addition, no one is paying attention to the senate races, and with Harry Reid still in the drivers seat in the senate, a President Romney won’t be getting much done.

  • Anonymous

    impeachobamacampaign.com. Go to it. Sign it.

  • Anonymous

    There is a Mormon prophecy that speaks about our country when the Constitution “hang like a thread.”  The recently released book, “They Fired the First Shot 2012″ outlines how we are now living in that time.  If Obama is elected, I believe that the Constitution will be destroyed and the presidency will become a dictatorship during his term in office.

  • Anonymous

    Three things Glenn. Thanks for standing for and seeking truth! Second, the governor said when he was struck by a comment from Obama that “Attacking me is not an agenda.” We considered it right then an awesome comment, but failed in the moment to apply it to both sides. Mitt applied the old addage that “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” He was living by several other great principles. There is a time for confronting your peers with their complete and utter failures. Obama will face these failures soon. There will be law to face then and no grace. Finally, I think there are several rules of conflict management that Romney applied that great leaders apply more often ( we all fail in the moment at times). And a public shaming was not in order for the public to see. That will come later at the appropriate time I’m sure. Maybe I’m wrong. But I thought he looked more like Ben Franklin the ambassador/diplomate. And Obama looked more like a very bad version of a person who never acomplished anything worthy of recognition, Saul Alinsky, trying to pick a fight and cause confusion, like he has already with our economy and all his lies.

  • Anonymous

     Why did Romney go soft…and why do our politicians continue to speak smooth talk, brushing over with sunshine strokes,  the stark reality of the very dark days in which we live.

    BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES TO GET ELECTED – Forget the truth – that don’t sell..

    Both candidates understand clearly, that the American public no longer have the stomach nor are they concerned with overseas affairs….”We have our own problems here at home, we say…” Let nations figure out their own course of action in the future and allow other nations willing to help them, get them there. Why should it be Americas problem anyway?

    Neither candidate has the balls to stand-up and to tell it like it is….for fear of losing votes I’m sure…but if America decides to ignore her responsibilities found around the globe – it will soon come back to haunt us.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn describes well how some of us felt. So many missed opportunities I checked off in my mind.
    Hours after the last debate, wondering how Romney impacted America and recalling the look on Obama’s face, his razor sharp insults, the sneering smiles, his shoulders lowered, I realized;
    Half of America grew up in households with an angry verbally abusive parent. Half of America would go to bed that night listening to adults fighting.

    Romney may be more in touch with the people then we perceived.

    We, like the half of America listening to the fights every night from their bedrooms, may have just been conditioned to Obama’s anger and controlling ways. We’ve been primed for a fight after 4 years of Obama yelling into microphones declaring and threatening and telling us what to believe.

    We don’t have many microphones, but we hoped the neighbors would hear and help. We thought Romney was the neighbor to the rescue who would stop the bully behind the smile who keeps us awake at night. He would pop the angry abusive quarreler in the jaw, blacken at least one eye and be declared the winner of the debate.

    I think now, Romney heard what we missed..
    Good neighbors don’t rescue a family by fighting w/ the angry parent. You de-escalate.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T7FPROMTR3ZENBMUSJEHSPHFPE Robert

    By not taking the bait that Obama was laying out for him Romney managed to look cool and collected and, dare I say, Presidential.  He also at the same time disrupted Obama’s flow and made many of the things he had prepared for irrelevant.  Romney looked presidential and Obama looked desperate.  Who won on points doesn’t matter, that was the 1st debate, it was a contest of style and poise for this one and Romney won hands down.

  • http://twitter.com/JasonGriest Jason Griest

    Obama expected Romney to come out swinging because of Benghazi and was thrown off of his game by a complete 180 in Romney’s tactics. Obama prepared for a battle and when that didn’t happen he just went ahead with the battle…. and lost. This was a good move for Romney to get the female vote and to show he does know what he is doing by using his wits to battle an unarmed opponent.

  • poed

    Romney was brilliant!!!  Not what I wanted to see, but now analyzing it, he beat Obama at his own game.

    If Romney went after Obama on Benghazi, the MSM would have crucified him for making this “political” and formed a narrative of “politics come before the lives of Americans.”   Romney didn’t take the bait.

    If Romney criticized Obama on bin Laden, he would have come across as “not fully understanding the threat of Al-Qaeda thus not ready for the Commander in Chief position”. Romney again didn’t take the bait, and congratulated Obama on his decision.

    If Romney tried to point out specifics on failures in the Mid-East from the Arab Spring, he would be touted as 1) a “war-monger”, or 2) inaction, which would be viewed as a stance “against freedoms for oppressed peoples” of these nations.  Again, Romney did not take the bait.

    With all 3 of these things, the Obama camp was primed and ready to stick it to Romney with the MSM ready and willing to amplify….BUT ROMNEY HAD OTHER PLANS!!!!

    IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!!!  I think these were the main reasons, and “looking Presidential” was just a BONUS!

  • americanathlete

    My minds been made up for a long time and I’m voting for Romney. I do think that Romney is a little weak on foreign policy, but still much stronger than Obama. I just want to throw something out there: What if Romney and Obama tie on electoral votes — 169 – 169? The House would vote for Romney, the Senate would vote for Biden — Romney, Biden??? Hope not!

  • Anonymous

    If you feed cookies = (entitlements) to wld bears = (people that do not wa’nt to work) make sre you
    don’ run out of cookies!
       Mr. President, you are out of cooies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irina-Krasnyuk/745534442 Irina Krasnyuk

    How it will come out? In koma.

  • Anonymous

    Well, judging from the voter fraud being reported even now, if Obama wins, we won’t know if Romney’s strategy worked or not… If we’re praying, we need to pray for the fraud to fail and/or be revealed

  • http://www.facebook.com/pjames7777 Patti James

    I believe Romney knew obama was expecting him to come out swinging and when he didn’t obama revealed his true colors. Why argue when you know obama is a master at spinning lies. I think he did the right thing. Just look at what happened the very next day…E-MAILS…

  • Luke Law

    Everyone has it WRONG. Mitt did exactly the right thing. It is sublime in it’s sneakiness.
    Mitt avoided the One thing Obama was prepared for – Obama’s whole debate was predicated on defending his Biggest Screw-Up. Romney knew that he could get the Pundits & Masters (Like you Mister Beck) to talk about this issue like crazy! It would get brought up again and again FOR FREE! Mitt didn’t even have to say a word. Mitt could move the “Foreign Relations” debate back to the Economy which Mitt is a Genius (especially compared to The One – or The Zero)
    Well it worked.

    I’m a news junkie I spend many many hours a day watching/ listening to the news and the pundits comments. The Bengazi Debacle (Please no more “-Gates” it really Trivializes a very serious issue) is burning up the wires! Literally! It is on every news program, “Why Didn’t Romney hit Obama about his Fail in Libya?” see ? Now everyone knows that Obama screwed up, Royally!
    Mitt is not just a pretty face or an Empty Suit. He is President smart.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure it was posted here and I am not making excuses for Mitt (AND HE did not use it) .
    Seems the man was sick with the flu or something, and was not well.
    Someone said after the debate, his wife was holding him up.
    It was probably cold in there, and he looked like he was sweatng a little, so his temp or fever may have been rough on him FOR 90 MINUTES.
    If he had bowels going/hurting and his stomach acting up, can you imagine how hard that debate was with the nerves and OBOZO attacking you.
    I liked his strategy, after debate was over….HE GOT IN SOME GOOD BLOWS….
    O is sucking air with LIBYA on his OWN now thanks to FOX…..BLAZE….Conservative radio
    During it, I was like GLENN, and was a little upset with Mitt.
    HE made O look desperate, and he won by letting O flame out.
    ROPE a DOPE baby, float like butterfly, sting like a FLEA (should have been bee).
    Mitt is 10 times the MAN, I don’t believe the lies, just NOT possible, all MSM
    and OBAMO Chicago thug nachine on MITT.
    Sure he changes his mind, so do I.
    I would have popped O for the DRONE attack killing innocents,
    and I am a conservative, but that ticks me off with his policies on that.
    THAT, and those “rules of engagement”, makes me crazy thinking about OBUMMER, what a jerk… getting those WONDERFUL Americans killed over there…green on blue tragerides…..DISGUSTING and OBAME’s fault 100%….
    I would put those conmanders on trial…..if we can’t get O impeached….
    FOR YEARS now we will have these crazy blood thirsty killers coming after us.
    THANKS O-BLAME-O………..for turning out cool Military into killers…..
    I LIVE in TEXAS, and that Ft Hood thing is a fiasco !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Romney was really smart. Obama was totally prepared on Libya and would have accused him of continuing to politicize a tragedy. I am sure the script was brilliant, written by Axelrod! You could tell Obama was trying to bait him into raising it and Romney didn’t fall for it. As a result, when it hit the fan today with the new emails, they couldn’t blame Romney for the furor. I watch someone try it on CNN and he was immediately hammered with the fact that Romney didn’t do anything to politicize Libya at the debate. He had no answer. It was great!

  • Anonymous

    Did you hear Debbie W-S today? She said Romney never mentioned Israel during the debate! She is a disastrous liar, trying to pander to the Jewish vote. He said Isreal 14 times! What a joke she is!

  • Anonymous

    This election will not be determined by Hispanic, white or black voters, nor seniors, or whether you are Catholic, Protestant, or atheist, no, nor women’s issues or women voters, not even the issues facing our nation and its people.Our future President has already been decided prophetically and rests under the sole control of Divine Providence, and neither you nor I can change the outcome. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamstuhr Pamela Norrell Stuhr

    I wondered the same thing. I feel that the highest number of people watch the last debate, not all three like I did and other patriots. I thought maybe Obama’s charm got to him at whatever comedic affair they were at before the debate. But he did what he did and I am still voting for Romney, although even with a gun to my head….I would not ever vote for Obama. I have been screaming Treason against Obama since his first year! I honestly felt he was purposely trying to weaken this country by the measures he was taking economically. I was told that is not Treason. Well, I am from a Military family and I know a real patriot when I see one. I pray Obama goes down on this Lybia feasco and I know Romney/Ryan will do well for our country!

    • Anonymous

      RIGHT ON. I’m a democrat and voted for Romney. I vote republican. I am changing my status to repub in Jan. The democrat party is a ‘socialist’ communistic party

  • Anonymous

    tell ya why dumb ass, cause Romney aint got a clue….if this guy cant even go to England without insulting our closest ally, what is he gonna do debating the president of the united states. Come on , Man this guy is out of his league

    • Anonymous

      HMMMMM yomama returned the bust of Churchhill right away because he hated England, yomama insulted us  to the Queen, he went around apologizing for  the USA being dictating, yomama is a muslim and needs to be impeached.
      We want our USA run by an honest Christian man. If you don’t like the word Christian man then get out of the USA and go to another country

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glen, this flip floppin, draft dodgin,etcha scketchin worm will do anything to get elected. He is runnin from everything you care about. This guy has core values of an earthworm,very slimy and the stench is almost unbearable. But this is your nominee…deal with it you weasels!

  • Anonymous

    By the way, why all of a sudden is Libya so important to corporate scum….where was your outrage when 250 of our Marines were killed in Beruit when Ron Reagan was your God? Where was your outrage when we were attacked in New York on 9/11 in the first place…didnt hear a peep outta you loud mouths then. Where in Gods name was your outrage when 4500 of our en and women died in Iraq lookin for weapons of mass death?????……you sorry bastards make me sick…..I fought in Viet Nam, I went when my country asked me to, Mitt Romney did not, why would you buy what this hustler is tryin to sell…….corporate money is why……thats the deal I know it and you know it. Thats why you spew the venom you do

    • http://www.facebook.com/TattooJoes Joe Hinkle

      It would be different if Obama hadn’t lied about the information surrounding the terrorist attack. Blamed it on a video. Did you know that our men fought 7 hrs until they died while it was being monitored live on uplinks to the White House, and no additional support was sent from many base locations within 1-2 hours flight from a blackhawk.
      There you have it, it’s that simple.
      They lied to the American people about what had taken place, a cover-up, those other conflicts you have mentioned didn’t have the massive cover-up added to it. Now, because Obama wouldn’t come clean and tell the truth instead of blaming it on some guy of which they tossed a pillowcase over his head while handcuffed and dragged him away, never to be seen again. Where is the outrage you ask? It’s right where it belongs and you are seeing it. 

  • Anonymous

    Racism is alive and well in my country…the party of Lincoln has become a smoldering ash of knee jerk reactionaries, Facism is raising its u8gly head in my America

  • Guest

    “Mitt Romney is trying to do the right thing, and trying to be an honorable man,…”
    Nobody believes this. Romney has lied more and flip-flopped more than anyone in history. His flip-flopping suggests that he has no real principles, not real core. Beck is simply providing propaganda to support someone that he is deluded enough to believe to be the lesser of two evils.


    • Anonymous

      let’s see…yoama said in ’08 I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman , God is in the ‘mix’ (ver batem) #2 I’ll have the debt reduced  #3 I will have millions of jobs created bla, bla, lie,lie,lie and more lies.
      yomama wants to bring down America and have a muslim world. He’s muslim.white,black and african. What more can I say.

  • Guest

    Colin Powell doesn’t agree with Beck’s far-right choice. Powell just endorsed President Obama again.


    • Anonymous

      Colin Powell always was a ‘mole’ rat fink. He endorsed yomama when he was working for Bush. A far over rated person.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Newton/1087670738 Paul Newton

    Did someone take the brown acid?

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with Beck. I think Romney is terrified of the mainstream media including Fox News and Bill O’Reilly, whose show he has avoided like the plague. Obama and Romney are both big government Statists. Though Romney is the lesser of two evils I see Obama as totally evil and must be defeated.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VXMOIESZG62HCNPPTBDYTJQJCY Andrew

    I always pray for all the candidates that God’s will will prevail.  God spoke on election night and it is our Christian duty to follow and support the duly constituted authority of the land, President Barack Obama.  God bless the President, his wonderful family and this great nation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robyn.headley1 Robyn Headley


  • marsha


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