Ed Klein: Bill Clinton encouraged Hillary to resign in the wake of the Benghazi scandal

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Author Ed Klein joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss the unfolding story of what really happened in Libya the night Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were killed. Klein made some pretty shocking allegations about the White House response to the attacks, including that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered more security at the embassy only to have her request denied. He also said that her husband, Bill Clinton, encouraged her to resign rather than to take the full blame for the attacks on the embassy.

Transcript of interview is below:

Now the question is Hillary Clinton knew as well. The question that the press should be asking today is who gave the order to not go in and save these guys? Who made the decision, “Do not launch a plane, do not send a Marine?” Who made the decision “Let them die”? Hillary Clinton stepped up and she said she takes full responsibility. However, Ed Klein was on with Andrew Wilkow last night and he says that the Obama administration knew and Hillary requested extra security, she requested things, she was overridden, and Bill Clinton stepped in, and I’ll let him tell you the rest of the story. Ed is here. Ed Klein, welcome to the program, sir.

KLEIN: Again, how are you?

GLENN: I’m very good. I’m a little ‑‑ I’m nervous about this information because I don’t know your sources, and you’re the only one saying it. And this is quite a charge to make.

KLEIN: Well, I’ve been saying a lot of things that I’ve proved to be true including the fact that I put an op‑ed piece out on the Daily Caller not so long ago saying that all the traffic between Libya and the State Department was, in fact, being monitored by the National Security Council which monitors these kinds of traffic so that even before the attack, Glenn, before the attack, they knew in the National Security Council which, of course, is located in the West Wing of the White House ‑‑


KLEIN: ‑‑ that there was a severe security threat to this consulate, and Hillary, according to my sources ‑‑ and I’ve got very good sources on this, I give you my word.

GLENN: How many sources do you have?

KLEIN: I have two sources.

GLENN: Okay.

KLEIN: Two separate sources on this. And Hillary claims, and I tend to believe her, that she ordered beefed‑up security in Benghazi because it had been requested and that this order was never carried out and that furthermore when and if she is subpoenaed, along with her internal memoranda and the cable traffic from the State Department by the House committee, it will prove that she did just that.

Now, if it doesn’t prove that she did just that, then they’re lying to me, and the sources are ‑‑ you know, I’m not suggesting that that’s impossible, but I seriously doubt it since I’m talking to legal counsel to Hillary Clinton. Legal counsel. These people don’t generally lie.

PAT: Ed, if that happened, why did she then later accept full responsibility for what took place? Why would she do that?

KLEIN: This was a big debate within the Clinton camp itself, between Hillary and Bill. Bill did not want her to take full responsibility. He wanted her to, in fact, consider the possibility of even resigning if the White House continued to try to make her the scapegoat in this. Hillary and her legal team decided she should look presidential, above ‑‑ she should look moderate, she should come forward and say, “Look, I take responsibility. I’m the Secretary of State” and by comparison making the president look a hell of a lot smaller because he was ducking all responsibility and knowing full well that when the full story came out, she would be, in her words, or at least the words of her legal counsel, exonerated.

GLENN: Who ‑‑ do you have any idea, was ‑‑ when they were watching this video, do you know if she was watching the video as well?

KLEIN: No, I don’t. I don’t know that.

GLENN: Because we do ‑‑

KLEIN: I don’t speculate and I don’t know that.

GLENN: We do know that the live video was available to the State Department.

KLEIN: Absolutely.

GLENN: It was live video. Somebody was watching.

KLEIN: This should come as no surprise to anybody who realizes what our intelligence capabilities are and that cable traffic between the State Department and its embassies and consulates when it’s regarding threats to the lives of our ambassadors and our State Department people, this is outline monitored in the National Security Council in the White House. This is not something new. This has been going on for probably 40, 50 years. And so to even begin to think that Tom Donilon, the National Security Council adviser, the national security adviser didn’t know and didn’t brief the president daily on the threat that was building in Benghazi and then after the ‑‑ during the actual battle didn’t actually brief the president? I mean, if not Tom Donilon should be fired along with the president.

GLENN: What do you expect to happen in this case? Because still, the press is treating this like an “also ran” story.

KLEIN: You’re right.

GLENN: Ed, do you know of a story? This ‑‑ I believe this is far bigger than Watergate

KLEIN: I think so, too.

GLENN: This is huge.

KLEIN: Because you’ve got dead people here.

GLENN: Yeah.

KLEIN: Dead Americans.

GLENN: Yeah. And not only dead Americans. Nobody is asking the question, why was the ‑‑ why was Ambassador Stevens in this safe house, which was a CIA safe house, protected by Libyan guards? I mean, that’s crazy on September 11th.

KLEIN: Of course it is. Of course it is.

GLENN: And meeting with the general counsel of Turkey, which we are now finding out, we’re running guns through Turkey to Syria. This was a gun‑running scandal. This ‑‑ there is so much here.

KLEIN: I know.

GLENN: It is ‑‑

KLEIN: And we’ve got only, what, 13 days until the election?

GLENN: It’s terrifying. If this president can get away with this, this is truly terrifying.

KLEIN: Well, there’s going to be, if not ‑‑ I think, what is it, 11:00 this morning or is it ‑‑ I’m not quite sure of the time, a White House briefing by Jay Carney. I would hope that the mainstream media will drop its pro Obama leanings and really ask these questions that you’re asking. I mean, these are serious, serious questions and we need answers to these questions. I think the American people know this. I mean, we’re not a stupid people. We under ‑‑ I mean, I’m talking to Glenn Beck who understands this better than anybody. People understand that this is a coverup. It’s clear as a bell it’s a coverup. And this has got to affect the president’s chances for reelection. If it doesn’t, I don’t know what will.

GLENN: Nothing will.

KLEIN: That’s right.

GLENN: Honestly nothing will. Ed, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

KLEIN: Oh, Glenn, it’s always great to be with you. Thanks so much.

GLENN: Keep it up. Bye‑bye.

I don’t know. You know, his sources are his sources. They’re not our sources. And I can only claim our sources. He has been close to the Clintons. I mean, he’s just said it was legal counsel. I don’t know. But I ‑‑ that’s the one thing that has confused me on this is the Hillary Clinton part. Because Hillary Clinton is ‑‑ they’re political survivors. This is not something you survive. This is a scandal that quite honestly, if it goes where I think it goes, I ‑‑ this goes to drug‑running to our enemies. This involves the Muslim Brotherhood and Al‑Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood knowingly hitting our guns and our stinger missiles. That’s ‑‑ we are aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States of America and our closest allies. This is ‑‑ this goes to treason. This is so far beyond, you know, the Iran contra scandal or Watergate. This is way beyond that. Because this one aids and abets our enemies.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute Billy – how are you going to entertain the twins Bamby and Bubbles, if Hilllary isn’t bringing home the bacon

    • landofaahs

      The next president will be screwed and the other party will be in like a shot in 2016 and that is what Bill’nHill are looking at.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Sadly land, you are probably right, barring the direct intervention of God – as what is impossible for man is possible for Him.

        • landofaahs

          Energy,energy, energy.  If we open up the spigots on energy and slash all these massive red tape regulations, cheap energy would allow us tocut govt. workers, hire private sector employees and give extra bling in the wallets of the consumer which would give us about 5 years of relief and a chance to save the economy.  Everything has to go off right though 

      • Anonymous

        That scenario might be the agenda, but I feel whoever gets elected in Nov. riots will ensue. Think about it, if Obama retains his throne, his policies will bankrupt America in only a few short years. If he is removed from his high and mighty perch, everything that he has put his hand to, will come back and haunt Romney, plus – Black America (in their ignorance – not all but most)will see Obama’s defeat as a race issue and calls are already going out for blacks to rise up and riot in the streets – that is if that happens. Anyway a person looks at it – the days ahead are going to be extremely difficult for America.

        • Draxx

          Well said Zerogon…

          I see those little things popping up in the airwaves of riots if Obummer loses, and it makes me glad I live just over 7 miles to the nearest town!

          • Anonymous

            In our lifetime America has never faced days such as these – until recently. Politicians run-a-muck. Colleges that are nothing more than recruiting offices for the Liberal Progressives. Governments local and national, operating without budgets for years, and, we happen to be the largest debtor-nation the world has ever known. Now, calls for violent race riots if Obama loses, not to mention a terrorist-cell obtaining deadly weapons to strike at the heartland of this great nation. Can you say – HEAD FOR THE HILLS and LOCK-N-LOAD?

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judy-Ziebell/1419241269 Judy Ziebell

             I appreciate all that you said. I feel exactly the same. Obama is without a doubt the WORST President we have ever had. I am 72 years old and have NEVER seen anything like this. No morals, no integrity, no shame. Just a bunch of Chicago gangsters..

          • Anonymous

            With unemployment in the Black Community running at about 15% (20% with blacks under 20) and with the Latino, the rates are not much different – but still – almost a full 90% of their vote will be cast for Obama. Its a shame, that not many of our young people even care to hear the voice of our seniors – people such as yourself, people who should be able to tell the story of how things actually work and how we as a nation should get along with one another. Not today though,our nation has entered into a deadly decent and very few young people seem to care or realize it.

    • Sandie

      Sure – he knows she is part of the cover up – she is guilty as sin.

      • Col Richardson

        She was correctly called a “congenital liar”.

  • landofaahs

    Sandy Berger must be working in the NSC now. )

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This goes beyond Watergate by a continental span. Hillary, Obama and all of those who are responsible for this must resign and where laws are proven to be broken, brought to account for their deeds.

    Its past time for the lies and deceptions to end. Again they must all be held to account for this matter, for the sake of the fallen and their families.

    • Draxx

      Hillary is taking the fall for this so that Obummer has a better chance at the polls… I hope other people that do not tune into this kind of political muck, find out the truth real soon before we lose everything!

    • don

      it a terrible state of affairs that we have a media that is so in to solalism that they lie an back any lie that obamas crowd tells. its even worse that WE alowed it to have gone this far

    • Col Richardson

      Totally agree but WHO is going to bring charges? Congress? Justice Department?

      Pardon me while I puke!

    • Anonymous

      If its not done before the election and Obummer wins you can forget ANYBODY being held accountable because BO will become the dictator on steroids he’s been dying to be since taking office–“I’ll have more flexibility after I’m elected.” All dictators become more mad with power and time and he’s following the MO down to the gnats ass–five dead now counting Brian Terry (no accountability there either) and the four in Benghazi  and ambles off to bed after witnessing LIVE their murders and it’s on to Las Vegas sports fans!! Do you think this man will have any qualms about murdering ordinary citizens in the streets of America after his election? I don’t.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    God have mercy on the family of the four fallen, what they must be going through as more and more comes forth. The government they trusted to care for their kin has betrayed them the most of all.

  • landofaahs

    Bill is obviously letting this out to help Hillary.  This is nothing but “Black Propaganda”.  This so lame.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Of course, that is how the great game of politics is played. In this matter Obama wound up breaking the most cardinal of rules – don’t get caught in such a mess you cannot get out of it.

      • landofaahs

        Oh what tangled webb we weave once we pratice to deceive.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    Hillary Clinton is just Obama’s scapegoat. He can’t lose the election because some people died because he was selling guns to terrorist. I bet Ed Klein is telling the truth and it is time to bring charges to Obama. I can’t believe I am saying this but if this is true Hillary Clinton should blow the whistle and tell us all what happen and why we the people need the truth.

    • don

      you can bet she would have resigned but she has proof that she tried to do something but was shoot down. that has to be only reason this is terrible an the press is still trying to save them. hell they have to if they admit obamas is the head of this they would have no one cause WE already know where their bed is made.

      • Katy Henderson


    • Sandie

      She won’t because he dragged her into it and now she is a part of it – She will never admit she lied – it is the Clinton way. She never admitted to any other of her lies going way back to the “Whitewater”.

      • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

        If it where me I would be fighting him tooth and nail making a huge stink about it even if it was on my side the screw up happen but then again like you said she is a Clinton.

        • http://twitter.com/paoligarcy Paolina

           I don’t get it, for Hillary to throw away her chances in 2016 (which are scary good) by taking the fall for Obama, just seems stupid on her part.

          Maybe she KNOWS we know she is taking the fall for it and it makes her look like an even better person loyally taking the fall, then when the subpoena comes and it proves she took all the right actions it makes her look the saint and Obama the bastard making her take the fall.

          • Anonymous

            “an even better person loyally taking the fall for it”

            The problem with that is she is showing loyalty to Obama and not the American people and that alone should destroy her credibility as a presidential candidate.

          • Katy Henderson


    • Anonymous

      Hmmmmm, have Hilary become a whistleblower? Everybody knows how Obama is against whistleblowers. If she did blow the whistle, her days wouldbe numbered, if not hours, just like Stevens’ ultimate sacrifice.

  • Anonymous

    I know this is all true. My question is…Who has enough power to hold obama accountable for all this. This is a man who talks out of both sides of his mouth, one way to us and another to his secret groups. He has proven himself to be a pathological liar..At every turn of his misuse of power, people complain, offer proof of his misdeads and nothing happens.. He goes on still spewing his lies and no one process to stop his madness. 4 American human beings dead, so many of our soldiers dead overseas. How scary it must be to the military men and women to know he has got their back…or not..Same with our border patrol..more cover ups, more lieing..when does it stop. This is not some 3rd. world country with him as dictator. Surely we have process in place for this sort of treason.. Why aren’t we using this process. Lastly, why are we allowing the UN to monitor our election. As crafty as our president is, I am sure they too work for him and secureing his reelection illegally..I’m so fed up!!!!!

    • Kathy Jenson

      You are absolutely correct.  The UN deal is just one more nudge. The kind Glenn talks about all the time.  Obama is trying to get us accustomed to the UN being here watching over our shoulders so that when they TAX us we will already by used to the UN presence. We will be told “there is nothing to see here” and then they will tax the cr@p out of us.  The money will be used to spread the wealth and it will be collected thru the IRS and distributed when, where and why the UN decides is a good place to put our money.  You know of course it will never end up in the hands of the poor and the truly needy. Once again our Constitution will be shredded by this monster who call himself president.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-Duncan/100002230267995 Carl Duncan

      “Why aren’t we using this process?”

      Harry Reid.

    • http://twitter.com/finalfrontier10 M-Theory

       I concur with Carl.  Why?  Harry Reid.  And I would add a Democrat-controlled Senate.  They won’t vote on anything the House sends to them. 

  • Anonymous

    I would have a lot more respect for Mrs. Clinton if she would stand up for herself.  Exactly how does she look presidential by letting the administration cover their rear ends at her expense?  Her ‘taking one for the team’ strategy only makes her look like she’s willing to be a doormat. 

    • Anonymous

      That has ALWAYS been Hillary’s way.  Remember Monica Lewinsky (and all of the others)?  I don’t like nor have I EVER liked Hillary Clinton.  However, when that mess broke I always said that I would have had far more respect for her as a woman and a mother had she told Bubba that she would no longer tolerate the public humiliation to which he had subjected not only her but even more so their daughter…and if she had then taken Chelsea and walked right out of the White House…and stayed out.  When she stood there and took it for political expediency she established herself as a patsy…and lost any shred of respect I might have had for her as a person, politics aside.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow pressure needs to be put on the main stream media to prioritize this story. They will be deemed complicit in the cover up if they don’t and Obama gets reelected. The media heads must be sweating right now figuring out how to be on the right side of this when it all hits the fan. They used their power to get and Oblamer in office and keep him there…the question is, will they maintain their loyalty and risk credibility or turn on him and save their butts… They survive on advertising dollars – corporate heads could use financial leverage and force them their hand… if they have the guts…

  • Anonymous

    Obama should be tried for TREASON after we vote his sorry muslim ass out of office.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z2CEKLF4ZTWXQCXQB5YTVKVURQ Meshellie

    If this were under Bush it would be a media wet dream…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z2CEKLF4ZTWXQCXQB5YTVKVURQ Meshellie

    If this were under Bush it would be a media wet dream…

  • Anonymous

    Arrogance is the reason for everything Obama does.  He doesn’t want to admit we had a terrorist attack on American soil when the Fort Hood attack happened, that is why he calls it ‘workplace violence’.  He won’t admit he was careless and reckless with Benghazi, because terrorism doesn’t exist in his world.  Hillary should tell the truth and let Obama suffer the consequences.

  • Anonymous

    Arrogance is the reason for everything Obama does.  He doesn’t want to admit we had a terrorist attack on American soil when the Fort Hood attack happened, that is why he calls it ‘workplace violence’.  He won’t admit he was careless and reckless with Benghazi, because terrorism doesn’t exist in his world.  Hillary should tell the truth and let Obama suffer the consequences.

  • http://twitter.com/TeaPartyRI John Jupiter

    Obama, Clinton, Jarret, Donilan, Clapper, and Petraeus should resign if they have a spine. Their inaction on actionable intel cost our Ambassador and 3 brave Americans and 10 Libyans their lives. Obama is the whining little kid pouting above a leader like Romney !

  • Anonymous

    So whats new this administration who’s sole purpose in life is to tear down the US and replace it with a  socialist one. To me that spells treason. Period and any one who participated from the top on down need to be in prison.

  • Anonymous

    Hillary Clinton’s actions are criminal.  Does she not have a conscience?  She’s following the Pied Piper.

  • Margaret K

    God have mercy on our country. Look what we have let our government do to us. We all need to all take a long look at our country and decide is this the America we want,or we much stand now to say enough is enough.



  • Col Richardson

    I am a highly seasoned old man, a combat veteran, a retired surgeon. I have watched our political system from WWII onward and have seen corruption and lying before. BUT, this time I am truly flummoxed. I have grandchildren whom I no longer know how to advise. I have eternally stupid acquaintances who say they will vote for this half- breed Chicago gangster in spite of his abundant lies. I observe a press and TV media who are the Pravda of our age. We have a Congress that is stunningly malignant and amoral and a whole administration who cannot tell the truth, AND CARE NOT!
    If this evil thing gets reelected I have no doubt that civil war will erupt. It will be the outgrowth of a violent revolution similar to the French Revolution in the 18th century.

    Romney wins or we are lost.


    • Anonymous

      My 90 year old father in law lives with us nw.  He is also a Marine from WWII.  He can not stand to watch the world news anymore, because of all the infighting.  We have to defeat Obama and hopefully, God willing, Romney will get the US back on track. I don’t know how, but I pray he can for my child, all of my nieces and nephews, and everyone elses children. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Col Richardson

        God bless you and yours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002603239147 Judy Bozarth

    According to Klein’s book, Hillary and Bill hate Obama – so why is Bill out campaigning for him.  If I were Bill I’d call Obama aside and tell him to pony up – tell the truth – it’s all going to come out anyway and let him know in no uncertain terms that Hillary’s not going to be the fall guy for this inept administration.  If he refuses – I’d stop campaigning for this jerk.  Let’s face it – if it weren’t for him (Bill) the entire Democratic convention would have never come together.

  • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

    she is putting her head on the block for vp position to replace the clown

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.martin.9085 Gary Martin

    THERE are not enough negative words in the dictionary to describe this PRESIDENT’S
    incompetence,compounded by lie after lie which he does with out flinching. WHAT do we have in the WHITE HOUSE a man or beast ?? and to think there are numerous who want him back in office…..are they totaly without any intellect….he has exibited his incompetence so very
    often and yet still you trumpet his cause….ONLY conclusion, you must leave the centre stage USA as you no longer belong there, your electorate are confirmed nincompoops

  • Anonymous

    This is the favorite pass time of the communists. Create an unstable situation which will keep everybody wondering the outcome (in this instance. it  is getting out of hand)….and time passes by and more intrigue is  added to the problem …….and you can be sure that, when the proper moment comes that serves them well,  all will develop in front of our eyes and the mystery shall be uncovered and that shall be the movie’s end. They are no fools, they know what they are doing. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WP4SKWVXQ6V52GWJOOWAG5OBUE Wendell

    It is my opinion that Hillary Clinton is covering for Mr. Obama alias {Barry Soetoro}, for future 
    political reasons. Turning against Mr. Obama would turn the black voters against her when she decides to run for president again.She will later realize that honesty is the best policy.With holding the truth, will bring an end to her political career.One lie cannot cover another.The truth about Mr.Obama will surface after he is voted out of office.The American Public is tired of this Phony.Barrack Obama cannot fool America forever..Your are not my President.


  • Anonymous

    I believe he is right. Much as I don’t like Hillary, I could not believe that she would have refused them security. I think she was over-ridden probably by Jarrett. Now she is waiting to be under oath so she can defend herself without being disloyal. Of course that will be after the election. Her big risk is that the American people may not forgive her for staying silent until after the election. That is a really political move and leaves the country stuck with a liar for four years because she didn’t speak up. I think Bill is right, she should resign and tell the truth and let the chips fall. The two big questions are Who was the highest person who refused additional security? And Who decided not to send air and ground support during the attack?

  • Anonymous

    I find it fascinating that this scandal goes way beyond Watergate and from what I read a number of years back, when Hillary was out of law school, she had a small role in the investigation of Watergate. When I saw the footage of her right after the attack and promoting the narrative that everyone now knows as a lie, when you look at her expression, you could tell she did not want to be there. I wonder if she was thinking while she was feeding us the false narraitve that coverups almost never work and those commiting the cover up will pay severely for being involved with it. I guess the lesson of Watergate was lost on her.
    One positive note, with the revelations coming out daily about this entire incident, if Obama does get re-elected, he will probably be facing impeachment right after he is sworn in and hopefully be removed from office. Sadly his earlier “High Crimes and Misdomenors” should have already prompted that.

  • Anonymous

    Broken hearted for the four families.  Treason IS the word to describe this White House regime.  The Constitution means nothing to its current resident.  Please, God, give the USA a voting public who are aware, awake and will not let this socialist transformation stand. 

  • Anonymous

    she would have been better off resigning and then telling the truth ! , because she has the evidence to her advantage but now she is just”lying thru her teeth” to cover this up which will haunt her the rest of her political life !!!! , you can’t trust any of them !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone watch “The Project”?  Remember when Hillary went to the OIC in 2011 and signed Resolution 1618?  Well, if you try to put yourself if Obama’s place, you’d realize that the attack on our Mission in Benghazi was a perfect excuse for him to blame the video and begin to enact Resolution 1618.  He tried to convince us that defaming Islam was dangerous enough to get us killed.  He tried to convince us that he had to apologize for our lack of understanding that Islam is untouchable.  I think that Ambassador Stevens was CIA, that supplying arms for Syria with Turkey somehow involved is true, but the video excuse is somehow tied to Resolution 1618.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elaine-Keenan/100000314608037 Elaine Keenan

    This is a disgrace . This yes is bigger then Watergate. This needs to be explained people need to go to jail ,not held in High office. What is wrong with Our Country? Why has not this been jumped on HARD? is obama the Anti Christ ?

  • Daune McCulloch

    I personally thought it would be Hillary who would bring Obama to his knees for lack of backup, but instead she was threatened by some means to become the scapegoat for him. I truly thought she would take him down. Lawyers could screw up just about anything and hold it off until after the election. I still think if the truth comes out, even if he is re-elected, he could be tried for treason. Somehow we have to get our country on track again or we will become what that one cleric said THE UNITED STATES OF ISLAM.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s gang has to have something on the clintons. Billy boy mentions Bain in a so called “good” light and obama’s all over him. Billy’s out apologizing and praising obama the next day. He then does the  speech for him at the dem convention. All praise and b.s.  Now hillary’s bending over for b.o. and billy’s not saying a word. There’s no sympathy here for these evil, greedy, shanty, slobs.  The “press” is in the tank. After this election a long, hard look has to be given at the “press’ ” actual role in our society. They’ve forfeited their role as the “guardians” of our freedom. For the most part the MSm has morphed into a propaganda arm of the democrat party. Their nonfeasance in reporting the criminal acts of the democrats and their failure to investigate obama’s background strips from them any “credibility” that they may have had yet they still want all the priveleges that are allotted to them due to the very nature of their positions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marlene-Stobbart/594175099 Marlene Stobbart

    Hiliary Clinton must put aside her political ambitions for the good of the country. She must be truthful and tell the real story to the American people. There is so much more involved then what Klein said, and,  imho, it goes beyond corruptness to downright evil. If one believes in goodness – to have this happen prior to the election may be the saving of the United States for surely with this happening and the tale being told,  Obama will lose the election.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003153875775 Rulken Russell

       I love it ! The more this stews, the more likely the top will blow sky-high, before the election!
      Go Romney /Ryan

  • http://www.facebook.com/emanuel.lombard Emanuel S. Lombard

    It appears that if indeed Hilary is covering for the President, that he is lying.  As an attorney, he should be aware of the fact that whatever failing he may or may not have been guilty of, lying could invite an indictment.  I have mixed feelings:I’m for Gov. Romney, but I would be truly unhappy for African Americans who have been so justifiably proud, and this would be particularly hurtful to them now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003153875775 Rulken Russell

       Just because some one has a different color to their skin is NO reason to put them in the white house. There are several other “highly qualified”, people of minority backgrounds, that were much better than Obama ! The only reason he was “CHOSEN”, was the fact that he is a communist/Marxist, with a Muslim background, that would work within our system, for the Russians as a mole!
      It’s all there, you just have to connect the dots!

  • Truth Beknown

    I have wondered for a long time. What would it take for the truth about Obama to come out. What does he have to do for the Main Stream to wake up and tell the truth about this man, how far can he go before they say anything? If this isn’t it then we are lost forever and the press will be gone too.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i don’t trust his sources.  i don’t trust her.  i used to.  not now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003153875775 Rulken Russell

    Whatever Hillary knew, she should come forward, and tell the American people the TRUTH !
    If she fails to do so, she will only be remembered as one of the “KING-PINS”, in the Obama administration, that lied continuously to the American people, as our Ambassador was murdered along with four other brave Americans!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.spires.14 Tim Spires

    The people on the front lines are nothing but pawns. It is about the party and not about the country, or the men and women doing its bidding. It has always been and will continue unless we the people demand and enforce a change. “That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.  That this Nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth” It is time that we become the “UNITED” in the United States of America or we will perish!

  • barnrn

    If you listen to Hillary she was just giving her job description.  She has not said, that she refused to send help.  She said she was in charge of Embassis, people, etc.
    Who do you think taught Bill the meaning of (is)?

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!  This is a big story about organized political stealth that should be revealed to the American public.  It is even more than what it first appeared to be.  Do we have a situation that could have saved American lives and somebody did not do his/her job??  We need to seriously think about who we want in the Oval Office from now on.  We need a change – big time!!!!

  • bull57

    As with so much from this White House what’s truth have to do with anything. Where do you start with this bunch no matter he truth will never be told to us little people!

  • Anonymous

    I think she was wrong to accept resposibility. I think it has ended her potential run for the presidency.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamstuhr Pamela Norrell Stuhr

    I knew Hillary was very rattled over this. First I thought she was mourning because she said she knew the Ambassador personally. Yet, I know her too well. I knew something else was up. She was acting as if she was on the verge or a nervous breakdown and that’s just not Hillary’s style. She is polished. She has her personal emotions in check….until Benghazi. Now, I don’t care for her, but I do recognize her patriotism. I also recognize  a Treasonist. I accused Obama about 2 years ago for treason and was told I didn’t know the definition of treason. Well, I do. I am the proud daughter of a 30yr. career nuclear submariner which means my family is very patriotic. I also had the pleasure of living on the same Island Obama lived on(suppositively) because my Father was stationed at Pearl Harbor three seperate tours. The point being I can smell treason a mile away.
    I am here to stand up to say that Obama is a Treasonist and should be thrown in Prison. NO PARDONS for TREASON!! Benghazi is only the tip of the iceberg for his treasonist acts!!!! If we don’t get him on this…America may not survive as it is today.

  • Anonymous

    The irony is Hillary was part of the legal team responsible for taking down Nixon in the Watergate scandal, and now, she is part of an even bigger one. It looks like what goes around, comes around. It could not happen to a scarier bunch of “crooks.” Which mainstream media outlet has the huevos to expose the truth?

  • Anonymous

     The process in place for removal is impeachment. However, there needs to be a groundswell, grassroots outcry to all senators and congressmen from all states for this to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Hillary Clinton should nver hae gotten involved with these corrupt , evil people from Chicago , she should have stayed on as a United States Sen. and then she could have challenged Obama in the Dem. primary .  

  • http://www.facebook.com/juanita.bennett.104 Juanita Bennett

    OMG WHAT HAVE WE DONE??? We had a situation that could have saved American lives and somebody did not do his/her job?? We have a president who has consistently let the Muslim Brotherhood take over countries that had leaders that were friendly to America. Now we are caught sending guns from Libya to Syria through Turkey??? Again to help the Muslim Brotherhood.. Obama is now sending federal funds to the Muslim Brotherhood. We need to seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY think about who we want in the Oval Office for the next four years. Obama is trying to dumb down America on all four fronts. Politically, Religiously, Economically and Educationally… I cannot see America surviving as a super power if Obama gets back in office. We need a change – big time!!!!
    OMGSee More

  • Anonymous

    I never thought that I’d say this as a Conservative, but Hillary stood tall in this one. I am saying this, without any sure way of knowing her exact involvement and knowledge in these events, but for her to fall on the sword and take responsibility for something that most likely came from Mt. Obama, I have to applaud her- political maneuver though it may be- still looks better than running to Nevada and claiming “the video did it” like Obama did for some 2 weeks. 

    I sincerely pray that this does not just get brushed under the carpet in an effort to win an election. I hope that the press is not completely in league with evil. 


      I was afraid someone would view her as standing tall. Just because an unsubstantiated report says that she may have done part of her job. Meanwhile, what is SUBSTANIATED is that she participated in the cover up at least to the degree that she spread the lie that some YouTube video caused a spontaneous attack. (Unforgivable.). Even mouthing that lie to the parents of the dead, face to face. Please remember, Hilary tried to stage a single payer takeover of U.S. healthcare in Bills first term. She is a filthy socialist and merciless, calculating political opportunist. Wake up, sir.

      • Anonymous

        Please. Take your own advice and do stop taking yourself so seriously.

        My point in mentioning my awe with Hillary is that she actually took the high road for once in her lie-infested life. Yes, she marched lock-step with all of the other mindless Obama drones in this Administration (read: Dictatorship) in promoting the outright lie that this is some sort of spontaeneous reaction to some ridiculous video that no one has ever seen.

        But when the dust settles on this horrific event, Hillary stands to take the least amount of heat.

        I’m not trying to either applaud Hillary nor support her actions. I’m simply shocked that- political posturing though it is- she actually stands to look respectable by “taking it on the chin” for the incompetence of this President.

        I know she is socialist scum. I’m from Western NY, and saw her Senate run and eventual win as nothing more than traditional carpetbagging. She did nothing for Western NY, and similar to Obama, did nothing in office. I saw her run as nothing more than a move for Presidential election. And, in 2008, we saw just that.

        She is a rotten-to-the-core political opportunist, and is just as tainted as Obama with HillaryCare, Soros, etc.

        Spare me the lectures.

  • Rich Knoch

    It’s sort of a slam-dunk, as ‘the rodham’ is undoubtedly who ordered the Ambassador to Benghazi – – – he works for her – – – and knew too much about the armaments, leaving Libya for terrorist use!

    Sure smacks of a set-up doesn’t it?

  • Thepublic Informer

     wonder if bill can get conjugal visits

  • Anonymous

    If she had any integrity she would have resigned. She would also be the so high up in the polls she would be a near shoe in. Now she is just another piece of this disastrous administration that has taken political lies to levels that would even make Nixon embarrassed.

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