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For the past four years, Obama has been known to rub more than a few elbows with celebrities. From birthday parties to fundraisers to late night TV appearances, Obama has certainly been around the Hollywood A-List. But some of the are starting to realize President Obama isn’t the great guy and uniting leader that he pretends to be. The latest to join the list is late night TV host David Letterman, who spared with MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow over Obama’s repeated lying about Romney’s stance on the auto bailout.

“Here’s what upset me last night: Playing fast and loose with facts,” Letterman told Maddow.

“Now, I don’t care whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you want your president to be telling the truth; you want the contender to be lying,” Letterman said to laughs from the audience. “And so what we found out today, or soon thereafter that, in fact, the President Obama was not telling the truth about what was excerpted from that op-ed piece. I felt discouraged.”

“Because the ‘Let Detroit go bankrupt’ headline you feel like was inappropriate?” Maddow asked.

“Well, the fact the President is invoking it and swearing that he was right and that Romney was wrong and I thought, well, he’s the president of course he’s right. Well, it turned out no, he was taking liberties with that,” Letterman said.

“The President has disappointed him because he’s lying about Mitt Romney. Very important” Glenn said.

Glenn has dedicated much of his time the past few weeks pointing out President Obama’s blatant lies in front of the American people. He feels that this behavior will eventually backfire on the candidate, and that people will start to see their true actions and character. Based on Letterman’s exchange, it may already by happening.