Cowardice: Father of murdered Navy SEAL reacts to news calls for help were denied three times

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Charles Woods was on with Glenn last night on TV and again on radio this morning to talk about the incredibly shocking interactions he had with the President, the Vice President, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Woods goes over those stunning details and also reacts to the breaking news that the administration denied his sons calls for help 3 times. How did he react?

“We have a report in just now that there is a source that has confirmed that there were at least two requests for help sent to the CIA when the attack in Libya commenced. Both of the requests were denied. The two SEALs that went in to help the ambassador went in against orders. They died four hours after the attack began. They report now that two SEALs who were at the CIA annex one mile down the road had a position that they could have coordinated artillery or mortar support but they were told in no uncertain terms to stand down,” Glenn told Woods on radio.

Rather than react to the breaking news with outrage and anger, Woods simply called the order an act of “cowardice” that did not represent the strength and character of America.

“That is cowardice by the people that issued that order. And our country is not a country of cowards. Our country is the greatest nation on Earth. And what we need to do is we need to raise up a generation of American heroes just like Ty who is an American hero. But in order to do that, we need to raise up a generation that has not just physical strength but moral strength. We do not need another generation of liars who lack more strength.”

“I was just going to say to you, Charles, you have so much restraint and you are a far better man than I am,” Glenn said.

“Glenn, I totally respect what you’re doing. You’re doing this every day. And like I said yesterday, I have to make sure that I have total forgiveness towards everyone. Like I said yesterday after the president spoke, the representative from Libya came up to me and said he was sorry. Afterward I sought him out and I said total forgiveness. I may be coming across a little bit strong, but I sincerely from my heart, I want to have total forgiveness towards everyone, but I also want to see justice and I also want to see the people who were involved change the direction of their lives for the better. I want the best for them as well.”

“I hope to be able to shake your hand someday. You are a remarkable man,” Glenn said.

Full interview transcript from radio below:

GLENN: Last night, last night I spoke to a man on television who is a remarkable, remarkable man, Charles Woods, father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods. Tyrone was killed in Benghazi. Charles is a guy who lives in Kona, Hawaii and has just, has remarkable peace and was not planning on speaking out at all about his son’s death in Benghazi, nor saying things about what he experienced on the tarmac as his son’s body was coming off of the plane in the flag‑draped coffin. But when he heard that the memos ‑‑ that the White House knew at 5:00 in the afternoon that the Secretary of Defense was in the Oval Office at 5:00 in the afternoon, the president was there, that Hillary Clinton also had these cables that have been released and that CBS has reported and verified that there was a drone in the air. If there wasn’t a drone, because now Geraldo Rivera’s saying there wasn’t a drone, if there wasn’t a drone, then that has ‑‑ you have to ask a question: Why wasn’t there one? This was a seven‑hour battle. Why was there not a drone? We had people that were stationed and ready to go in Spain and in Sicily. You could have had people to help these guys within the hour.

At 4:00 the White House gets the first notice, at 5:00 another notice. Goes all the way, the last notice is about mortar fire at 11:57 p.m. The White House didn’t ‑‑ what, they didn’t go downstairs in the situation room? Really? The Secretary of Defense, this is going on, an embassy or a CIA safe house is under attack on September 11th and the Secretary of Defense doesn’t have access, the president doesn’t have access, they don’t go downstairs? Really? We have asked the White House. They haven’t responded. They won’t tell us where the president was during the attack. We know that he was in the Oval Office at 5:00 with the Secretary of Defense. We know that. Other than that, they won’t tell us what the White House did, what the White House knew, they won’t tell us where the president was.

We have after this interview last night with Charles Woods, we reached out to Joe Biden’s office; no comment. We reached out to the State Department for a comment; no comment. This story is huge, but ABC and CBS and NBC and MSNBC and CNN, they’re not going to play this story. They are not going to cover this story. And it is really important that the word gets out because this goes to honor. As you will hear from Charles, he’s on hold now as we go to him, I want you to listen to who this man is. I have not been struck by anything that smelled at all like politics. He was not going to speak out… until he started reading the cables.

Charles Woods from Hawaii, how are you, sir?

Woods: Yes. Good morning, Glenn. It’s good to speak with you.

GLENN: First of all, how has your night been?

Woods: Oh, it’s fine. The one thing I really wanted to emphasize, Glenn, is this is not about politics. Allow this ‑‑ to allow this would be political would be to dishonor my son’s death. This is about honor, this is about integrity, and this is about justice.

GLENN: Okay. So you weren’t planning on saying anything at all about your son’s death and ‑‑

Woods: No. Actually, Glenn, my immediate family had made the decision that we were not going to make any public statements, but as I mentioned yesterday, this week, the past few days it did become public knowledge that within minutes of the first bullet being fired that the White House actually did know in realtime that my son and the other heroes that were defending American lives would be slaughtered and immediate air support was denied. And now it has come out that people in the White House, they knew the capabilities. They knew you that there were C‑130s that were ready to respond immediately. They knew that in less than an hour, the perimeters could have been secured and the American lives, including my son, could have been spared. But, you know, they heartlessly, for seven hours, watched my son and the other American heroes there fight numerically superior forces and they basically watched him die. They knew he was going to die if they did not send immediate air support, and they took the cowardly action: They chose not to do that.

GLENN: So Charles ‑‑

Woods: Then ‑‑

GLENN: Charles, I want to bring you to ‑‑ we’ll talk some more about the president and Joe Biden, but I want to bring you to Hillary Clinton because I think this is critical in the timeline of the story. The president said during the debates when Mitt Romney said, “Where were you guys?” And you said that this was a video. And the president came and said, “No, no, no, I did not say it was a video. I said on September 11th that this was a terrorist attack,” but ‑‑ and so now the whole media is spinning that, yes, that’s really what he said, and everybody’s trying to cover for this president. But you say when you were on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force base to receive your son’s body, Hillary Clinton came up and spoke to you.

Woods: No. Actually, Glenn, this was not on the tarmac before the president spoke at the hangar that was televised. There was a building, very nice, fairly large room where there were couches in four different areas of that room, and each one of the four families was being represented, was comforting each other in each one of these four pods. And so it was not on the tarmac. It was actually in a building.

GLENN: Okay. And she came up to you and she said what?

Woods: Basically Hillary, she came up to me and, you know, she looked quite frankly very worn out. She came up to shake my hand. I shook her hand and I put my arm around her shoulder and, you know, she did express sympathy, “I’m sorry for what happened to your son” and then she, I guess to comfort me, said, “We will make sure that the person who made this film is arrested and prosecuted.”

GLENN: This flies in the face now of everything that they said because now they’re saying that they ‑‑ no, they knew that it was attack. Again, this verifies the story that they are now trying to cover that they were blaming it on this video. Did any of them talk to you at all about a terrorist attack, or was it just this film, and is this the only thing that they said about it?

Woods: You know, Glenn, I really don’t want to cast aspersions about any particular individual, okay? There were people in the White House who were morally not strong, who watched my son valiantly fight against superior forces for seven hours. There were people in the White House who made the decision to deny their cries for help. I don’t want to suggest any particular people. Those people, they know who they are. And they need to have the moral courage to stand up.

GLENN: Can I ‑‑

Woods: So that they can change their lives. Well, Glenn, I did not want to pinpoint any particular person.

GLENN: Okay.

Woods: There are people that did not have the moral strength. They know who they are. My son showed courage. Now it is time for those people to stand up and to make a change in their lives for the better. I don’t want to pinpoint any particular person. I do not want this to become political.

GLENN: I understand that and I’m ‑‑ what I’m trying to do, Charles, is just ask for the facts on ‑‑ because this is not political. This ‑‑ to me this is so important because Libya shows that we have changed as a country the way we treat our military. We always go in and get the last man. We always risk all to save. That’s who we are as Americans and they are ‑‑

Woods: That’s exactly right. And when Ty went into the Navy SEALs, that is what he went in for was to save life, not to take life. When he first went in, he went in to become a medic. Each team, each Navy SEAL team has a number of individuals. Each one of them has a different set of skills. His skill set was to become as skillful as an emergency room doctor. That’s why for two years he was with the ambulance service in San Diego with the San Diego fire department, not dressed as a SEAL but dressed as one of them so that he could do that because that is always the policy of the SEALs and every other military operation that they never abandon their men in the field. They never leave anyone behind. That’s the way our military works. That’s because our military has a high code of ethics.

GLENN: Okay. Can you tell me about what the vice presidents ‑‑ I got yelled at by my wife last night.

Woods: You know, Glenn, what was said was said, and I really don’t want to make any more statements. That was ‑‑

GLENN: Okay.

Woods: ‑‑ what was said.

GLENN: But do you stand by ‑‑ I want to make sure that you do stand by what you told me last night.

Woods: Oh, 100%.

GLENN: Okay.

Woods: What I said was quotes, was word for word. I do not speak that way.

GLENN: All right.

Woods: I did not speak those words.

GLENN: Okay. All right. Well, Charles, I thank you so much for your courage to stand up and I hope you don’t mind that I said this morning ‑‑

Woods: No, I really ‑‑ Glenn, I appreciate very much what you’re doing, and this is such an important issue, I don’t want it to be forgotten. I don’t want it to be swept under the rug. But all I want to do is I want to honor my son and I also want to give those people who did not have moral strength, the opportunity to voluntarily stand up and show the moral strength now that they should have shown while they were watching for seven hours my son fight while they were allowing my son to be murdered, when they showed a lack of moral courage to send in and respond to the cries for help.

GLENN: We have ‑‑ we have a report in just now that there is a source that has confirmed that there were at least two requests for help sent to the CIA when the attack in Libya commenced. Both of the requests were denied. The two SEALs that went in to help the ambassador went in against orders. They died four hours after the attack began. They report now that two SEALs who were at the CIA annex one mile down the road had a position that they could have coordinated artillery or mortar support but they were told in no uncertain terms to stand down.

STU: Jeez.

Woods: That is cowardice by the people that issued that order. And our country is not a country of cowards. Our country is the greatest nation on Earth. And what we need to do is we need to raise up a generation of American heroes just like Ty who is an American hero. But in order to do that, we need to raise up a generation that has not just physical strength but moral strength. We do not need another generation of liars who lack more strength.

GLENN: Charles ‑‑

Woods: And I hope my words are not too strong for you, Glenn.

GLENN: I was just saying you have ‑‑ I was just going to say to you, Charles, you have so much restraint and you are a far better man than I am. If the rules ‑‑

Woods: No, Glenn, I totally respect what you’re doing. You’re doing this every day. And like I said yesterday, I have to make sure that I have total forgiveness towards everyone. Like I said yesterday after the president spoke, the representative from Libya came up to me and said he was sorry. Afterward I sought him out and I said total forgiveness. I may be coming across a little bit strong, but I sincerely from my heart, I want to have total forgiveness towards everyone, but I also want to see justice and I also want to see the people who were involved change the direction of their lives for the better. I want the best for them as well.

GLENN: Charles, God bless you.

Woods: Thank you very much, Glenn.

GLENN: I hope to be able to shake your hand someday. You are a remarkable man.

Woods: Thank you very much, Glenn.

GLENN: God bless you. Thank you. I have to tell you something. I think this guy is… I mean ‑‑

STU: Amazing. Amazing.

GLENN: I mean, amazing. Amazing. Listen to that. His son, I just was handed this report in the middle that said they were told to stand down. They were told to do nothing and they were like, we cannot let people just die, our own people just die. And they went in and they had to have known. There’s no help coming. They had to have known they were going to go in and fight. And I tell him that, and listen to that man. You can’t tell me that’s about politics.

STU: No.

GLENN: That is about honor. This is what this race is about. Because that’s who we are. You just have to find the honor again. We have to reach higher than what we’ve reached for. Please, this story is not being told yet anywhere. Please get this story out to everyone you know. Take it. It will be posted up on TheBlaze. Last night’s episode was already posted. This will be posted. Take it. Facebook it. Tweet it. Put it everywhere you know, as many places as you can. Send it to everyone you know. This is critical. Because this is really what it’s all about and it shows they’re lying. In a very dangerous and very callous way.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus was denied 3 times by his deciple, then the Democrats denied God 3 times at their convention, and now Obama denied help 3 times from An American Hero. All 3 of these are an abomination

    • Sam Fisher

      This reminds me of what Peter and John said when he was seized by the Sadducees. Acts 4:19 But when Peter and John replied “Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For what had happen” I know that he was not talking about fighting but those two navy seals gave their lives for what was right like Peter and John where willing to do then. We must not forget them in all of this.

      • Anonymous

        oh courtney,sam you are so right.We Must Get All People Back To God For HE Will Be The Only One To Save US For This Administration Is Following Satan! All The Left and adviCzars bible is RulesForRadicals book which is dedicated to Lucifer!!

    • Anonymous


  • Sam Fisher

    Charles Woods sounds like a man of God he shows forgiveness to people who would not even send help to help our country men and women. What a man of God! It breaks my heart that his son had to die because cowards that were overseas wanted to ignore this. Patton once said “Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men.” How true is that today with our so called leaders? How can anyone vote this guy back in after this. Where is the outcry? Where is the demand for this president to stand trial for his crimes? Pray for the true heroes’ families in all of this.

    • Kellie

      Moral courage comes directly from God.  When a nation turns away from God, we can expect the beautiful gifts of the Holy Spirit to disappear also.

      • Sam Fisher

        He will never turn his back on his faithful despite what this nation turns into. The only reason it got this bad is because we Christians sat on our hands and let it happen.

        • Anonymous

          Amen Sam. That is the problem in the nut shell……and now, we are paying the price of stupidity and laziness.

        • Sandie

          When I see “Christians” give it up and sit on their hands while saying that “God shall provide” or “God wanted it to happen” it makes me shake my head. These people have given up their part of the responsibility so they can blame their lacking, or sad lot in life that could be changed by themselves on “God”. It is up to these people to take the initiative to develop their skills, look for opportunities, get training, be bold and persistent in job searching etc. Nothing in this life comes easy – maybe it does for some, but not for 99.9999% of the population. We have to prepare, work at it, and prove ourselves.

          • Sam Fisher

            I do believe God does provide but yet how does he proved if no one is looking. God provided Israel to the Jews they just had to do tons of walking and tons of fighting to get it. I believe God helps people who actively search for what he has provided. I also believe like you he also wants us to work for things how else do we grow if life was not hard and God wants us to grow and shine when things get tough. God don’t like the lazy Jesus Paul Peter and James says as much.
            There are somethings God does want to happen but to use it as an excuse is beyond stupidity. My church men’s group has been reading a book on hard life trials. He made an interesting point he said there are two deferent trials one’s caused by God to teach us something we can use later on in life or caused by our own stupidity. If you robbed a bank is it God’s fault or your own.
            This country has a lack of empathy or moral courage and we Christians let it happen. My favorite quote from Albert Einstein “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about It.” and he should know he got driven out by Hitler and saw what happen when good people do nothing. I will fight this back sliding and others I just hope Glenn is right about this time being the third awakening because this country has been blind to the evil that is around them.

          • Sandie

             Good quote;  “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who
            are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about It.”

            Too bad those on the left, the OWS etc don’t see what you see and make  themselves and their decisions their own responsibility.

          • Sam Fisher

            I bet the left are the same type of people who enjoy complaining. They complain about the lack of fairness in this country but I don’t see it. They think that everything is racist when it disagrees with Obama but that is further from the truth. I bet you and I speak from experience if they actually set down and study history and politics they would not only drop liberalism but also hate the word Democrat because of their racist past. The reason why we have liberalism is a lack of knowledge and laziness to seek the truth.

          • Sam Fisher

            Oh if you don’t hear from me your storm got me. Be safe friends.

  • Patricia Longacre

    This is so shameful.
    There was time to help- no excuse/no spin/ no revision of the story will explain away 7 hours.  I am the sister of a navy seal.  He has been on your show before Glenn- his name is Dan O’Shea.  Seals are like no other.  They put their lives in danger in order to help others without a moment’s hesitation.  This is what Tyrone Woods did- he did not wait 7 hours.  His character embodies all that is missing in the leaders fo this debacle.  The American people need to concentrate on the facts of this tragedy- they need to grasp what really happened and that action was not taken…. Help was nearby and told to “stand down”. Panetta said that more intel was needed- so we just stood by and let people beg for help- because the four that lost their lives in the Embassy begged for help.  The White House watched them die.  This can not be allowed to be swept away or glossed over.

  • Ranchman

    How is this NOT about politics? Everything our wonderful nation is dealing with today is a result of politics, everything. It all boils down to who is in charge, our leadership, and that is the epitome of politics. The Left will never understand the kind of moral courage Tye showed that night because they must not have been raised to display moral courage. THAT is politics too, how can it not be? We have got to have good, moral, ethical leadership in this country. I hope and pray that Mitt Romney will provide that for us, especially after dealing with the likes of the deceiver we have now. And that, too, is politics.

  • Anonymous

                   I didn’t need this to know hat Obama IS an Abomanation himelf , as is the WHOLE demonrat party .  .  They are ALL cowardly scum .  Thats why they are appeasers intead of leaders .

  • Donna Hoffman

    Benghazi is a National tragedy that has become a political disgrace through lies and cowardice.  This goes all the way to the top.  The buck stops there!  Based on what we know now, the president should be impeached and he should resign immediately along with Biden and whoever else allowed this atrocity to happen by denying aid to those four Americans.  My heart goes out to their families and to all our courageous military who would never have allowed their fellow Americans to be senselessly slaughtered were they given the opportunity to defend them.  This administration has turned sadness into shame.

  • Kitt Marshall

    Amen cortney1

  • Anonymous

    Even the relatives of the murdered have been bullied into virtual silence by the politically correct atmosphere perpetrated by our media. As if it is “political” or “shameful” to point out the TRUTH about what happened. 
    Mr. Woods repeated over and over that he wants the guilty parties to do the right thing, to admit what happened, to apologize and to change their ways.
    Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Some people are simply dishonorable and will never change. It is the DUTY of Mr. Woods and all patriots to call attention to situations that are dishonorable. The disinfectant of sunlight is the only cure for the disease. 

  • Linda Terhune

    God sacrificed His only son to die for us so we may live – out of LOVE for us

    Parents would sacrifice & die in place of their children – out of LOVE for them

    Obama would sacrifice Americans pleading for help – out of EGO and the need to win


  • obamapacksfudge

    obama and his double wide wookie ( mooochelle ) should be hung in public to show what
    americans do to communist

    • Sunshine Kid

       Using the example of the end of the regime of Mussolini?

      • john

        hang them upside down from a utility/telephone pole. that’ll work

    • Kellie

      That is a disgusting comment and has no place in elevating this conversation.  Please, bring this nation up, and give us our honor back in words and deeds!

      • Anonymous

        Kellie it’s people like you that let garbage like, Barack, Mcihelle, Biden, Pelosi, Harry Reid and the main-sream-media get away with their  lies and crimes.

        • Anonymous

          Over the top PC. How’s this: Get TF out of our country! Now that was disrespect for the presidency.

        • john

          rigt on rocko19. it’s not the presidency we’re dissing. t’s the current office holder chairman obama.

      • obamapacksfudge

        remove your lips from obamas anus your noway american! this pos president killed 4 americans

    • Dave Griffin

       We need to show respect to the US Presidency, but this president shows no respect to the presidency, the constitution or our country!

  • obamapacksfudge

    obama and his double wide wookie ( mooochelle ) should be hung in public to show what
    americans do to communist

  • Work2SnowSki

    God Bless those Families.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The USA is not a nation of cowards, but it certainly is led by the many cowards of the nation who will not look into wrongdoing of any type, especially among their own.  IMHO, they need to be incarcerated, every one of them.

  • James

    For this four years we felt so down that there is a great doubt in my head how we able considering ourselves the greatest nation of the world. America has to wake up!!! 

  • Tom D

    My Heart is so, so heavy.  It is totally UNBELIEVABLE this could happen in our Country.  Glen you were right ‘I CAN`T BELIEVE THIS IS MY COUNTRY TOO!” Everyone please, please, please contact your Senator and state Rep and DEMAND ANSWERS! 

  • Anonymous

    Yup, denied three times, now the moslem brotherhood traitor in chief’s little moslem cock can crow and crow and crow.  

  • VindicatorX

    The people of the United States of America are waiting for justice to be served. Investigate, arrest, prosecute and convict all those involved. It is time for action now, not in a few weeks, not in months, and not in years. This administration is guilty of betraying the trust of every man, woman and child it is sworn to serve. 

    Demand Justice Now.

  • Maureen

    I can only pray that the people of this country stand up for what is morally right and take back our country before we are minipulated into a population that is no longer free or respected by other countries or ourselves. We all know that the loss of lives in Lybia was avoidable. Unfortunately, our president is a coward. Mr Woods, your son is an honorable man and his country is humbled by his actions and angered by the lack of action taken to save his life. May God bless all that were lost on that day and may we remember them always.

    • Carlos De Souza

           I hate to bring you even worse news.  Your President is not just a coward.  He is a dangerous TRAITOR.  He is on the side of America’s enemies. 

      • Anonymous

        Not only was he responsible for the so-called video, He was responsible for the death of the Americans killed in Benghazi. The proverbial Muslim has been responsible for the last four years of failure in our country. All his minions should be incarcerated until their trial for treason is under way.

  • Maureen

    True Freedom is supposed to be ours. DO WE REALLY HAVE IT?????

    • Anonymous

      Not if Barry gets another four and these idiots voting for him haven’t a clue as to the outcome. That’s why we have to make certain THAT doesn’t happen; We have to save them from themselves because they are that dumb!

  • Anonymous

    And do you think islam is going to let their front man in the white house lose?  

  • Thomas O’Riordon

    WHY ???????????????????????????

    • Carlos De Souza

       See my answer above on the deal struck between Hussein Obozo and Mohammad Morsi of Egypt. 

  • Anonymous

    This story needs to be exposed to all Americans. The WH is despicable and shows utmost cowardice. The media who hide these facts are just as guilty. It wouldn’t surprise me that the election on November 6 will be rigged at any cost with more lies from the top down. We talk of corruption, here you have the ultimate corruption and most of America is still pushing for 4 more years of the same. Total shame!

    • Sarah Cooper

      Yes it is a shame that people will not wake up and see what this President really stands for and why  the news media will not say anything against him,they all should be brought to trial for this

  • Carlos De Souza

    The deal was that the Ambassador would be kidnapped and returned for the Blind Sheikh.  The courage of the SEALS foiled that deal.  In my opinion, Hussein Obozo, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden should be tried for treason. 

    • Anonymous

      Amen Carlos. A firing squad would be too good for them!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I have ever been so angry as I am right now. We have a Whitehouse that let 4 American’s die while they were begging for help. That is beyond belief to me. I as a taxpayer and their employeer think I have a right to demand they give me answers as to why and I don’t mean the B.S. they have been shoveling out but the truth and the whole truth. This WH has spent 4 years dividing this country in every way it could think of and I as their employeer want them to stop and just do the job they were hired for, I don’t want to have a beer in the rose garden, I just want a leader that brings us together as a country and leads, in good times as well as bad.  End of story and if they can’t do that then yes they are fired……

  • mthammer

    How can we allow this to continue to be covered up. Obama is now getting away with murder and noone has the guts to put this on the front page ,every NETWORK TV PROGRAM IN THE WORLD, IWOULD SOLICIT PUTTING THIS ON ALGACERE TV SHOWING HOW THE PRESIDENT OF THE US LIED TO EVERYONE. How come there is not one person in this administration that loves this country enough to tell the truth. I am schocked that Panetta is covering up for this guy along with Patreus head of the CIA.Please help this country good men are dyingfor thisguy Obama the faceless liar that he is.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, BHO if that is his legal name? When a student at Columbia in 1983 he wrote an article for the College paper called the Sundial. In it he admits being either a member of or a believer of their philosophy of a group called “Students Against Militarism” (S.A.M.). He also followed other groups like that at Harvard and in Chicago. 
    I believe that his personal ideology reflected his decision making in the Libya incident. But there is also the matter of Fast n Furious Syria edition. Was the Turkish official that Ambassador Stevens met with sending a message or warning or making sure that the deal was set. This is what does happen when you deal with the Devil and his minions.

    Here is a really wild conspiracy thought, Fast n Furious was not to arm the Cartels but Hezbollah rebels crossing the border for jihad so that when they openly create a “Crisis” he can declare Marshal Law? It was just one thought that crossed my mind so I decided to put it out there to be used by others.

    • Anonymous

      That is so plausible, it’s scary! Something went wrong, hence the cover-up. Like Nixon, He will pay for his arrogance.

  • Anonymous

    I am not very religious but God help us if Obama is reelected. I really do fear for the future of America under this man. I only hope enough people who come to vote see the truth about Obama and he is voted out. 

  • Randy Spate
  • Robert McGuire

    I wonder if Colin Powell still endorses Obama for re-election.

    • vieteravet

      Colin Powell is a racist bastard!

      • Robert McGuire

        I was curious about the racial aspect. But also, since Powell is also a military man, he would pretty much have to approve of Obama’s actions in sacrificing 4 American lives for perceived political gain. Powell’s reputation is on the line. I wonder how he defends the Bamster.

    • Anonymous

      Last I heard, yes, he still does. What does this say about him? Why, is the big question.

  • mspatdev

    My condolences to all 4 of the families. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I know that this will come to the court. It needs to be done through a court that is not connected to the government. You can’t have Holder do it, as he is the top Socialist lawyer for the govenment. The 7 people that was watching the whole event transpire looks very hagard and I hope they get very sick, maybe a mental illness. I hope they die in Gitmo for treason. They are all liers, liers, liers. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. This country is for brave, decent people that govern OUR NATION WITH HONOR and NOT SHAME. Obammy keeps saying that he will get the people that had anythting to do with this. Well, he can march right up to the front of the line with, Biden, Clinton, Axelrod, the newsperson and who ever else was in the bunker watching the four and others being killed. In fact, they ought to march down the main streets in Washington D.C. and let the people of the nation swat them for lying to us again and again. Obammy has his Chicago People in the White House with him and he has brain washed everyone else. I seen this in hime 5 yerars ago when I heard his name. You are doing something about Obammy, by posting your comments. Boycott all the T.V. stations such as: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MNBC, TIMES MAGAZINE and the papers that don’t report this sinful act.  This is a very bad act for all involved with them    May GOD BLESS AMERICAN


    Congress should impeach Obama even if he loses the election on November.
    He should be impeached and if found guilty, his salary and his bank accounts should be impounded  together with his pension, so that he have to repay the nation for the unmerited benefits he and his family have enjoyed at our expenses.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. I just don’t want him gone, oh no; I want him disgraced, incarcerated and his name erased from ever having served. That’s how despicable and objectionable I find him.

  • kukki44

    My heart goes out to the father of the fallen son. God bless him and his family

  • kukki44

    Why r there no consequences?? What is ailing the people of US? Why is the media quiet ? Shameful!

    • mspatdev

      The MEDIA is the LAP DOGS of Obammy. They have been ever since  he started to run for Pres. Their is some of the media that is on the good side, but not that many. The rest of them have been Obammy’s since he started his first free ride from the USA taxpayers as the pres. 5 years ago. They are OF THE FAR-LEFT SOCIALIST, COMMUNISM, TERRORIST, ISLAM AND THE RADICAL MUSLIMS. He is not Christian as he has been portrayed. He is like Hitler. I has always repected my presidents, but not obammy & he not my pres. as I have no respect for him. I cannot stand liers, liers. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Anonymous

    My question is….. I would like to know   WHO  TOLD  THEM  TO  STAND  DOWN?  

    Who and Where did that order come from… obama,   Hillary,   a general,   the  CIA?     Who?  

    And, why would the person deny our citizens help?   They made the excuse that they didn’t know what was going on, but they were told what was going on.  It raged for 6 hours, and they had drones that they sent in and could see what was happening in real time from the drone cameras.   The drone actually watched the attack.  The SEALs wanted to act, so it wasn’t the SEALs decision.

    To think that obama did not know what was going on is rediculous.  He was too busy partying with Jay-Z, Beyounce and David Letterman.  THEN, this spawn of satan goes to bed and gets his beauty sleep while four American citizens were slaughtered as the drone watched. 

    Then Biden told the father of the SEAL Ty Woods:  Biden:
    ‘Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?’   Can you imagine Biden saying that to you after losing your son to an attack that they didn’t even try to help save their lives.    I would be mad as fire and would demand these insane monsters be impeached.  They are disgusting.  Charles Woods also said that obama had no remorse for what happened.  He simply does not care.  Of course, that was obvious as he chose to party for his campaign instead of doing his job.

    Are you grasping this?  The man who is our Vice President, who represents our nation, and you and me, had the absolute nerve to insult the father who just lost a son and CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN did not bother to think that was inappropriate or insensitive, and he told him that as his son’s body was being unloaded from the plane from Benghazi.  

    What in the name of decency do we have in the White House?  I will tell you, we have pure gutter trash! 

    If our citizens can’t see what these two low life criminals are doing, as they disgrace, destroy, and humuliate our country, they are as bad as obama and biden are.  I wonder how they would feel if obama and biden sent their son, or their daughter, or husband, or father, to Benghazi and they were the victims of that terrorist attack, and THEN obama refused to send help, and the help that was standing by were ordered to “stand down”.   I just wonder.

  • Anonymous

    Never said better Courtney1!   That poor father will forgive but those responsible willl never take blame.  Government empolyees whether elected or hired always seem to escape their mistakes.  Although I don’t look at this as a mistake.  I think there is more behind it then we will ever know.

  • Anonymous

    Obama says he will get those responsible for the attack.  That tells me he knows who is responsible for not responding to the calls for help.  I hope Glen and his staff can investigate this and bring the truth to light.  Those that allowed this should not be allowed to hold the positions they now hold.  The heroes can not be brought back and God does want us to forgive but God also wants truth to prevent this from happening again.

  • Gregory N Kiki Yodis

    I wonder how the secret service agents surrounding President Obama feel about this? … g

    • Anonymous

      Interestingly Good question. After all, they are not robots. Imagine they all quit and no one wants the job.

  • sara holy land

    Speechless !!
    God bless the parents !

  • Anonymous

    Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & Leon Panetta, they are responsible for the dea ths of these four men.

    There is no way in he ll our military would have sent in help, if even ONE Libyan civilian had been ki lled, & they would have CLAIMED they were all innocent civilians, the U.S. would have a huge PR disaster on its hands. Our government is not interested in protecting our military heroes but in covering its A $ $, ALWAYS. They would rather let our men D IE than take the chance of ki lling a Libyan citizen.

  • Anonymous

    So when do the trials begin? Oh, yea, I forgot…. “executive priveledge!” the bible says if your brother sins against you, rebuke him, and if he repents forgive him. Did you notice the part about “rebuking and repenting” before forgiving? Did Mr Woods rebuke these cowards? Did any of these cowardice leaders repent? If not then Mr. woods needs to get to rebuking? See Luke 17:3 K.J.V.

  • Anonymous

    I watched your program when Ty Woods father told us what was told to him from our President, Vice President, and Hillary Clinton.  It turned my stomach and after I was over crying, I ask myself “What reason was Ty Woods doing in Benghazi?”  As far as I am concerned, Ty is a HERO!  But I believe in transparency.  Why was Ty Woods in Benghazi and what was his mission for being there?  If we are asking for the truth, then tell us the truth.
    I have watched you for years.  When you left the Fox channel I was devastated, but I knew you would be back!  GOD does answer prayers.

  • Anonymous

    King David ordered Uriah the Hittite to be put
    into the hottest part of the battle and then to have his support troops
    “stand down.” Uriah was killed and David got Uriah’s wife Bathsheba.
    This treachery made David a murderer.

    What did Barak Obama hope to get for this murder?

  • Anonymous

    I sat and wept while this Father was speaking from his heart on Forgiveness because I don’t know that I could forgive as that if it were my Son!    And this Precious Father holding onto the fact that He will be hugging his Son again in Heaven! No wonder this Navy Seal is and was a HERO because HIS FATHER IS ALSO ONE AND RAISED ONE!  Obama, Biden and Clinton Mr & Mrs., don’t know the meaning of being a Hero because they are on the opposite ends of that spectrum!  There Agenda is to Destroy and they are workers of Darkness and Deception and what a team all 4 of them are!  We need to stand strong as Americans and fight bravely for our Liberty, Freedom, and yes Justice because the door is about to be shut square in our faces if we do not remove these Deceivers out and We The People take back our Country and White House beginning with the Oval Office and sweep the House all they way down to the State Offices!  The Fast and Furious Facts have been hidden untill after the Election, and this is also and there should have been answers from the Get Go!  Obama has lied and deceived us too long beginning before 2007!  Wake up People!  Search out the Facts and Seek and Accept Truth when you see and hear it!  My heart is so heavy for this Father and all the Families of this Tradgedy that could have been prevented!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I have been sending out tons of e-mails and posting messages about this and pretty much don’t get much response. The American public has been dumbed down so many years and this was planned. Can you believe being a “WOMAN” and going to see the POTUS smiling and waving and talking about birth control hours after this happened? He was the boss – the Commander In Chief – the one who so proudly unveiled the identity of the Navy Seals that killed Bin Laden – for his benefit. They showed no remorse because – they don’t care.  Especially about our military – wasn’t it the Clintons that refused to let a Marine or soldier into their car when Clintonn was president.  Besides – who are Obamas heroes – Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Muslim Brotherhood, Saul David Alinsky (Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky) and on and on – when people tried to educate Americans on who Obamas friends are – it was hidden under the rug – I cannot imagine how a soldier or the family of any soldier can vote for him. They will be cutting more heavily into military spending and when will be the next time for us to stand down – seriously – he’s already given away our missile defense – and told Putin he will have more flexibility – more flexibility to stand down while we are being attacked. There is no justification for this NONE!

  • gator

    i wonder, will the secret service stand down if someone comes after their bosses?

  • Kellie

    The real war on women… sons and daughters sent into harms way without the courage and moral fortitude from our leadership.  Pray for our nation.

  • Anonymous

    At the least we can scream at our elected Congressmen and Senators, I did. The media can block this story but they can’t block 500+ Senators or Congressmen from requesting time. Yell at these lazy SOBs and tell them to do their job. We can at least do that. If they can’t raise the issue around the media blockage who can.

  • Anonymous

    Go to Fox News and on front page, scroll all the way to bottom and click on Greta, then on Greta’s page click on “Sarah Palin’s video” ~ She was so mad that she started to “cry” and rightfully so because her son is serving in Harms-Way under Obama..
    Sarah really laid into Obama big time and rightfully so…
    Sarah is one really great lady, had she been president, she would have send in help,the first moment….Google: Maj.General talks Gov. Sarah Palin..

  • Robert Joseph Johnson

    Thank God for Glenn Beck, and the National Hero’s he has just reported to all of us.
    God forgives, but there is still a need for retribution. (punishment-retaliation-reprisal)
    If our “elected”  do nothing……………..GOD  will.   GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. 

  • rj

    Democrats denied GOD three times at the convention.  Blasphy, treason and whatever else can be said about what’s wrong with the direct were heading.  Time to stop these people.

    • Anonymous

      God is already on it. Notice all the strange coincidences…in weather and in so many other ways. Man makes the ultimate error in planning before consulting with the Master.

    • Carol Morgan

       there is no way to stop them, we just gotta stand in a much better place!

  • Larry Griffith

    The President has one Constitutional authority. Commander in Chief. This man has refused the daily Intel Briefings. He refuses to have the flag presented to the survirors from “The President” has instead insisted it be from the Sec of Defense. He constantly takes glory in his decision to take out Bin Laden. Yet, as a typical lawyer-legislature and organizer cannot take responsibility or command. He repreents the very worst a society can breed. He came on to us with so much promise. His decline, decay and the stench hos been so long.

  • Larry Leinenbach


  • Debra Houston Wilks

    Anyone who still votes for Obama needs to leave America and go live in Libya permanently.

  • Larry Leinenbach


  • Poison_ Monkey

    In lay terms… There is a PAC of Fox(s) in the Chicken coop!

    Are all American’s and the entire World so beneath ‘Barack’ ‘Obama’ to think we are all
    such small-minded ‘little people’ to believe he is not that little boy raised Islamist Muslim and later Communist. A little abandoned boy growing up hating being black (American) then white, and obviously never taught or learned traits of common since and or much on Westerner humanities i.e. no American left behind.

    Sure, it’s found (only) in the scripts written by a serendipity (polled words) speech expert.

    The father of the Murdered (adult) child must know that we humans do not need to do Gods
    job of forgiveness. When it comes to Murder or hexane crimes NO! no! no! …we humans are not individually strong enough, and therefore (sure) must learn to move on e.g., live with it, and let the laws of the land justify.   

    It should be noted: for his own safety that a brave Father of a murdered Navy Seal has denoted that the President and his Administration are not 100% capable of managing the Oval Office (domestically and or) globally.

    Especially, when it comes down to “GUN” sales.

    Reminder to Media past “read my lips” or “I did not have sex” or “Water Gate” had no blood soaked hand’, for which, Mexican Drug Lords and or Islamist Muslim extremist were supported has caused the murder and death of American’s.

    Nevertheless, why so distressfully blame a youtube filmmaker to the face of a Father of a murdered (hero) son.

    An out right lie to all America and (UN) the World is a call-out for resignation with ‘no’
    deals. None

  • Linda Barkmeyer

    Since the first days,  I blamed the White House Obama and Hillary.  They are enemies of the American People.  How they enjoyed the cameras on them when the dead were brought back to DC.  Didn’t anyone else notice how cameras were focused on their lying faces and not on anyone else in attendance.   HIllary, Obama and Biden are a disgrace.  Remembering Biden in the debate with Paul Ryan – “We didn’t know”   Liars, Liars, Liars.   I have personally grieved for days over this travesty.  I’m ashamed at the press for not showing truth.  I don’t need their commentary to know what is right or wrong.  They all are enemies of America.   Wake up America!    Be sure to bring these murderers to justice.   

  • Rich Bees

    Gordon and Shugart made that same call in Mogadishu.  We are fortunate to have such men.  It is beyond painful to watch our leadership make so much cannon fodder out of them.  If I could exchange the jokers in the White House for the SEALs in Benghazi, I would do it in a heartbeat. 

    Where is the justice?  Where is the press?  And with all due respect Mr. President, it’s been over 2 weeks – how long are you going to sniff this one before you bury it?

  • avi weis


    Dear Glenn beck,

    Regarding  Benghazi.    I can analyse  my opinion.

    To what happened in Benghazi.

    As I look at your information   and fox
    news information,  I can tell you.

    in My opinion.   It
    brought me  to believe.   

    Obama and his administration was in   bad   with  Salafi and al Qaeda  supplying them arms.

    they moving arms to Syria with helped
    of a turkey representatives.

    CIA does involve some time in
    creating a cause like it around the world.

    Obama was looking to   late Al Qaeda to do the job for him in Syria,  Which is absolutely  wrong.

    Obama has no Idea how these people working  he is naive.  

    Obesely something happened  between the ambassador Steven the Turkish
    representative and al Qaeda.

    Some disagreement    between them which led to the attacked.

    And that why  the American did not  leave Benghazi  even  the British, and the red cross    left.

    The CIA and Obama did not get to involve they sought the al
    Qaeda won’t do a anything to the American.

    They are in their pocket.

    However, they were wrong about them. al Qaeda stuck it to them. 

    Know what important reg Obama. He has no Idea what going on.
    Someone in the white house use him  like
    a dummy  he doesn’t understand what going
    on.  Someone  in the white house doing the job for him and
    that why he went to do the interview   for the TV. They don’t need him.  They are using him has a  dummy.

    Glenn’s beck I believe the Turkish representative has something
    to do with it.

    The story has not yet finished  big problem coming with Syria because all connecting
    to Syria and al Qaeda. In the moment,  everything
    has frozen.  We have to wait and see

    • Anonymous

      Avi, All of us with half a brain knew from the beginning what happened before being lied to by this foreign administration. Some here find it difficult to believe and the rest of us will do what needs doing; Voting him out and then going after him for treason. Ultimately, A firing squad, with a target on his forehead.

  • Anonymous

    Obama thinks America is to blame for having people there in the first place. He had no intention of helping our people because he is a coward and will not display courage in the face of our enemies. They only respect strength and use fear to suppress their own people. Why else do you think the Islamic world won’t denounce the radicals? Because they are afraid to. The radical rule by intimidation.  Why wouldn’t they take advantage of the cowardice of this administration.? They have no fear of the paper tiger that America has become. Our military should have been turned loose and allowed to blow the terrorist to meet their 70 virgins rewards. Instead, they were told to stand down. Thank God these brave individuals chose to disobey orders. Do we really realize the courage that it took for these highly trained military men to go against everything they had trained into them about obeying orders, to break with their government leaders and attempt to do the job they were trained to do. God bless the wonderful families that instilled honor and integrity into their sons. Hopefully Charles will get his wish and those responsible in this administration will take responsibility for their actions. But I am not going to hold my breath until they do.

    The easiest way to diffuse a potential situation is to face it head in. But we have not done that as a nation since World War II. We need but looked at our wounded warriors program to see the cost in human suffering that has been wrought by the radical Islamist. If it were not for the advances in treating battlefield injuries, many of these wonderful heroes would have died as they did in previous wars. There are thousands of our best and brightest that did not make it home. When will we wise up and take these miserable individuals out. Force and strength are the only things these radicals recognize. The rule by fear and intimidation, why not give them a taste of their own medicine.

  • bull57

    What true American can support this man? After the election President Romney will have to go on an apology tour for Obama’s last four years to all of our allies that Obama has offended!

  • Anonymous

    I think it is time for Glenn Beck to call for a demonstration in front of the White House demanding  answers to why Obama turned his back on our people in Benghazi BEFORE the election, not after!!!!!  

  • Anonymous

    Obama can fire Gen. Ham for wanting to go in despite Obama’s orders all he wants, he can keep firing those who disagree with him, butr sooner or later, Obama will be up against the military personally.  There will come a flash point.  On that day, Obama will go out with a whimper.

  • greywolfrs

    What would anyone expect? This is the guilty people act…

  • john

    get a rope!

  • Karen Rose

    They won’t get away with their lies…no one ever does…everything comes to the light…and you reap what you sow…These words are from the Word…Jesus Christ

  • Poison_ Monkey

    2016 Obama’s America…is on i tunes for rent or purchase…

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Off track…Medical Alert.

    I had a bad lower back
    condition (Sacroiliac) that kept

    popping out of joint. e.g.,
    “ICE” was my best friend for years.

    I was told to start playing
    or shooting basketball hoops.

    That one action or exercise
    healed this very awful –

    painful condition.    

  • George Bernard Vieto

    The blood of those Americans who died in Libya is on Obama’s hands. But he does not care since his ox is not being gored.

  • Anonymous

    In regards to Benghazi.
    Charles Woods, the father of this young man surely abides by this principle;
    “I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.” 1
    Biden comment to Father of fallen hero, at the return to the country he served and loved, is the key to the TRUTH.Biden’s comment, coming from a coward, crude and disrespectful though true, from his prospective, was a reference to the size of balls (meaning brave and courageous).Being GAFFE prone, when it happens to him, it is because he is expressing the truth about what he thinks and feels.Based on the method for measuring manhood in his crude way, the hero exhibited bravery and courage that Biden had never OBSERVED in his life, first hand.His comment was the best expression of sincere admiration for this young man who possessed something he would never experience or aspire to obtain.Biden was there, watching in real time, as this brave man risk his life, against orders, to defend and protect the life of another fellow American.  He lived a moral and spiritual principle to love and protect thy compatriots as thyself.A good reporter, now that time has past, needs to ambush Biden on the campaign trail with this question: Joe! Can I have a few minutes to ask questions about the campaign?  Ask two generic questions than: I’m puzzled by something you said at the airport about the courage and bravery shown by the men who died, surely that wasn’t the first time you watched combat in the field where the result could be loss of life ? (quickly repeat) Was this your first time? A Yes or No answer indicates he did watch it in real time. Stevens? a liability/ loose end/ in the wrong place, at the wrong time/  doing his job / cleaning up revealing messes created by this administration.Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Petraes (all watching) sacrificed others lives to enhance theirs. COWARDS.  Rice and Carney, probably not watching, they lie at the bidding of others as directed. Obama’s coordinated deception: Example edited interview held admission of terror attack, then used to reveal later when most helpful to make a point.  The problem with that is all this is after the fact and does not change the decisions of the moment real time or the facts. If this is allowed to continue, Heaven help us!, for that will be our only Hope.

  • Bonnie Rodriguez

    our president cant even call a terrorist a terrorist because it is politically incorrect. our president is a panty waist. he is just making our enimies bolder and he is alienating our allies and friends and the americans cant even wake up and see him for what he is. the ones that voted for him anyway.

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