Get organized: Ohio, Virginia critical

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Some new polls came out today – Gallup is back up to a 5 point lead for Romney but they are still an outlier poll. Most polls have Romney up 50-47 fairly consistently. But how is he doing in the swing states? One new poll today showed Romney pulling even with Obama 48-48 in Wisconsin.What can you do and where can you do it in order to help push Romney over the finish line first?

“So last night it’s about 11:00 and just got yelled at by my wife and she, you know, she’s yelling at me about this interview that we did with this ‑‑ the father of slain Navy SEAL in Benghazi and I didn’t respond quickly enough that the president and the vice president were dishonorable when I was asked, and I hesitated and she’s like, the answer is yes! Dishonor!” I’m like, yes, dear. Yes, dear. So that, right after that I was thinking, I should leave the state. And I was thinking, “We should go to Ohio.” Because as I’m looking at everything, this really is going to come down to Virginia and Ohio. And I can’t figure the people in Ohio out. I can’t. I don’t know what ‑‑ but just like when you’re watching the debate the other night, I’m in Texas and so I’m watching this from Texas and I’m thinking, “What are you doing?” Well action I’m surrounded by Texans. All of the Texans. We all had our guns out shooting at ‑‑ getting ready to shoot them in the air, you know? That debate wasn’t made for us. That was made for, what, a couple of counties probably in Ohio. That’s who they’re talking to. Well, I’d like to talk to those people in Ohio. I’d like to know what’s really going on, on the ground in Ohio,” Glenn said.

“We went to Free PAC and I spoke there and there were 8,000 people and it was on fire. And people were working all day, they were going out door to door. So I wrote to Matt Kibbe yesterday and I said, what are you guys doing in Ohio? Can we come and cover any of this stuff in Ohio and maybe we’ll do, you know, a rally or whatever, but I’d like to talk to the people in Ohio and I’d like to cover the people who are going door to door. I’d like to cover the 9/12 project. I’d like to cover the TEA Parties. I’d like to cover the people who are actually out on the streets and going door to door. I’d like to ‑‑ I’d like to find the people who are doing it and hold them up. And also encourage them, kind of being there ‑‑ I’d like to be there with a little cup of water as they run by to the next door just, ‘Grab the water. Go.’ Because it is going to come down to Ohio.”

“Now, I don’t know how many people are still out there that think, ‘It doesn’t make a difference’ or ‘I’m not sure if I’m going to vote’ or, ‘I don’t know, if the weather’s fine.’ But this makes a huge difference. This makes a huge difference. And I want to speak directly to libertarians here. Don’t make the mistake that people made in France after the turn of the century or the last century, you know, the century before, two centuries ago ‑‑ okay, the French Revolution. Don’t make that mistake that Thomas Paine made. Revolutions or collapse is not a good thing.”

“Now, I don’t agree, as you know, I don’t agree with everything Mitt Romney says, but I do know this: The guy prays on his knees and the guy is humble just like Abraham Lincoln. If you read the stuff on Abraham Lincoln, you read his first inaugural address, he ‑‑ I don’t agree with everything Abraham Lincoln was saying in retrospect. He was like, ‘You know, we can’t really take this on, you know, but we have to keep the union together’ and blah, blah‑blah. But he wasn’t making it about slavery, even though he was trying to solve slavery. He believed in that. He just didn’t believe in it this way and that wasn’t his main priority. His main priority was to save the union. It wasn’t until he fell to his knees and said, ‘What do you want? What is it you want? You want me to ‑‑ you want me to free the slaves? Fine, I’ll free the slaves. I’ll make that the number one priority. Help us.’ That’s when everything changed. But you have to be humble and on your knees.

“And may I ask you, do you believe Barack Obama is either of those things? There is a huge difference. One is offering you free stuff and an easy life and free money and free Obama phones and free everything. The other is saying, ‘Look, this is going to be tough, but it’s worth it. We can do it. We can create jobs.’ He didn’t say ‘Let’s destroy the car industry. He didn’t say that.’ What he said was let’s do this the right way. Let’s have them go through a structured bankruptcy. Let’s have them go through their books and see where they need to shed so they can restart and survive.” You had Barack Obama give GM a short‑term fix. Long‑term GM does not survive unless it ‑‑ because it’s going to go bankrupt again. And it will not survive. It can’t be ‑‑ it has to go through the reset process so it can restart. We’re going to go through some pain. Which do you want it? Do you want honor and integrity and merit? Do you want something that’s lasting and real, or do you want a short‑term fix? There’s a lot of Americans that want a short‑term fix. It is ‑‑ we have waited too long. All of us. All of us. Ronald Reagan talked about it, JFK talked about it, FDR talked about it. He said at some point, FDR said he thought it was going to be in the 1980s and he said it would be irresponsible, but they did it anyway. But he said, we’re going to have to pay for these sins probably by the 1980s. It will collapse.”

Well, we knew this. Our whole life I’ve heard, you know, ‘This is not going to last. It’s going to collapse. It’s going to collapse. It’s not going to last. You can’t keep doing this stuff. And you’re going to have to pay for it.’ So we’ve known. Well, now is the time to pay for it, and every single day that goes by, it gets worse. And it’s going to get harder. And we are going to end up like Greece if we go down the same path as Greece, which was… a giant federal bureaucracy where everybody was on the dole, there was no real work ethic anymore.

“Do you know in healthcare, do you know that Barack Obama in the healthcare bill has now described a full‑time workweek as how many hours? Thirty. Since when is it thirty‑hour workweek, France? When did that happen? That is now the official workweek according to the Barack Obama healthcare program. Thirty‑hour full‑time workweek. It’s forty. This is the kind of stuff they did in Greece, and we’ll end up like Greece.”

“So I just want to ‑‑ I want to find out what ‑‑ who are these people in Ohio. I need to understand you. Because Ohio, we’ve always ‑‑ I’ve always understood you. You’re good, decent, hard working people. What ‑‑ what kind of black spell has been cast on Ohio? I don’t understand it. I really don’t. And I want to understand it. I’d like to next week suggest ‑‑ and believe me when I wrote, you should see the e‑mail chain now that’s going through the company. ‘Oh, dear God. What?’ But last night about 11:00 I wrote to the staff and I said, ‘I’d like to be in Toledo, I’d like to be in Columbus and Cleveland and maybe Fort Wayne, Indiana and maybe Virginia next week. And I’d like to do the radio and television show and then maybe, you know, maybe something, some sort of a rally or something at night. But I want to meet the people who are actually out doing the work, and I want to understand what do you think is at stake and I want to understand what has happened in Ohio and then I want to ‑‑ I want to hand you that glass of water on your way.”

Stu, however, wasn’t as optimistic that Glenn would be in Ohio considering he just spent a lot of money on a special set for election night, not to mention the lack of notice for doing radio and television in a different state.

“So you want to put together something in Ohio with all of this notice of zero workdays?” he asked Glenn.

“Yes. I think it’s a great idea,” Glenn said.

  • Sam Fisher

    The left is killing us. We must take the hard road screw the temporary. It like putting band aid on gun shot wound. That dog will not hunt.

  • landofaahs

    My friends, it’s not about me and you….It’s about those we leave behind.  I would gladly give every earthly good I have in order to help the kids.  If you are poor but have a child who has the potential to be successful, do you want him/her punished?  No you don’t, you want to give the next generation a boost.  But you cannot do that by killing the freedom they need to achieve it.  It’s so sad that we have so many socialistic/retard/buttheads that see it different.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Again, Glenn Beck was born to be in Ohio 2012. 

    Read the book of Jonah first… its a short read…,

  • Anonymous

    I cam eto support you and brought an 84 yr old convert to DC and we stood in 90+ degree heat..We came to Cincinnati Frrepac to support the cause..WE need to see you in Columbus, OSU is ultra liberal, putting pizza before students to entice votes for Obama..kinda a Koolaid effect..reality check??  Yes you can Make a Difference Day ..this Saturday for Ohio and the future of OUR Nation!! 

  • Draxx

    People Vote, Please Vote!!!  Help get rid of the Troublemakers…

  • Holly Hardy

    Do it Glenn! You can rally the troops and there’s no more important time in our generation than this election. 

  • Anonymous

    Sow a thought and you reap an
    action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character;
    sow a character and you reap a destiny. 
    Ralph Waldo

    Glenn,  I want you to remember this quote.   We all need to remember it.    Obama has made his destiny;    now let’s make ours!

  • Anonymous

    I live in Northern VA and would LOVE to have Glenn stop by…

  • Anonymous

    Well the libs are finally comming to the realazation that equal education is not attai.nable . Bueual rights say it must be done its the law, regardless of the fact that soma people cant or wont be educated at the levels mandate. How do they want.go fi it , lower the standards. A.d in affect lower the qualifications needed to be surgeon or an air pilot heck why not they all ready did it with the presidencey

  • Anonymous

    please glenn do something!

  • Anonymous

    The people in Ohio and Florida are very similar. What do they have in common? The educational system is almost as bad as in DC. There are generations of ill informed, uneducated and out of touch people. Ohioans/Floridians……please prove me wrong. Don’t make the possibility of an Obama re- election a reality. The devil is sitting on your shoulders, making promises he has no intentions of keeping.
    He wants us all enslaved, not the traditional way, in chains, but spiritually. He wants to kill our incentives to excel. He might as well put a bullet through our heads.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I want that hat!

  • Anonymous

    please come to Ohio..I live in a suburb of Cleveland a stronghold of progressive movement..but there ARE others of us here. We are faith based conservatives but overwhelmed by the numbers around us..Obama supporters have been going door to door in my neighborhood with the list of registered Democrats making sure they get to the polls ..the Republicans need to do the same..we need more boots on the ground. You could help rally the troops.  whatever the choice please know we are here and we are working.. God Bless You

  • Scott Surname

    I live

  • Molly

    I live in a Cleveland suburb. I have two children that are recent college graduates, one still in college and one in high school. I’m telling you this because what I see as one reason Obama has done well here is the youth vote.That sect of the population did not have much of an impact in elections prior to 2008. The Obama campaign has pounded the college campuses. Literally all of them. When you have a President hanging with Jay Z & Beyonce, making the cool late night shows circuit, showing swagger and swearing like a college kid, putting out commercials like “doing it for the first time with someone like Obama”,and staging concerts with someone like will i am at his rallies, they think he’s the cool choice. Ohio State is the largest University in the country. My daughter just graduated from there. Obama had buses that would take droves of kids straight to the polls for early voting directly from his rallies. I guess you can say, he’s done one thing successful. A lot of these kids don’t fully understand the economy, foreign policy, and the full ramifications of some of his social policies. But they see movie stars that they watch like  Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johanson preaching to them about Obama and telling them they’re basically idiots if they don’t. Some of the biggest reasons I hear these kids say they vote for him is fear of losing birth control, free healthcare for everyone and that Romney is going to take use to war and screw the middle class.On another note, I also think the auto industry ads hurt and the strong auto and teacher unions ( I’ve had experience with both) have drummed it in their heads who they will vote for. 

    • Anonymous

      So, are you happy with what is going on in your state? If not, what are you planning to do about it? Complacency accomplishes nothing.

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