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Glenn has a habit of adding some pretty crazy stuff to his radio and television sets. Whether it be historical antiques, giant safes containing old and important documents, Woodrow Wilson action figures, or Civil Rights-era photographs, Glenn is constantly updating and tweaking the gigantic Studio C in Dallas, TX. THis morning, he unveiled the newest addition to the studio: Barack Obama frozen in carbonite, guarded by the silent sentry Romney Fett!

“Do you remember, Stu, the eighth episode of ‘Star Wars’?” Glenn asked.

Of course, any fan of Star Wars (or movies in general) knows there was no eighth episode of Star Wars, but that didn’t stop Glenn from elaborating on his really cool new set piece.

“Do you remember Romney Fett?”

Glenn explained in the eighth episode of Star Wars, the clean cut, suit wearing Romney Fett chased Obama and trapped him in a block of carbonite.

“If you see the president on television or something, it’s an old tape,” Glenn joked.

” If you see, there’s ‑‑ on the side of it there’s actually little green lights, you know, that you saw in the movie with Han Solo when he got out.  But let’s remember, he got out because Princess Leia was there.  We have banned Princess Leia from coming into this studio and there’s no blankets in the studio.  So she can’t put a blanket around him.  And he’s like, ‘I’m so cold.  I’m blind now.’  She can’t do any of that.  So… I think we’ve sealed away.”

Glenn said after Romney Fett defeats and traps Barack Obama in Episode 8, Romney Fett ends up bringing the economy back to life in Episode 9.