President and Chief Creative Content Officer for TheBlaze Joel Cheatwood updates Glenn on Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath

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President and Chief Creative Content Officer for TheBlaze Joel Cheatwood is based in the NYC office. This morning, Joel joined Glenn on radio to update him on the ramifications of Hurricane Sandy to the New York City area, and the future implications it could have on the election.

Like most event that occur overnight like this, it’s hard to know what the damage level in until the light of day. And, as Joel confirmed, that was the case with the widespread devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Joel described how small communities up and down the New Jersey coastline were absolutely devastated.

“I just watched the police chief of a little town in New Jersey, Seaside Heights break down on the air because he’s been up all night rescuing people.  But he said, my town is devastated.  He said ‘my town is devastated’.  And he related having rescued 25 people overnight, and he himself operating in a five‑ton vehicle.  They call it a deuce, almost being swept out to sea.  He said, ‘I thought he was going to lose my own life’.  But he said, ‘I go around my town and it’s just gone’.  And we’re seeing that more and more,” Joel explained. “We’re hearing reports of people trapped in their homes in waist‑deep water with no power.  We’re not going to know the full extent of this for a very long time.  But, you know, we do know we have six and a half million people without power in the Tri‑State area back here and just a lot of devastation.”

Everyone in and around the storm area, and even those just looking at pictures and video of the aftermath, are all saying the same thing: “We’ve never seen anything like this.”

The NYC area is the media’s hometown, so the coverage of this event is going to be intensive. Unlike most communities, gas prices and shortages won’t play a huge factors because many don’t own cars or drive. But, as the water recedes and people return home and see the damage, stories will be unfolding.

“How does this play out, you think?” Glenn asked Joel. “What are we looking at in the ‑‑ are we looking at Katrina?  Are we look at less than Katrina?  What are we looking at?”

“I think that you’re going to ‑‑ I think we’re going to see this play closer to Katrina.  I think you’re going to see as the day progresses more and more stories of loss of life, certainly devastation in terms of infrastructures, of towns,” Joel answered.

“You know, Manhattan they still don’t know what the full damage assessment’s going to be because they can’t get into the subway tunnels yet.  But they do know that there is standing water.  You’ve got an entire metropolis that is completely shut down.  I mean, I think that this will probably rank in the books in terms of dollars and maybe loss of life as one of the most expensive catastrophes to hit this country.  And I think again it will unfold as the day goes on.”

While Mayor Bloomberg did a good job alerting the public of the storm, and closed the subway system early to get people out in the event of flooding, it’s likely that many lost their lives down there. Glenn, who lived in the city for a long time, explained how people live in the subway.

” The loss of life that may never be counted of the people who live in those subways who didn’t get necessarily the warning until they started to hear that there were no trains and wondered, what, why are there no trains, I’ll bet you ‑‑ I’ll bet you hundreds of people lost their lives that you will never ‑‑ you may never even know because of the people that live in the subway systems.”

Joel agreed.

As much as the focus is (and should continue) to be on the victims of the storm and the best way to provide help to those who need it, the election is only a week away. With power out to millions, widespread devastation, there will be a political impact from Hurricane Sandy.

“How is this do you think going to play out for the president?”

“Well…you’ve got a huge section of the country that is now going to have to figure out how they start up business again, how they start up just operating in the normal course.  And we’ve got an election a week away.  I’m going to be very curious to see how they resolve that,” Joel answered. “I mean, you’ve got polling places at the very least that have been wiped out, you’ve got people who will have no access to power or transportation for maybe up to two weeks or more.  You know, how we conduct an election given these circumstances is going to be really interesting to see.”

Some are saying that FEMA is going to be rebuilding the polling places, which will obviously cause many to lose confidence in the election system.

“If a giant government‑run FEMA truck is controlling the polling place, that’s not going to give people confidence,” Glenn noted.

“I think there’s enough justifiable distrust of FEMA on a variety of levels that that’s just going to send shivers down the spine of most people,” Joel added.

The biggest concern following the storm, should the election not be postponed, is going to be surrounding Tuesday.

“In the most important election in our country’s history arguably, you know, you’re going to have millions of people who either won’t have access or because of their own personal plight will consider that a secondary priority and, you know, what does that mean?” Joel asked.

As Glenn has shared many times, he belies God is not neutral in man’s freedom. Because of that, he believes, if people turn to God and are faithful, this will work out how it is supposed to — what that is, he’s not sure. Glenn shared a conversation he and Joel had yesterday before the worst of the storm rolled through on the timing of the storm and his faith.

“We were both saying, look, I know God’s will will be done, one way or another.  And I don’t presume to know God’s will and I don’t think God ‑‑ you know, God doesn’t bring the storms on to punish people or anything like that,” Glenn emphasized, “but I can’t figure out divine providence because I know God’s not neutral in the freedom of man.  And I don’t know how ‑‑ I mean, divine providence will play a role in this election.  That’s the only thing that’s going to save us.  And I can’t figure out how this one ‑‑ I mean, this is really take your hands off the wheel, gang, and just live your life and do the right thing because God only knows how this is going to turn out with this hurricane thing now.”

“This is one of those supreme examples of a time where I, for the life of me, common sense doesn’t play into it, logic doesn’t play into it, and I keep reminding myself that there is a much bigger picture that’s held by God,” Joel responded.

Joel later added that, he continues to remind himself to relax in the fact that God’s will is perfection, and that it’s okay if he can’t figure it out.

“This is such a definitive event, and the timing is so incredible, that you know there’s a plan,” he told Glenn. “There has to be.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We have to trust God in His knowing why events are unfolding as they are.

    The devastation is immense, the loss of life – especially of those living down in the tunnels – may never be fully known. Reports are saying that the NJ side of the subway systems will take 7-10 days to clear the sea water out of alone; no telling after that how long for the physical damage to be undone.

    We now face another challenge, will the people in the devastated regions turn to dependance on the Federal government as the sole source of their restoration; or will they reach out and help each other in turn?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We are already seeing how the god-king of the Democrats is using this disaster for his own agenda: assailing Romney with comments via the MSM of “Big Government is the solution for disasters,” and the like.

    For centuries our nation got by and rebuilt entire towns and more due to disasters long before FEMA even was a dream. For God’s sake people, look to history alone in the war of 1812 when our nations capital was captured and torched by the British armies.

    THAT was our NATIONS CAPITAL! WE rebuilt it as a nation, not due to some governmental agency!

    Expect Obama to be preparing a court case demanding the elections be indefinitely postponed by the SCOTUS. This will probably come via one of his proxy groups, or from a state level activist groups screaming about ‘minorities being disenfranchised by the storm.’

    Of course FEMA is also been reported to declare they will rebuild the voting polls and control them for the duration if necessary.

    • Anonymous

      And that was before the goverment was giving everyone that didn’t wont towork a free living.

  • Sam Fisher

    With FEMA in control of voting and the U.N. making sure things are “Fair” I can see Obama winning 99.999999999% of the vote. God help us all.

  • Dorris P

    I think This has been predicted long time ago what would happen when GOD has had enough.
    Read your Bible it is in there.

  • Anonymous

    Come on, folks, have a little faith!  “Thy will be done” time.  Take a deep breath, pray and have a little faith.

  • Anonymous

    God doesn’t control the storms. If he did the NHC wouldn’t have correctly predicted the landfall location within 30 miles 5 days in advance since that would require forecast models knowing how God works and well… that doesn’t seem likely.

    • Anonymous

      God Is In Control!! BHO,The Chosen One Wants, All To be Despondent,and dis-
      -enfranchised, to believe He Has Won ..So the good people wont go out to vote to guarantee his ‘election’, you see not his re-election because according to him he hasn’t been President- this is not his economy…because when you live by lies you believe the lies…after all,he and all his cronies and his adviCzars are puppets of the father of lies the evil one,Satan..after all the Left’s Bible is Saul Alinsky’s ‘RulesForRadicals’ the book dedicated to Lucifer!! The Only One To Save US Is The One True God! The answer is for All To Come Back To God And The Church..To Save US!!! Believe!! I KNow It Feels Like The Revelation Coming True For All The Disasters of Apolalypse are happening…we are in the Barackalypse…however, IF there are enough people to believe HE wont destroy US yet!! or rather we would destroy ourselves! As Ben Franklin had said when asked what did you give Us,’A Republic..if you can keep it!’

  • Anonymous

    There you have it folks. Now you know why it was more important for Obummer to watch Sandy’s track than to watch and act on the Beghazi situation. This is his “perfect storm”. You can bet anything that he will be trying to postpone the elections and give all the victims anything they need/want in the meantime. That alone will assure his own re-election!


    Did the Mayor order that the people in the Subways be alerted of Flood???

    • Anonymous

      maybe God is flooding the Subway’s with,lol,BigGulp to get Nanny Doomberg out of our life..leave US to Our Independence!

  • Anonymous

    Did o’hitler’s first graduating FEMA  brown shirt class show up and take VERBAL VOTES PRESIDENTIAL yet ?

    • Anonymous

      The big difference between Hitler and Obomba is Hussein-Obama is worse than Hitler. Hussein-Obama is a combo of Hitler Mao Lenin Chavez Achmidinijad….His Name is HUSSEIN-OBAMAO for Mao killed even more people than Hitler. By Everything He Has Done,Barry-Hussein-Obama Is An AntiAmerican ISLAMist Terrorist!! HisUN Fema BrownShirts BlackPanthers Are In The IRS to Be Created As His Civilian National Police Force! WE THE PEOPLE Must Get All Back To Church And BAck To Believing In The ONE TRUE GOD To Save US!! For We Are In The Ultimate Battle Of Good And Evil…This Administration Follows The Evil One,We Must Follow God!! 

  • Anonymous

    We should ask ourselves what Is God trying to tell us? What is the message? Wake up and look into yourselves for the answer, and while you are at it, open your Bibles.

    Remember the words of SC Justice Roberts in regards to repealing Obamacare. Look them up for yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    The only reason Obama is out helping and being nice is because one week from today Americans will have the opportunity to fire one of the most racist, weak, American hating,
    loathful, demogod presidents we have ever had in America.  If it were not for the election next week, all of the people in the hurricane area would be left to rot like the Ambassador and the three other Americans left to die in Benghazi. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree wandamurline.

      Obama picks winners and losers in business and who will get the Stimulus money (to take the millions/billions of money and run thus bankrupting their company & America) AND who will get an unnecessary IRS audit (thus tieing up their time and $$ resources) to prove their innocence…

      Just like he picks who will get help to live (Liberal NE) OR be left to die (Bengazi, Lybia & military in Middle East).

    • Anonymous

       He’s not really helping out. He flew to Florida, and then his handlers told him to come home because of the fallout from campaigning during the Benghazi road bumps. So even though he was there already, he flew back home and had Clinton stand in for him. Or maybe he was just tired, and needed a nap. You never know with this one.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I have any one in the worst areas. I hurt for the people who have to rebuild their lives.
    God will help and maybe he again was saying You must, let me guild your country.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly right.  I have been saying all along that it is not in our hands and we are not in control – God is.  The election, this storm, everything God has his hand on it.  It is not what we want it is the fulfilling of our end times and what needs to be done to get us there.  Everything in the Bible has been fulfilled and our time is short.  As Pastor John Hagee says, “Look up, pray up because we are going up!!! He lives in San Antonio, Texas and is a wonderful Pastor and he loves Israel!!!  May God Bless us at this hour of need!!!

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Signs from God or Nature… I vote play it safe and boot the guy that removed God and Israel.    

  • Tee

    I can only see one possible explanation, mother nature is very very angry. All we can do is, take a big breath, help wherever we can, stay out of harms way and vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.
    May god Bless us all.

    • Anonymous

      Tee….who exactly runs “mother nature” again?

  • Anonymous

    The name Sandy means “man saver” and I believe in a God that can turn what satan means for evil to use it for good.
    Time to pray if you belive in God,we need devine intervention.
    Contact your friends and family and remind them that this is a turning point in American history and they need to vote.I’m voting even though I’m in California because you never know what God will do.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the plan was to give NY state its first chance ever to be a red state!

    Still, I hope the death toll doesn’t rise dramatically as they go in for the cleanup. I hadn’t given any thought to those living down in the tunnels that may not have gotten word of the storm.

    • Anonymous

      Considering the devastation, The number is low. There could have been thousands of lives lost. Sandy, meaning protector of man in Scottish legend. Is anyone listening to God and His warnings to us? This is no coincidence people. The hurricane alphabet was poised accordingly.

      • Anonymous

        I see God’s Hand warning us.
        I’m surprised yomama didn’t blame Bush for this storm. He blamed Bush for Katrina.
        PLEASE everyone watch your voting choices that they don’t go for the muslim instead of for Romney

  • Anonymous

    Desperate people do desperate things….yes, even the president. Unemployment numbers are due out on Friday, if at all. Prepare for them to be down; Obama will have a press conference telling America how well things are going. Quinnepeac/CBS polls will have Obama up 5 pts. Obama will address all states affected by Sandy and will promised them the world. The left will retire for the night Nov. 6, Confident and reassured Obama has been given four more years.

    Let’s kill their joy; Please Vote your conscience.

    • Anonymous

      This HAS to STOP:
      MORE ballots for Romney come up Obama on machinesWhat in the world is going on with voting machines this election cycle? Now even more people report that their votes for Mitt Romney are coming up as votes for Barack Obama on electronic machines. Are these all just accidents?Read the latest now on now yomama says that the UN vote watchers are ammune to Texas laws. RISE UP PATRIOTS

  • Anonymous

    I think the saddest part of this whole deal is that if elections are held on Nov 6th and Obama loses, the left is going to be screaming “Unfair! People couldn’t get out to vote and that’s why Obama lost.  It’s the Right’s fault because they wouldn’t allow the election to be postponed.”  If FEMA controls the voting booths which enables people in the Northeast to vote on election day and Obama wins, the Right will be crying, “Fraud!  The Left committed fraud and that’s why Obama won.”  If elections are postponed and Obama wins, the Right will scream that it was unconstitutional, because the date can’t be changed without a constitutional amendment.  Elections are to be held on a certain day and Obama is shredding the constitution.”  If elections are postponed and Obama loses, the Left will be screaming that the Right manipulated the election process.  I just don’t see a win-win solution.  Even WITHOUT the added complication created by this storm, I believe we might have seen violence erupting from the “losing team”.  Now I am CERTAIN we are going to see violence.  And, when that happens, EVERYONE loses. Liberals were already threatening to riot and to commit acts of violence if Romney wins.  This storm will, in their minds, give them justification.

    God help us all. 

  • John Ewen

    Communications are very important in an emergency , how did m/ph fair? Useless ? If so does that mean the world goes back to copper line but maybe underground?

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