WATCH: Stu lays out a potential path for Romney to score a victory (or a defeat)

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Ultimately what will matter is the electorial college votes between Romney and Obama. Given the hurricane I still expect Obama to announce at the last minute a delay in the election, or a sudden federal court challenge due to ‘disenfranchisement’ caused by the storm.

    At the least, the inevitable SCOTUS challenges will center around the usual corruption, theft and ‘disenfranchisement and voter suppresion’ along with blame being cast upon the storm. The mess with Obama will not end until Romney is sworn into office, and maybe not even then.

    • Anonymous

      He won’t need to, Obama will win the election straight up. Ohio is pretty much out of Romney’s hands at this point and is no longer a toss up. After that Romney has no chance unless he gets Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado and NH. Lose any of those 4 and the election is over and thats assuming Romney wins Virginia and Florida which I think he will but are not givens.

      • Anonymous

        Ohio is defintely in play and Obama has won nothing. He is aliar , he is corrupt, and an egomaniac. He continues to stonewall and hide from the truth. He has given no one hope and change. His promise of transparency is the most hypocritical do do ever. His days are numbered. It will be interesting who he lets off the hook in his presidential pardons too.

        • Anonymous

          All true but the people don’t care about the truth, perception is reality. How much of the electorate who is not voting for their own benefit are voting because they think he looks presidential on TV. Unless the media covers libya no one cares

    • Anonymous

      Wow – I hpe that this scenario is not going to happen. But I agree it could!

      If Romney loses – no telling how bad things will get.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Hi all, I am very worried about corruption. I wouldn’t put anything past O and his crooked cronies. If he gets reelected, what will the next 4 years look like?

    • Anonymous

      We have to stay optimistic. And remember that God has a plan.
      O will not get another four years.
      If he does manage to squeak  out a win next Tuesday, I can’t even imagine how the rest of our countrymen will re-act.
      It will make the ’00 election look like a cake walk.

  • Anonymous

    Have faith everyone, God will NOT saddle us with Obama another four years unless we deserve it.
    Obama is the most corrupt President in our history, he has armed our enemies, allowed our heroes to die in Benghazi, supported radical Muslim hatred around the globe and destroyed our economy all in the name of his ego. 
    Obama is a massive hindrance to our freedom and an aid to our enemies. 
    He must be defeated if we are to survive as a nation.  

    • Anonymous

      Well said – and sadly true

      • Meghan Daniels

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  • Anonymous

    Any Christian that votes for Romney has a pretty good chance of spending time in hell.

    • SoThere

      We’re living in the Liberal Progressive hell right now.  Fifty million aborted children and this idiot “SamSary” thinks that’s just fine.

      Sam, take your atheistic nonsense somewhere else.

    • Sam Fisher

      I am sorry to have to point this out to another liberal. Sigh! Obama is not the messiah so he has no power to send people to hell.

      • Sandie

        He may have no power to send people to hell, but he sure has the power to create a hell for people here!

  • Draxx

    I have a feeling it is going to be the Secretaries of States that are going to determine who the final winner is… If they are close, then the recounts will startup and Beaurocrats that are already in office are going to determine if a Vote is Valid or Not (and Obummer hired them)…

  • Anonymous

    Can you also discuss to the listeners/viewers what the implications of the “Sandy October Surprise” will be on the R/R ticket?  I’ve been reading some articles that it is overturning the momentum of Romney’s campaign.  I hope it doesn’t come true! :-(

  • Anonymous

    We Hope

  • Anonymous

    Really? really? You are a crazy.You are definately not a Christian. Why would you say that. Romney has done more for the poor and needy with his own money than Obama will do in his lifetime with other peoples money and has employed and paid more in taxes in one year than Obama will ever pay in his lifetime. Can you say Benghazi(cover up), Obama has delayed and lied to our faces about this. He is the commander and chief of the armed forces and will not tell anyone the truth about what is happening. Wake up  and ck the facts. he is the wrong man for the job and who votes for him especially again is definately going to have to answer to someone(yourself) The President is riding this out as long as he can but time is running out. If he is re elected it will be a grave mistake that we all will pay more for in the future.

    • TheRealObamaCoverUpClickHere

       Now is the time to vote out Obama and put an end to his commie-unity organizing agenda…
      New World Order leaders have been exposed
      Obama Osama
      Biden BI nla DEN
      Americans are waking up to the truth and REAL cover up

      • Anonymous

        America is awake to the globalists you serve, along with your baby killing pals Obama and Romney.

  • Anonymous


    • TheRealObamaCoverUpClickHere

       Good luck with that

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