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Tonight on TheBlaze TV, Glenn looked at some of the positive stories that have emerged in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. A dump truck driver rescued people who were trapped in flood waters. Restaurants are giving free food to residents without power. People are travelling from across the country to affected areas to help groups like the Red Cross. At a time where it would be easy to rely solely on the federal government to take care of them, these stories show that Americans can and will help one another when the need is there.But despite the efforts of individuals, the left is acting like any criticism of FEMA and big government borders on treason.

“You don’t wait for somebody else. We got this, we can do this. Let’s roll,” Glenn said. “We’re not programmed to wait.”

“The only thing we need to do is remind ourselves who we are and how we got here: We are men determined to be free,” he said.

Glenn explained that countless individuals throughout history have fought back against big government, creating the ideals of freedom and independence that have come to define America and its citizens. He used the example of William Tynsdale who was killed for “heresy” after being the first person to translate The Bible into common English. Even though he lost his life to push civilization forward, his actions influenced all of modern history.

The story of freedom is filled with stories like Tyndale’s, and Glenn said that if people would simply bend to the will of big government those stories would never exist.