Glenn: Good news in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

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Tonight on TheBlaze TV, Glenn looked at some of the positive stories that have emerged in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. A dump truck driver rescued people who were trapped in flood waters. Restaurants are giving free food to residents without power. People are travelling from across the country to affected areas to help groups like the Red Cross. At a time where it would be easy to rely solely on the federal government to take care of them, these stories show that Americans can and will help one another when the need is there.But despite the efforts of individuals, the left is acting like any criticism of FEMA and big government borders on treason.

“You don’t wait for somebody else. We got this, we can do this. Let’s roll,” Glenn said. “We’re not programmed to wait.”

“The only thing we need to do is remind ourselves who we are and how we got here: We are men determined to be free,” he said.

Glenn explained that countless individuals throughout history have fought back against big government, creating the ideals of freedom and independence that have come to define America and its citizens. He used the example of William Tynsdale who was killed for “heresy” after being the first person to translate The Bible into common English. Even though he lost his life to push civilization forward, his actions influenced all of modern history.

The story of freedom is filled with stories like Tyndale’s, and Glenn said that if people would simply bend to the will of big government those stories would never exist.

  • Anonymous

    Now your talking. That is the story.

  • Marlene Klein

    I thought you said before “lean forward” means “bend over”? lol

  • VindicatorX

    Since our President is being such a leader in this circumstance, it begs the question how could he be such a great leader now, yet refuse Americans he put in peril? How could they be denied help during a terrorist assault? The President wants everyone to watch him act now, but he refuses to answer for his inaction on September 11, when four men paid the ultimate price for serving this nation in Libya, especially when he had the power and resources at his command to do something. What did he say when they were under hostile fire and calling urgently for support? Stand Down!

    I don’t care how well he handles this natural disaster, it isn’t going to make up for his poor decisions that put Americans – including an ambassador – in harm’s way, and when he had the means to assist those people, he chose to withhold military support and let them die at the hands of the enemy. Even if all efforts had failed to effect rescue of the Ambassador and the men who died in that terrorist assault on US Soil, it is unforgivable for him to have told the very elements of our armed forces to, “stand down”, when they could have acted to stop the killing. He didn’t even try to help them.  

    This Hurricane is undoubtedly a disaster of huge scope, but it should not be allowed to occlude the facts that he failed to try to save those people in Benghazi. Even though the loss of life attributed to Hurricane Sandy is much worse, focusing on it at the expense of the story of a President who betrayed men he sent into harms way should not be allowed to happen. 

    Shame on him and his administration for what they are doing. This cannot be allowed! Otherwise, we may as well tell every man and woman in the US Military and State Department that they are all expendable at the convenience of their Commander In Chief. He is unworthy of the honor.

    • Sandie

      He thinks he can overwrite his Benghazi fiasco by making a big splash after storm Sandy….anything to divert attention.

      • VindicatorX

        Yep – running out the clock.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      So what did you think about Ronald Reagan putting all those Marines in danger in Beirut?

      How many did he allow to be killed?

      • Sam Fisher

        Oh idiot their one big difference and guess what that is moron? Too stupid to figure it out I will tell you. HE DID NOT HAVE ANY WARNING THAT IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clear enough for you. No ok. They knew 9/11 was coming up and knew the crazies will try something. They knew that increased TERRORIST activity was happening in Benghazi that is why ambassador Stevens asked for more security. Still don’t get it moron. Ok now for your Ronald Reagan point. First he never tried to cover it up like Obama did. He had no warning of an attack like Obama did and he didn’t blame it on a you tube video. Tell me if Obama would shoot a handicap child in the head on live TV what type of bull crap would you come up with to defend your messiah?

        • Lorena Hess Remmell

          The heck he did, reports came out today that Obama and his Security team knew 5 days in advance of the impending attack on the embassy.    You sir on the moron and idiot.

          Ambassador Chris Stevens and the 3 other Americans were allowed to die because Obama wouldn’t dare fight against his Muslim brothers.  They were sacrifices to show is loyalty to Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

          • Sam Fisher

            I was referring to his comment on Ronald Reagan and the attack in 1983 but I was not clear on that point so this was my mistake sorry about that. I to believe Obama knew a head of time and also as tick off about it as you are about. Obama needs to go before more die.

        • Lorena Hess Remmell
        • Lorena Hess Remmell

          Obama turned against his own Grandmother and called her the “typical white woman”.  Ungrateful egocentric loser.

          If he could do that to the woman that raised him on her own then he could shoot a handicap child. In fact, he probably believes in killing handicap children just like he does in performance of Partial Birth Abortions.

      • VindicatorX

        Big difference, and the fact you can’t tell the difference is somewhat alarming.

    • Anonymous

      There is no excuse for Obama’s inaction to at least attempt a rescue. Many who come to his defense, make the claim, that any military action would tarnish his sterling reputation as far as his non-combative stance. They themselves, fail to realize it was Obama who reluctantly led United Nations operations to remove Qaddafi from power in the first place. A man who had (years ago) coward-back from his national ambitions, due to the Iraqi war led by George Bush.

      Qaddafi was little, or no threat at all, to the United States and hasn’t been for quite some time, but Obama felt compelled, not only to help, but he led in the efforts to remove him. All this, in the selfish-egotistical attempt to gain political prestige in the eyes of the world and here at home. The problem is, he opened up a Pandora’s Box that now, cannot be closed. Today, radical elements of a religious political system gone mad, have taken over and four dead Americans are the proof.

      So what could possibly be an excuse or reason, for Obama’s failure at the helm. The only thing closely answering that question is, Obama and team, had realized much too late, what they were up against and now had no competence in dealing with it. These forces were much more powerful than just local extremists elements, who simply did not like America. There is more to the picture here then meets the eye – or ear – and reports are starting to filter down from reliable sources, that the current administration was gathering as many of the weapons cashes they could get there dirty hands on, weapons that were left unprotected after Qaddafi’s death and Ambassador Stevens and many others in his charge (all at the orchestrates  of the white house) were to secure and deliver these weapons to rebel forces in Syria. It was Russian satellite photos giving proof of American covert activities and  I think the Turkish ambassador showed the photos to Stevens the night he was killed, which blew the lid off Obama’s activities. 

      Putin is to have made the similar statement  – ‘that if America were to continue down this road – world war three, might not be that far out of the picture’. Syria’s closet ally in the region is of course Iran. The Russians and the Iranians are not ignorant when it comes to their own covert actions – this is where I feel the real meat of what really went down that night, will play itself out.  The real story is pathetic at best and blatantly unlawful at worst – it goes something like this – the Americans would be overwhelmed and defeated in any fugal attempt made at rescue that. Instead of Obama growing some balls – he simply turned his back and by making the decision not to engage, our forces were told to stand down. 

      One other thing that I’ve not heard much about. Why all the silence when it concerns enemy combatant death count. Could it be, that the dead were Iranian military? Or Russian? Or both?

      This is the only conceivable answer I can formulate. Nothing else I’ve seen, so far,  make’s the case.

      • VindicatorX

        A picture worth a thousand words – this is what Facebook took off of the page of 
        A retired Navy Seal – Captain Larry Bailey. 

        A few hours after this went up, Facebook took it down, claiming that it violated the site’s terms of Rights and Responsibilities.It looks like Obama’s liberal followers in Facebook HQ are terrified of how damaging the Benghazi scandal is for the President.The fact of the matter is that this post in no way violated the Facebook terms of service. It’s disgusting that Mark Zuckerburg and the other co-founders of Facebook, who have strongly supported Obama since 2008, would sell out patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice – all to serve the political ambitions of the man who let them die.It’s a blatant attempt to silence people who differ with them on politics – They have the same low regard for human life whether it is an unborn child or a man serving our country. This needs to be addressed, and people should not stop bringing this issue to the forefront. Don’t let them distract us with diversions, make them answer for this!

        • Sandie

           Everyone should go to the website and sign the petition, even if they can’t/don’t contribute $$$

          • Guest

            I did.

          • VindicatorX


  • Robert J Chester

    Let me disagree.  I am very Libertarian and very Republican.  I live right by where the eye of Sandy hit a couple of days ago.  Atlantic City is truly awful.  At least President Obama came, and gave some people who lost everything in Brigantine a few hugs.  President Obama has helped New Jersey during this storm.

    Can’t at some point we be intellectually honest?  President Obama is not always wrong.  His policies are generally poor.  With regard to Benghazi, perhaps unjustifiable, although we do not know everything yet. 

    • truthseeker

      How do hugs help people?  I live in NJ and no sign of power being restored and gas stations are empty as people wait hours in line for the few that are open.  I don’t need hugs.

    • Sam Fisher

      I think it was a good thing for Obama to try to bring up people’s spirits but after the stunts he has pulled I wonder if this had to do with his image in the race than lifting people up.

  • Draxx

    Natural Disasters worry me because of the Liberals/Dems, they always try and use it as a ploy to deploy the National Guard (Not so bad in itself for rescues).  But, the problem comes when they say things are soooo badddd we need to instigate Martial Law for your own protection…

    Isn’t that why we have a Right To Bear Arms…? (Protection Anyways)

    And We Always Stop What We Are Doing To Help Others After Disasters, that is who we are as Americans.

  • Anonymous

     The True the Vote website has created a National Election Integrity
    Hotline, saying, “If you see something at the polls that just doesn’t
    seem right, let us know.”
    Its phone number is 855-444-6100 and email address is

  • Guy Garand

    100 miles nw of NYC…area is devastated…trees down, most still without power,roads impassable. Many seniors sitting in cold, dark homes. WHERE THE HELL IS FEMA? Four days and we can’t get a cup of coffee or some dry ice! If I lived in New Orleans, I would have had a new trailer and a cash card by now!

    • Carol Morgan

       that is exactly why weneed to prepare for ourselves and our families, so we don’t have to wait for anyone else to help us. We may eventually get help but our lives may depend on our helping ourselves!

  • Anonymous

    “The only thing we need to do, is remind ourselves of who we are and how we got here – we are men determined to be free”

    Our forefathers living example of faith, their reliance on God for strength and his sustenance, is how we got here and good character in doing what is right for “all the people”  is what made our people free.

    Little by little, ever since those days long gone, our politicians have gutted the American Constitution and tossed  God out onto the street, in order to gain political expediency.   

  • Sam Fisher

    He should change his slogan from forward to backward because he wants to place himself as king.

  • Anonymous

    Glen I heard you say something about getting 1791 up and running so you don’t have to bother asking for donations cause you hate running a charity.. THAT Glenn would be the SADDEST thing you could do… You are the only one that we all know we can TRUST to get the money to those who really need it.. without taking in most cases ANY of it for overhead ..unlike all these other charities who have CEO’s who get paid enough to help out 100 families in need.. so for you to NOT ask for donations would be a sin.. I try to donate a little something every month to your disaster fund.. even if we have a good month the next month might not be and you’ll need it and I trust you to hold on to the $ for when they are needed,., it’s hard to to find someone who people can trust to deliver and not waste their $ .. don’t every close down MERCURY ONE it’s the one place we can count on to get our $ to the right people..

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