Huffington Post doesn’t think libertarians would have helped in Hurricane

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Liberal site Huffington Post posted a blog claiming that Glenn lived by “the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand” and would have left millions of people to suffer rather than lend a helping hand to those affected by the disaster. Thankfully Big Government was there to rescue everyone! How could we ever survive without their help? Glenn presents a different solution on radio.

On Huffington Post, author Sanjay Sanghoee wrote:

A big thank you to all our political leaders who made this possible.

But this piece is not about politics, Paul Ryan’s budget plan which advocates slashing funding for federal emergency services, or even about President Obama’s deft handling of this crisis. It is about a highly dysfunctional philosophy that millions in America live by – the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand – and which we need to reject once and for all. The best way to illustrate just how myopic, and indeed dangerous, this philosophy is, let us imagine how Rand and one of her current torch-bearers, Glenn Beck, would likely have responded to Hurricane Sandy had they been in charge (ironically, Beck has flip-flopped on Rand and considers her selfish, but given his own every-man-for-himself philosophy, that is pretty rich).

“So I have an ‘every man for himself’ philosophy,” Glenn said.

Do “every man for himself” people start charities intended to help those who are hit by disasters?

“I mean, we had two truckloads of stuff ready to go from Mercury One before the hurricane hit,” Glenn said. ” Here’s what we’ve raised in 24 hours:  $111,394 by me mentioning it on the air about four times.”

“You can donate two ways:, there’s just donate to and that one goes to any kind of project that we’re working on.  But if you go to the disaster relief fund, you donate on that one.  It has to, by law, only go to this disaster.  So every single dime goes to this disaster.  So you want to donate?  Do that.  Already $111,394 just in the last 24 hours.  I know this audience can do a lot better than that.”

“But we are not selfish people and I’m tired of being called a selfish person.”

“Who wrote this stupid article?” he asked. “I’d love to compare percentages of how much you give to charity. Mr. Huffington Post writer, compared to what I do.  I’d love to.  The dollar in the end doesn’t matter.  The percentage, I’d love to compare that, sir.”

  • landofaahs

    No.  That would be God-less democrat liberals who never give to charity.  Hell they don’t even pay their proper taxes ie(Sebellius,turbo-tax timmy Geitner etal).  But by Golly you conservatives had better pay up.

  • landofaahs

    Ronald Reagan was once asked if he was going to take any responsibility for the poor economy early in his administration and he quickly quipped back “Yes, because for the first forty years of my life, I was a democrat”.  Govt only cares about growing itself.  When are you libidiots ever going to understand that like embassy personnel, you are expendable to the greater govt.?

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Exactly – government in and of itself only cares about growing itself and consuming all it can in the process. We are expendable to the Democratic Fanatics such as Obama.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The left has done their best to destroy the churches ability to aid and assist people; this is a concentrated effort to make sure people become beholden on the government 

    Obama and the left see the nation as a band of sheep and idiots who have no idea of how to care for themselves or others; so the nation has to be for the government, by the government and of the government in all details of life.

    That is the natural order of things to the left, control and power over the masses by an handful of enlightened despots; ruthlessly crushing the masses underfoot for their own good and salvation.

    That kind of tyranny is also the working of the Devil in its most vicious of forms.

    • Meghan Daniels


    • Anonymous

      I have noticed you have a monkey on your back. You must be doing something right. These ads seem to follow all your posts!
      It disappeared as soon as I posted this message….how strange!

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        You get used to them after awhile; I refer to them as lampreys, leeches or hagfish…they are always there, annoying and just wont leave you alone and hideously active.

  • Sam Fisher

    Just when you think when the Huffington Post can’t sink any lower and get more irrelevant but again they surpassed my wildest dreams by doing this. Do they even care that over fifty people die so they can take a cheap shot at Glenn? I wonder how many truckloads of stuff the Huffington Post sent to help out none I thought so. I bet one thing that strtlk wrote this article it seems like his brand of bigotry.

  • Anonymous

    Libertarians rely on the goodness of people. Why do progressive think that people only give when a gun is held to their head?

  • Anonymous

    Obama has turned me into a racist and i never thought that would  happen.

  • Anonymous

    Would all fans and employees of the huff post give up all their possessions and wealth to the government in an effort to help president Obama move Forward his distribution of wealth agenda?
    Of course not! Now we all know, their hypocrisy is priceless. This only applies to conservatives and the weak minded.

  • Rita Miller

    A Chinese man was interviewed a couple of days ago about his feelings concerning the revelations of corruption and greed in the Party hierarchy. He said, in effect, “If you took all the Party officials, from the Premier down the the lowest village headman, and threw them into the sea, none of them would be missed.” I feel sorta like that about our current Administration.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve lived in very violent places, in fact I am right now working in the most usual occupation of a victim as a gas station clerk, you know, the kinds that get executed by robbers with guns, after giving them everything they want out of the cash register?
     Well when my time came around to get hit back in Michigan I was able to get across the room to the would-be robber and took his gun away from him – much to his surprise. Now-a-days I joke about it to my customers (I work in the City Heights region of San Diego).
     Now I brought this all up because though I doubt ANYONE from Huffington is reading this, but I have to say the violence that i live in has rubbed off on me, normally i’m  calm easy to get along with guy, but in certain instances have lost it and gone off on a$$holes like this woman. Put me in the same room with ALL of the Huffington Post and I’ll guarantee they will have a different respect for Libertarians, or I’ll kick their respective asses.

  • Anonymous


    5% of the vote ENDS the 2 party duopoly.  

  • greywolfrs

    OK, I went over to the Huff Puff Post and read the entire story and it said nothing about Libertarians, specifially. It only mentions Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand is not the end all, be all of Libertarianism. The entre article was joke, written by someone who doesn’t have the first clue about Ayn Rand or Glenn Beck. H doesn’t understand what Ayn Rand was trying to say. He doesn’t have the first clue about Glenn when the writer says Glenn is an ardent supporter of hers. Do they have some similar ideas? Sure. All freedom loving people should have those ideas. Just another left wing moron that thinks know something about it, then they open their mout and prove they do not. I would say one thing to the writer of the article; PLEASE TRY TO GET RID OF US, I DARE YOU, COWARD.

  • J

    Would I help my neighbor in need? Heck yes and I do typically contribute to good causes, if I have the extra cash. But I also feel in the last 15-20 years FEMA has grown out of control and is a precursor to the Big Government bailout mentality we live with today. We subsidize the heck out of Flood insurance and encourage bad behavior to build again in some areas we probably shouldn’t. So maybe a better way would be that these neighborhoods should be moved to safer areas but what is really frustrating is most all of the waterfront estates we see devastated by Hurricanes are owned by people that are very well off whether they are in New York or Florida we subsidize these rich guys taking advantage of the situation. One Libertarian’s thoughts….  

  • Anonymous

    This is what the socialists want:  People cannot be trusted to be individually charitable.   Therefore, one can “trust” the government to be “charitable” and thus the people are collectively charitable.  Wrong.

    Libertarians have no issue with true Charity — what they have issue with is government handouts disguised as Charity.

    The government has no soul to save and is not the source of Truth.  The government cannot be the source of Faith, Hope and Charity.

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