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Liberal site Huffington Post posted a blog claiming that Glenn lived by “the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand” and would have left millions of people to suffer rather than lend a helping hand to those affected by the disaster. Thankfully Big Government was there to rescue everyone! How could we ever survive without their help? Glenn presents a different solution on radio.

On Huffington Post, author Sanjay Sanghoee wrote:

A big thank you to all our political leaders who made this possible.

But this piece is not about politics, Paul Ryan’s budget plan which advocates slashing funding for federal emergency services, or even about President Obama’s deft handling of this crisis. It is about a highly dysfunctional philosophy that millions in America live by – the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand – and which we need to reject once and for all. The best way to illustrate just how myopic, and indeed dangerous, this philosophy is, let us imagine how Rand and one of her current torch-bearers, Glenn Beck, would likely have responded to Hurricane Sandy had they been in charge (ironically, Beck has flip-flopped on Rand and considers her selfish, but given his own every-man-for-himself philosophy, that is pretty rich).

“So I have an ‘every man for himself’ philosophy,” Glenn said.

Do “every man for himself” people start charities intended to help those who are hit by disasters?

“I mean, we had two truckloads of stuff ready to go from Mercury One before the hurricane hit,” Glenn said. ” Here’s what we’ve raised in 24 hours:  $111,394 by me mentioning it on the air about four times.”

“You can donate two ways:, there’s just donate to and that one goes to any kind of project that we’re working on.  But if you go to the disaster relief fund, you donate on that one.  It has to, by law, only go to this disaster.  So every single dime goes to this disaster.  So you want to donate?  Do that.  Already $111,394 just in the last 24 hours.  I know this audience can do a lot better than that.”

“But we are not selfish people and I’m tired of being called a selfish person.”

“Who wrote this stupid article?” he asked. “I’d love to compare percentages of how much you give to charity. Mr. Huffington Post writer, compared to what I do.  I’d love to.  The dollar in the end doesn’t matter.  The percentage, I’d love to compare that, sir.”