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Comedian Steven Crowder paid a visit to a local church’s “trunk or treat” event over the weekend to pull an “Obama-style” prank on a few young trick-or-treaters.


TheBlaze reports that after being repeatedly chastised by the pint-sized trick-or-treaters, Crowder concludes that even children think it’s most fair “to be able to keep what they’ve actually earned.”

Apparently America’s youth are less open to “hope and change” than its voters are.

“Even the kids know it’s inherently wrong,” Pat said after watching to video.

And it is wrong.

Glenn pointed out that this isn’t the first time this time of “prank” has been done to help open people’s eyes. There have been videos pranking college kids about “redistribution of grades” and the reactions are very much the same.

So why, when it comes to voting, do the youth tend to vote for the “redistribution” candidate?

“Because it’s the easy way,” Glenn said. “Because people believe something that is absolutely untrue:  That they can never get out of their own station.  They believe in the European model, which is not the model of America.” 

In Europe, if you’re in the upper class — an “aristocrat” — you’re always going to be that person or keep that title. But if you’re in the lower or middle class, you’re not going to be able to work your way out of that station of life.

“If you say, “My dad was a truck driver and I want to be something more,” in America you’ve always been able to change that station,” Glenn said.

The left believes in the European style, they don’t think people can make it on their own. Their protect people from failure, while putting a ceiling on success. They believe in a system that says, ‘if I want it, I’ve got to take it from someone who has it.’

“That’s a lie,” Glenn added. “In America that’s a lie.”