The Tell-Tale Heart

Glenn played his epic telling & stunningly produced version of The Tell Tale Heart on radio this morning in what has become a Halloween tradition. Incredibly produced by Glenn’s sound designer Nick Daley, this is a version of the story you will never forget. ‘The Glenn Beck Store’ has made the download available for 2 days only $5 (normal price $9.95), and you can get it here! TheBlaze TV PLUS subscribers can hear it in the second hour of radio today!

  • Vicky Fountain

    Some of us can’t dish up $5 but would still love to hear the story. Would be nice to offer it for free, hmm? :)

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed listening to you read The Tell-Tale Heart —- one comment – your read by line states “Read by by Glenn Beck”   not sure if that can be corrected to Read by Glenn Beck – not that big of a deal, but I did notice it :)

  • Anonymous

    If there was anyone who could tell a story of a man tormented by crimes he committed in the past it is glenn beck.
    I will only be impressed when glenn actually fesses up to all of the people he has wronged, attacked, lied about and tried to destroy during his horrible life.  Until then, I hope glenn is tormented every night, which is currently impossible since he lacks a soul!!!

    • Sam Fisher

      Says the idiot that judges a man’s past. Who in the hell do you think you are? You’re like the biggest moron and hypocrite here and no one really gives a damn about your lustful hate.

    • Guest

      Funny, it seems you’re just describing yourself.

    • SoThere

      The cockroach just won’t quit.  Strtlk is tormented by his leftist hatred for another man.

      He lies, threatens people and shows what a miserable little man he is.

      He has an unhealthy fixation on Glenn Beck.  He’s just another Liberal Progressive consumed with hate.

    • VindicatorX

      SO once again you tell your own saga of woe and misery and project it onto Glenn Beck. How absolutely un original of you.

  • landofaahs

    I feel I am wasting time posting this which really ticks me off since I hate waste, but a waste of time listening to this.  I switched over to local radio for the rest of the program as I find myself doing more and more as nonsensical diatribe takes over. 
    But there is a point to my emoting.  If you ever ask the really successful people what they do with their time, it’s not watching sports or TV programs.  They are out there making money.  I make money while listening to different stuff on the XMradio, but other than that, I am working and researching.  So when people ask what is required for success, I tell them work smart just hard and get your priotities straight.Most of Glenns programming is a waste of time if it is not listened to while doing other work.  Too much filler, teasers and advertisement of his other ventures.  I start off listening, but when the BS starts I find myself switching channels.  But sometimes I am not listening intently anyway.  “Waste not time, it is the stuff life is made of” Ben Franklin.

  • landofaahs

    Wanna hear something really scary?  Obama gets 4 more years.  “When Obama called the Navy Seals, the Navy Seals got Bin Laden.  When The Navy Seals called Obama, The Navy Seals got killed”.  Heard on The Alex Jones show.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Four more years of Obama is worse than scary – its a nightmare.

      Though I have to admit when I read your opening line I could not but help thinking of the Twilight Zone movie where at the end the ambulance driver asks “Do you want to see something really scary?”

  • Helen Naylor

    I was wondering if your special that was on last month about liberty and our country will be available on DVD.  I was so impressed with it, even though I missed the first part.  I used to teach 5th grade.  This would be so good for kids to see because Social Studies is not tested, therefore not taught a lot.  My grandson is in 5th grade and I would love to give this to him.
    Thank you,
    Helen Naylor, Utah

  • TheRealObamaCoverUpClickHere

    Edgar Allen Poetry;
    Heard of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara who helped Castro overthrow the Cuban government?

    George Bush was a CHE-erleader
    Dick Cheney Ex-CEO of Haliburton also known as RICH-ard CHE-ney
    Mi-CHE-lle Obama
    Obama ran on a platform of HOPE and CHE-ange
    Bill Clinton born in HOPE, Arkansas at Julia CHE-ster Hospital
    Daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton is CHE-lsea Clinton

    Wild wacky stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Dont forget Tax CHEating Willard Mitt Romney.

  • Angel Sturgill

    hmm, I have the blaze plus membership and the recording was missing??  I am listening to the show now, and it had the lead up to it, but it just skipped it?

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