The WORST Obama comment of ALL TIME

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For the past several weeks The Glenn Beck Program has been counting down the worst Obama comments to date – from I don’t want them punished with a baby’ to ‘bitterly clinging to guns & religion’ and everything in between. Which comment do the fans think is the worst of all time?

It all came down to Obama telling Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility”, and his speech to La Raza where he said ““Some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own — and believe me, right now, dealing with Congress…believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.”

And the winner with 74% of the vote was “Last Election”!

WATCH the winner “Last Election”

WATCH the runner-up “Bypass Congress”:

  • landofaahs

    “When obama called the Navy Seals, the Navy Seals killed Bin Laden.  When the Navy Seals called obama, The Navy Seals got killed”.  Source the Alex Jones show.
    And we are to assume that we the American people are not expendable to obama’s destroy America plans?

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      We are completely expendable to him, honestly we have a insane President who is in control of our nations nuclear arsenals; what could stop him from trying (key word trying) to launch them to ensure our own nations destruction in turn?

      • Steve Brody

        Now who is insane?  Obama is an Alinsky doctrine leftist, who lies & does his his mentors bidding. But please, give me a break with your rediculuos, Obama will launch nukes to save his election day ass.  Get a grip brother……

    • J
      • landofaahs

        Jones mentioned where it came from but I was not listening intnetly enough and did not hear his source. That was my fault, not his.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Clear words from Obama, his ‘last election’ comment means he is going for a dictatorship no matter what happens. He is insane and going for broke. 

    Obama cares nothing for the nations people, or our way of life, traditions or anything we hold dear and sacred. To Obama only Obama matters and it shows he is madder than ever.

    • Meghan Daniels

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    • Anonymous

      Oh so true. Bet he can’t wait to leave office.

    • Draxx

      What Dictator in the History of the Earth, has ever Cared for the people they are Enslaving?  The only thing they care about are the monuments they are building with slaves in honor of themselves…

    • Anonymous

      Snow…Hi.  With the election machines rigged, vote counting being tallied by Soros-owned companies, what are We The People to do??  I’n on “pin and needles”.  I believe you about Obama being insane.  Will the Electoral College vote Romney in?  If their votes can be “fixed”, I believe Obama would do it.  Snow, what do you see as anything the American People can do?  I respect your opinion. 

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Simple – we watch and pray to God for his grace and blessings in the times of trial; and depend on Him to aid us in our tasks of the election, and trust in Him to see the rest of the details to conclusion.

        Where man cannot do anything or very little; God does.

        That is what we do – watch and warn where corruption is found, trust and depend in God help us with what we are tasked to do, and for Him to handle the rest.

        • Anonymous

          You are right as usual.  I have been praying and will continue, only god can get us through.

        • Saiqa Imran Saiqa

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      • Jon Rosario Venuto

        Buy a gun on the black market. Bring a hammer with you when you go to vote. If you press the Romney button and it registers as obama. . . smash it. That is the only way to fix a rigged machine. If the voting attendants complain, fix them.

      • Saiqa Imran Saiqa

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  • Sharmane

    6 days and counting to what I hope is freedom from this ego-maniac and wannabe dictator.

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama said so many anti American things that there is too many to choose from. I like this music video it explains the last four years under Obama in 5 minutes and 33 seconds.

  • Anonymous

    He has become more blatant in his arrogance and power hungry malignant narcissism. He is outright telling Americans to take a hike, and believe me, he will be like a loose cannon running rough shod over everyone including Congress if re-elected.

    • Anonymous

      Just imagine the destruction he can do in the lame duck session.  Horrifying to think about. I do not understand why he wasn’t impeached and removed from office a long time ago.

      • buck

        He wasn’t impeached and removed from office because of a “deal” that was made with the baboon congress when Bush was prez.
        Essentially the repubs promised the libs that they wouldn’t get involved in impeaching the next prez when Bush was done.
        Everybody thought they were all talking bout Hillary…..
        O’bamma-Ramma was still a very very long shot at that point.
        To prevent his martyrdom is why he wasn’t impeached. That and the fact 90 percent of Congress has no balls.
        If treason charges aren’t leveled at several of the hi-ups in this administration by Feb. of 2013….    Well, we’re doomed as a nation of laws.
        Our country will exist no more.

  • outlawed–abc-news-topstories.html

    Now they want to be civil…….. wtf is going on

    and yes i know it’s a yahoo article…. shame on me :)

  • outlawed–abc-news-topstories.html

    Now they want to be civil…….. wtf is going on

    and yes i know it’s a yahoo article…. shame on me :)

  • Anonymous

    He is going to give Russia the oil off of Alaska.

  • Anonymous

    What did everyone expect?

  • Anonymous

    I beg to disagree, the WORST comment the ‘Chosen One’ has made in Office: “I am running for re-election…”

  • Anonymous

    look at the ‘Emergency Preparedness Act’ created by executive order ten months ago. Obama only needs to instigate it to be dictator.

  • VindicatorX

    The worst Obama comment of all time ocurred on 09/11/2012, and it consisted of two words:

    STAND DOWN. He repeated it three times.

  • Carol

    Obama wrote in this week Time magazine that he wants to be able to provide a good education for all, so that every American can enjoy a middle class life.

    So much for Great Expectations!

    • Anonymous

      I find that comment absolutely extraordinary! How anyone can find anything positive in that statement is beyond my comprehension.

  • greywolfrs

    My personal favorite is still “the buck stops with YOU!”

  • Robert Wolfe

    Didn’t anybody notice that when Obama was speaking from the Red Cross in New Jersey that he said, “We don’t leave people behind.”?  I guess that doesn’t include people in other places…. like Benghazi.

  • Nancy Kennefick

    BHO actually makes me sick.  He stutters, repeats himself and laughs at his own jokes.  I can’t even stand to listen to him anymore.  Not to mention he even admitted that he can’t get past 7th grade math.  Dahhhhhh, do you think that would have anything to do with the decline of the economy for the last 4 years.  Why as president would you even admit that.  Hopefully the American people will do the right thing on election day.  We cannot have another 4 years of 7th grade mentality.

  • suz

    Betrayer-in-Chief — the bho legacy.

    bho promising more flexibility to what essentially is — effectively is, the soviets.

  • Jerry Smith

    So much to choose from. I think it was “At some point you’ve made enough money.” That statement spoke volumes about his marxist philosophy, his hatred of capitalism and liberty in general, and his desire to have the government control evert aspect of our lives.

  • ve1ik

    I was outraged by this “flexibility” statement. Still am. I voted for Obama in 2008, but I never actually liked him – my vote was anti-McCain, and not pro-Obama. However, after this conversation with Medvedev, I realized that I am letting Obama go.
    And lies about Benghazi “protesters” (with subsequent apologies for someone’s YouTube video)  made it absolutely clear for me that Obama was a huge mistake. He should be impeached, not re-elected.

  • Mike Fairbrother

    I think the new WORST Obama comment should be the one made a few days ago about not leaving Americans behind; spoken in terms of the hurricane, but should have been applied to Libya.

  • Jesse

    Counting down the worst OBama comments to date is not what his comments were.
    OBama voted 3 times in his active expressed favor of allowing doctors, during OBama’s time as
    State Senator, to kill babies in the 8th & 9th month who where born having survived late term
    abortion. Now, who is the murderer? What comment said can top that.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is wreckless with His government ruling everything craziness.

  • Georgia Cannon

    he is such a fucking liar,he gave amnesty to 12 million,he does not support the book,he is a fucking liar,need to hang by his balls,oh i forgot moochelle is got him from the balls,thats,why he gives in on all her needs and wants,what a coward he is???????????

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