Tonight, TheBlaze debuted a new periodical news program entitled “For The Record”. The first installment of the show, “For the Record: The Machine” focused on voter fraud. Is it really a myth that is being used by Republicans to push through new rules and regulations that disenfranchise minorities and the elderly? Or is it a real problem that the liberal political machine is using to push their candidates and the agenda? These were the issues explored in the new program.

The program featured former members of the Department of Justice coming forward and speaking out against voter fraud and the blind eye being turned towards the cases by Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice.

One of the biggest stories in the last election was that of voter intimidation being carried out by the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia. Despite the clear evidence, the case was dismissed by the Department of Justice. In the clip below, former members of the DOJ speak out about the case and Eric Holder’s refusal to carry it forward:

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Many of the experts spoke about “spigot cities”, major cities that end up tipping the vote for a liberal candidate when the rest of the state would be conservative. While some would argue that major cities may attract a more progressive and liberal-minded voter, the documentary crew spoke with experts who revealed that these major cities were also places where voter fraud could be easily carried out. They also revealed that many of the “spigot cities” were places where the Obama campaign had a high organized presence.

Watch the clip below for more about spigot cities as well as several tactics used by the liberal machine to commit voter fraud:

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The worst of these tactics was same-day registration and voting. This tactic involves people being able to register and vote on the same day. As The Machine pointed out, this process doesn’t allow for the eligibility of the registering person to be verified:

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Glenn interviewed Christian Adams and Chris Coates, both former members of the DOJ, on his TV show earlier in the evening about The Machine.