Mercury One helps Coney Island following Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy’s destruction has been wildly reported throughout the media, but what with so much attention on the power outages and flooding in largely populated areas like New York City, the smaller, more badly damaged communities are being overlooked. Joe Kerry, Glenn’s Chief of Staff and President of Mercury One, has been overseeing the charity’s disaster relief. Yesterday, he made the trip out to Coney Island to see what Mercury One could do to help the people in community get the aide they need and assist the local religious leaders in getting the town back on its feet.

Hurricane Sandy turned Coney Island into a disaster area — it’s decimated. Glenn explained that Mercury One found a church on Coney Island that is in the worst of it. Joe went to meet with the religious leaders on the island last night, what he found was shocking.

As the approached the pitch black island they saw at least a dozen police cars with flashing lights, generators, and big spotlights up — the officers are stationed on almost every corner. There is no power on the island, so the church is pitch-black. They go in and find the leaders sitting around a table with candles lit.

The religious leaders explained all of the things that aren’t being shown on television: the looting, the crime, ‘it’s collapsing into chaos,’ they told Joe.

The local supermarket right down the street from where they were meeting was looted, the pharmacy was almost immediately overrun by thugs and they took all of the medicine.

“They said they have received several calls from members of the church who had boarded themselves in their own apartments and are afraid to come out because of these roving gangs of kids, which are now already being named ‘wolf packs’,” Glenn explained. “They’re terrorizing the neighborhood.”

Nobody is telling their story. The Red Cross hasn’t come. FEMA hasn’t come. Nobody is coming. And this is one of the hardest hit places in the Tri-State area.

Mercury One staffer Adam Blaylock described Joe’s reaction to what he saw on Coney Island like this:

One of the things that stood out most to Kerry and those that were with him was the silence of the media. While meeting with members of the New York Christian Resource Center (NYCRC), Kerry learned that no one else had visited that Coney Island community to offer help – no relief organizations or emergency management organizations. They had been left to fend for themselves.

“I think people hear about the flooding of New York City and think of rich people with big homes,” Kerry said. “Yes, that has happened. And yes, they need our help, too. But this area was devastated. No food, no water. Roaming armed gangs. We heard sirens from the moment we arrived until we left. I could not believe how quickly the chaos started.”

Some of the church leaders Kerry met with had worked with Mercury One and Operation Blessing earlier this year during a food drive connected to the Restoring Love event on July 28th, where 14 tractor trailers of food were sent to communities across the nation, including one on Coney Island.

In a video message to Glenn, Jim Esposito of the NYCRC commented on Mercury One’s assistance with the food drive and expressed gratitude for the additional assistance after hurricane Sandy:

“You have no idea what you guys have brought to us today – the hope that’s descended here in Coney Island, Brooklyn and beyond. You were the first people to come to this community, to this church and to see what we need. And that’s God’s honest truth. They didn’t know where they were going to turn today. And I’m glad that you were there. Thank you so much, sir.”

You can watch Esposito’s message here:

“It’s remarkable what is going on,” Glenn told listeners. “this is why I said last night that we don’t know the full extent of this yet and it’s going to be awhile. And we’re going to get past politics before you really hear the full extent.  But this is going to be ‑‑ it’s going to be a long, long time before New Jersey gets back.

And when you start to hear the truth on what’s really happening on the ground, I mean, there are parts of it that are just as bad as Katrina was, as far as looting ‑‑ it’s just bad.  It’s just really bad.  But for some reason, I think the press doesn’t want to show this in a bad light for Barack Obama.”

Glenn explained yesterday that they are raising money through Mercury One’s disaster relief fund to help those in areas like Coney Island get the help they need. You can make a donation HERE to directly help those in need of disaster relief.

“Every dollar of that disaster relief, every dollar you donate goes directly to these communities,” Glenn explained.

So far, 20 churches two truckloads of supplies — about $100,000 worth.

“They don’t know it yet, but they’ve got about another $150,000 coming towards them,” Glenn shared.

The media likes to harp on the importance federal assistance and FEMA, but Glenn emphasized it’s us — neighbors helping neighbors — that make the real difference. It’s the churches that do it, but in this case, many of the churches are in need.

“We’ve made a commitment to Coney Island and this area and there are others that we’re looking into now and we’ll tell you in the next couple of days, but we’ve raised $232 ‑‑ $332,157 in the last two days, ” Glenn said. “And I would ask that if you have any money that you would go online and would go to and you would donate to the disaster relief fund and help us raise a lot more than that to be able to get that money to these churches so they can help people who are right there on the front line and are, quite honestly, frightened, boarding themselves in their own homes and they feel terribly alone.”

“Help us let them know you are not alone.  Go to right now and donate to our disaster relief fund.  Let’s show the rest of America who we really are and our values.”

Make a donation to Mercury One’s relief fun HERE.

Take a look at photos from Mercury One’s meeting with the local religious leaders on Coney Island below:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    May God bless and magnify the aid and efforts of all people who are giving help and aid to those victims of the hurricane; may goodness sweep forth to negate the pain and loss, may hope and joy in a brighter future to come soon be at hand…

    May all who are caught up in the hurricane understand that there are people there to help, and others across this land providing help in many ways and forms, and that they are not alone in the night.

    May God keep all, bless all, and help all as He knows needs to be done.

  • Sam Fisher

    I wish I had money to give my heart breaks for them. We need to look after our own because clearly the government don’t care about the people. Give what you can help these people.

  • suz

    my birthplace and many significant places from my life have been washed over.

    it is an emotional thing — i’m alive and i’ll live through it.

    paying and praying for those directly hit is what matters now.

  • Anonymous

    I am here in NY and it is crazy. I can’t believe what I am witnessing. I see the people trying to stay sane but some are losing it.There are no traffic lights. Trees and wires are all over the roads. I have a generator and food and hope to help others in need. There are hours of waiting for gas. I just go on internet today with a mobile device. People are freezing in their homes because they have no heat. One hundred and fifty homes burned from electrical fires. Please pray for all of the people still in need.

  • Anonymous

    If you truly care to help those affected by the storm, ignore bullshit like this and help FEMA or the Red Cross directly.
    glenn beck has shown nothing but disdain and hatred for the North East, especially New York, so don’t believe he will actually help now. 
    glenn beck is a low life who will probably skim every cent donated and publish more bullshit reports of actually helping victims.
    he is the same or worse than the looters already present in NY!!!

    • Ken Kirkham

      FEMA and the Red Cross actually do help with a small portion of the money the consume. Glenn send ALL of the money into the area where it is needed.  How you could even say the things you did is amazing.  Your lack of honesty is overwelming.

      • Anonymous

        If anyone wondered how stupid glenn beck cultists really are, they only need to read the first couple of lines in this idiots post…
        “money the consume” ok, not too bad!!!

        • Guest

          Strtlk is an Obama cultist and a vulgar idiot.

          Strtlk is an vulgar cockroach with nothing important to say here again, as usual.Strtlk thinks that the round things he finds in the urinals are mints and he drinks the blue water in the toilet.

    • SoThere

      The cockroach is jealous of Glenn Beck, you can see it here.  He’s posting his leftist hate at the expense of those who need help NOW, not after FEMA has them fill out the paperwork.

      strtlk is a tick on the A$$ of humanity and this post proves it.

      He’s an Obama cultist with no morals.

      • Conni

        AGREED. Some people wouldn’t recognize goodness if it slapped them in the face! Goodness always prevails. 

    • Anonymous

       Did you read the post and watch the video? They’ve already delivered goods to an area where no Red Cross no FEMA has appeared… And Coney Island has been devastated.

      Please, at a time like this, don’t be a petty, bitter person.

    • John Deaux

       strtlk, No way in HELL will I donate money to FEMA or The Red Cross. Both will take 25% or more for ‘administrative’ expenses! I sent Mercury One $1000 this afternoon, because I want the money to go to the PEOPLE in need, not lining some scummy executives pocket at FEMA or the RC. Despite what Glenn has shown for anyone, he IS helping those very people. You are just like the flippin’ idiots that wouldn’t let the Electric company workers from the South help fix lines because they weren’t ‘Union’ workers!

      • Anonymous

        You should be proud in giving glenn beck 1000$.
        he has a proven track record of skimming donations/contributions to line his pockets.
        I congratulate you for giving a millionaire more cash while letting those who are suffering go without heat, food or water!!!

        • Guest

          Glenn Beck like so many real Americans is helping those who need help from the storm.

          The NJ Unions turned away help from utility workers because they were no members of the Union.  this is what a Liberal is all about.

          olks, strtlk has been spewing his lies here for so long he’s beginning to believe them. The only liar here is you! You’re sick.Strtlk is an vulgar cockroach with nothing important to say here again, as usual.Strtlk thinks that the round things he finds in the urinals are mints and he drinks the blue water in the toilet.

      • Conni

        God bless you John!

    • Anonymous

      I think it is time to go back to your padded cell.

  • Anonymous

    Our prayers go out to the victims.  Nancy and I would like to know if there are any churchs or organizations that we could contact.  We would like to share our home and family.  It is so close to theThanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, and we know that some families or couples will not have a warm place to celerbrate.  Please let us know….  God Bless Glen and all his staff for what they stand for.

    Glen Thomas Waukesha Wisconsin

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