Op/Ed – Benghazi: What really matters.

by Pete Scobell, Fmr Navy Seal Officer

When the initial reports of the Benghazi attacks began to surface along with reports detailing attacks on the Embassies in Cairo and Sanaa on September 11th, I wasn’t surprised. Like many other Americans, I assumed that those in the Embassies were prepared for this contingency given their locations and the symbolic date. I was saddened to hear of Ambassador Chris Steven’s death as well as the “other Americans,” and my sadness was deepened when I learned that two of the Americans killed in the attack along with the Ambassador were former Navy SEALs, one of whom was a friend and former teammate. Little did I know that this would develop into the debacle it has since become. All political drama aside, the piece of this story I choose to hang onto has nothing to do with the finger pointing or political side stepping aimed at preserving the integrity of the current administration long enough to get reelected. Men sacrificed themselves for one another and for their country. What kind of a man, in the face of overwhelming odds, knowingly and freely lays down his life for the man next to him? Glen Doherty and Ty Woods did just that. At that moment it didn’t matter that they had been Navy SEALs or that they were now contractors operating under different laws and rules of engagement. History doesn’t remember “Golgatha Gate” and the political fallout of crucifying Jesus. An entire religion was born from that simple act of suffering and sacrifice, not the reelection of Pontius Pilate. I’m not implying that Glen and Ty were the sons of God and that President Obama is the fifth Perfect of the Judaea Providence. What I’m saying is that politics and bureaucracy trend towards failure and that individuals have the capacity to instantaneously realize divine greatness despite being captives of a flawed and broken system led by individuals who do not possess comparable character.

Take their past and future out of the convoluted story and focus on the cold hard truths people face when in combat. You either fight or you run. What makes a person stand and fight to the death? Is it an oath to a piece of paper or a paycheck? No. People fight to the death for the respect and love of the individuals next to them. It’s their common lives , shared suffering, and love for one another’s unlimited futures that keeps them in the fight. The actions of two Americans in battle and the character they displayed in the face of overwhelming odds should be what guilts this administration into letting the truth be told. When I learned that Glen and Ty engaged the enemy until the very last breath of air left their lungs, my sadness turned to pride, and my pride to envy. They were blessed with warrior’s deaths and they died fighting alongside one another. Their actions should make all of us ask ourselves hard questions. For those who understand what I’m talking about, no explanation is required, and for those who don’t, these are the only words I can find in a feeble attempt to describe it. My heart goes out to Glen and Ty’s families. The confusion and grief that follows the loss is unbearable at times. However, I hope eventually the families can put aside the politics and the hate for those who should have and most likely could have acted in the aid of their loved ones. When this all settles, I believe what will remain is the towering example of character these two men displayed. When this is all said and done, this event should not be remembered for the failure and lack of character displayed by the political leadership, but rather by the simple and powerful act of selfless sacrifice by individuals for one another.

The truth will come out, it always does. I know the truth is sitting in someone’s gut somewhere and it’s eating them up inside. The moral dilemma they are wrestling with will only continue to grow and consume them until they are compelled to act in order to preserve their own character and soul. I just hope it is not too late…

Even without hearing a formal explanation from the Obama Administration or the State Department , it seemed fairly apparent from the onset that given the location and the significance of the date (9/11), these attacks had to have been preplanned and coordinated. I was shocked to hear the “cause” identified by the Obama Administration was a video on YouTube. I actually laughed out loud when I heard that… it’s 9/11, we’ve been at war with Islamic Extremists for over a decade. The attacks came on the heels of the Arab Spring. Muslim Brotherhood influence is rapidly expanding along with anti-American rhetoric from the newly elected President of Egypt….nope, it was the result of a YouTube video. I was insulted. Does the Administration really believe the American people are that ignorant?

This mess was created by the administration in an attempt to minimize failures in leadership by their appointees. In truth, with all that is going on in the world, the American people may have just forgotten about the incident and written it off as an unfortunate result of American insensitivity. However, in an interesting twist of fate, it seems that the monster the administration created in the wake of the Bin Laden raid came back to bite them.

What the administration failed to take into consideration is that right now (good or bad) America is obsessed with Navy SEALs. I’m sure that none of the official intel briefings contained that information, because prior to the Bin Laden raid it held little or no weight. Glen and Ty were working as civilian contractors and contractors have been sufficiently demonized by the press throughout the Iraq war to the point that the administration probably assumed they could brush this off without much of a backlash. Who cares about a couple mercenaries who murder women and children getting killed?

Glen and Ty were members of the SEAL community which has received much more press than it should have gotten in the past few months. They fought and died just as they would have when they were on active duty. They were civilians on a contract, but somehow the SEAL ethos has taken precedence over the mercenary label previously given. The fact of the matter is that they were not on active duty serving as Navy SEALs. They were civilians working on a 1099. What’s the difference? Ask a lawyer…it’s a big difference. I’m betting the administration was hoping to minimize this event and their plans were foiled by America’s love affair with the SEAL Teams. They fought and died by the SEAL ethos in defense of their beloved country. They did what every warrior would have done. They stood between the sheep and the wolves. It was the right thing to do. The situation they found themselves in is one that many former SOF operators turned contractors have found themselves in…high and dry. In this case their past didn’t come back to haunt them. Instead, Glenn and Ty’s past is coming back to haunt those in the administration who wished for their own leadership failures to pass under the American public’s radar.

When you take the spin out of the equation, remove the election, and look at this from an objective standpoint, you see a slow bureaucracy,a lack of contingency planning constrained by a complex legal justification for overt military action in a sovereign nation on a compressed timeline with less than optimal real time intelligence. In short, a recipe for disaster. This complex mixture of politics, inner agency struggle, lawyering and failure to act will eventually be pinpointed somewhere within the middle of The State Department where politics and nuance trumps action , where management is trying to save their own asses in order to get ahead. Secretary Clinton’s blanket acceptance of responsibility is evidence of this failure.

Could this have happened under anybody’s watch? Of course. What is telling is how the administration handled the incident. There was a blatant failure in leadership somewhere in the chain and instead of admitting it, identifying it, and taking steps toward fixing it, they instantaneously moved to deflect the entire event. Since that didn’t work , they are attempting to use any and all events as a platform to move past the event.

It is not the failure and the loss of life that bothers me. That’s a cold thing to say, but anyone who has spent time working within our Government bureaucracy understands how poorly it operates and that these events will happen regardless of who is at the helm. What’s extremely troublesome is that the character and valor being displayed at the lowest levels consistantly and without exception outshines the “leaders” at the top of the chain. This is not a recipe for success. Transparency is what we need as a nation right now and we need to face some painful truths. Glen and Ty were just two Americans trying to do the right thing and in the pursuit of what they believed to be right they sacrificed their lives without concern for their own fate. Isn’t that the kind of character we should demand of our elected leaders? Glen and Ty died for one another in the defense of their country and they didn’t even have an election right around the corner. I would hope that someone in middle management at the State Department sees the example these two men set and choses to tell the truth and shed some light on the graveyard of integrity that is their leadership.

  • windtalker700

    Amen, I know these men died heroes
    and knowing the truth will not change that. The villains however, will not just
    be terrorists. When I think about that operator painting a laser on a target,
    in the middle of a fire fight waiting for an air strike that did not come. It
    breaks my heart.

    • Anonymous

       I’m new at commenting here, so don’t know if I’m even doing this right, but had to say something.  I’ve lost two sons, under considerably different circumstances, but I just have to say that I am not as good a person as Charles Woods and would have a hard time forgiving an administration that let my son die when he was waiting for help that never came.  This is not the America we know anymore.  I am praying with all my heart that we get that America back after Nov. 6.

      • windtalker700

        I’m sorry for your loss and likewise I am praying for our

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6U6545OG7GGAP6WZVX4OFJ64A Joel


  • Anonymous

    I could not wait to read this after hearing about it on the radio. I too feel that there must be more than one person who’s knowledge of the truth is eating them alive. What is holding them back?  Is it fear? And if so, fear of what?  I couldn’t live with myself had I been one of the people watching these brave men die.  And, I concur that the administration must think we American’s are stupid, but one thing we still have going for us (until it is taken away) is freedom of speach.  I intend to keep talking to everyone I know about this absolute lie and deseption.  Pamela in PA

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.wright.9085790 Thomas Wright


  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What matters in the end is this:

    Al Queda linked groups attacked our embassy.
    Al Queda linked groups killed our ambassador.
    Al Queda linked groups killed Seal HERO’s.

    Seal HERO’s who went and fought to the end to save 30 others w/o hesitation; and who stood and died while our President and many others stood by, ordered no support be given, and watched them die.

    Four men died, and our President lied about the truth he fully knew about. That is treason, as he has emboldened the very enemies he has given arms to before they attacked us.

    For the sake of the four fallen – their families – and the nations honor and integrity – all who have covered this up need to be brought to justice.

    All of that is what matters.

    • Mark Urbo

      Impeachment is too good for Obama. This act of treason deserves a more appropriate sentence after the hearings.

      • http://www.facebook.com/gary.robbins.754 Gary Rob

        i stand by the fact that impeachment is not enough all these american heaters need to be brought to justice by the american people. our goverment has to many haters that have been installed in it to bring down this great country

        • Anonymous

           Could it be the only way that radicals Muslim could seize info on the true freedom fighters and their leaders for democracy and those who had ties ties to U.S to excute them to make their takeover of Libya to be more solid in the Muslim caliphate ??? Question was obama in on it ,but two former navy seal made into seven hour firefight who told to stand down ruin obama cover ??????????????????????/

          • sparducks

             Now there indeed, is an interesting twist.

          • http://profiles.google.com/richardfontaine3 Richard Fontaine

            Well from the actions of Hillary and Obama your questions seem to be a better explanation than most of the others I have heard. We know Stevens had been the US contact last year in dealing in the weapons given to the rebels in Libya who were fighting Quadafi, and there has been speculation that he was now involved in moving weapons from Quadafi’s stock pile to the rebels in Syria, BUT your particular twist to the story I hadn’t heard before. Thanks.

          • Anonymous

            That is so insane it’s very plausible! I’ll bet that’s exactly what happened. If that is the case, we have a bigger problem; That would mean their network is really big!

      • Anonymous

        Ann Coulter suggested he should be appointed Ambassador to Libya….

    • greywolfrs

      OK, I believe you are wrong. Why would the MB or Al Qaeda attack and kill Amb Stevens. He is supposedly the go-between for them against Assad and Ka-daffy. Why would they kill the guy that is funneling them weapons and helping to order drone/air strikes? That makes no sense.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XAP4BSBNIMRIBPNI7R2JK35QY Scott

         It does make sense if the administration is trying to get rid of the evidence that they had been running guns to jihadists and other ‘freedom fighters’ throughout the middle east.  Kinda like Fast and Furious in the middle east…

        • Anonymous

          Yes Sir, I believe that is the case. Stevens uncovered evidence and he needed to be silenced. The murders of the others were unfortunate occurrences of war. How very sad. All for the sake of power….how Sickening.

        • greywolfrs

          That was my point, who had reason to fear what he knew and who did nothing to stop it?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

        They killed him because he told them that they would get no more weapons for the Syrian rebels. Plus, they hate American infidels almost as much as they hate Israel.

        • greywolfrs

          One still does not bite the hand that feeds….

  • Anonymous

    Today, headlines across the nation read…”Battle ground in Michigan”…or…”Battleground in Ohio”…there are several key states that could make-or-break the presidency, no matter which candidate is elected in just a few short days…One political element boastfully claims…”This is our time”….the unfortunate news is, the latter statement did not flow from the lips of either presidential candidate here in the States but instead, came from the leadership of the Jihadist  movement, which happens to be spreading like wildfire across the middle east.

    Vice president Biden recently boasted…”We have Al-Qaeda surrounded and they’re on the run”. That statement isn’t necessarily the whole truth. We do not have them surrounded, so this portion of his statement is factually wrong, but the remainder of his words are true, well at least in part and what follows is why – Whenever and wherever American forces vacate and retreat, be it in Iraq, Afghanistan and now we can add to the growing list – Egypt and Libya…radical Al-Qaeda forces swiftly ‘run’ in to fill the void

    The Middle East is laughing at us and why wouldn’t they. America has announced to the world, that we no longer have the stomach for a fight. If character is the fundamental component of ones actions, then America is desperately lacking. America is the last surviving superpower on earth – much of that sentiment is in name only. We have the power…but…we have suddenly lost the will to use it. That means, our leadership no longer possess the backbone for what it takes to keep our current national status what it has been in the past, which by the way, if any of us haven’t noticed, is quickly losing steam.

    Both men, currently seeking the presidency, have publicly announced the year of  2014, as the date of America withdrawing her forces from the Middle East region. This decision is not only weak, but will prove to be the catalyst for a third world war.

    It doesn’t look, with either one of these men, that there is an understanding of what is involved in the process of governing  a super-power. Neither have the foresight to see well into the future and conclude with accuracy, what will the world might look like after American military departure. Really, all any of us has to do is take a good hard look at the tiny nation of Libya and that should give us a clue.    


  • Draxx

    As a Former Army Seargent, I HATE how this Administration is Treating All of Us Soldiers (and Other People Too).  We join the Military Knowing that we might die, but I know we Did Not Join just to be thrown away Like Trash…

  • Qunbee

    WE are the solution. WE are the new media. WE must keep the pressure up to ensure the truth is known and consequences are given.  It is the honorable thing to do in respect for those who have given everything so that we may live free.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    We have to remember the heros and make damn sure they find justice. One way of doing that is voting for Mitt because make no mistake Obama will bury this and make sure no one will find the truth once he is in the seat of power again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/willam.stadly Willam Stadly

    Another former Army Sgt here, and i dont care for the tone i hear from Obama and his other gofers in his administration.I hope this comes to a head fast and the guilty are fixed really good for their felonies. As well as the media’s that are helping in the cover up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/willam.stadly Willam Stadly

    If I had the knowledge of wrong doing I would come forward A job is meaningless if you have to do it knowing you let America down  at the most critical time since the revolutionary war.. I’m not just saying that I gave up a Military career because I would not be part of wrong doing. I disliked what was going on, I got out. My conscience is clear and clean as I did not become part of what I felt was wrong. I have never regretted my decision.

  • Anonymous

    The point is we as the Old world American’s who knew what our Grandfather’s were telling us about the depression and WWII is bound to happen again due to the fact that our gov’ will let the little babe’s grow up to only to be come expendable citizen’s just like what has happened to our ambassador and our 3 other hero ‘s were screwed badly and turned on, by the entire Adminastration and now even allowed there own to be slaughtered while they watched it all go down,  so what  they have proved there intention’s  are quite clear  !
    NOW what it comes down to is now they will even let there own be slaughtered and then B.S us  feed us what is called the truth! there is only ONE truth and we are watching you to so by GOD’S grace by no mean’s don’t think when you push us back to far we know you kill your own and by doing so we know you are our enemy and  obviously you treat us  the same and those of us who get your dirty game will clean your clock’s!
    GOD bless these UNITED STATE’S
    Father be with those families who were lied to and let them know this is far from over now the line IS in the sand !!!!

  • greywolfrs

    OK, if everything being said is true, i.e. Amb. Stevens was the go-between for the rebels against Ka-daffy and he is the go-between for the rebels against Assad, why would they kill him? That makes absolutely no sense. Why would the MB or Al Qaeda want him dead? Why would they kill the guy that is funneling them weapons? Sorry, but that just does not add up. What does add up is Amb. Stevens knowing too much about those operations. Therefore, who is he a danger to? Not the MB or Al Qaeda, but it seems that he would be dangerous to this administration.

    • Anonymous

      Stevens probably knew things that couldn’t get out. What if he found out what our president was planning? What other explanation could there be? This is why everyone is floored…..who could believe they were just sitting there, in the situation room, watching a slaughter take place?

      • greywolfrs

        That was my point, who had the most to lose and fear?

    • Anonymous

       When Stevens was the go between concerning those who sought to oust Moammar Gaddafi, he was a useful ally, but later, when he sought  to strip them of their new found spoils of war, in  military arms – he suddenly became expendable. Add to the mix, the Iranian influence that suddenly enforced the radical element of the Libyan population. Iran is very interested in the weapons cashes themselves, untold weapons that were/are left unguarded throughout the Libyan countryside. 

      We are all familiar with the saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – well that is exactly what happened with the Libyan rebels – but once they got what they wanted – Stevens was no longer useful, if anything, he became a threat.

      • VindicatorX

        This illuminates the ineptitude within the Obama administration’s handling of foreign policy issues. They should have proceeded with caution – which they didn’t – they should have made it clear to the people they were arming that the weaponry would be provided subject to the US demanding its return upon the fall of Gaddafi – which they didn’t – and that should have been a prerequisite of the supply – which it wasn’t. They had no plan to provide a military consequence for non compliance, which is quite evident, but they sent an ambassador like an errand boy to do their bidding. When those Obama got in bed with in Libya saw the weakness and lack of ability and conviction to enforce the return of the weapons, they used those weapons to kill four men whose butts were left out in hostile territory with no backup. What did they think was going to happen?

        Forgive me, my mistake, it’s quite apparent there wasn’t a lot of thinking going on in this deal from the beginning.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed – and now team Obama has changed its colors once again, saying, they did indeed, send in forces after all- but the CIA is sticking to their story, that they were directed to stand down.

          How many people need to be thrown under the bus before the bus won’t move. I can feel the frustration of many in the military who are currently under ownership of Uncle Sam, even so, the truth is slowly starting to filter through. Its not a matter of if the truth comes out – but will it be told before election day. That will never happen and even if it does – its far to late in the game to effect the vote.

          When the truth finally does comes out – Obama and team must be held responsible – even if re-elected.

          • VindicatorX

            Team Obama are nothing but total liars. They have done nothing but lie from the beginning and there are four murdered people they need to answer for. It won’t happen before the vote, but after that, loose the dogs on the bastards!

          • Anonymous

            I hear you my friend, but when those in media, such as Geralda Rivera, pitch such a sissy-fit on national television his rantings have a knack of convincing borderline voters to sympathize with Obama’s mad wold of politics. Already, this morning as I watched FOX, there was a wild-n-crazy-liberal who was very convincing (that is, if one hasn’t been seeing with his own eyes, what has been happening over the past four years)saying, ‘Berry is very focused on the job at hand’. The only thing I can imagine he might be focused on is, the putt on the third green, because one of his main concerns today, we all know, is how many more free rounds of golf he can squeeze in before he’s sent packing.

          • VindicatorX

            Geraldo is as irrelevant as Al Capone’s Vaults. People that take his word at face value are incapable of reason, but as you say, there are plenty out there that fit the bill.

            I wish Fox would fire him – and that fool Colmes too. Colmes is one of those people that is borderline psychopathic. Geraldo isn’t as bad, but he may in time become just as much of a nuisance.

          • Anonymous

            Geralda feels Obama is due an apology from those who feel his Libyan fascicle was somehow on the shady side of the law.

            Hows that for reasoning, Obama spends the last four years apologizing to the world for perceived American crimes and now that Obama has been caught red handed in crimes against our own American brothers – we – somehow owe him an apology…go figure

          • VindicatorX

            I agree, it looks like he’s all in for Obama, but he was in 2007 also. He flatly does not belong at Fox, or anywhere that claims to be a responsible media outlet. He’s been editorializing since his days doing feature stories at ABC. He’s not even good enough to be considered a hack, and it’s a puzzle as to why Fox gave him a job in the first place.

            Obama is due for something all right; that would be impeachment and incarceration.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah and as you pointed out – he thought Capone’s vault had something in it too. What is it with that guy, who see’s so much in an empty vessel (Obama’s head and Capone’s vault – one and the same – empty)

            One of the things I don’t like about FOX is their eager willingness to prove to the nation “how fair and balanced they are” – OK I get it already, but, if conservatives want to hear liberal spin, we can get more than our share on almost every other network. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mind a good debate, but most of those asses, are over the top when it comes to rational thinking anyway, so what the use? Most of the time my mute button is thumb ready, when a Beckel or a Colmes comes on anyway.

            I got a feeling if Obama is re-elected – impeachment or incarceration might be to kind – this nation can’t handle another four years of this lying apologist.

          • Sandie

            It goes to show the lack of common sense on the left.

          • Sandie

            All a part of Fox’s attempt to appear to be “fair and Balanced”.

          • Guest

            Just so you know, Obama is going to win this election. We have certain control of the voting machines in certain areas and no one will ever be able to prove they were compromised! You righties can go F yourselves! Ha-Ha-Ha!

          • VindicatorX

            Okay by me. You can’t possibly win the election by being honest and above board – none of you knows how.

          • Sandie

            Time to put BO on a pike outside of the front gates! That’s what would have happened to him in days of olde’.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah but that might garner him sympathy, I say lock-em away behind bars, out of the sight of the MSM.

          • Sandie

            Geraldo is just a dummy who has an aversion to common sense, while Colmes is a conniving spinner and propagandist.

          • VindicatorX

            You are so right! Colmes is a smarmy leftwit and there is no limit to his ability to lie and keep a straight face.

      • greywolfrs

        I don’t think it was that cut and dry. Let’s be realistic, the MB and Al Qaeda were getting weapons from that guy, I doubt they would bite the hand that feeds. On the other hand, who had the most to fear from that guy knew?

        • Anonymous

          Those who now wield power in post Gaddafi Libya, are pro-Iranian, those who currently are threatened to lose power in Syria, are pro-Iranian – there’s the difference and it is that cut and dry. Iran cannot tolerate, the lose of a loyal and long time ally, such as Syria.

  • Anonymous

    The two former Navy seals Glen & Ty who went to aid of U.S citizens in need, even against orders to stand-down !! Which   made Libya incident  into a seven hour fire fight   ,Mess up obama lying ruse in saying the spontaneous mob over run the Embassy  etc  so fast their was no time for a quick reaction force for rescue them especially after obama had to gather so call info and study info before deciding to send help !!!! To me it’s look like obama was in on the set up from beginning to give enemies who were attacking our Embassy to kill Ambassador and others and gain access to secrets papers  and a list of the true freedom fighters and their leaders to be executed ,with obama delay in quick action give them time to disperse and hid !!! But because of our brave former navy seals obama ruse was blown completely obama after gather information and making a decision it was too late for quick reaction force !!! But there is no excuse in the world for U.S military not to reacting within 7 hours ???!!! When quick reaction force been training , having drill ,exercises to solve tactical problems on the scene for just these type of incidents especially with the back up and support of U.S military and our allies !!! God Bless Glenn & Ty because they also reveal or uncover a bigger and more sinister threat from within that is that traitorous Trojan horse of obama in the White House !!!!!    Is seem someone in obama administration wanted the Muslims terrorists to pull off this attack without a  hitch,by telling C.I.A agents former seals to stand down and rescue force in Sicily on tarmac to stand-down never mind in having C-130 gunships troops C-130 aircraft  loitering position in international waters off Libya coast for a close jumping off point if the decision was a go !! Some is very very wrong here I believe within minutes of the attack starting and Embassy asking for help someone gave the orders to stand down to anyone that could gave assistance in throwing back attack or rescue  (Why )   ???? I cannot believe the President statement that he needed to gather more info and study before making decision to send in rescue reinforcements !!  In the first place how much time we had to gather  info and how minutes we had to study the situation not  very much between first calls for help and orders to stand down what about 5 to 10 minutes or less ???? I believe our government had no intention from the beginning attack to help U.S citizens !! ,That why for the rapid order to stand down ,that gave no real time to gather info and study just BS !!! If they needed to ponder their decision why not dispatch C-130 to a closer jumping off point then having them stand down on the tarmac ????  All above is a fictional scenario for maybe a movie someday !!!!      God Bless Glenn & Ty and their family for coming to the aid of U.S citizens to save their life’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

       Hey obama which is it , you say needed more time to gather information and study before making a decision that was reason for non action for seven hour !!!??? But it seems you already made the decision of not going in to rescue our citizens within minutes of start attack you could not have gather too much info or studying situation  too long ,because there was a stand down order within minutes to a possible rescue forces from the beginning of attack P.S you could not have been  gathering  too much of information or studying situation long time to make that decision so quickly per you ??? I believe there was very little time between start of attack and the stand down orders  with little info or little time studying  situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandy-Caruso/1587245855 Sandy Caruso

    Benghazi is Obama’s “Waterloo”. He and his administration have lied, covered up the facts and continue to deny they were responsible. The ‘STAND-DOWN’ order comes from the TOP down, not the other way around. Anytime a Military GENERAL will purposely defy a direct order to “STAND DOWN” and try to mount his own rescue operation as happened in this case, that is a court marshall offense. I want that GENERAL in the congress. That is exactly why we have Allen West.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for honoring Americans killed in the service of Our nation.

    Mr Obama, you stated that you issued orders to protect the Americans whose
    lives were at stake in Benghazi as soon as you knew about the attack.
    You knew about the attack at 4:54 PM DC time. The recipient of the
    order would have been Mr Panetta.

    Mr Panetta, you stated that you would not send forces into harm’s way without knowing the situation.  What happened next? Did the two of you sit arguing for the next seven hours while watching drone-video?

    Ms Clinton, you did not respond to the August cable from Mr Stevens staff requesting additional protection ahead of 9-11-2012. Why did you not respond? Did your aide Ms Abedin have anything to do with the communique?

    Silence and lies will not soften the penalties for treason.

    • Anonymous

      If not a firing squad, than what? The lot of them should be hauled off and detained until further notice.

  • Anonymous

    Someone must of hit a nerve or come to0 close to the truth or to stop people taking a closer look at a part of Benghazi incident  which obama don’t want a spot light of investigations on or questions on !!!???? On Thur Hannity just announce 9 :20 a new part  Benghazi incident by  obama that now they say he order the seals to help U.S citizens in the Embassy !! Hey obama was the seal stand down order was too close to start of the attack for,your cover it take time to gather info and study situation would not fly and your non action for 7 hours would not fly either. So now you falsely saying you order former seals to go to the rescue as your quick decision for your cover for people not look deeper something very very fishy here !!!?????? To me obama is hiding something very big he doing everything to throw off U.S citizens and investigations until elections are over !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Obama needs to be impeached for treason. That is a fact and should be implemented immediately.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WUX57PN5TTDGT2X67TLQSNWWEA Tzila

      Agree! But will Granpa George be supplying him the funds for the army of lawyers that will at best get him aquitted or in the least convicted of grossful negligence, which would no doubt drag out well past the next presidential term.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Scobell, Those of us who hold our country in the highest honor mourn the lives lost along with you, Sir….Thank you for your service We will see justice for the deaths of our brave men. Please know they are in my prayers and my wish is that those responsible for the lack of security will be found guilty. Those that committed the heinous acts of terrorism will be judged be our maker.

  • Anonymous

    One thing that really matters is that the Benghazi scandal and cover up mark the final capitulation of the main stream media. Just as White House spokes person Jay Carney went from Time Magazine flack to Obama spokesman and Stephanopoulos went from Clinton flack to ABC anchor, the entire main stream (three networks, New York Times, Time, Newsweek, etc.) has abandoned journalism for once and for all in order to become a part of the Obama campaign press office.

    The fact that the main stream media are in the tank for Obama is not news but this is the story that won’t go away, and the betrayal by the media of their obligation to the public will likewise be a stain that cannot be washed away. As the scandal continues to unfold the public will ask, “where was the press?”

    Perhaps the low water mark was the one on one interview that Brian Williams conducted with the President in October where toughest question asked was, I think, “what was Obama’s favorite color?” and where the headline on the Williams show web site is: “Exclusive: President Obama says tight race doesn’t surprise him, despite accomplishments” An exclusive interview with nothing about the Libya cover up.

    Thank God for FNC.

  • Anonymous

    There is no moral dilemma for these people, they are Godless, arrogant, self absorbed & VERY mentally ill. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Panetta, they feel NOTHING for the tragic loss of the lives of these men. Their ONLY concern, & that of the media & Democrat party/radical leftists, is to cover this up & get ObaMAO reelected. People who can stand up & LIE, make excuses, NEVER take responsibility & then LIE some more after watching & listening to the HORROR of that night are NOT the kind of people that should be running our country. They are the kind of people that should be behind bars.

  • Anonymous

    The honor of our country is being erased by this administration. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    Obama led a cover up of this disaster. Obama’s policy of appeasement and apology toward the Muslim world has failed. We must fire Obama next Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    I am saddened by all this and what the country I took an oath to protect and defend for over 20 years has become in less than four years of this administration.

  • virginia forsythe
  • Anonymous

    There is something very very wrong with our military since the original 911 and before we knew we be expose to quick hit and run attacks tactics by Muslims extremists !!!  Common sense we need a weapons systems that would thwart most of these  type attacks !!!  Second if have a raid like Entebbe to rescue hostages in unfriendly nation support our troops on the ground or need to support a raid with troops on ground to take out super deep harden nuclear site we need such a weapons system !!!  As for me was in the military 45 years ago in a special outfit for U.S Navy aviation branch test and evaluation on new weapons  also,was to solve tactical problems with enemy which our forces in the field did not have time to play around with and work out the problems,I  was a ordnance man to arm and DE-arm weapons,check them out for pre-flight,,off load and load weapons on air craft  that all I’,m allow to say about my military career per military at that time!!  To me this Benghazi incident should of never of happen where it lasted for 7 hours and no military response or be afraid to respond because of collateral causality of civilians I cannot image many civilians be around in firefight ?? All this that follow is just a recently devise idea nothing to do with my past ancient military career !!!  With our combine technology of today we should have at key stand-by locations of planes or a drones able to use dash speed with long range or long legs be able  to respond to any of the numerous possible trouble spots  less than 15 min to 20 min for a assist in throwing back a attacks !!!  The  military should have a stream line pods for this weapons system something like the streamline drop tanks allow jets a higher dash speed but not as high if the jet were completely clean of ordnance !!  On center line bomb rack have a stream line pod for super zoom camera and infra red lens and laser designator if the jet or drone not already equip ,once the jet or drone arrive at scene will slow down speed a act like a arm predator at a stand off distance and height beyond the range of hand held anti-aircraft missiles ,at this time a opening something like a sub torpedo tube outside door or look like something like a Morten Salt container spout  for laser designator and camera !!  Second on outer bomb racks have the streamline pods that house the stand off hell fire missiles ,this pod will have extended streamline harden section over nose cone ,it will house a cartridge ejector boot, to kick the nose cone off overcoming shear holding pins to ,clear the way for firing the hell fire missiles and for their guidance system to lock on target! the rear cone will be blown off by rocket blast !! These special stand off  hell fire missile (4 to a pod) will have three mod of operations one is laser designator 1.) ground forces paint target 2.) air craft paint target 3.) air craft use zoom camera target site and computer to give the internal gyro of missile a lock on point ,The missiles will have two mode of aiming one direct hit detonation  or 15 ft above the target  air burst time will be set by laser which measure the exact distance ,this will take out enemy in foxholes ,behind cars,walls etc especially if the hellfire missile have a belted ring of metal pellets or shape fragments ! To me the military just coming up with smaller bombs now for front lines troops assist just don’t cut it !!! We need something can assisted our front line troops 50 yards and out with precision hits a very very short response time without putting our troops at risk with blasts,concussion,shock waves or fragments  !!   We have jets in our inventory that can fill this gap by being pilot or remotely operated like drone ,or a drone ,we can have now have our jets take off and land by computer and remote operators ,GPS guidance will guide plane ,drone to target area to zoom in on site,could use aging F14,F111,F16 they have range and speed ,if we can remotely dock to the space station then we should have planes and drone can be remotely control or computer control to do inflight refueling too !!  P.S I don’t think all my ideas are good ,maybe this is a bad one ,or some military whiz kids can take out the bugs and make it work,or my bad idea will give someone the insight to a really good idea to solve the problems of hit and run attacks !!! ??? When I first saw the recon predator I  e-mail military why not arm this predator with helicopters hellfire missile for real time response ,believe they might of been working on this at the time just not releasing it or I was ahead of them  ????????????  I always like to dream in trying in doing something in different way and making it better maybe not practical,or cost efficient,or just some bad ideas  Thanks for listening I hope these type of Benghazi incidents never happen again to our country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just trying to help and maybe I’m no help at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another P.S maybe our military already working on a weapon system like this , or that I just haven’t heard about it or they not releasing any info on it ,already have it in their inventory ????????????????????????????????????????

    • Anonymous

       Interesting ideas. Maybe the use of satellite weapons systems – not certain if there is a UN prototypical constraint currently outlawing such devises – but, that would be the way to go. Launch offensive/defensive strikes from space.

      Of course the simple way to do it – use the weapons we already have, you know, weapons other nations such as Iran, are currently and frantically trying to reproduce – that of nuclear bombs.

      America already possess the technology – if used, rouge nations would fearfully respect that strength – the biggest problem we face is here at home, in the political correct feminized culture we have created – today America has the power to thwart all enemy aggression – our people have simply lost our will to use it.  

  • O Spt

    FORGET the diddled to death. far away Mid East.
    The Globalists have been flooding Europe with ISLAM
    for several decades now.  They used Al Qaida against
    the Serbs.  ON RECORD.


    “The turn on event for World War III will NOT be 
    Iran or anything else in the Mid East.
    —The turn on event for World War III —WILL—- be — – – – KOREA.”
    -Joel Skoussen
    (essential interview days ago)

    —Set for 2020—22 —afteer the Globalists have enabled and
    covered for RED China’s (—and Russia’s?) rearmament.

    “The GVlobalists KNOW North Korea is RED China’s puppet
    and have been careful to preserve it.  It will serve as RED China’s trigger.”

    And so –a la Tsushima —and Pearl Harbor —and the Korean War’s
    opening Blitzkreig —-yet another pre-emptive —‘agenda advancing’
    Pacific surprise.

    Remember! —they put MAO in power.  RED China is —their—- creation.

    RED China has been proclaimed ‘Model for the World’ —and is to be 
    ‘World Enforcer’.

    This is the 11th hour of the Globalist —-RED Chiuna handover.


  • Anonymous

    Question could obama 6 months delay (from when Ben Laden location was discover) in killing Ben Laden with numerous opportunity to take him out to be a cold callous political decision ???  So obama would have this Ben Laden raid more freshly in the minds of voters for election ???  For a ruse on numerous times of saying no to the options to take him out ,he use for ruse might be to high in collateral casualties ???   To me with obama his decisions always seem to have a possibility of another sinister side or reason why he act or his non-actions or his timing !!!???? If was a for his political gain in his delay decision of taking out Ben Laden ,then he putting our troops and U.S citizens at greater risk !!! Because Ben Laden could had another type of major attack ,or sponsor or coordinate more attack on U.S within the 6 months delay time in taking out Ben Laden !!!  We will never know the real and complete truths and all components go into his reason  for his timing of taking out Ben Laden ??????????????????////////  With this con-artists or slight of hand master could be on the up and up or be the ladder timing was base on his political gains , Not his duty in safeguarding U.S citizens our troops or speed up winning the terrorists war ?????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I thought were going to “out” the networks who were sitting on Benghazi damning evidence before the election.  I hope you do.  What makes you think these people will ever do the right thing on their own?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sacredheartradionet Gary Gersin

    If walks and quacks like a duck…well you know what it is… this isn’t rocket science let yourself use common sense and you’ll figure it out. – Let Freedom Reign!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000449280094 Twyla Dorzweiler

    So….does this mean the October coverup story for which ‘anonymous official sources’ told you about Stevens being a gun-runner and people watching our men die from the White house, was less than true? Wow, I guess sometimes anonymous sources aren’t the best to use when you’re about to discredit yourself with a whole earth shattering made up story about the president. SMH! 

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