Beck to Bloomberg: “Take your 16oz soda and shove it”

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On radio this morning, Glenn ripped into the lack of leadership from Mayor Bloomberg. Where are the epic leadership moments from this guy? Giuliani was constantly inspiring people in the wake of 9/11 — and Bloomberg’s only action is to waste valuable manpower and resources on a race?

“Both Republicans and Democrats and anybody sane, this is not a partisan issue. This is a ‑‑ this is an issue of common sense. And I am so sick and tired of these politicians telling us who we are, telling us how to live. Take your 16‑ounce soda, Mayor Bloomberg, and shove it up your ass. You’re telling me that I don’t have the common sense to stop drinking, if I wanted 18 ounces of soda, I’m just reckless? And you are setting up the New York City marathon two days after this stuff? Are you out of your mind? Take your soda and shove it up your ass. Mayor Bloomberg and progressives like him, both Republican and Democrat, are damn near insane. They are out of control. And if we don’t grab onto common sense. Wait until you ‑‑ I mean, we are ‑‑ we are compiling some things on the media that is ‑‑ if we were in a court of law, they would all go to jail. All of them. We as Americans have one opportunity. This is it, gang. It really is. This is it. The country does not survive another four years. It doesn’t. No questions, no ifs, ands, or buts.”

  • Brandon Dodge

    Nanny Bloomberg can take his race and shove it up his ass!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Bloomberg is as power hungry and control oriented as Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We are seeing the rise of a communist system from the top down and the bottom up, and now is our time to stop the madness once and for all.

    Harry Reid has delivered an declaration of war and an ultimatum to the American people: elect Romney and he (Reid) will ensure Romney’s agenda goes nowhere in the Senate. Obstructionist Reid needs to go.

    • Anonymous

       …another unfortunate auto accident perhaps…many would call what I’ve just said threatening…but, they will blindly ignore the words of Harry Reid…amazing… 

    • Draxx

      Snowleopard, if it is Top Down & Bottom Up, then the best way to blow things up is from the Inside/Middle.  So we have to force them apart and that takes energy, our energy should be Voting, Standing Together to Push Back (kinda like a Phalanx Formation used by Greeks/Romans) if someone falls we close the gaps and move on, and Our Constitution.  We have to remember that it is the winners that Write History, I don’t know about you… “But I Do Not Feel Like Being Erased Like I Never Existed!”

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Draxx, you just summed up what I got when Van Jones first said “Top down, bottom up and inside out.”

        The winners do write the history, and I have no intention to be written out of the greatest nation of the world. I will stand against Obama and his communist bent to the last instant of my life; and if he gets a second term, fully expect to be one of the first to pass into the night for good.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the car accident he survived has started the process for his demise. He may befall a blood clot not seen on “RADAR” scans of his body. I will pray for his families losses not the countries. And this guy calls himself a MORMON, would the leadership of the Church oust him for conduct unbecoming a believer of the Order of Latter Day Saints. (LMAO)

      Since Harry Reid belongs to an Association that is antithetical to his Mormon Faith, Gay Rights and the worst of all ABORTION. The Mormon Faith, like the Judeo/Christian Faith believes that children are the futures of that FAITH and murdering them in the womb is not part of that belief.

      I am surprised that leaders in those Ideologies have not done so with all that claim belief in Christ and believe that any human has the right to take an innocent life. Even Jesus warned any one teaching children to stray from the FAITH that it would be better that a millstone be placed around their neck and be thrown into a deep pool of water. Abortion is a War on Children and any “BELIEVER” should be against this war.

      Also Reid may loose his hold on the Senate if we vote in more R’s than D’s to the Senate.

  • outlawed

    I hope that the Residents of NY clog that area so there is no marathon to take place.  So disrespectful of a Major to his people.  This shows you how much some of the congressmen care of you…… I hope NY wakes up and gets rid of that arrogant f***

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t Americans be allowed to bury their dead before the games begin?

  • Draxx

    Not Just Bloomberg, but any person telling me what I can/cannot eat or drink, They Can All Shove It where the Sun Doesn’t Shine! 

  • Draxx

    Bloomberg is so ignorant, he probably is trying to enlist volunteers for the marathon that have just Lost Somebody, or Losing them in the Hospital Slowly, or maybe just lost everything in their home…

    Like handing out waters to runners is going to help the lady instantly forget about the loss of her two sons (BullSh**)…

  • Sam Fisher

    Let them eat low fat cake. The liberals can care less about
    the little people all they care about is their campaign and these self-righteous
    morons are patting themselves on the back saying we doing a good job. No you
    are not you jerks you can care less. Take your fake outrage of Mitt helping out
    to feed people and shove it.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t blame Bloomburg, Reid, or anyone else for that matter-why-BECAUSE THE BLEEPING AMERICAN PEOPLE STUPIDLY ELECTED THESE IDIOTS.  And they keep re-electing them.  I am so tired of this election.  Everyone is blaming Obama, or whomever.  Guess what folks, he is only doing what he promised to do (in veiled language).  Yes he needs to go, but you know what needs to “go” even more-the over 50% of the people in NY, California, Hollywood, ect who support his policies. AND if you go to see a Hollywood Movie, visit New York or California ect you too, albeit indirectly,  are only supporting that ilk.  We have NO ONE to blame but ourselves.

    • Anonymous

      You have hit the nail on the head!! Our pocketbook has the power!! Contact the sponsers of the leftist socialist shows/news!! Tell hem you won’t buy their product!! Stop going to movies, States like Ca., NY and even VT who elects a self proclaimed socialist as a Senator!! How many are going to Disneyland!!

  • Pamela Hansen

    Good for you Glenn, many Fox News Commentators and the thousands of others including NY storm victims, that threw their hands up in outrage –  the NY Marathon has been cancelled.

  • Anonymous

    I never thought I’d see the day when the great mighty ‘EAGLE’ would turn into a limp dead vagina.  So sad.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      yes!and vote them all out it would be simple if the evil one didn’t control the media and electronic voting. vote them all out and make them public servants working for US, no pay!

      • Anonymous

        Dear Stpatwanabe,
        The American Socialists I know have a new version that only fits their personal convenience.  They will work free one day or one week, but in a true Socialist Society, people work free for years, spy for years sufers for years and hungers for years.  Because socialism finishes with the poor after liquidating the rich, and in many cases the poor class of people are squashed to the point of death, just like in the days of Hittler.  I saw it with my own eyes in Cuba, at the age of 8.    A black man was fusilated in public television.  Now I am 61 years old, the image is so real as the day he was killed.  The only good thing that will happen if Obama wins this election is ‘how fast he will beging to loose his supporters for obvious reasons.  There are no food stamps in a socialist community, hunger is the best preacher to bring people back to reasoning.  Americans won’t swallow the dramatic change he will bring into their personal routines.  People in the office will have to work in the fields to meet production levels, also those who try to leave the country will be put to work in the fields.  The rich class people will be the tourists in your country, the orientation of exploitation will be placed on those who dare to complaint, and the black market will take place because must local businesses will disappear.  That Simple, God Bless   

  • Anonymous

    So, where’s all the outrage against Bloomberg being a multi-billionaire? The left sure gets on Romney’s case. Also, what else to expect from a leftist city like New York?
    The hypocricy from Reid shows the true mettle of the democrats. He’s been around far too long and now is taking revenge to show his childishness without accomplishing anything in the senate.

    • Anonymous

      yes but Nevada keeps re electing him over and over and over.  Don’t visit Nevada. Maybe when 1/2 the country refuses to spend their money in his state, someone will finally wake up,  (doubt it)

  • Anonymous

     Since it’s a Dem/Liberal mayor, there’ll be no outrage from the MSM or the general public. We ARE witnessing Obama’s Katrina. (Oh wait, wasn’t the BP oil spill his first ‘Katrina’? How many does he get free?) Except NOW, we’ll hear the media defending Obama.  

    • Anonymous

      Add Bengazi to that list!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what Glenn really thinks?  Go Glenn!!!

  • Scott Rudisill

    an epic moment on the glen beck show.  keep sluggin glen

  • Anonymous


  • Joe Robinson

    So Glenn Beck is into anal stuff.

    I had suspected all along that Beck was a psycho sexual deviant.  

    Beck telling people to torture themselves anally is not surprising.  

  • George Bernard Vieto

    News update. The marathon has been cancelled. And the news media got mad when former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin called New York City after 9-11 a “Hole in the ground.” Mayor Bloomberg is nuts. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glen,  I’ve seen some of the heartbreaking stories on cnn news with Anderson Cooper 360 set on the ground there.  I have 2 children of my own & couldn’t help but get teary-eyed at some of the losses that people had experienced losing their children & loved ones.  I think the best anyone here can do is pray for those who suffered loss of life to their loved ones, be comforted & for God to reveal himself to them like they’ve never experienced before.  I’ve also come accross some information that may shed some light on what is really going on with our Government & why they act the way they do.  All here might want to “Seriously” consider checking out this video that I stumbled upon the other day.  God says, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge”.  I think there are some very good points this video makes & will hope that you Glen & your team of researchers would look into this & have the balls to discuss some of what you found to be true about the subjects of this material.  I’ve always thought that certain members of our Government both recent & former presidents were EVIL, but after looking at this material that I’ve found, sure brings it up to so many more levels than what I had previously thought!!!  Please bring this to light Glen & tell us what you think.  Thank you Sir for all that you do for us Glen.  Thanks for being our voice!…0.0…1ac.1.Q-BHqEefT3Q

    • Anonymous

      You’re not that far off in what you present, that is, as far as our current world being swayed toward the evil influences of a crafty invisible devil and his fellow demons. After all – the bible clearly tells us that one third of the holy angels were placed here on the earth, but something happened to their state of “holiness” making them unholy warriors against God. These angels – once again, information found from knowledge easily obtainable in the bible, now had become demonic and hostile to anything good – and knowing, that in God, there is no evil – they became the enemies of God and are hostile for anything he stands for.

      Remember though, that these angels (now demons led by Satan) still remained on the earth. God realized after what had just taken place with one third of the angels, that if there were ever to be another ‘being’ created in the whole universe, it would have to be a “God Being” – this is the number one mystery of all the bible.

      God saw first hand, that perfectly created angels could not be relied upon to – never sin – but, that unfortunate fact, did not detour the “Master Creator Himself – God”  from going forward with his business of creating other beings in-which, would one day fill the endless universe. So he decided to re-create himself. Yes, I am well aware that is news to most people – even religious people, but again – information that is found in the written word of God – the holy bible.

      So you may ask – how did God go about the task to create himself – or recreate – might be a better term. The answer to that question is – He is using mankind. Again, you might ask, why doesn’t “mainstream-Christianity” ever talk about this and that’s a very good question. The answer has to do with why I replied to you in the first place.

      As I said, the fallen angels (now demons) never left, or were never removed from off the earth. That being said, God created mankind and he also placed them here on the earth. He gave these first humans a chance to partake of two trees – actually, he advised them not to eat of the fruit of one of the trees, but, God still allowed these first humans to make the choice for themselves – I must say, that these first humans were trained with all knowledge given by God himself, and that, before they even knew about any of the trees – by the way – one tree was called “the tree of life” – and the other tree, was called “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”

      You wrote in one of post’s – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” and you are absolutely right in giving that verse, and what I’m talking about here, is only a fraction of the knowledge that most of our fellow citizens lack – even if they claim to be religious.

      Most who are even slightly familiar with the bible, will have heard the account of how the first humans were deceived by a crafty devil. Well its true and much of what is described in the video you have posted, is correct – but I must say – not exactly as what the author suggests – let me explain. 

      Why two trees and what is their meaning?

      God realized, that in order for him to make a perfect creature – this creature – must always choose the good over the bad. Or, the right way of life, over the wrong way of life. Sounds logical right? After all, God was looking for members who can-and-will, be trusted for-ever – never-to-sin.

      Not an easy task for sure – but with God, all things are possible.

      After these humans were instructed by God, in all things, he wanted to test them, to see if they would remain loyal to what he had taught them. He placed before them the two trees – The one tree (the tree of life) if eaten of, would have caused these first humans to gain an additional spirit, in fact, Gods spirit – that spirit would have guided them in all things – it would have given them remembrance to all the knowledge that God himself had trained them in, allowing them to stay the course with God. But what happened? As I said, most are familiar with how the devil swayed these first humans to eat of the forbidden tree, known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

      If these first humans would have eaten from the other tree (the tree of life) that would have resulted in – the removal of Satan and the demons from off the earth. There would not be the world we are so familiar with today. Instead, (resulting in the world we do see) – an evil world – was because of the wrong choice they made – and – the devil and his demons, were never removed from the earth and they have had full access – to sway mans thoughts from our beginning. The evil world we all know today, is the proof of what I have said.

      There is a way though, to get back to that “tree of life” and how that is done is to except the death of Jesus Christ for our sins (due to the evil sway the devil has/had over each of us) but, we each must acknowledge we have walked contrary to God and to his way of life, found written in the holy bible. That knowledge, the knowledge I’ve just described, is what God means when he said,  my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The life-saving knowledge – in which God is re-creating himself using mankind to do it.

      This is only the beginning of knowledge – there is much much more to be found …….ZEROGON

      • Anonymous

        Well, your somewhat correct.  The only things I would add is that, the fallen angels are referred to as such because they refused to be born of woman in the first earth-age.  Satan & his angels traverse the earth only in spirit form.  Physically, they are bound in heaven as the Bible states this by Micheal the Arch-Angel in the book of Revelation.  The tree-of-knowledge-of-good-&-evil refers to satan himself.  The tree-of-life refers to Jesus our Lord & Savior.  God spoke in parables through-out scripture so that some wouldn’t understand what He was talking about.  Most people are “Spiritually-blinded” & do not understand.  For God knew that if everyone were to know the truth, the weak-minded would not be able to stand against satan & his angels in the last days.  “Know the parable of the fig-tree”  God says learn it!  There are good figs & with them are bad figs.  In other words, There are false prophets & good intended christians for a lack of a better term in the churches today.  False prophets who have good intentions but refuse to study God’s word & follow the traditions of men rather than following what God’s word really says.  So instead of God destroying 1/3 of His children, he spiritually blinded them from the truth.  Those children will have a chance to choose either satan or Jesus during the millenial reign.  Their are many kenites in churches today decieving God’s children with the traditions of men.  What there dad & his grandparents taught before them.  To each his own way, it’s up to the “Individual” to decide for themselves what is truth & what is false doctorine that satan uses so cleverly from behind the pulpits today.  Thanks for viewing the link of material I posted.  There are some very interesting facts in that video about former presidents & a present senator.  Too many coincidences to be a made up conspiracy!!! I get my studies of the Bible from translating it back to the original manuscripts that are written in Hebrew, Chaldea & Greek. Good luck friend!

        • Anonymous

          Not that this will mean anything to you – for it is obvious to me, you already have your mind set on certain doctrine.

          The angels had their chance and one third of them will not be included in the kingdom of God. They will be locked away in outer darkness forever, after the thousand year reign of Christ has ended. (They will also be locked in chains on earth during Christ’s reign on earth) Christ’s reign is yet to begin, so to date, these evil forces still roam the earth. There is also prophecy that has recently passed – so fulfilled prophecy, that teaches – the fallen angels no longer have audience with God in heaven, for they are now confined to this earth. Satan knows, by that grizzly fact alone, that his and his demons, time on earth is very limited and now, because of that short time – this evil being has become more hostile than ever before – thus, the increase in the growing crazy instances worldwide.

          The angels never were physical. They were created spirit beings. They were able though to transform into the physical, but in essence, they have always been spirit.

          The tree of the knowledge of good and evil refers to just that – good and evil – God wanted to spare the human race the evil part and judging by recorded history, its easy to understand why. On the other hand, one of the attributes of that same tree was “good” – that element allows us humans to see our mistakes and correct our paths and hopefully, turn to God in deep heart felt repentance – so as it suggests – it is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

          The tree of life means exactly what it suggests – living with God in his kingdom for eternity.

          Nonsense, Spiritual blindness again, suggests what it says – most of the world has been deceived – just as the first humans were deceived and are blinded to what the spirit world is all about. Not to keep weak-minded individuals safe from understanding truth, that thinking is rubbish and needs to be trashed.

          If more people really understood the truth of God – he promises them a place of protection from the wiles of the evil one during the time of great trouble and tribulation (WWIII)

          But as you say, it is up to each of us to prove the bible for ourselves and to see if those things be true. We are under a curse if we follow men. We must all, do the re-search for ourselves.

          • Anonymous

            After the millenial reign of Christ is what I meant, your right.  As for satan already being here on earth, you may want to read Revelation ch.12 verses 7-9.  Satan roams the earth in spirit(today), not as a physical being. And the fallen angels are God’s children who followed after satan in the first earth-age.  They are bound in heaven physically as I type this & their spirits roam the earth just like satans spirit can.  Not here to argue who is right & who is wrong.  This is just what I discern to be the truth.  God loves His children so much that He can only do fair & just actions.  Actions that the flesh mind cannot comprehend or understand.  Satan gets kicked out of Heaven in the last days & comes to earth claiming to be Jesus.  He’s always wanted to be worshipped ever since his down-fall as a cheribum that covereth the throne.  Satans pride was his down-fall.  Think of how it would feel to put a third of your children to death, that wouldn’t be a pleasant thing to experience would it?  Like I said, not here to argue or say who’s right or wrong.  Satan has a supernatural body just like Jesus has.  God made him the full pattern.  That’s why so many people will be decieved in the last days of this earth-age.  He comes here peacefully & prosperously claiming to be Jesus.

          • Anonymous

            Forgive me for not making myself more clear. Satan has roamed the earth for the entire existence of mans domain on the earth and probably millions of years before that. He is a spirit being.

            As far as angels becoming sons of God – that is anti biblical – at no time does God offer that promise to the angelic world. Only the human race is offered son-ship in the God family – although, the sinless angels – that would be the two-thirds of those who have not sinned – they will be allowed by God to enter into his kingdom, but, they will not have the status of the sons of God.

            Neither do I wish to argue. Everything – that is, all truth can be “proven”, so I’m not wanting to discourage anyone in their quest for knowledge. If I can though – I will point to certain things, that may help clear up wrong thinking –

            We must remember that the angels proved or provided the needed information to God – and right out of the starting gate – that they were unreliable to live perfect lives forever. That is why God placed only the best of the angels here and by the way, only one third of their total number was placed on the earth to begin with.

            God is at this time no longer working with the angels. He is now using man to re-create himself. When we die and we are resurrected we are reborn into his world, or his kingdom, or his family…we actually become sons of God. Therefore – and Christ was almost stoned to death for saying what I’m about to say, because the same evil influences plague men today, as did back in the days of Christ, but the Son of God told his listeners, that it is the purpose of mankind to become GOD.

            Many in today’s deceived religious world would classify that last statement as blasphemy, but it’s nothing of the sort. In fact, this is a promise that God makes only to the human race and never to the angels.

            In all fairness, Satan has been leading men to think he was God ever since the first man and woman were put here on earth – of course later, today, worldwide religious confusion is the result of deceiving the world for almost six-thousand years.

            In the second world war many who knew Hitler personally, would testify later, that at certain times throughout his life, it was as if he became completely possessed by an evil force. Well that’s true he was and the same thing will happen yet again, in the days shortly ahead of us. There will soon appear on earth, a world leader, a man who at first, has pure political ambitions, but within a very short time, he will be totally taken over by the spirit of the devil, in fact, it just as well will be the devil in person. That is not all, there is another person, who will also be completely possessed. If you think that is strange, the bible even warns of statues and the rocks of cliffs will gain a voice and speak. This world is about ready to burst forth with a full-fledged case of spooky and if we personally are not prepared, many will be driven insane.

            The bible clearly teaches anyone willing to look for themselves where these two men can be found and when they will appear on earth. But as far as Satan goes – he never left – for he and his demons have been here for thousands of years.

            We must remember – God is a Being full of love and light…in that light is truth…he will not leave us ignorant of that truth, if we personally seek him out and challenge him to reveal himself to us – and he will reveal himself to us every time. The bible was written to be understood – or why else would a divine being pen such a book? So if that be the case, this book – the word of God, can be understood, but we must allow God to do the teaching or we will always fall into the trap of following a man. Sure God uses certain men to bring our attention to his truth, but it is solely up to each person who seeks after him, to prove him at his word – when we do that – that is, while we take the steps to prove him, then and there is when we find out that God is divine after all, and it is he who is doing the teaching – and – he is doing it right out of the pages of his written word, the holy bible. God will sometimes give us a thought, something we may ponder for a day or so, then, within a few days he gives scripture which answers and shows us, that it is indeed him and not a man, that is leading and teaching our brain. – You are right – we must test the spirits to see if they are from God – but once a person understands how God teaches and what his overall plan is for mankind…that person cannot be led astray.

            Sorry for carrying on so long…but most people who are deceived about God, do not know it themselves, and that is a pity – but these same people have failed to do their homework and fail to do the most important thing God admonishes us all to do…PROVE ME HE SAYS, and that means, we must roll up our sleeves and dive deep into our studies and become very familiar with every word of God.

            Understanding what we read becomes Knowledge – having Knowledge and using it, becomes Wisdom, having Wisdom protects us from the wiles of the devil, for he knows he can no longer deceive us. Anyway I do not mean to sound brass, but I have proven the word of God – and along the way, I’ve had a lot of Gods help of course,ZEROGON

      • Anonymous

        Did you see the part towards the end of the video where the guy that filmed the only known footage of “The Grove” confronted David Gergen who appears on Wolf Blitzer “ALOT” coming out of a building?  About his activities as a member at “The Grove” running around naked & wearing long robes & chanting before blood sacrifices in front of a 33 ft. granite statue of an Owl?  Man was that a “GOTCHA” moment or what!  LOL.  I love America!

        • Anonymous

          It is strange what the mind of man does under the influence of satanic impulses – its even worse when men join secret societies and are filmed under the influence of too much to drink.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous…0.0…1ac.1.Q-BHqEefT3Q

    Glen, LOOK FOR THE VIDEO THAT IS POSTED BY “LEE GOODALL”.  I know it may seem a little out there like it’s some sort of conspiracy but, that’s exactly what these people want that majority to think!  Look into it & talk about it on your show.  Thanks.

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  • landofaahs

    I bet there are a lot of people in Staten Island etc. who would love a 20oz. soda about now.  Bloomberg is a food nazi. I wonder if he is concerned about all the things that can be placed in human orifices that are bad for ones health.  That would not be PC to ask that I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m a dodo but as a USAF retiree I did ride once in an old tanker aircraft. Then we hear that ships/refineries, ad infinitum can’t get gas into NYC. I’m not absolutely sure but I believe our large KC-10S, ETC, holding thousands gallons could carry regular gas instead of JP-4, and load it into tanker trucks at the airports. Am I mising something


    I love the way Mr. Beck puts things on perspective.
    We need many more people like him on radio and TV.

  • Anonymous

    So many speaking of Reid I just wanted to say, Reid shouldn’t be a problem, I don’t care who says what or does what after our new PROUD president gets into office just walk Reid right out the front door, and he can sue us, slander us but, he won’t be able to continue to screw us!

    All the laws and regulations to “cover” their butts in the white house has got to change and November 7th will be changing time, I’m sick and tired of them living different lives then us after they wrote and passed all these laws, this is gonna STOP!

    No more do we let ANY of them sit in OUR house and do nothing or tries to disrupt or destroy our people, country, and way of life any longer.. we do NOT have to wait for re-election to rid our selves of any one up there that is not working in the best interest of our people or country.

    Only we can change this and we shall!!  No more people, let’s not take any more crap!

    And every single person that holds a “communist” club card will be removed too!

    This is it the American people have had it!!! 

    And if the 47% don’t like it, they can get a freakin job because WE THE PEOPLE can also change OUR laws on our GIVEAWAYS and WELFARE TOO, we are the ones paying for the free rides and we want OUR lifes back, so  47% say your prayers and be nice!

    And one more thing…..we the people ARE JUST THAT and WE SHALL HAVE A SAY IN EVERYTHING and this supreme court and their games and BS, ENOUGH is ENOUGH the courts should be made up of WE THE PEOPLE NOT APPOINTED by each politician that gets to rest their heads in our white house to fit their agenda to get THEIR new laws past
    and the hell with our constitution and our people, SEND them all home WE ARE STARTING FRESH and you ain’t it!!
    The 53% can do just fine, people stop thinking we need all these elected or appointed idiots.

    In our states do ANY of you know just how many politician’s we have that are not needed, we only hear mostly about the Governors and Mayors, OH NO there are lots and lots more that are behind the curtain with a BIG title and collecting BIG pay checks, let’s start do research how many we each have and check what they have done in the interest of your people in your state for the time they have been in office. Doesn’t that make sense we need to do a break down and rid ourselves of UNNEEDED, UNNECESSARY lumps on a log with a BIG retirement we don’t need.

    It’s way past time to keep what you earn so we all can live the lives that we choose to live not what and how they choose for us.

    God Bless and stay alert!!

  • Anonymous

    god keeps on try to tell us something and people still aren’t getting it. i mean last year
    such a destructive year for big tornadoes. now super-storm sandy ripping the northeast coast apart. i think people need to turn back to god for repentance.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone here honestly think that these things would happen with such magnitude if we hadn’t taken God out of the public schools & workplace?  Look at the statistics of violence,rape,murder,bankruptcies,abortions,drug use,divorce rates, earhtquakes,tornados,hurricanes,super-storms & people who have been incarcerated since prayer was taken away.  Compare them to statistics that exist before prayer & the mention of God was taken out of the public workplace.   It is so obvious when you look at the stats of how much all of these things increased since the court ruling back in the 60’s!

  • lisad

    i said to my daughter watch romney morf into jesus christ and obama morf into satan;the ultimamate battle of armagedin ;she said said please no dont say that .can oit be true?

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Well said, snowleopard. These progressives want pro-choice and “hands-off my body”, but are anti-choice in everything else. A liberal I know said “Well just buy 2 sodas if you want more.” THAT’S NOT THE POINT! And they don’t even see what’s wrong. I know I’m doom and gloom but if O gets re-elected, it will take a revolution to get our country back.

  • Anonymous

    Yep. I can’t wash down a Sabrett’s hot dog with a large soda. I can’t enjoy a cigar at Peter Luger. Is NYC the new East Berlin?

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck is an idiot – a dry drunk who always takes everything to the extreme. You morons that follow him are to be pitied. You don’t have a pot to piss but think some day you will lol!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Our “rulers” are so out of control, they don’t even try to pretend they are not committing voter fraud. 100% voted for obama? Not one person did not have his head where the sun don’t shine? Not one person pushed the wrong button by mistake? They take a big smelly dump, then rub our faces in it, and laugh at us. We better hope Gabriel blows his horn soon.

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