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Will anyone call out Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and virtually every other prominent leftist on TV today who mocked Glenn Beck for advocating emergency preparedness? How are those libs feeling today, as New Yorkers literally go dumpster diving for food.


In New York City, people are literally diving into dumpsters for food and supplies. A local reporter said:

This neighborhood we’re here outside the Key Foods Avenue A and east Fourth Street and people are dumpster‑diving. And what they’re going after here is the food that was inside these Key Foods. We presume it all spoiled and was dumped out here for garbage. But instead those here, some that I’ve spoken with so hungry, they literally pride open this dumpster. You see that door open right now and they are literally picking through for whatever they can take home with themselves. We have seen every here from the elderly to families with children literally up on top of this looking for whatever it is that they could take home with themselves. To put this in perspective, again this community without power since Monday, so many people here seeking shelter and seeking a way to feed themselves. Water, they are looking for any kind of food and water possible. And this is the extent that they’re willing to go to, the extremes that they’re willing to go to.

“This is not very far from where my daughter had her apartment. Fourth Avenue and Avenue A, that’s Manhattan and that’s. I mean, that’s remarkable, people ‑‑ and if you look at the pictures, you know, these aren’t hobos. These are families. In America. In New York. Me, Stephen Colbert, how are you feeling about yourself? How are you feeling? Jon Stewart, how are you feeling about yourself? NBC, how are you feeling? CNN, how are you feeling? Mayor Bloomberg, how are you feeling? Anybody who said don’t prepare, anybody who said you should ‑‑ you have food, food, food, you’re storing food, oh, you preppers, how are you feelin’ today? How are you feeling?” Glenn said.

“I’m pretty sure Stephen Colbert won’t after his ridiculous mocking of food preparation. How many of those people who are going through dumpsters right now wish they had listened and prepared and got just a little bit of Food Insurance?” Pat said.

“This is the thing. You have to understand this is New York. This is the center of all power in New York. It is. It’s ‑‑ well, it was until Obama got in. It was the center of the power of the world. You don’t screw with New York. New York is ‑‑ New York’s got it down. They will solve it. They have every resource. If New York doesn’t get it, if they’re diving in dumpsters, what do you think your neighborhood’s going to be like?” Glenn warned.

After playing the clip of Stephen Colbert mocking Glenn for promoting preparedness, the guys addressed what they see as a dangerous problem in modern society.

“Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter. The only reason to talk about this is because there are millions of Americans who get their news from these clowns. And they are wrong every single time. Because they’re comedians. And they are not, they are not just making jokes of things. They are destroying opportunities. They are destroying exit ramps. They are destroying people.”

“You know the thing that really bothers me is we haven’t just dislodged from common sense. We have dislodged from all common decency. Decency. Today’s the day that Jon Stewart should get on and say, “You know what? We’ve made fun of this before and we were joking and there’s no malice here but it (preparation) is important. It is important.”