FLASHBACK: Stephen Colbert mocks food insurance, preppers

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Will anyone call out Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and virtually every other prominent leftist on TV today who mocked Glenn Beck for advocating emergency preparedness? How are those libs feeling today, as New Yorkers literally go dumpster diving for food.


In New York City, people are literally diving into dumpsters for food and supplies. A local reporter said:

This neighborhood we’re here outside the Key Foods Avenue A and east Fourth Street and people are dumpster‑diving. And what they’re going after here is the food that was inside these Key Foods. We presume it all spoiled and was dumped out here for garbage. But instead those here, some that I’ve spoken with so hungry, they literally pride open this dumpster. You see that door open right now and they are literally picking through for whatever they can take home with themselves. We have seen every here from the elderly to families with children literally up on top of this looking for whatever it is that they could take home with themselves. To put this in perspective, again this community without power since Monday, so many people here seeking shelter and seeking a way to feed themselves. Water, they are looking for any kind of food and water possible. And this is the extent that they’re willing to go to, the extremes that they’re willing to go to.

“This is not very far from where my daughter had her apartment. Fourth Avenue and Avenue A, that’s Manhattan and that’s. I mean, that’s remarkable, people ‑‑ and if you look at the pictures, you know, these aren’t hobos. These are families. In America. In New York. Me, Stephen Colbert, how are you feeling about yourself? How are you feeling? Jon Stewart, how are you feeling about yourself? NBC, how are you feeling? CNN, how are you feeling? Mayor Bloomberg, how are you feeling? Anybody who said don’t prepare, anybody who said you should ‑‑ you have food, food, food, you’re storing food, oh, you preppers, how are you feelin’ today? How are you feeling?” Glenn said.

“I’m pretty sure Stephen Colbert won’t after his ridiculous mocking of food preparation. How many of those people who are going through dumpsters right now wish they had listened and prepared and got just a little bit of Food Insurance?” Pat said.

“This is the thing. You have to understand this is New York. This is the center of all power in New York. It is. It’s ‑‑ well, it was until Obama got in. It was the center of the power of the world. You don’t screw with New York. New York is ‑‑ New York’s got it down. They will solve it. They have every resource. If New York doesn’t get it, if they’re diving in dumpsters, what do you think your neighborhood’s going to be like?” Glenn warned.

After playing the clip of Stephen Colbert mocking Glenn for promoting preparedness, the guys addressed what they see as a dangerous problem in modern society.

“Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter. The only reason to talk about this is because there are millions of Americans who get their news from these clowns. And they are wrong every single time. Because they’re comedians. And they are not, they are not just making jokes of things. They are destroying opportunities. They are destroying exit ramps. They are destroying people.”

“You know the thing that really bothers me is we haven’t just dislodged from common sense. We have dislodged from all common decency. Decency. Today’s the day that Jon Stewart should get on and say, “You know what? We’ve made fun of this before and we were joking and there’s no malice here but it (preparation) is important. It is important.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It is sad that so many millions depend on comedians for the real news. Preparation is a key that allows options to be pursued, risks to be mitigated, and in the case of food, to help others when need arises.

    It does not have to be a hurricane or any disaster such as that: about three years ago my own city of Phoenix lost one of thee main power transfer units in a monsoon storm (one of our ‘once a century’ blowouts that comes every few years). We lost power here in my home for nearly two days, and I learned the lesson – be prepared.

    My worse case scenarios are this: natural disaster, disrupted transport lines for produce (say a massive truck strike or such), civil unrest and power/water disruptions for weeks.

    Consider the logical worse case scenario for your area of the nation and prepare accordingly.

    • landofaahs

      The only thing worse than getting your news from comedians is from the likes of crissy mathews etal.  At least you will get a good laugh with a comedian even if you don’t get the truth. :)

      • Sunshine Kid

         Well, let’s face it:  Chris Matthews is a comedian, he just doesn’t know it.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AHZJ2J4IXEPRUNY7LKWV7AIFFY Schteveo

          you know there IS a difference in FUNNY and PECULIAR.  Matthews is the latter.

          • Sunshine Kid

            *I’ll bypass “peculiar” and go straight to “weird”.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    That is what happens when you follow liberal thinking. That is why I don’t watch them anymore they are so far from the truth 99% of the time that you might as well have an Obama voice after their show saying I am Berry Obama and I approve this message.

    • http://www.facebook.com/roger.behrens.7 Roger Behrens


      You are so right!  Liberals always think that it is the government’s responsibility to take care of them and provide for them.  When disasters like Sandy happen they are usually the ones who are the worst off, and crying about no one being there to take care of them.

      • Anonymous

        agree Roger…like I said in my first comment, our grandparents and great grandparents had it down…have a lot of non-perishables on hand, know how to survive, and just dont need so much!   Honestly when I think back to katrina…and I know this may sound mean to some…but when that happened…and the mayor of new orleans got on tv ranting about how no one was helping from the government, etc etc…I did think to myself, why is it up to the government? years ago people just took care of themselves and their family, friends, and neighbors, much more community support…NYC is huge, there is a lot of money there…people should be helping right there

        • Staceycarverd

           When we had our storm years ago, neighbor was helping neighbor to dig out and clean up; government had their hands full with their normal duties and can only be in one place at a time.  I didn’t see anyone on local TV asking where FEMA was, or when government was coming.   We were too busy getting back on our feet to notice they hadn’t shown up yet.

    • Anonymous

      I rarely watch much on tv…I did however watch the last 2 debates…biden was ridiculous with his dark makeup and funny faces the whole time Ryan was talking, and then when I watched the last presidential debate, Obama (or barry whatever lol) made dumb faces also…Glenn should watch the clip Colbert did this week even, I dont even know what day it was, I sat to spend a little time with my husband, we put Colbert on and it was funny, just downright funny, he was actually complimenting Romney, he was saying how angelic his face was during Obamas ranting…he isnt for one or the other I really dont think he is, it is just funny sometimes…

    • landofaahs

      As John Wayne would say (paraphrased) ” Life is hard.  It’s even harder when you’re stupid”.

    • landofaahs

      Retardation abounds in this country.  Did you hear obama say that he told FEMA etc. to cut out the red tape?  Pray tell me, why would an emergency response org. have red tape?  It should already be worked into the plan since they are engaged in EMERGENCY situations.  Talk about stuck on stupid.

      • Sandie

         Perzactly !

  • Anonymous

    yeah but people know these guys are comedians…I guess some people dont realize this…its just funny stuff on there c’mon…no one would listen if it was on the real news anyway, and it all depends on who you listen to anyway…no one listens! we need to be like our grandparents, and great-grandparents that stocked up on non-perishables, knew how to survive through anything, and just down-right didnt need so much of everything! I support you Beck…but who cares what Stewart and Colbert say…it would be like complaining Leno or Letterman used you in a joke…who cares… 

    • mudslide

       I don’t listen to them anyway – most of the left are full of comedians   

      • Anonymous

        true but there are plenty of comedians that are not left and some that are neither! sometimes they are just funny and as much as I like Beck, there are so many more important pressing issues than to be trying to get people to admit that you said something correct! Glenn Beck wouldnt be where he is today if he didn’t make correct statements…we need him now to support whats going on in as far as the election goes…he has the power to get peoples attention! GO MITT!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000070994133 Victor Reyes

      That’s the problem.

      They do listen. I cannot count how many conversations I’ve heard that started, “Hey did you watch the Colbert Report?”

      Then it ends with a, “wow these guys are so smart they should run for president”

      -_- smh

      • Anonymous

        oh, well i know what you mean…too bad then…I look at them as just funny, like all the other comedians out there…just funny…like I said in my previous post…Beck shouldnt be wasting his time on trying to get people to say he was right…whatever…he wouldnt be where he is today if he didnt say right things…much more important issues!!   yeah, people just dont even get it with tv if they see it on tv…or even someones dumb post on facebook, they act like its real oh my

        • Sunshine Kid

           Common sense is no longer taught in schools, which is why most of the population of the USA has none.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Waller/100000961933709 Lynda Waller

    We have a food stash, extra water etc., in case another tornado should hit Enterprise AL as it did several years ago.  Believe me, if you have lived through one of these catastrophic events, you will appreciate preparation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Waller/100000961933709 Lynda Waller

    Oh, and by the way…I never watch these pseudo intellects that call themselves comedians.  Never found too much funny about them.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Unfortunately, most of the dumber people in the USA DO watch such comedians.  Why else do you think that Obama spends so much time on the Tonight Show, The Late Show, Conan O’Brian’s show, and other such lunatic asylums?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raymond-Benne/1442512963 Raymond Benne

    I am sure Colbert will be soon apologizing and reshowing how stupid he was in this “bit” Yeah, im sure he will…really…soon

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=541737447 Bonnie Sue Flynn

    We started buying extras at each visit to the store.  We have some supplies.   and then G got laid off and its a good thing I have food for us and the cats. 

    • landofaahs

      Way to go Bonnie.  I will pray for G to find work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donnie-Hancock/1847627488 Donnie Hancock

    As I sit here in West Virginia with no power, no heat, no food in 2 feet of snow– wait a second– I do have power,,, and heat,,,,, and food because I listened to Glen Beck and put a generator in for backup and stocked on plent of food,,,,,, and Ammo, too :)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SR6X4PRFX5JHS2CGJ734GMVO4Y Bob

       If you have no power, how do you write this post?

      • Anonymous

        Basic literacy Bob…. basic literacy.  Read past the first line…. or in your case, the first half of the first line.  Oh yeah, that part about a GENERATOR!!!

        • Lewis Clements

          DEMS never get passed the head lines, if that! LOL. Always waiting on someone else to do it for them.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDOU6BBHOP6O27FRAGUJATPLFM Laura

            Mental midgets.

      • landofaahs

        Electronic carrier pigeon. DUH.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ktloyd Katie Murphree Loyd

        You did not read the entire comment…”wait a second– I do have power,,, and heat,,,,, and food because I listened to Glen Beck and put a generator in for backup and stocked on plenty of food,,,,,, and Ammo, too :)” 

      • Kdiity

        You’re really not that stupid, are you?

        • Sunshine Kid

           Actually, OK, no need to comment on stupidity when it is obvious.

          • Lewis Clements

            I agree,but then the obvious is so often missed by DEMS. LOL

      • Lewis Clements

        I have a backup Gen,for my backup gen.HAHA! FOOD and well water all I need to get by. I will never wait on the COMMIE GOVERNMENT for anything!
        I’m NO MAN’s SLAVE and LIVE FREE! For years I’ve offered to help others set up for the day when we had no power or other daily needs like water,food and medical. Most didn’t see the point of it,THEY DO NOW! SLAVES each and everyone of them,waiting in lines begging for whatever they can get.PEOPLE dying due to inaction of GOVERNMENT to act in a timely fashion.So keep waiting on YOUR COMMIE GOVERNMENT SHEEP! A.B.O! VOTE ROMNEY!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/I3D6CITWGNOFGEWK34N6AANR2Q JasonG

        Someone needs there Adderall! People like you are the reason there should be a test that must be passed in order to vote.

      • Anonymous

         Poor Bob… Not too bright huh.

    • landofaahs

      Those without electricity and other needs, are going to be mad as hell come Tuesday.  Everything takes time but we are in a microwave culture that can get very ugly very shortly.

      • http://twitter.com/EvaMccreary1 Eva Mccreary

        @kirkdittmar:disqus Alfred replied I am shocked that anyone able to get paid $4923 in a few weeks on the computer. did you see this page…goo.gl/dU7C0

    • Anonymous

      Baahahahahahaha!!! You know what I smell cooking?? Some deep-fried bullshit as a selling tactic. You don’t need to listen to this ass-hat for that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rose.rodrigues.79827 Rose Rodrigues

    Hey!  Colbert….how stupid do you feel?   You don’t know the answer because you are stupid!  ahhhhh!

    • Anonymous

      like i wrote before, he is just a comedian…and he is funny, he will say something about being wrong …he has supported many correct issues out there too…there are so many more important things Beck should be promoting right now, he has the power to do it…GO MITT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melanie-Clark/100001116046507 Melanie Clark

    It doesn’t require the “end of the world” or any other natural disaster to make you appreciate food insurance.  In 2009, my husband was in a serious motorcycle accident.  Since then, a couple of times, there were bills we could not pay: he has had two major surgeries and missed work for a time.  But, we were not hungry or thirsty even though we could not go grocery shopping.  You never know…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand Colbert or Stewart.  These two jackasses have their heads up obumholes a$$ they can’t think or see.

  • Anonymous

    checked out the Food Insurance program, great great great idea…better yet would be to just get back to learning how to do all the work ourselves…and work together, go local, know how to survive…we are blessed to live in the country and have a garden, as well as be able to go to a private butcher, also burn wood, we all need to learn how to survive, and to learn what people did years ago…they would laugh like crazy if they saw how much you would have to pay for a 3 month supply of food! we can do it, learn from the past, there were no refridgerators, no gas-powered anything, heck there werent even stores when the people came on the mayflower for heaven sake! You grew stuff, you killed game, you made your own food, you kept warm by wood,  people knew how to take care of themselves…they knew how to make it…they knew how to survive with much less and be happy! 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and while these two twits ridicule ‘preppers’, I’ll bet they secretly build food storage too. 

  • Anonymous

    Colbert is a true jackass. I have been unemployed for a little over a year and have in part been able to keep my house and pay my bills and keep food on the table because I have food storage and savings. I also keep a 72 hour kit in case of an emergency that I can grab and go as needed (which is advocated by the American Red Cross as well as my church). It is proven time and again that the government and other organizations generally cannot respond within at least 72 hours with food and other supplies. So go ahead and keep making fun of the common sense that Beck is sharing. It amazes me how you can joke about and make fun of people who truly try to take care of themselves in time of need. I hope to God that you are never in a position where you might lose everything for reasons out of your control and find that you have no access to food or supplies for a week or more. The really sad part is how many people you might affect by thinking it is all a joke instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

  • greywolfrs

    WOW! Do these morons ever get it right? Even the CA state government tells people to store food in case of an earth quake. Colbert nd Stewart, complete idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Food, water, solar on the roof.
    Others put their money in gold. I put mine in lead(bullets).
    No dumpster diving for my family.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Yeah, lead:  That other “heavy metal” that is so valuable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=837307271 Jim Rogers

    Many of us in Southern California have earthquake supplies – several days of food, water, back packs with clothes, etc. in case of the inevitable; preparing ahead is just good sense, and Glenn is right!  This is just that extra little bit of confirmation of how stupid Colbert is, and unfortunately far too many people rely on Comedy Central for their news! Think it’s time to drag out my generator and give it a run!

    • Sunshine Kid

       “Comedy Central”?  You mean it’s not “News Central”?

      Well, danged if I know:  Never watch it anyway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.pam Scott Pam

    What a set of a**holes. Colbert and Stewart have been dropped from my watch list for years.

    If you are a libtard, you are probably crawling through dumpsters and blaming Bush for the devastation of Sandy.

    • D Womack

      Libtard and blaming Bush…classic – LIKE

  • http://www.facebook.com/patlatnerwhite Pat Latner White

    Being from Florida, I learned a long time ago to prepare for the hurricanes.  I know we could survive for a couple of months anyway.  Most people these days don’t know how to survive.  If we need to hunt for food, we can.  If we need to grow it, we can.  It is important to learn these things, we all may need to know them one day soon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V6J7TROVVOFAELOAGKLVA5EQ5M Shiro

    This guy is an asshole. He actually thinks he is funny with that fake on Q laughing audience. Not even funny.

    • Sunshine Kid

       When people listen to themselves and their own canned laughter, they think they are great comedians.  It’s too bad they cannot hear the groans of the audience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Amador/1236473257 Aaron Amador

    I live in South Florida and have quite the collection of MRE’s going.  We dodge hurricane after hurricane and you can never be to prepared. We know the drill, fill your car with gas make sure you have plenty of propane, water, etc… I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has an excellent underground power system. We last took a direct hit from Wilma (was it 7 years ago i think in 05) and only lost power for 45 minutes while I have good friends that were without power for 3 weeks. 

  • Anonymous

    arrived in New Orleans with my crew 2 days
    after the flood doing animal and people rescues, and after a few days my crew
    and I got tired of hearing the whining from so many
    people about how the government was not doing enough to help them.  There
    were so many military and police in the area as well as hundreds of volunteers
    from all over the U.S. volunteering their time
    to help clean up and rescue pets and people.


    was absent from the streets were the people crying “where’s the
    government”.  We never saw one complainer helping to clean up and
    rescue pets and people.  I see the same thing happening in New York and New Jersey.  People are
    complaining that they have no clothes, no gas, no money, no food, no
    electricity, and no beer.  When I see these people crying on television it
    absolutely reminds me of the Katrina people who are dependent on government to
    feed them.


    amazing that the media and Democrats can makes fun of the hard working, Bible
    carrying, gun toting redneck, (anyone who lives outside of New York), but it’s
    those people who have to put their lives on hold and possibly risk their lives
    for people who will not willing to help themselves.  How Pathetic!  
    Perhaps Darwin was right Survival of
    the Fittest.  Maybe we have tried to save too many lazy people with
    welfare and government hand-outs, perhaps the liberal Democrats are right kill
    the weak! 


    many disasters do people have to see before they start watching real news and
    educate themselves instead of spending hour after hour watching cable crap?  

    • Sunshine Kid

       One of my major reasons for advocating the gradual phaseout of welfare handouts.  Get the people back to work!  Charities are the best choice for welfare assistance, not the government.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roger.reid.777 Roger Reid

    I reject your “sense of responsibility” and substitute my own “dependancy on government rescue”.Hows that philosophy working out for you?

    • Sunshine Kid


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1278585948 Catherine L Thompson

    Glen gave us suggestions that if anyone listened and took to  heart sure could have helped them in this storm that has so many in trouble with no food, or water. If Colbert is not feeling quilty of his mocking his idea to be prepared he sure should be. Not a funny matter at all when such a disaster puts so many in trouble.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000273079978 Gerry Fortain

    These charlatons and pharisees remind me so of Bible studies and how the opponents of Christ and Noah and Moses laughed and laughed…….

    • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.vanderklein Darryl Vanderklein

      Especially Noah, pretty much everybody but his family. Wonder what they were thinking as they watched him sail away, flailing there in the water.

      • Sunshine Kid

         You mean, like the New York detractors of conservative values?

  • Anonymous

    Do you feel good now Colbert knowing that people are eating out of the dumpsters????? You are such an arse…… Maybe you will ask all to your home for some warm clean meals….

  • http://www.facebook.com/lois.jansen.7 Lois Jansen

    We lived in South Carolina when Hurricane Hugo was heading for our town. It seemed like everyone was running around trying to get ready. I kept feeling like I should be doing something, but we already had everything we would need. For 9 days we were hot and uncomfortable, but we had hot food, water, light, and tools to make temporary repairs. Our family ate better than usual because our neighbors brought their defrosting food for us to cook and share.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000241387491 John Prescott

    what a moron. KILL the fool!

  • Vicki Schoenwald

    I am in the center of tornado alley and blizzard central. It is a rural area, and those of us who posess a little common sense generally have pantry’s stocked and other things needed. I carry lamp oil, fuel, whatever I see fit to get me thorough.  I can also fish and hunt. I also grow most of my produce for my family and can or dehydrate.
    I also have on hand supplies for fixing and repairing if need be.
    No one is gonna come to your rescue, so you’d better figure it out for yourself.

  • Staceycarverd

    We had an unexpected winter storm hit us a couple years ago and learned quickly why you prepare for the unexpected. 
    We now have that generator, extension cords to help out neighbors, extra gas cans, a chainsaw, and a spare propane tank for the grille.

  • Anonymous

    People dumpster-dive outside the Key Foods in my neighborhood EVERY NIGHT. The store even put a huge heavy chain around it to keep them out. Didn’t work. And the food isn’t necessarily spoiled; it’s just past the expiration date, and it can still be edible. NO BIG DEAL. Stop making “news’ outta nothing.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, no big deal to those WHO ARE STARVING. Stop being the typical liberal stooge.

  • http://twitter.com/GiGiGodwin GiGi Godwin

    “How are those libs feeling today, as New Yorkers literally go dumpster diving for food.”

    I’m thinking … their emergency preparedness just might be … dumpster diving.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t expect much of a change from Stewart and Colbert BUT, perhaps those people who watch those two idiots will learn a little something from the suffering of others. I have never understood how educated Americans could think that they were watching news programming with these comedians. One has to wonder if the two funny men are laughing now.

  • landofaahs

    Sadly, even the ones going through hell now will not be prepped the next time either.  I feel sorry for the folks on the east coast but there were many days warning this was going to be a bad storm.  Why would you stay there?  If you were not going to listen, why did they wait until the last minute to go for batteries,water etc..  Please people, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry…
    So Colbert, Stewart and dozens of other intelligent people poke holes in glenn beck’s idiotic money making schemes, and now that a natural disaster has hit glenn beck thinks this vindicates how fucking stupid he is?
    glenn beck, you are an idiot!!!

    • D Womack

      You’ll notice that he NEVER mentioned an apocalypse. He said “natural disaster, hurricane, or man made disaster. How is that an idiotic money making scheme? He’s an idiot because he’s telling people to be prepared?
      I would venture a guess that you’ve never thought of a need, and turned it into a solution, and that’s why you’re so ignorant.
      Have you not heard what’s going on in New York and New Jersey? People are dumpster diving because they’re starving!
      So you sir, are the idiot.

    • Guest

      So, those people who have no food would not have benefited from having a backup supply right now. Is that what you’re saying? Do you realize how stupid it is for you to answer yes to that question?

    • Anonymous

       You just POed because you did buy any gold when Glenn Beck told you you should!
      As for being prepared, you government sucking people will never think self reliance is a good thing,  How’s it working for you now??

      • Anonymous

        Why should I pay 300% to buy gold through glenn beck’s sponsors?
        In my diversified portfolio I own bars, not overpriced bullshit coins.
        My investments are fine. I learned, for a very cheap price that sothere/guestSs wife is a swallower. I learned glenn beck is a lying sack who has taken donations from vets to pay for his D.C. rallies.

        • SoThere

          You’re too stupid to buy gold.  It wasn’t 300% but you’re an idiot and a liberal spammer.

          Since Glenn Beck has been advertising gold the price has gone from $600 to $1700 dollars an ounce. Ignorant people like yourself who are filled with hate missed out.

          You don’t have any investments strtlk, you’re all talk!

          You’re also a vulgar little man who doesn’t know that those round things in the urinals you clean are NOT mints.

          Folks, this is the face of a Liberal Progressive, many of them are in our government.  It’s OK to vote out an ineffective President, even if he is Black.

          Romney/Ryan 2012

      • Guest

        Bill, something you should know about strtlk.

        He’s been caught in his lies and has no credibility here. He’s a Wikipedia sailor and a lying puke. 1. As mtclayboy he claimed that he served on a BOOMER. As strtlk you claimed not to know what a Boomer or a SSBN was “I don’t care” were your exact words. He also stated that he didn’t know where Bangor, Wa. was which is where Boomers (submarines) are fitted for duty. strtlk lives in Seattle Wa.
        Any real Submariner would know that. He didn’t!2. He then changed his story and claimed that he was on a BOOMER. He lied.3. As mtclayboy he claimed that he had damaged his ears while serving on a Submarine. As strtlk, he claimed that he damaged his ears while serving on a submarine.4. As mtclayboy he claimed that he joined the Navy and served for five years on a submarine but according to the timeline he gave that was proven to be a lie. He lied.5. As mtclayboy he said that he was a Fireman. As strtlk, he claimed he was a Fireman.6. As mtclayboy and as strtlk, you posted the same bigotry and hate against Glenn Beck almost word for word even using the same spelling and grammatical errors and focusing on the children. I’ve posted many of them here already.Are you catching on everyone? He’s a liar plain and simple and nothing he claims can be believed. Strtlk should his bigotry and hate and Phony Sailor ID and leave us honest people alone?

    • Guest

      The vulgar idiot posts here again.  Glenn Beck and many others have been proven right that people should stock up for an emergency.  Many people do this and now Beck has been vindicated.  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

      Strtlk is an vulgar cockroach with nothing important to say here again, as usual.

      Strtlk thinks that the round things he finds in the urinals are mints and he drinks the blue water in the toilet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.bone.10 Sharon Bone

    Who’s laughing now? Those who listened and prepared accordingly?  I don’t think so.  Those who didn’t listen and have nothing to eat, no clean clothes, no gas, no clean water, no heat WISH they would have listened, and I don’t think any one is laughing now Mr. Colbert

  • Anonymous

    There’s condescension at it’s best.

    Now that I’ve actually seen Colbert, I have more reasons for having
    never watched his show (other than I never cared to).
    I do wonder
    what hilarity his writers will come up with next – probably something
    clever about pets and strays disappearing from the streets in the
    ravaged areas.

  • Anonymous

    [to the author of this article:  that should have been “pryed open the dumpster”, not “pride open”…]

    • D Womack

      Actually, it’s “pried”. Pry, prying, pried.

    • Sunshine Kid

       OK, genius, we know you cannot spell, but it is fun watching you try to disrupt conversations with idiotic detracting tactics.  Let us know when you grow a brain and can actually think.

  • Kdiity

    Yeah, who’s laughing now Jon and Steven??? Surely not the people of NJ and NY !!! Why don’t both of you grow a PAIR and admit Beck was right and you 2 were wrong. It would be the right thing to do, and God knows you 2 are rarely right, and I’m not holding my breath for this to occur

  • Anonymous

    For all the people who want to be “Green”. Why doesn’t the president send some solar panels and wind meals to provide the good people who have been devasted by the wrath of this storm with electricity.  Oh wait a minute………no sun is shining.   It would make some sense to send generators for the gas stations to be able to pump gas.  Tents, blankets, anything for makeshift shelter and warmth until power is restored.  SURVIVAL TIME.  I  would be cutting ciphering hose anD TAKING gas out of all the destroyed abandoned cars and boats instead of standing in line.  Would you really go to jail for stealing????I would call IT ULTIMATE SURVIVAL!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For all the people who want to be ‘GREEN’ why doen’t the  president send some solar panels and wind mills to the good  people who were devastated by this disaster to provide electriciry.  Oh………there is no sun shining at this time.  It would make more sense to send truck loads of generators to be able to pump the gas and provide electricity than to send truck loads of gas with no way to pump it.  Where is the help these people need for shelter??????Tents, blankets, water.  For people who don’t get it yet,  BE PREPARED FOR SURVIVAL, ON YOUR OWN.  Good old self reliance.  Responsibily lies within yourself NOT GOVERNMENT.   I say the people need to kick into survival mode.  Cut some cipering hose and get gas out of all those abandonded/parked cars and boats.  Would that be stealing and mean you  go to jail?? I say ULTIMATE SURVIVAL.  I gauarantee it would keep my generators running for a while.    

  • D Womack

    This is a such a dilemma…I have been taught all my life to be prepared. I learned it in the Boy Scouts and from the teaching of my church.
    One of my biggest fears is that something devastating like Hurrican Katrina and Hurrican Sandy will happen where I live. I’m prepared. I have food and water. What if someone turns to violence to try and take the food from me? I’m willing to share what I can, but at the cost of my family?
    The only real solution is to continue to teach people self reliance, like fedup5ky said. If everyone has a store of food and water, we won’t have to worry about people stealing, vandalizing or killing for someone else’s food.
    For those of you who believe in having food storage, talk to your friends and family and reason with them…don’t talk about apocalypse, cause that’s what people make fun of. Use Sandy and Katrina as examples.
    Food, water, shelter, (warm) clothes. Get those basics, then start thinking of storing gasoline, batteries, etc.Self Reliance – not government reliance. I’m not just talking about the Fed, I’m including State and Local government. That should be a fall-back.
    Learn from the past, prepare for the future.

  • Matt Erb

    This is great, great, great, because Stephen Colbert just show everyone in the world how incompetent and careless he is about humanity, while advertizing for Glenn Beck. P.S. You’re not funny Stevie.

  • Anonymous

    I do not get the news from comedians and I don’t expect them to include disclaimers or public service announcements with their satire. However, there is nothing to prevent them donating some of that money they earn by mocking advice that is common sense, is there? ( If you doubt that there is human decency in NYC, please remember the business men heading down the stairs at the world trade center who rallied to carry someone in a wheelchair down all those steps.They weren’t cops or firemen who were trained to run towards danger instead of away it.) 

    Sandy skirted us in central Virginia but we now have a battery powered lantern, two push- in battery powered lights and three or four more flashlights than we had before.  The worst thing about Sandy here was our cat who could not understand why we wouldn’t let him out into the path of an approaching storm.

    The true, if unintentional, pre-Sandy humorist was Lindsey Lohan who Twittered from the safety of the west coast for every one to stop being so negative about storm ” Sally”. Wouldn’t a contribution from her would be so positive?  

    • Sunshine Kid

       I wouldn’t accept anything from Lohan.  As a woman, she made one sad excuse of a mother.

  • Anonymous

    it make sense to have provision and to be prepared…  The issue I have is that it not just about what you need to have mr. beck it that you’re peddling and getting kick backs on the prepper supply through your site.  I’m sure you will do very nicely after this disaster.  that doesn’t sit with me.

    Me.  I drove down to CT, got the ferry to long island where I met up with my friend, where on his boat dropped of blankets, food and first aid to those folks on staten Island, National guard were awesome and helps us make our delivery.  If you know NY, you know just how many people there are in that small condensed area.  Spoke with Guard, EMT, FEMA and cops.  I tip my hats to you guys.

    • http://facebook.com/metalchick007 Lisa Renee’ Jones

       you must not really listen to Glenn….those are his sponsors, he is doing paid advertisements.  If you listen to him, he just says do anything you can?  I do mine with can goods, can meats, veggies, soups, fruit and cases of water (I buy case of water at Aldi’s for $2.29)…all of the things I already eat and just keep around 3 to 6 months extra.

      You can also go to Sam’s Club and pick up 50 lb of rice for $18 and put it in food grade buckets for long term.  Beans also work well this way. 

      Look into being prepared, it relieves some anxiety……it has reduced mine.

  • tomo

    Hey Colbert,Give half of what your worth right now,at this very momentto the the NAACP.Once
    a month from this moment FORWARD 

  • O Spt

    “—IF you are still watching TV.
    —-IF you still even have a TV
    —-PLEASE —do NOT lsten to
    my show.  I DO NOT want to
    know you.  –Whether you ralize
    it or not —you have been debased.

    I threw out my TV 22 years ago
    and it saved my life—–”
    -Informed Radio online

    “—-I had a friend who’s brother
    was in the CIA.   Of course, he
    never discussed his work but he did
    once give a stern piece of advice
    —-‘NEVER WATCH TV’.”
    -Informed online

  • Sunshine Kid

    Liberals:  Believe in “Forward”, “Hope and Change” and other slogans will prepare themselves for the future, but what they forget is that history is full of lessons – that is, IF you follow history.  Our forefathers were great at storing food for lean times; now the progressive liberals laugh at us and call us crazy.  If their forefathers had not stored away for their bad times, they might not be here.

    Now, that is a laugh!

  • Anonymous

    I’d bet the farm Colbert will have neglected his asbestos underwear when his time comes. Rather suspect the stores will be closed as well. I’m sure we’ll all be considerate and not laugh(at least not out loud.)

  • http://twitter.com/ImaColliegirl Tammy Smith

    Sounds similar to those who got on the Titanic. “Nothing can sink this ship… Not even God Himself!” In their boastfulness and highheadedness, they forget what an unpredictable world we live in… We have no promise of a continuing city here.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest clown on the internet is Glen Beck.

    Anyone who votes for Romney is voting for stupidity for they have no idea what that they are voting for with Mittens. But here are some thing we do know;

    1. He fixed the Olympics with the help of a billion dollars of federal aid
    2. He vetoed 842 items in Massachusetts as governor yet claims to be able to work across the aisle.
    3. He made a fool of himself when he went overseas this summer
    4. He has changed position on everything he has ever said sometime in the same day.

    5. He has had no qualms in buying companies, leveraging them to the hilt. Taking his money out of them form the loans then letting them go belly up.

    6. He chose a guy to be his running mate who has stood for the personhood amendment and was for gutting social security and medicare.

    Is this the kind of guy you really want as president…

    BTW… check this out as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Horse_Prophecy

    • Guest

       …and Romney is trying to lie his way into the White House.
      Oh, that’s right. People who follow Glenn Beck, a professional liar, do not care about politicians who lie unless they are black politicians. 

    • Anonymous

      Laughing my way to the polls, Thinking of debunking Obammy. Keep hoping that your change continues…..just don’t be surprised when he gets hauled away in handcuffs.

  • Guest

     Stephen Colbert is the Glenn Beck of comedy. Or is it the other way around?

  • billy sagel

      “They are destroying opportunities. They are destroying exit ramps. They are destroying people”
    Exactly how are these comments by Stephen Colbert doing these things? The same way that our free speech against the acts of terrorism and radical islam are destroying the lives of those in the middle east?
    It seems to me that the writer of this article is attempting to find self validation after being mocked. Colbert wasn’t mocking the people hurt in these disasters. Colbert was mocking Glenn’s attempt at making money such a time of disaster.

    Furthermore, let’s not forget why the hurricane was so bad in the first place.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1334883866 John Scurich

    I’ve been saying for years Colbert is a moron and a jackass…and this proves it!  Why anyone wastes precious time in their life watching his program is a mystery.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDOU6BBHOP6O27FRAGUJATPLFM Laura

    Remember when during Christmas season a man was trampled to death at a retail store because people were swarming in to get the latest toy, that was a red flag.

  • O SPT

    “There’s NO saving this system folks.
    It is corrupt from top to bottom.
    Like a rotting corpse —-there’s nothing
    you want to save.  You wan to bury it
    and move on with all haste.

    But most folks today, indoctrinated
    by Tavistock media and dumbed down
    with the lobotomy shots and Rockefeller
    meds —don’t even know —–could not even
    summon a response if they did.

    Realize —ALLLLL of you —IF you are
    partaking of TV or the pop scene in 
    any of its facets  —IF you’re still believing
    it’s workign –it can be fixed ——you ARE ALREADY A GONER. . .”
    -Informed Radio
    (days ago)

    —-The is the 11th hour of the —oddly umentioned—-
    40th Anniversary of the Rockefeller—NIXON handover
    to Globalist ‘fave’ and EUGENICS pioneer 
    ——————-MAO TSE TUNG——————.

    —SO COUNT the CHEM-trails while the Globalists
    count your votes.

    This is the 11th hour. . .

  • Anonymous

    all you fear mongering republicans will bow hyour head tomorrow when my man Obama gets reelected.  hahahaha  suckers.  I guess you can listen to beck scare you for 4 more years

    • LexiconD1

      Who’s the sucker now?

      Your ‘man’, Obama, is systematically ruining the nation, one Executive Order at a time.

  • Luxomni

    If you have food and your neighbor doesn’t, it can only be because you stole it from him, not because he listened to Steven Colbert instead of Glen Beck.

  • Danielle Freeman

    Usually I agree with Stephen Colbert and but I have to agree Glenn Beck on this one. Having an emergency pack close by isn’t such a bad idea.  Take hurricane Karenina for example, a pack like this could have come in handy.  Will I even come into a situation that I probably need to use it? Probably not but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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