Non-union good samaritan electrical workers turned away by union workers

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This story confirms every negative union stereotype in existence today. When a group of honorable, decent electric workers from down south dropped everything they were doing to help out storm victims in the north — they were turned away by the unions for not being union workers.

WAFF reports on the story:

A six-man crew from Decatur Utilities headed up there this week to assist with storm damage from Sandy. Derrick Moore, one of the Decatur workers, said he and his crew were notified they could not do any work in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, without agreeing to union requirements.

The general manager of Decatur Utilities, Ray Hardin, told Fox Business Friday morning they were presented documents from the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers at a staging area in Virginia. The documents stated they had to affiliate with a union to work, which the crews would not agree to.

Hardin said the crews were not turned away, but were made to believe that affiliating with the union was a requirement to work.

“It was and remains our understanding that agreeing to those requirements was a condition of being allowed to work in those areas,” said Hardin.

As they waited for confirmation on the documents, crews received word that Seaside Heights had received the assistance they needed from other sources.

“There’s some red tape you can cut, Mr. President, but you won’t.  You won’t because of your union cronies.  You won’t do it.  How do I know?  Because I know who you are.  I know you’re a progressive.  I know you’re in with the unions and you are exactly the same way that FDR was with the unions,” Glenn said when he heard the news.

When discussing the story during the program, Glenn said that the story represents a fundamental change in America.

“That’s what Americans do.  They get off their butt in Decatur when they see a problem and they go.  They get in their trucks and say, “Bill, come on, let’s go.”  And they get in their truck and they drive across the country at their own expense and they take care of it.”

“This is the fundamental transformation of America.  Listen to this.  If this is what you want, if you want to be a group of people that cannot do it any other way.  The president just said, ‘Don’t take no for an answer.”  Well, that’s what we do best.  That’s what we do best.  We don’t take no for an answer,” he said.

“But everything’s too big to fail and so you can’t, you can’t build that on your own.  The government will do it for you.  And so what happens when there’s trouble?  You can’t ask an anybody for help.  You can’t do that.  You’ve got ‑‑ ‘No, no, no.  Wait for the union worker.  Wait for the government.  Wait for someone else.’  I don’t want to be a part of that.  That’s not the country I was born in.  I don’t want to be a part of that country.  If I wanted that, I’d go live some place else.  I’ll go live in England, which is about to be destroyed.  That’s not our country.  That’s not who we are.  Fundamental transformation.”


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is one more example of why the unions are aberrations that need to be dismantled and sent into the night as have gone the dinosaurs. They are now nothing more than legalized criminal syndicates bent on their own control, power, corrupting influence and led by socialist leaders bent on the ending of the Republic.

    • landofaahs

      I’m shocked!!!  Sorry.  I could not resist.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Actually if your humor is like mine, then you could resist but choose to bring some humor into the world that desperately needs it.

        Good one.

        • landofaahs

          Someone once said, it hurt too bad to laugh but I was too old to cry. I prefer to laugh mostly cause if you don’t laugh, you will cry.

        • Eva Mccreary

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  • bull57

    Union first the people Welfare second. It’s crisis time boys, wave the da.n union BS and get the people’s electricity back on. All the non-union boys need to pack their toys up and go home. Let all the democrat / union loving people go without as its apparent they can not appreciate the kindness that the rest of the country was offering….

  • Anonymous

    I didnot expect much else from the unions.  A classic attitude of unions-to hell with the other guy and what’s in it for me? BUT the bigger shame is on Christie, As much as I like his candor, why he did not put it straight to the union-is beyond me.How disappointing on both fronts.

  • Sam Fisher

    Vote liberal get backstabbed. Glenn is right this will be our last chance. We get Obama in for four more years there will not be country left to fight over with. To those who have a problem with his faith. Do you think it really matters if our only other opinion is watching this country burn to the ground? I am sorry but this Christian refuses to stand by and let this happen. I have problems with his faith but when the country is on the brink of turning into a pit of hopelessness and no way out what does it matter? If you think Mitt is to big government for your taste what will it matter if we are all hunted down because we refuse to let Obama become king. Mitt will only be there for four years and a slowdown is better than speeding off a cliff. Our rights are at stake look how the left bring in the U.N. to dictate to us on how to vote and if you think that is not what they’re doing than you’re the biggest fool in history. It time to stand up for God sake. My pastor is voting for him why because we cannot stand by anymore and be passive. We are in this mess because good people did nothing. It time to vote and to put this petty bull aside. What good is it for country of freedom if we sit back and let Obama take our freedoms away over petty B.S. It is time to do what is right. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein

    • Anonymous

      “”We are now engaged in a great civil war,” not one of battle and combat, but of philosophy. Are we to remain the progeny of Washington and Jefferson, or become the spawn of Marx and Lenin?””

      Purveyor, 2011

      I agree completely with your view on the election and the next four years. Obama and company will disregard or circumvent law, hence dissolve our Nation.

  • greywolfrs

    UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! You have got to be joking. These guys came to help and were turned away because of the union. Please, someone tell me why unions are so damn great.
    J F C, pardon my language, but this is bullshit.

  • Anonymous


  • SoThere

    Barack Hussein Obama, brought to you by your local Union thugs.

    • Sandie

      This is sickening. . . how to get more people to hate the unions.

      • VindicatorX

        Oh, I think the IBEW is doing that job quite well on their own.

        • Sandie

          That’s what I mean. They are asking for public scorn.

          • VindicatorX

            I think they shall have it. Probably not in the socialist republic of New York or New Jersey, but I think they will find their welcome a bit shopworn after this.

          • landofaahs

            As John Wayne would say ” Life is hard.  It’s even harder when you’re stupid”.

          • Sandie


      • landofaahs

        If you have had dealings with unrealistic unions, you find it easy to hate them.

        • Sandie

          I know – I have had dealings with them. Their blind allegiance to the union bosses who get them the raises, pensions, etc (greed) at a cost to others is sickening. I have had to deal with them blackballing people because they weren’t union. We need to pass a Right to Work law at the federal level.

          • VindicatorX

            I saw a lot of this when I lived in a union controlled state. It’s organized crime and theft from the non union public in these states where unions run everything. Extortion on a massive scale is the best way to describe them. There is no excuse for toleration of their bullying. Unions are actually becoming organizations of exclusion. They used to welcome new members, but if you want to work somewhere they control things they make it very hard to get in, or keep a job if you are not a union member. 

            Unions are more mafia than benevolent organizations advocating for workers. They would like you to see them as having the worker’s back, but it’s not that way. They kill productivity, and carry the dead wood along with the good workers. It’s impossible to discipline union workers, and extremely difficult to get rid of them when they don’t perform.

            SEIU and other unions dealing with civil service employees are the absolute worst. They actually performed so poorly in relation to the workload at one place I worked as a contractor that they were the reason the state hired contractors in the first place! Then they hate the contractors who spare them from doing any work at all! There were many openly hostile acts perpetrated against me and other contractors in the state where I worked – one state employee (union member) actually called a co-worker contractor friend of mine a “scab” one night on the job. In fact he yelled it from ten feet away from the man. Needless to say, nothing was done about this incident – all the supervisors were members of another union and they don’t punish their own. They could even openly sleep for hours on the job and nothing would happen to them – if a contractor had a hard time staying awake on the same night shift crew, they got told not to come back by management. Double standards were the rule and not the exception. 

            Unions are the enemy of the people.

          • Sandie

            In the beginning they were a force for good, but have since have turned to the dark side.

          • VindicatorX

            That usually happens when the organization is more interested in money and power than members.

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely right my friend!!!!  Hence, the reasons why NJ and NY are having all kinds of issues with getting some semblance of normalcy in Sandy’s aftermath.  Many of the sheeple of the Demo-rats in those places are now questioning.  Even saw several areas – predominantly Dem – asking where the messiah is.  No power, no bottled water, etc.  Even Cuomo is getting a bit angry.  What happened to “cutting through” the red tape?  They’re seeing the empty suit that Obozo is.

  • Harold Mac


  • VindicatorX

    Time for Unions to be done away with. How about we let the people in NYC and NJ take care of the jerks that are keeping the lights off? This intimidation of well meaning volunteer help is a shameless example of what is bad about unions. IBEW – this isn’t the time for a turf war here – it’s time to take help from where ever you can get it! Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem, in this case the IBEW IS the Problem!

    • Sandie


  • Jason Belletire

    Typical Glenn Beck fact twisting and very representative of the whole GOP mindset of using events like this one as political ammo and headlines prepared to further and opinion or an agenda about unions. Even the headline is FALSE .Note that Christie has made it clear they are accepting non union help and no one was turned away. The contractors even said so–Superstorm-Utility-Crews

    • Anonymous

      Time to go back to HuffPo. Thanks.

    • VindicatorX

      You must be a union man.

  • not again

    I am from the South (Arkansas) and that is what we do. Just had a tornado this spring and it went over my house but got 7 of my neighbors and you immediately get your truck, tractors, and trailers to help clean up. You don’t sit around and complain because someone isn’t with the union. I have lost any respect for the ppl in NY that called our guys scabs (whatever that means) we are proud ppl  here but we have no time or patience for ppl that do not appreciate us. 

  • Anonymous

    if you’ve never been a member of a Union, YOU BENEFIT everyday from what Unions
    have done.”

    Unions are responsible for all of these costs….

    got employer paid/sponsored benefits: like, health care/retirement plan?
    (even if you pay a share)
    thank the Union

    got a day or two off every week?
    thank the Union

    8 hr work day, and paid overtime?
    Thank the Union

    Workman’s Comp?
    Thank the Union

    A safe workplace?
    Thank the Union

    Got an employer who needs a REASON to fire you?
    thank the Union

    Unemployment benefits?
    thank the Union.

    Maybe you would be better off earning $2 hour?

    • Anonymous

       Maybe back in the 1930s and 1940s unions were responsible for those things. Today, everything you just mentioned is regulated by the government. Unions have gone too far, make it nearly impossible to discipline bad employees, or fire anyone, and have become so greedy they would prefer to destroy the economy than allow non-union workers to make a living. Oh, and let’s not forget the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. Ring a bell? Non-union workers were hired for plumbing and electrical in that building. When that was completed, union thugs went in and tore everything apart.

      Yeah, I think we know what unions are … ORGANIZED CRIME. They served their purpose but only destroy this nation now.

      • Anonymous

        JThomas, you are exceptionally correct. Everything has its season of fame and glory; and everything has a beginning and end. It’s [the union] usefulness has come to the end of their reign.

    • VindicatorX
      As a person who worked as a contractor to a state whose employees were union members, and who also committed acts of intimidation, aggression, and whose work behavior necessitated the hiring of contract workers just to get the work done, I find your remarks ignorant and offensive. All of the things like workman’s comp, 8 hour work shifts, overtime are all federally mandated – unions had very little to do with any of that. 

      I also worked 12 hour shifts 38 hour weeks for that union state, with no benefits, leave, sick leave, no vacation or any kind of paid time off – as a contract worker carrying the worthless, lazy bums who had unions to back them up. We contractors put up with a lot of crap from union state workers, and very few of them were decent human beings or valuable workers. Unions destroyed the work ethic and permitted people to behave in ways at work that would certainly have gotten them fired in non-union jobs. 

      Sorry, but your entire argument is bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    I am from the South (Arkansas) and that is what we do. Just had a tornado this spring and it went over my house but got 7 of my neighbors and you immediately get your truck, tractors, and trailers to help clean up. You don’t sit around and complain because someone isn’t with the union. I have lost any respect for the ppl in NY that called our guys scabs (whatever that means) we are proud ppl  here but we have no time or patience for ppl that do not appreciate us. 

    • Anonymous

      I was a native of NY and let me tell you, there are pockets of really nice ppl but the majority are selfish, unappreciative dolts that know no better. Whom do you think keeps voting in the democrap elites, The well informed, educated electorate?

      • VindicatorX

        You do indeed know what you are saying. I know from personal experience in having lived and worked with the very ones you are talking about. 

      • Anonymous

        I rest my case. NY is not alone in lack of cogent thought.

  • Anonymous

    IMHO Union workers are nothing more than mob-mentality lemmings and most of them don’t have any work ethic. A carpenter friend of mine had to join a union in order to work on a certain job. Every day he would complain because by himself he was able to do three times the work of the two men he worked with. They had no inherent work ethic and whether they worked at a snail’s pace or as hard as my friend they received the same pay. This is why there are always overruns on jobs. Management know how many people can do so much work in a given period of time. Union workers know if they drag their feet they can get tons of overtime. And then you get disasters like this. Knowing that they need every bit of help they can get they would rather see children freeze and go hungry than supply them with what it takes to get heat and hot meals. I hope you’re all very proud of yourselves.

    • VindicatorX

      This is true – I have seen it for myself.

  • Zak Arthur Klemmer

    This is how Davis-Bacon was created. 

  • Jo Ann King

    From reading articles about this, is doesn’t look like the crews involved were asked to come in the first place. Getting electrical crews to come in for storm damage is an organized process. You can’t just show up and offer to help (for pay – these guys were looking to make big money – not to volunteer to do electrical work for free). Union crews that are asked to come have accountability – strangers don’t.  Union workers are also guaranteed to have an enormous amount of training.  Would you just hire anyone who knocked on your door offering to work on your damaged roof after a storm? I hope not.  This story is not based on knowledge of all the details involved and is therefore a lame excuse for union bashing.  We need to rid unions of corruption and other problems – not get rid of unions.

    • Anonymous

       I understand the point, but they are (apparently) good enough for Alabama.  It would have been easy (is it ever easy?) for a local union worker to accompany each crew and determine if the work was up to “code” — or better.

    • Hop Sing

      the aftermath of 9/11 never asked anyone to help either. But they came and were accepted without question regarding their union or non-union status. In no way I’m comparing the aftermath of Sandy to 9/11. But this natural disaster left them, to this very day, with no power. Would it have hurt them for these volunteers to at least check the grids, maybe give those affected with temporary assistance until the government steps in? Maybe you think it was better they rely instead for those in office to divert what resources was available so that the NYC Marathon can take place as scheduled and have those affected to wait after that event…just sayin’

    • Anonymous

      They were giving of their time…who said anything about money? Technically, If they do it as charity, they need not ask anyone if they could, no?

  • gator

    the SEAL’s aren’t union, but when ‘little hussein’ called them, they killed bin laden;

    then when the SEAL’s needed help, they called ‘little hussein’ and they were told NO, and the SEAL’s WERE  KILLED!

    hussein barrack obama has  COMMITED TREASON, in WAR-TIME!  Does anyone know what penalty that carries?

    • Anonymous

      It can’t happen soon enough!

    • VindicatorX

      I know, let’s play hangman and try to figure it out!

  • Dave Posh

    TheDailyCaller has the “Letter of Assent” that was sent by IBEW local 1049 to Florida electricians.

    • VindicatorX

      Bravo Dave! This shows the union supporters here and the union for what they really are – lying criminals. Funny, how when this letter became public the union all of a sudden backed off of this demand that they pay dues or stay home. 

      Great job!

  • windtalker700

    My mother lives in Harrisonburg V.A. She is telling me things
    in N.J. are pretty bad. No FEMA no Red Cross. My feelings are that something is
    afoot ? As Judean Christian Americans we must help one another. It’s in our
    blood ! On a Federal level I don’t now what’s going on but I suspect the lack
    of a response from FEMA and the Red Cross is nothing short of a political end
    that has no honorable intention. I pray for those who are in need. My mother
    works at Cosco. As a matter of desperation everything they have is going to
    N.J. Generators,  ETC. Pray for those
    folks, and I pray to here from Governor Christy soon on this matter.

  • Anonymous

    glenn,  send the electrical workers to billy and franklin graham’s Samaritan’s Purse.  they can fill out applications, list their skills, pack a bed roll and personal items because they’ll have places to stay, and get put to work–and BE WELCOMED!!!

  • Bob

    this story is a myth and you all are going to hell for politicizing a natural disaster.

    • VindicatorX

      I hope the IBEW rewards you well.

      • Sandie

        Amazing how stupid these leftist trolls are to think they can pass off these kinds of lies and expect people to accept them just because they declair them to be!… LMAO

        • VindicatorX

          Yes it is truly amazing. They lie in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  • Anonymous

    Did not happen. Check Snopes. Another bunch of baloney.

    • Anonymous

      Snopes…Are you kidding? They are right up there with Wikipedia in accuracy. Bogus!

      • Anonymous

        So here is what you do. Check the “news” sources, compare against snopes (or other “news” sources) and try to figure out what the truth is. When you have a fact that is supported as opposed to repeated, you are on your way to separating the noise from the signal. Saying that snopes is “bogus” is neither factual nor useful. It’s just more noise. 

        The document concerning non union workers did not come from the IBEW, but from some company in Alabama (not affiliated with any union. Check it out fo yourself. It’s not that difficult.

    • VindicatorX
    • Anonymous

      Guessing you like baloney?

  • Sandie

    The  polls open in a little under 11 hours here and I can not wait to VOTE! Here is a short video to fire you up prior to heading out to the polls. (It really says it all!)

    Please take a look at this notice, from True the Vote, regarding election integrity. If you witness  any funny business at your polling station – they have a hot line and some basic rules to follow to help ensure the integrity of your vote. This non-partisan group does mazing work!

     Let Freedom Ring!

  • thomas

    I.B.E.W.= I Barely Even Work

  • You can't handle the truth
  • pen15

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