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Tonight, on TheBlaze TV, Glenn Beck hosted “America at a Crossroads”, a Sunday special examining the policies of the Obama administration and the impact they have had on the country. The special focused on two key areas: the economy and the Middle East.

“Soon, the nation will make its choice.  This is the most critical choice America has ever faced – because we don’t survive another four years of this,” Glenn said as he opened the show.

For the past several weeks, Glenn has been touring the country and telling people that America is now at a crossroads and it’s time for them to make a choice between two very different paths: one that relies on big government for solutions or one that believes that government should get out of the way and allow individuals to find solutions themselves.

“On Friday the October jobs report came out and it jumped to 7.9%.  When Obama campaigned in 2008 he projected that if he were elected, unemployment would be at 5.4% at this time.  If the labor force participation rate was the same as when Obama took office, meaning if thousands of people hadn’t just given up looking for work, unemployment would be 10.6%,” Glenn explained.

Glenn ran through Obama’s record on jobs and the economy:

1)   1 million construction jobs and over half a million manufacturing jobs have been lost.

2)   23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed

3)   813,000 people have stopped looking for work

4)   The number of long term unemployed have nearly doubled to 5 million

5)   The average length of unemployment has more than doubled from 19.8 weeks to 40.2 weeks

6)   Unemployment under Obama was above 8% for 43 straight weeks, the longest stretch since monthly tracking began in 1948

7)   Household income has fallen 8.2% under Obama – $4,000 per family

8)   Food prices are soaring: Eggs up 73%, peanut butter up 40%, ground beef up 61%, bacon up 39%

9)   Gas prices have gone from $1.78 on Obama’s Inauguration Day to $3.50 a gallon

10)    Four straight years of trillion dollar deficits and a National Debt has surpassed $16 Trillion.

“To pay for all this Obama believes he can just tax the rich,” Glenn said. “If I took every dollar from the top 50 % of everyone in the nation, we would be out of money in a year. The problem won’t be solved by taking it, the problem is we are spending too much.”

Glenn pointed out that many of Obama’s policies are also extremely anti-business. He’s pro-union, anti-coal, and big on regulations that make it harder and harder to grow small businesses.

To illustrate the failures of the Obama administration, Glenn brought in a group of successful business leaders from across the country.


Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

Glenn and TheBlaze  have also been leading the conversation on Libya and the failures of the Obama administration to respond to the situation. Glenn invited Real News co-host and National Security expert Buck Sexton onto the show to discuss the latest on Libya.


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