Glenn and Pat predicts Romney landslide, Stu thinks Obama may get a second term


This is it – just one day until the biggest election perhaps in the history of America. After all the debates, all the attacks, all the gaffes — where does each candidate stand in the polls? What are people predicting just 1 day out? Can Romney actually pull off a landslide?

TheBlaze has posted some of the latest swing state polls:

A new University of Cincinnati poll of undecided voters shows President Obama with 50 percent support and Mitt Romney with 48.5 percent.

A new Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows a slightly closer race with both Obama and Romney at 49 percent.

An NBC-Wall Street Journal-Marist poll of likely voters in Virginia released Sunday shows Obama 48 percent to Romney’s 47 percent.

Public Policy Polling has new numbers today for Nevada and Colorado:

Nevada: Obama 51%, Romney 47%

Colorado: Obama 52%, Romney 46%

With the final polls trickling in, the radio crew gave their predictions for the Electoral College.

“321‑217,” Glenn said. “I think that’s what we’re headed for because I think we’re headed for Chick‑fil‑A.  Nobody bused people into Chick‑fil‑A.  And look at what that was.  I think there are millions of Americans who just aren’t making a big deal out of it.  They’re just going to go.  And they are going to do the right thing.  And nobody has to bus them in, nobody has to organize them.  They are just going to do the right thing.  I think you are going to see a miraculous night tomorrow.”

“Either the media is going to be very, very wrong or we’re going to be very wrong.  And I don’t think either side knows which it is,” Glenn explained.

Glenn pointed out the huge and energetic crowds that greeted Mitt Romney over the weekend. Up until recently, many had considered Pennsylvania to be a safe win for Barack Obama. Recently, however, both he and Romney have been pouring money into Pennsylvania.

“They sent Bill Clinton to Pennsylvania.  Why would you do that?  Because they don’t believe their poll numbers, either.  They might think, both sides might think they have it locked down.  I don’t think the Obama people do,” Glenn said.

Pat believes that Romney will win 337-201 in the Electoral College.

Stu, on the other hand, is not as confident in a Romney victory. Stu explained that the Real Clear Politics average gives Romney a 1.4 point lead in Florida. Confidently giving Romney a Florida victory, Stu gave Romney every state where he had a 1.4 point lead in the polls. This does not give Romney a victory in the Electoral College.

“If we’re thinking Romney’s lead of 1.4% is safe, then we could also apply that same standard to Obama.  So if he leads states by 1.4% or more, they would be safe,” Stu explained.

” So if you apply that standard and you give Mitt Romney all the states he leads in no matter how small the lead and all the states Obama leads in up to 1.4%, Obama still wins.”

Stu’s final Electoral College?  281‑257 Obama.