Mercury One continues to raise money and aid for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the New York/New Jersey area. Joe Kerry was on site and reported in on some of the amazing things he saw while in New York.

Joe writes:

We were invited to attend the church service at Pastor Connie’s church.  Her church serves a very poor area of Coney Island where the spiritual and temporal needs are great.  Her church was flooded by Hurricane Sandy and sustained substantial damage.  Although the sewer water was pumped out of the basement in time for the church services the smell was present and powerful.  The church’s heater was also non-operational due to water damage.  But the people were still there in the pews when services began.  They wore their coats, hats and gloves.  Services were going to be shorter so the congregation could organize for the 1pm food distribution activity.

When Pastor Connie arrived at church that morning, Mercury One was already in the parking lot waiting for arrival.  We spoke to her about the great work she and her church were doing and we presented her with a $100,000 check so here church could be properly cleaned, mold could be removed, dry wall knocked down and rebuilt. the water heater repaired and rain stained ceiling tile replaced.  We let her know that this money was raised by Glenn Beck and Mercury One from tens-of-thousands of people from across the country.  People that she never met cared about her and her neighborhood.  She was touched beyond words.  Tears streamed down her face as she said ‘thank you’.

These supplies were delivered by 2 men who were inspired by watching The Blaze.  They were sitting in their living rooms watching The Blaze and saw Glenn talking about the Coney Island Church of God–how it was damaged by the storm, how the neighborhood was running short on food, water and hope.  These two men, on their own, arranged for two box trucks to meet them at Costco, where they purchased $50,000 worth of food, blankets, baby formula, fresh bananas, energy bars, water and diapers.  They then found out the location of the church and delivered all these goods to Pastor Connie.  If we want government to do less, we need to do more: