The Undecided Voter: Should I vote? Who should I vote for?

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The undecideds. Quite possibly the only group of people in America who should lose their right to vote. Seriously, if you can’t make up your mind between the radical Marxist leftist and the conservative rich guy who likes low taxes, you’ve got issues. Glenn reads through some real life examples of people actually struggling with the ‘Hmm, Romney or Obama?’ decision.

NBC News reported:

Tabitha Brown, 29, of Oregon, says she won’t vote because she finds her ballot too confusing. “I’m just a simple girl,” she said. “Dumb it down for us.”

In Buffalo, N.Y., Ryan King, 19, said he won’t vote because he doesn’t know if he’s registered. He mailed in a registration form, but no one replied, so he doesn’t know where to show up. Further south in the Bronx, Lala, a woman who is staying at a shelter, isn’t voting because she thought she needed a state ID, which she can’t afford. When she learned she didn’t need an ID, it was too late to register.

Political pundits say undecided voters will determine the election, but little is said about people like Brown, King and Lala, who aren’t voting. Since the 1960s, voter turnout has steadily declined in the U.S., which already ranks near the bottom among established democracies. In 2008, 64 percent of voting-age citizens voted, compared with 93 percent in Chile, 86 percent in Germany and 74 percent in Canada.

Voters in the story also said they had trouble finding early voting places and couldn’t find the time to wait in line to vote on Election Day.

” Oh, jeez, for the ‑‑ really? Really? Now you can’t stand in line? How many ‑‑ how many different ways can you vote and vote early? I mean, it’s really not that hard,” Glenn said.

One voter in the article told NBC, “I’m a Christian and I believe that God is in charge. If this guy wins, it’s not the end of the world because God is still God.”

Glenn was not a fan of this answer either.

“Yeah. Yeah. That’s why when I have to dig a hole or a trench or something, I just put the shovel on the ground and then stand there because God will dig that hole. Because God is still God. If he needed that trench, he’d do it. That’s why if I’m ever in a hurricane, I’m not getting my family out. might have a boat on the back of my ‑‑ in the backyard of my house that I could get in and sail away, but I’m not going to go take the time to get in the boat because I believe in God, and God is still God. You dope,” he said.

“We don’t recover if we don’t start changing who we are. If we don’t start ‑‑ if we don’t teach our children, ‘Bring your kids to the voting, take them out of school. It would be much better for them.’ So remember, you going and standing in line all day with your kids, and I know it will be a pain in the ass,” Glenn said.

” It would be much better for them to remember going voting with you than even in school tomorrow. Show what it takes. Show them that it’s worth it. Not everything is easy, not everything is immediate.”

“And you know what? Mitt Romney’s not going to change things immediately. He can’t change things immediately. He’s not the Messiah. Neither was the last guy. And you know what? Mitt Romney gets in, there’s probably going to be a lot of things that piss us off. But what you do is you vote and you find the best person you can and you stay together. Because if we stay together on Wednesday, we’ll be able to protect the good guys and make sure the bad guys don’t get in.”

“The reason why there’s no choice: The parties are both the same. You know why? Because we’ve allowed them to become that. We’ve allowed them because we’ve just unplugged.”

Ultimately, Glenn said if you can’t put forth the effort or the intelligence to vote, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

“It’s too difficult to figure out the clues as to where to vote? Please. I’m glad you’re staying home. It’s the simplest test. If you can’t find your way there, you can’t vote.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    To answer:

    Go Vote.

    Vote for Romney and for freedom.
    Vote for Obama and have serfdom for good.

    • Anonymous

      In this day and age it is unforgivable to say, you don’t have a way to vote. I am 78 and when I first voted in the 50s, you walked to your poll and voted. Today you have all year to phone and ask for an absentee vote to be  mailed to you. How lazy can you get?  After Clinton, I made it my duty to watch ALL politicins and know who I was voting for. Today it certainly isn’t obama.(doesn’t deserve caps). IDs aren’t a problem to get either. Anyone who gets gov. assist. has an ID. 
      VOTE Romney

    • Anne Caluwaert

      Amen Snowleopard!

    • Anonymous

      I Hope America Wakes Up Tomorrow To Keep Our Freedoms a Little While More! We Must Become Children Of God Once Again! The Morman is a Peaceful Follower of God And The Marxist Islamist is Full Of Hate–The Choice Is Clear! however, we also need the Senate and keep the house to get anything accomplished! May God Bless America! God Will Bless America When America Blesses God,again!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Everyone who is registered needs to get out and vote. 

    Remember that Obama said his people should vote for “Revenge.” While Romney said they should vote for the exact opposite, our future hangs in the balance.

  • AJ Moran

    How frustrating. I can’t vote this time round as I am not a citizen yet. Yes folks, I am legal, it just is not my time yet. I can tell you as one that is itching to get out there to vote it is so frustrating to hear from people that they are not going to use their votes because they can’t decide. Really? You have two men from both sides of the gamut, and you can’t decide. Last election cycle I talked to people who could not decide on Hillary Clinton (because she is a woman) or Barack Obama (because he was black) and would not entertain the John McCain as he was an old white man. This time around there are people that don’t want to vote for Obama, but don’t want to vote against him either (again can’t vote for the old white guy- who happens to be rich- when did rich become a 4 letter word we can’t talk about?). I guess if that is the choice they are restricting themselves too, the it is best they not vote incase they hurt themselves, but that does little to dim my frustration at not being able to cast my ballot.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      AJ – you may not be able to vote this time around, yet in the watching of this term of Obama unfold will make the right of voting all the greater, and more precious, to you and your family as you can tell them the stories of all you seen happen in the years to come.

      And in addition: welcome to America, and for caring for your new home so much.

      May God bless you and your family in the years to come.

    • Sam Fisher

      I hope someday you do become a citizen. I think a lot of people born here take their citizenship for granted and don’t really know what it means to be an American. My prayers are with you.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to our, yours and my, country!  I welcome your citizenship!  You seem to have a better grasp of who “we” the USA are and that is very refreshing.  RICH is a great and wonderful 4 letter word many of us strive to be.  Keep the faith and you will be a WONDERFUL US citizen  when it is your time!
      Phx Az

      • AJ Moran

        Thanks for the support. Just drove past our polling place coming back from the pharmacy (been up all night with a sick kid) There are tons of cars there already and we broke records in our county for early voting (we are in Florida) the voters are fired up… here is hoping for the best.

  • Anonymous

    “Seriously, if you can’t make up your mind between the radical Marxist leftist and the conservative rich guy who likes low taxes, you’ve got issues.”

    There are other candidates running.  But the brainwashed masses, listening to the Lame Stream Media can’t seem to grasp that concept.  The popular vote doesn’t even elect the president and the Electoral College isn’t necessarily representative of the people’s choice.

    Those that have bought into the idea that only a Democrat or Republican, funded by big corporation and special interest money can be elected president, those are the ones with issues.

    • VindicatorX

      The problem with alternative candidates is the fact that without the mass exposure the media showers upon the D or R party candidates, they just don’t appeal to the voting public, so they don’t stand a chance of getting elected. 

      That is simply the reality of the situation.

  • landofaahs

    If obama wins, prep for the great split.  No matter who wins, things will be tough.  A Romney win would give us a chance to keep the nation together.

  • landofaahs

    If the Seals, the folks in NYC and NJ are expendable to obama, do you think you are not?  Wake up people!!! 

  • Sam Fisher

    These people are morons but yet they are only hope of getting Mitt in the white house. God help us.

  • Anonymous

    choosing to not vote is a vote.

    • VindicatorX

      Of course it is a choice, just a stupid one.

  • Heath Baus

     Picking some nits here, but really? That email describing Mitt as a “Conservative rich guy who likes low taxes” just pegged my rage meter.  Romney is the better option, but stop trying to paint him as anything but a big government statist.  Hold your nose and vote him  in, but quit trying to tell me how conservative that man is,  it’s disingenuous.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot fathom how someone who holds the highest office on this land ask voters to vote for revenge. Really? What happened to we are not blue states, red states but the United States?No, Mr Obama, I will not be walking with you down your vengeful path tomorrow. I will be walking with Gov Romney, down a brighter path for love of country and liberty for the next generationVote Romney/Ryan 2012 *** Leadership, Courage and Integrity ***

    • Anonymous

      you go

    • Anonymous

      I like what you said here. Right on!

  • Leah Brooks

    When my sons were 18 I took them to register and vote and they are voting and involved ever since and they are 52, 50. and 47.  They  have done the same with their sons.

  • Anne Caluwaert

    Amen, Glenn. You cannot be informed about both candidates without knowing who you want. And in my book, you cannot be a committed Christian and vote for Ozero.

  • Dale Hogue

    Obama should lose this one in an historical landslide.  If he doesn’t, then we’ve got too many idiots who are eligible to vote in our national elections.  I call ’em, like I see ’em.

  • Jean Terry

    People who don’t vote don’t realize how lucky and blessed we are here.  If you look at the world and see what happens in other countries, the larger voter turnouts are places where they have not had the freedom to vote their choice.   I’m just praying Mr. Romney wins.  If you want socialism and big government and to go the way of Spain and Greece, vote Obama.

  • Jean Terry

    I have friends where I lived before living here who were Russian and Japanese.  They definitely are motivated to vote Republican.  My Russian friend especially knows what the opposite kind of government is like.  They really appreciate our values and love America as most people who move here especially from some countries do.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Washington is mired in the “system” of politics and no matter who wins, true American change will not happen that quickly. Just one thing to remember, are you ready to accept the progressive lies that have destroyed America’s pride as THEcountry to live in on this earth?

  • Anonymous

    don’t know where to vote??!!…..Have a neighbor nearby….?…….maybe he’s not as stupid as you, or if he is, maybe the two of you can find a third neighbor and ……………..crazy, I know……..geeeez!   You know what……please don’t vote. You’ll only negate mine……assuming you wouldn’t be voting my way as it seems you must need the socialized lifestyle as you can’t make it on your own……  

  • Anonymous

    I pray to God that these idiots don’t show up at the polls. This country is sick. We have become so ignorant about our Civil Rights, that we don’t even know we have Civic Duties! We must, no HAVE to get rid of the Cancer that is Barack Obama and all of those who think as he and his administration do! God willing, we will also change our own minds from being dependent on any government, to depending on God and our own two hands to get things done. God help us all!

    • Enough Said

      Beautifully said, Pakinpastor.

  • Gary Anderson

    Sadly, some who vote will not base their decision on whom to vote for with reason. Many will vote for Obama because he is a celebrity president who hobnobs with Hollywood celebrities. Others may vote for the candidate with the best smile or the best looks. Still others may, indeed, vote for “revenge.” Of course, a rational person should ask ”revenge” against whom? In short, it seems some Obama surrogates, like Matthews and Schultz, are content to substitute “race” for substance and vote accordingly.

    • Anonymous

      Great point Gary, and oh so true.

  • Laura Sawyer

    I think people who can’t decide or who are not sure SHOULD NOT VOTE!   Don’t drag reluctant people off to vote, for goodness sake.  If they can’t tell the difference between the choices, they should not vote!

  • Lee Hickman

    This is Bob Murphy on voting. I don’t necessarily agree with it but he makes an interesting arguement.
     “I will not be voting in the upcoming election, or indeed in any future presidential elections. As an economist, I am used to analyzing behavior “on the margin.” Going to the polls carries a definite cost, primarily in terms of the loss of time that could have been devoted to other activities, but there is hardly any benefit at all. The only way your individual vote “makes a difference” is if the election is close enough in the Electoral College that your particular state has enough votes to swing it one way versus the other, and if the popular vote in your state is decided by a margin of exactly one. In that case and that case only, your vote makes the difference between Obama versus Romney being the next president. In all other scenarios, whether you vote for one or the other, vote third party, or just stay home and watch TV, the next occupant of the White House is the same.
    Now a lot people bristle when they hear this type of cold-blooded analysis. They demand: “What if EVERYONE acted like you?!” But that’s the beauty of my approach: I want everyone to stay home on principle, because it delegitimizes this crooked system. There is no way that the establishment media and party bosses will ever let the American voters have a genuine choice in their presidential elections. In our current farce, there is hardly any noticeable difference in philosophy between the two candidates. Obama isn’t a peace candidate, and Romney isn’t a champion of laissez-faire. We are never going to be able to vote our way to rational, humane politics.
    The one trump card the ruling class gets to play, whenever Americans are sickened at the bloated welfare-warfare state that is the furthest thing from what our Constitution authorizes, is to say: “You get to vote in new rulers every four years.” The fewer Americans who “vote for the lesser of two evils” in a pointless act that has no real influence on the outcome anyway, the harder it is for the rulers to play this card.”

  • Anonymous

    > Romney/Ryan >

  • Anonymous

    My wife if having surgery in the morning — but before she goes under the knife, she is going to vote right when the polls open in Virginia!! And the whole family is going with her to stand in a long line, vote our country back, and get our “I voted” sticker! That’s what it means to be an American. And if she can do it on the day of her SURGERY, then so can anyone else. You have no excuse by staying home and letting Nobama win by not casting your vote too! Nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      well said leafbreeze – All the best to you and your wife.  God Bless you and our USof A.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Thank you
    Glenn Beck for going to Ohio…! There were 4 Angels created in Benghazi and 2 other’s on our boarder that
    were in the audience giving you a standing ovation. Bravi to your

    kids…, and Stu…! Your entire group that pushes back with such intelligence
    and class.



  • suz

    all of washington state votes by absentee ballot.  i don’t like this at all because wa state has the reputation of being one of the most corrupt states in the union…and it is.  i believe absentee ballots allow them to organize early in order to steal it.  

    just a realist here.

  • VindicatorX

    The undecided voter is a manufactured entity. If you are an adult of reasonable intellect you know who to vote for just like you know what to have for breakfast. Indecisiveness is a mark of being open to everything – eventually you have to take a stand. The only reason undecided voters are counted is to provide for the unpredictable nature of human behavior – it’s a hedge for pollsters. If they declare a certain percentage of registered voters undecided, then they have an out when their polls prove to be inaccurate in predicting outcomes. 

    Pollsters might as well be tossing runes – they apparently have no ability to predict outcomes of as yet unknown quantities and future happenings. I like to call what they suffer from the Nostradumbass effect. 

    The future is not known or knowable – that is why we call it the future instead of the inevitable.

  • Guest

    Santorum said it correctly in Sept: Republicans will never get the votes of smart people.

    Be smart and avoid plutocracy, the rule of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy (even if that is what Beck has some — not so smart — people into believing they should do).

  • Anonymous

     I voted for Mitt early this morning, an exercise in futility being in NY.
    I just hope and pray this goes the right way.  If the GOP cannot win
    with the most qualified candidate in my lifetime, I’m quite old, against
    one of the worst first term incumbents ever, then we may never see
    another Republican president and might just have to start thinking  
    about creating a new opposition party.
    we may

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you. In fact, Even if we do win, that option should be considered. I just saw the polls for Conn. and Mass. They have to be the most sickening states in out nation. It’s bad enough that NY & CA are suffering from pollution that affects brain cells; What is wrong with these original states?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we should set up a Gitmo for these ignorant people who do not believe that it is important to get informed and VOTE.  Maybe we should take their citizenship away as I am sure there space could be taken by someone who wants to immigrate to our country.

  • Anonymous

    The very stupid won and America lost! A sad day for our great nation; Are you happy out there?

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