The Undecided Voter: Should I vote? Who should I vote for?

The undecideds. Quite possibly the only group of people in America who should lose their right to vote. Seriously, if you can’t make up your mind between the radical Marxist leftist and the conservative rich guy who likes low taxes, you’ve got issues. Glenn reads through some real life examples of people actually struggling with the ‘Hmm, Romney or Obama?’ decision.

NBC News reported:

Tabitha Brown, 29, of Oregon, says she won’t vote because she finds her ballot too confusing. “I’m just a simple girl,” she said. “Dumb it down for us.”

In Buffalo, N.Y., Ryan King, 19, said he won’t vote because he doesn’t know if he’s registered. He mailed in a registration form, but no one replied, so he doesn’t know where to show up. Further south in the Bronx, Lala, a woman who is staying at a shelter, isn’t voting because she thought she needed a state ID, which she can’t afford. When she learned she didn’t need an ID, it was too late to register.

Political pundits say undecided voters will determine the election, but little is said about people like Brown, King and Lala, who aren’t voting. Since the 1960s, voter turnout has steadily declined in the U.S., which already ranks near the bottom among established democracies. In 2008, 64 percent of voting-age citizens voted, compared with 93 percent in Chile, 86 percent in Germany and 74 percent in Canada.

Voters in the story also said they had trouble finding early voting places and couldn’t find the time to wait in line to vote on Election Day.

” Oh, jeez, for the ‑‑ really? Really? Now you can’t stand in line? How many ‑‑ how many different ways can you vote and vote early? I mean, it’s really not that hard,” Glenn said.

One voter in the article told NBC, “I’m a Christian and I believe that God is in charge. If this guy wins, it’s not the end of the world because God is still God.”

Glenn was not a fan of this answer either.

“Yeah. Yeah. That’s why when I have to dig a hole or a trench or something, I just put the shovel on the ground and then stand there because God will dig that hole. Because God is still God. If he needed that trench, he’d do it. That’s why if I’m ever in a hurricane, I’m not getting my family out. might have a boat on the back of my ‑‑ in the backyard of my house that I could get in and sail away, but I’m not going to go take the time to get in the boat because I believe in God, and God is still God. You dope,” he said.

“We don’t recover if we don’t start changing who we are. If we don’t start ‑‑ if we don’t teach our children, ‘Bring your kids to the voting, take them out of school. It would be much better for them.’ So remember, you going and standing in line all day with your kids, and I know it will be a pain in the ass,” Glenn said.

” It would be much better for them to remember going voting with you than even in school tomorrow. Show what it takes. Show them that it’s worth it. Not everything is easy, not everything is immediate.”

“And you know what? Mitt Romney’s not going to change things immediately. He can’t change things immediately. He’s not the Messiah. Neither was the last guy. And you know what? Mitt Romney gets in, there’s probably going to be a lot of things that piss us off. But what you do is you vote and you find the best person you can and you stay together. Because if we stay together on Wednesday, we’ll be able to protect the good guys and make sure the bad guys don’t get in.”

“The reason why there’s no choice: The parties are both the same. You know why? Because we’ve allowed them to become that. We’ve allowed them because we’ve just unplugged.”

Ultimately, Glenn said if you can’t put forth the effort or the intelligence to vote, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

“It’s too difficult to figure out the clues as to where to vote? Please. I’m glad you’re staying home. It’s the simplest test. If you can’t find your way there, you can’t vote.