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Two years ago, Glenn launched the news and information website TheBlaze. Today, TheBlaze is surpassing its conservative competitors by many measures on social media.

Friday, Buzzfeed published a report created by an organization that measures social media response and media organizations called Newswhip.

The report split the news organizations up into the right and the left. Huffington Post was the clear leader among the left, and the overall leaders. But on the right, the report showed TheBlaze as the clear leader in almost every category.

“I want you to know this is not just about TheBlaze,” Glenn told listeners. “What this is is when I you got into this, I said we have to change the culture of the conservative dialogue.  We have to get people engaged online.  We have to get people to behave differently online and spread the word on things.”

One of the key stats the report looked at is ‘Social Reach’: who’s getting the most interactions overall. TheBlaze was measured against Breitbart, Fox News, Twitchy, and Townhall on the right. On the left, the competition was HuffPo, The Maddow Blog, Daily Kos, Think Progress, and Mother Jones. HuffPo, who is AOL-Time Warner, came in first on the left, TheBlaze came in first on the right and 2nd overall.

The next section was ‘Most Loved,’ which the report defined as the most social bang for the buck. Essentially, how many interactions you have per story.

TheBlaze was the winner in this category on both the right and the left.

The last category is ‘Most Read Stories,’ basically the stories that got the right and left clicking the most.

The number one story went to Fox News — an exclusive on the Benghazi attack. The number two and three stories went to TheBlaze.

“The reason why we tell you this is we, A, want to thank you for reading TheBlaze, interacting with TheBlaze;” Glenn said to his radio audience. “But two, keep going.  In just two very short years, we’re already making an impact.  We’re already changing the way.  I’m telling you, anybody who is smart on the left looked at that report on Friday and went, “Oh, dear God, I wish he was just on at 5:00 on Fox News.”  It’s beginning to happen.”

You can see the infographic that breaks down Buzzfeed’s report below: