TheBlaze unveils new features, technology to provide latest real time results on Election Night


On Election Night, TheBlaze will be unveiling new features and new technology that will allow members of TheBlaze community to get breaking news, original commentary, as well as the up to the minute results on all the major elections happening across the country.

When viewers turn on TheBlaze TV, they will see the latest results displayed on a ticker going underneath the screen. TheBlaze will also be displaying the latest numbers and results on set, both in on screen graphics and the old school tote board. These numbers will be coming in from the Associated Press, the same source for results that other major news networks use to get their results.

TheBlaze will be broadcasting from several locations across the country. Glenn will be joined by the Real News team in the Dallas studios, which will act as the hub for the television coverage. There will also be members of the show weighing in from TheBlaze Newsroom in New York City, as well as in Washington, DC. TheBlaze will also have reporters at the campaign headquarters of Mitt Romney (Boston, MA) and Barack Obama (Chicago, IL). will also be modifying its homepage to reflect the latest results, making them easy for readers to find up-to-the-minute vote tallies.

Glenn Hall, Managing Editor for, wrote, “We are retooling our homepage to offer a host of new features, including real-time updates from across the nation, an interactive electoral map, a chat room for our followers alongside the news and analysis from TheBlaze team.”

“We’ll have the latest electoral tally for Romney and Obama at the top of the page, and we are deploying a state-of-the-art vote tally system to get you the results the second they are available from the AP,” Hall continued.

TheBlaze will allow viewers and readers to engage in a unique, multi-platform split-screen experience on Election Night. While they are watching the coverage on TheBlaze TV, they can participate in the ongoing Live Chat with Blaze writers and personalities right on the homepage of In the past, the entire editorial staff of TheBlaze has joined in, alongside producers for Glenn’s television show and members of the Real News team like Buck Sexton and S.E. Cupp.

Finally, will for the first time be providing live look-ins to TheBlaze TV. At the top of each hour beginning at 5pm ET, TheBlaze TV will be available for a few minutes for free to people on the homepage of

“We’re going to have the perspective for you that nobody else has.  Also all of the technology.  I know I have a chalkboard behind me, but we have all of the technology that gives you the exact results at the same time,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“I’m not asking you to make us your primary ‑‑ I mean, well, I am,” he said. “I’d love for you to do that, but I understand.  We haven’t earned the right to give you the coverage and have you say, ‘Oh, I’m with Glenn all night.’  Please let us earn that beginning tonight and tomorrow.”

“We’ve brought all of our news people, or about half of our news people in from New York.  The other half are going to be up in New York.  This half’s going to be down here in Texas and we’re going to cover it like nobody else will.  And we’ll give you everything you need with realtime results, just as fast as the network.  Because I’m paying through the nose for it.  So I have the same numbers that come to CBS News come instantaneously at the same time to me. You’ll have them all on the screen and everything you need.”