WATCH: Glenn, Stu, and David Barton look at the final poll numbers before the election

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Once Romney wins, then the next time of danger commences with all due haste and ferocity; that of an insane President backed by a Senate bent on revenge at every turn and moment they have left in office.

    • Anonymous

      So The Republic is in danger no matter the election’s outcome then?  How convenient for people in the fear-mongering business.  Speaking of whom:

      Glenn Beck says at 2:08 in the video on this page:  “Wayne Allyn Root says the race won’t even be close — electorally — and Romney will also win the popular vote by 5-7 points.  I THINK HE’S RIGHT.” (emphasis added)

      There you have it, readers, the latest failed prediction of Glenn Beck. Check in on that one at midnight Tuesday.

      • Pitty Zip

         Failed predictions like…

        The Arab Spring would usher in the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt?
        That the prices of food would rise rapidly?
        The need for food storage/disaster preparedness?
        That Progressives from Obama to Lindsey Graham would trample liberties?
        Need we go on?

        I don’t agree with everything Glenn says but have always found him mostly genuine and earnest in trying to warn and educate people. The Progressives IMHO have been reintroduced to the public lexicon because of Glenn Beck. He has exposed them in the shell game of simply changing names and locations while the end game goals remain the same.

        You are obviously hear because you fear he could be right and you are uneasy. Thus, coming here to lambaste and make fun gives you comfort. When all else fails bring out the vitriolic hatred and belittlement.

        • carolyn.perl

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    • Elizabeth Bracy

      Bipartisan champion Harry Reid said that the Senate will block anything Pres. Romney presents. As far as I’m concerned, Obama, Reid, and Holder should have been investigated, if not impeached, 2 years ago for, well, take your pick. The list is a long one.

    • Anonymous

      like hurricane sandy, or being attacked on our home land in 2001.  We were attacked and went after countries that had nothing to do with it wasting  all our tax dollars.  Saudi had the most people involved in the attacks in NYC, our good friends and source of grease

  • Doug Howard

    funny that I called bamby a revengenist from the jump.had no idea how far he went down that now

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I have listened to Glenn, Krauthammer, Dick Morris, Stu, Hannity, etc and I still am not sure- I think O might be reelected but am praying. O’Reilly said Romney would have a solid advantage now if he had gone after O about Libya in the 3rd debate. as it were, Sandy stopped his momentum and the bear hug with Christie was a great boon for O. I hope the American people stand up for truth tomorrow and give Obama the mandate of his lifetime.

  • Draxx

    Let’s Hope Americans Have Awaken, and Prove It By Voting to Keep Us Americans (Go Mitt Romney!!!)…

  • Draxx

    If Obummer wins, watch the sales of guns Skyrocket the rest of the week…

  • Anonymous

    Lets look at the credentials of these geniuses…

    1.  glenn beck: Alcoholic bigot and racist who couldn’t even keep a job at the most conservative station in the country.
    2.  stu:  One of beck’s cult leaders who had to follow glenn after he was fired because he can’t get a real job in the media.
    3.  barton:  The most discredited historian in the country!

    Gosh, if I were Obama I would be really scared that he will lose the vote of alchies, cult members and historical hacks!

    • Guest

      Look at the credentials of Barack Obama.

      1.  Obama is a racist, divider of the nation who is an alcoholic  drug user of cocaine and marijuana.   He supported the drug cartels by buying drugs from their pushers most of his life to the point that he actually ran guns to them in Mexico.

      2.  Strtlk’s a member of the OBAMA cult to the point that he spews his hatred and vulgarity on this site for years under many phony ID’s.

  • Anonymous

    whoever wins is lucky because the economy is stable and slowly growing, Americans from usa are going back to work, Europe economy stabalizing, no more war in iraq and afganistan almost over. lets build our country back to its strengths by investing in ourselves not afgan, iraq, outsourcing jobs.  Lets reinvest in education, infrustructure, and creating goods we can sell to each other and the rest of world.  Export more, import less!    Stop buying stuff from China.  Amen!

  • Anonymous

    Luckily Bin Laden is finally dead, the leader of al-qaeda that attacked our great nation here on beautiful Earth

  • Anonymous

    once romney loses the neo-cons and all there followers will be lost and isolated with nothing but fear building from there fox news gods, going back to there middle class meaningless lives, complaining about anybody different than them.  Stop complaining and make something here in the USA stop buying products from China if you want real change

  • Sam Fisher

    I voted and enjoyed it. Come on people vote! Kick the king out!

    • Lioness

      Four votes right here in the mitt (Michigan that is)!!! America needs a little R&R. Romney/Ryan 2012!!!!

      • Sam Fisher

        My uncle has never voted in his life but today he and his wife did for Mitt.

  • Anonymous

    Moron!  Reconcile this report with reality today (11-07-12).  You can’t?  Big surprise.  i love looking at all of these repub idiot sites today.  You’re like a dog who shit in the house.  You should have your nose rubbed in the shit and just scold “NO!!”  

  • Rwing Texas

    Thanks for telling folks 2 move to Tx If anyone moves into SD 7, they can get in touch w/us. SD 7 is
    largely Conservative area, Dan Patrick, lots gated comms-No am not in realEst. Just a Christian, who wants to help -have  some ideas for getting us on track, Again..Texans Never Give up. We are Not down yet. Keep the Faith. and Thank you Glenn.     Home Grown Sr Texan.

  • Marco Conti

    If you know how funny it is to watch this video a couple of days after the election. It shows what a deluded pompous ass Beck really is. Only this time he actually lied to himself.

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